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An episode of Deep Dives w/ Matt Comer & tiny curations

By Matthew Comer
An hour episode spotlighting an artist or genre, featuring songs that rarely if ever get any airplay; these type of songs are typically known as Deep Cuts or Deep Tracks. The songs that you may not know unless you have really dug into an artist or band and listened to albums and a discography in its entirety. Rather than focusing on the hits that we all know and love, we will hear alternate recordings, rare recordings, live recordings, alternate takes, cover versions from other artists, along with vintage advertisements and interviews.

Or have a short attention span, tiny curations is for you
An hour episode spotlighting an artist or genre, featuring songs that rarely if ever get any airplay; these type of songs are typically known as Deep Cuts or Deep Tracks. The songs that you may not know unless you have really dug into an artist or band and listened to albums and a discography in its entirety. Rather than focusing on the hits that we all know and love, we will hear alternate recordings, rare recordings, live recordings, alternate takes, cover versions from other artists, along with vintage advertisements and interviews.

Or have a short attention span, tiny curations is for you

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Pantera - tiny curations
Pantera, these Cowboys from Hell have been credited with saving metal! At a time, when metal was on the decline, these guys brought in your face riffs packed with heavy Texas groove! The Dallas boys, Diamond Darrell, or rather Dimebag Darrell who he affectionately became to be known, was a master shredder and his brother Vinnie Paul on pounding drums; along with Rex on a thumping bass and Phil Anselmo on some screaming (ass) vocals made up this band. They had many albums. some in the glam rock vein, full of KISS and Van Halen love. But it wasn't until the release of Cowboys from Hell in 1990, that they broke down the metal walls. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Shedding Skin 02 - Hollow 03 - Cemetery Gates They were able to cement their legacy with a few more great albums, before they went on hiatus and broke up in 2003, way too soon. Phil and his drugs, were pinned as the bad guy in the breakup. But he went on to front many other bands. On a side note: Phil along with his biographer Cory Mitchell, hosted the Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin, Texas in 2014 and 2015, in which I was lucky to have been a part of. It was a fantastic blend of horror movies and metal! However, the event died along with Cory Mitchell when he had a heart attack loading out and died in the parking lot the morning after Danzig closed down the festival. But today we are honoring Dimebag as today is the 15 anniversary of his passing. Tragically, in 2004 in front of crowd in Columbus Ohio, Dimebag was shot point blank just after taking the stage in with his new band, Damageplan, that he had formed with his brother on drums. The gunman, the coward, was said to be distraught over the breakup of Pantera when got on stage and killed 3 people, before he too was gunned down by a fast acting police officer. His brother Vinnie Paul, carried on with the band, but he too passed away too soon, just last year. To start us off, is Shedding Skin off of Far Beyond Driven, which celebrated it's 25th Anniversary this year:   That was Cemetery Gates off of CfH and before that was Hollow, the song that closed 1992's Vulgar Display of Power album. I was at the GNR reunion tour in Dallas a few years ago. The next day, friends and I make the pilgrimage to Dimebag's grave. Upon arriving at the cemetery gates and not knowing where to go next, we asked a landscaper, he immediately knew who we were looking for and replied "Dimebag aqui, Dimebag aqui", pointing to his gravestone. Gathered around the grave were many concert goers from the night before and many joints layed as an offering on his headstone. 6 feet deep lies the man, in a gifted KISS Kasket and with Eddie Van Halen's personal yellow-and-black-striped Charvel electric guitar from Van Halen II, Bumblebee. fitting, since Dimebag's last words on Earth were, "Van Halen!" moments before he was gun down. Somebody near us said that they ran into Vinnie Paul at the concert last night and shows us proof, a photo together on their cell phone. Pantera and the legend of these 2 men captivated us all. Here is Dime's solo from the song Floods" off of 1996's, The Great Southern Trendkill. Rest in Peace Abbott brothers!
