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The Deen Developers Podcast

The Deen Developers Podcast

By Deen Developers
Welcome to The Deen Developers Podcast where we meet and talk to a diverse cast of innovators, professionals, founders, and grassroots problem solvers that inspire us.

Join us as we explore how as developers, designers, and creators - we can give back to our communities through sheer willpower, ingenuity, and just a little bit of sacrifice.
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More than just a prayer app - Abdul-Rahman Abbas & Tariq Jamal (Pillars)
We speak to the creators of the new privacy-focused & community-driven app, 'Pillars'. Created by Abdul-Rahman Abbas, medical student at UCL, and Tariq Jamal, computer science student at UCL. Join our host Tahseen Hamid as he delves into their motivations behind creating the app and how an existing privacy scandal led to a huge uptake. We also talk about building in the open, establishing trust, and engaging closely community of users frustrated by an existing problem. We also have a discussion on a selection of community problems that currently exist and are just waiting to be similarly tackled by a sincere group of people. Download Pillars now on iOS & Android — Apply now for the Deen Developers Accelerator Programme (applications close August 9th 2021) — Please note: we discuss some sensitive topics in this episode that might be unsuitable for younger audiences.
August 06, 2021
Finding purpose with Python — Shahoor Malik (QuranHive)
Join our host Tahseen Hamid as he talks to Shahoor Malik, Founder of QuranHive and BI Engineer at Amazon during the day.  QuranHive has over half a million users, benefitting from a unique data-driven consolidation of exegesis, commentary, meaning, and translation of Qur'an, for a truly modern day level of accessibility. QuranHive -
July 02, 2021
How I accidentally founded a $10m ed-tech startup — Ismail Jeilani (Scoodle)
Tahseen Hamid from Deen Developers talks with Ismail Jeilani, Cofounder and CEO of Scoodle, which is looking to build a future in which educators take centre stage.
May 28, 2021