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Decolonizing Sexuality

Decolonizing Sexuality

By Simply by Being
Mental health-informed sex educator Atlas (they/them) takes a holistic, multi-faceted look at what it means to decolonize sexuality and how to thrive by living from a place of relational fluidity, regardless of worldview. The podcast revolves around conversations with those who, simply by being, are creating new systems and cultures.

We also have conversations from an interdisciplinary perspective about how we can erase harmful societal conditioning around sexuality that may be fear-driven, shame-driven and could be holding us back from thriving.
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S1 E1 // Relational Fluidity
How cultivating relational fluidity assists in developing greater and deeper interpersonal/intrapersonal understanding.  Next episode, I will talk more on the de-polarizing (i.e. decolonizing) world of the relationally fluid empath. I'll also explore more themes included in my 50-page essay, including how the essay got its name.  Enjoy! For full context, I coined the term "Relational Fluidity" in 2021 without awareness that "Relationship Fluidity" existed at the time. The term "Relationship Fluidity" was coined in 2016 by Louisa Leontiades. 
January 20, 2021