December 9, 2019
Texas Tornados - Doug Sahm - tiny curations
Welcome to tiny curations, this is the 20th episode(s). This is also the 20th year of the passing of Sir Doug Sahm on November 18, 1999. Today we will be playing some of his music to celebrate. And some from his time with the Tex-Mex supergroup, the Texas Tornados. This is also a very special episode because, we are lucky enough to be joined by Sir Doug's oldest son, Shawn Sahm. Welcome. And you are also bearing the torch and celebrating the legacy of your father in your own way, by now fronting the Texas Tornados. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Who Were You Thinkin' Of 02 - (Hey Baby) Que Paso 03 - Guacamole 04 - Adios Mexico 05 - Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone 06 - Una Mas Cerveza Interview with Shawn Sahm: You were born into this, you were destined to have a career in music, you are on the "Cover of a Rolling Stone" with your father at a very early age. Can you tell us a little about that? I'm sure that you have said it all before. But on this anniversary of your fathers passing, is there anything that you want to say about him and his legacy now?
November 18, 2019
Doug Sahm - tiny curations
Welcome to tiny curations, this is the 20th episode(s). This is also the 20th year of the passing of Sir Doug Sahm on November 18, 1999. Today we will be playing some of his music to celebrate. And some from his time with the Tex-Mex supergroup, the Texas Tornados. This is also a very special episode because, we are lucky enough to be joined by Sir Doug's oldest son, Shawn Sahm. Welcome.  And you are also bearing the torch and celebrating the legacy of your father in your own way, by now fronting the Texas Tornados. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - She's About a Mover 02 - Nuevo Laredo 03 - Mendocino 04 - Give Back The Key To My Heart - Uncle Tupelo 05 - Texas Tornado Interview with Shawn Sahm:   You were born into this, you were destined to have a career in music, you are on the "Cover of a Rolling Stone" with your father at a very early age.  Can you tell us a little about that?  I'm sure that you have said it all before. But on this anniversary of your fathers passing, is there anything that you want to say about him and his legacy now?
November 18, 2019
Sturgill Simpson - Sound & Fury - tiny curations
Don't you think this outlaw bit has gotten out of hand? Nah, the Outlaw movement is alive in well in 2019. There are a few good men and women still leading the charge against the Nashville establishment that is still pushing the cookie cutters down our throats on radio and tv. Stugill Simpson, he's one of the few. But don't call Sturgill Simpson an outlaw, like his friend Shooter Jennings, he's a Gunslinger. He has that great song "Turtles All the Way Down", all about psilocybin, DMT, and reptile aliens from "Metamodern Sounds in Country Music". Then he released an great cover of Nirvana's "In Bloom", from "A Sailor's Guide to Earth". These are not bro-country moves. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Knukle Duster (Radio 1-A) - White Zombie 02 - Remember To Breathe 03 - Sing Along 04 - Make Art Not Friends 05 - All Said And Done 06 - Mercury In Retrograde 07 - Knuckle Duster (Radio 2-B) - White Zombie 08 - Last Light Radio 11-57 PM - Shooter Jennings and Hierophant - (Stephen King) I watched it. Now, I was fresh off of Fantastic Fest, so I was used to seeing some great visuals. Then the night before I had seen Roger Waters new "Us + Them" convert film. If anybody ever wondered what Pink Floyd would look like in 2020, this is it! A bit on the political side, but that is Roger Waters. But more great visuals, of course! It's Friday night, I catch Guns 'N Roses on their Not In This Lifetime Tour, with a reunion lineup for the last several years, the 17th annual Austin City Limits (ACL) music festival held in Zilker Park which is held on two consecutive three-day weekends. Anyhow, GnR is playing ACL 2 weekends in a row, the first time that they had played Austin, since I graduated High School in 93, makes like 5 times in my lifetime! Sympathy for the devil that we speak of... Simpson was chosen as the opening act for several shows during GnR's "Not in this Lifetime" tour in the summer of 2017. But I get home and watch "Sound & Fury" and was completely blown away! Not what you would typically expect from a country artist. It is like a Pink Floyd movie, but with a