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Debra D Music

Debra D Music

By Debra Danielsen
Talk about being fearless to be WHO YOU ARE without apology. What is your Life music that is dope?
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Featured Fan Day - Nish Sanders
Did you get depressed during the Covid shutdown? Working too much and questioning yourself? Today I wanted to share one of my fan's story with you. How she pushed through adversity going to school full-time, working 7 days a week, and her father passing away. Join and be inspired to keep believing in your dreams and the path to get you to that dream! YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT; JUST BELIEVE IT!  Inspire yourself listening to my new RHEB3L ALBUM on Spotify too! Thanks for listening.
September 26, 2022
RHEB3L Podcast # 5 - Waylon Compares Madonna to Debra D
Love Madonna music? Do you relate to her RHEB3L attitude in music, fashion, and life? Listen into this funny conversation as Waylon goes through his comparison checklist of Madonna and Debra. Laugh and have fun with your list, as you compare too. Maybe even compare yourself to Madonna or Debra and let's hear your checklist!
August 24, 2022
RHEB3L PODCAST Trailer - Episode 4 Mental Health Well-Being
Live your best life and take care of your mental/emotional health. You're worth it! You are enough!
August 15, 2022
Mental/Emotional Health Well-Being
Do you take time to consider how to live your best life? Listen, watch, and leverage my journey with family drama to mental well-being. Be encouraged, inpsired, and get questions answered. Is someone in your world gaslighting? Be your authentic self and know you are, "ENOUGH."  In this episode I look back on a Family Trip to Key West and how wrong it went in 2017, but how I am in a better, happier, and more rewarding life experience because of this journey.
August 15, 2022
Know Who You Are! Part 1 & 2
Celebrating Pride Month and unapologetically empower yourself forward. "In Love With Me" is the anthem for being fully you and loving yourself to overcome adversity in life. #Podcast #Music #LGBTQ #DebraDanielsen #SelfLove #Healing
July 18, 2022
Debra Danielsen talks with Film Producer, Max Herrlander, about Projects & Being an Urban Dad!
Meet Max Herrlander, Indie Film Producer, who chased his dream to the USA to produce 'WILLPOWER"  Debra Danielsen plays the Mafia Mother, Mercedes in this riveting look at the American Iconic event - - The Indy 500 and what goes on behind the scenes.  Debra asks about his impressions of being "Mr Mom" during covid and how stay-at-home-dads are becoming main street in this new economy. Listen, watch, and laugh. Debra reveals how Max has "Empowered" himself through challenges to become more creative, thankful, and caring.
June 30, 2022
RHEB3L - EMPOWER - Debra Danielsen Interviews MacKenize Edwards from MTV's "Teen Mom OG" series
MacKenize Edwards shares her new focus in life and how she Empowers herself by sharing how to overcome adversity effectively in life. We talk, laugh, and remember filming together on set for Teen Mom OG and share "Behind-The-Scenes" experiences that shaped our lives. #DebraDanielsen #Music #Spotify #Artist #MTV #TeenMom #TMOG #MacKenzieEdwards
May 04, 2022
Debra D Music Podcast Announcement
Soon to launch!
February 09, 2022
Introduction to Debra D Music Podcast coming soon on Anchor!
Stay tuned for the Podcast launch to encourage, empowerment and enjoy Who You Are!
February 09, 2022