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Decolonizing Kiki: The Podcast

Decolonizing Kiki: The Podcast

By Dr. Kiki Steiner
Decolonizing Kiki: The Podcast is a weekly interview series hosted by Dr. Kiki, DMA, with creatives and artists, who embody decolonization and have been integral in Dr. Kiki's healing journey. Join Dr. Kiki and kapwa as they discuss their personal journeys, where they are today, and the lessons they learned along the way. Dr. Kiki Steiner holds degrees in music education and choral conducting with special interests in decolonization and liberatory education.
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Dr. Kiki's Story Pt. 2: Doubt, Insecurity, and Facing Your Inner Colonizer
In episode 6, Dr. Kiki shares about her recent moments with doubt and insecurity, and she tells a story about growing up in the church.  Dr. Kiernan “Kiki” Steiner, DMA, (she/they/siya) is a holistic vocal coach, choral conductor, and decolonization consultant, and began her life journey on Ho-Chunk Nation lands in Southwestern Wisconsin. Dr. Kiki is a recent graduate from Arizona State University with her doctorate in Choral Conducting, where her research focused on the implications and importance of pedagogical language and discourse in collegiate choral programs through a decolonization lens. Currently, they work with primarily women and femmes to release stories of shame around their soul’s unique frequency - the voice. Voice Alchemy and Activation sessions are designed to help individuals connect deeper with their voices, and the healing energies and vibrations of sound in order to facilitate self-led healing. For more information about her offerings, follow her on Instagram @decolonizing_kiki and sign-up for her mailing list at her website:
December 17, 2021
Kiki x Erica: Making Noise, Connecting with Ancestors, and Reclaiming Your Inner Voice
In Episode 5, Dr. Kiki shares a conversation with Erica Neufeld, @ericaneufeld, where they discuss their experiences studying vocal music in the American university system, connecting with ancestors, and reclaiming their inner voices.  First gen Southeast American noise maker, Erica Neufeld, is an advocate for voice liberation and reclamation. They received their Bachelor and Masters degrees in Vocal Performance from Willamette University and UCLA, respectively. They’ve since integrated somatic, intuitive, and energy work in their instruction and performance, focusing on heart- and wombspace healing and activation. Erica currently coaches individual voice sessions, guides group meditations and soundbaths, as well as gives psychic readings. They LOVE PLANTS.
December 09, 2021
Kiki x Krisell: Abundance, Entrepreneurship, and Empowerment
In Episode 4, Dr. Kiki shares a conversation with Krisell, @krisellcan.medium, and they discuss abundance, entrepreneurship, and empowerment.  Krisell (She/Her) is a multi-dimensonal medium, Filipinx living in diaspora, on the unceded ancestral lands of the Kizh people. She empowers femmes of color and their allies to live with purpose, confidence, and integrity through grounded spirituality. She began developing her psychic abilities as a form of self-care and learned to do readings as a bonus. After learning a number of modalities, she recognized a common foundation to all modalities of awareness, movement, and flow and it is the foundation of how she serves her community. Instagram @krisellcan.medium website A Gentle Awakening : This program is a combination of what I started with and the support I noticed my premium 1:1 mentoring clients had in common. A Gentle Awakening is a beginner psychic development program over 4 days to allow integration of the energy.
December 02, 2021
Kiki x Gabes: Creative Revolution, Ancestral Wisdom, Decolonization in Filipinx Diaspora
In Episode 3, Dr. Kiki shares a conversation with Gabes Torres, @gabestorres, about creative revolution, connecting with ancestral wisdom, and decolonization within the Filipinx diaspora.  Gabes (she/they/siya) was raised in the countryside of the Philippines. She comes from an ancestral lineage of educators, revolutionaries, artists, and healers. She lives on their legacy as a therapist, organizer, singer-songwriter, and teacher today. At present, Gabes has been in several parts of the global South where she organizes with other unionizers and activists to advance international human rights. Even with some constant geographical movement, Gabes virtually teaches at a variety of universities and academic events in the West on the topics of intergenerational trauma and healing, as well as anti-colonial methods to providing therapy. Her teaching also focuses on building community safety and accountability infrastructures from a transformative justice lens.Gabes founded and co-facilitates the Heritage Workshop, a virtual workshop for people of color around the world where they explore and process ancestral lineage, stories, and medicine as a community. Gabes is an avid reader and a lover of the ocean, of poetry and good conversation. She believes that her friendships are her greatest romance (including the friendship she has with herself) and that it is necessary for the revolution to be infused with laughter, feasting, and singing and dancing. website: IG: @gabestorres
November 25, 2021
Kiki x Coach Bethany: Adoption, Gratitude, and Finding A Sense of Belonging
In Episode 2, Dr. Kiki shares a conversation with Coach Bethany, @the_truestyou, and they discuss their adoption journeys, gratitude, and finding community as they work to serve others along their self-love journeys.  Coach Bethany focuses on guiding the individual in discovering their truest potential and truest identity through meaningful introspection, healing and empowerment. Coach Bethany aims in forming an alliance with the client through assisting in their development of a strong sense of self worth through implementation of clarifying questions, mindfulness techniques and goal setting strategy. Interested clients can reach out to Coach Bethany via her website, to set up a discovery session and move forward with evolving into their highest selves. Follower her Instagram page @The_TruestYou where you can contact her directly. 
November 18, 2021
Dr. Kiki's Story Pt. 1
In Episode 1, Dr. Kiki kicks off the first season with a solo episode where she introduces her story medicine and decolonization journey. Dr. Kiki Steiner holds degrees in music education and choral conducting with special interests in decolonization and liberatory education.  Episode 1 will air 11/11 @ 11am CST.  ☀️Follow Dr. Kiki on Instagram @decolonizing_kiki. Subscribe to her mailing list by going to her website:
November 11, 2021