Samurai. This was something extraordinary! Here is Make Art Not Friends, my favorite song on the album. I read some reviews about the album, many of them are not favorable. Many of them point to the comparisons with ZZ Top's "Eliminator" album. Sure. But this song here, it's like The Cars , Ric Ocasek recently deceased. It's like a marriage of "Just what I Needed" and let the "Good Times Roll". And if you do like this, check out Shooter Jenning's Hierophant "Black Ribbons" album from 2009. A dystopian rock opera concept companion to "Sound & Fury". It too surfs the radio dial and genre. This has now quickly and easily become my favorite album of the year. "The most important country record since Red Headed Stranger." - Matt Comer And just announced today, an arena tour for Sturgill Simpson! He's coming to the Erwin Center on March 28, 2020. Along with fellow Kentucky singer/songwriter Tyler Childers, whom Sturgill produced his last 2 albums. Tyler is great, too! I caught him this Summer at Robert Earl Keen's 4th on the River in Kerrville. He really brings out the rowdy crowd! And I, along with my friends, may have somehow been mistaken for him and his band afterwards at a hotel pool... Are you sure Hank done it this way? I don't know, but Hank lead his own way. And so did Waylon and so many others. The ones that we still talk about to this day. And Sturgill he is on his own path, too. And him doing an arena rock show, WOW! I mean seriously, I've seen the setlist...
October 30, 2019
Gary Clark Jr. - tiny curations
Gary Clark Jr., he started off young in Austin, working his away around the blues scene and Antone's and his heroes. He has swept previous Austin Music Awards and even won a Grammy. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - This Land 02 - The Governor 03 - Bright Lights Soon out of the gates, he was cast and stared alongside Danny Glover in a move, "Honeydripper" from 2007. Over the past few years and on the festival circuit, he has enjoyed a lot of success. And this past year, he played the many late night shows, performing, my favorite song of 2019:  "This Land". He lives on his land in Kyle. One certain nosy neighbor came poking around his property and inadvertently became the muse for the song. There is a radio edit version of the song, but it takes a little bit of the punch out of it. So let's hear how Gary intended this song to be in all of it's glory, as he recorded in the Freddy Fletcher's Arlyn Studios on the legendary NEVE recording console, similar to the one highlighted in Dave Grohl's "Sound City" documentary from 2013. Actually, this very NEVE console was featured with both Grohl and Clark in episode 4 of the Foo Fighters Sonic Highways documentary program. Here it is, protect your land! Here is "This Land" from this year's album of the same name. This is the state of Modern Blues in 2019!. That song "The Governor" was included, as they were together in the great video for "This Land", check it out! And there were many references to his Governor in "This Land". And he is not referring to the Texas Governor who just late yesterday threatened the City of Austin to intervene over some questions about how this land can be used in our city. He is talking about a different kind of "Governor' that most other Texans are well aware of... Gary plays tonight and tomorrow night at Stubb's BBQ, which just 2 days ago won a settlement to remain named Stubb's BBQ. Holding up the handshake deal that C.B. Stubblefield would have wanted. And rather than being renamed to the Austin favorite, Liberty Lunch, that closed in the 90's. Then this Saturday, next Friday and next Saturday he will be playing at the 17th annual Austin City Limits (ACL) music festival held in Zilker Park which is held on two consecutive three-day weekends in Austin, TX. Enjoy those "Bright Lights", here from 2011. Oh and by the way Gary Clark Jr's cousin, W.C. Clark, the 'godfather of Austin blues' plays a Happy Hour set every Wednesday at the Tavern on Main in Buda, be sure to check him out! Thanks For listening.
October 10, 2019
Eric Tessmer - tiny curations
Eric Tessmer, voted the Austin Chronicle best guitarist in 2018. Named Eric James, by his guitar playing father, in honor of two greats; Eric for Clapton and James for Jimi James Hendrix or born James Marshall Hendrix! Eric moved to Austin when he turned 19, almost 20 years ago. And he plays a vintage 1959 Fender Strat that shows it's age. I first saw him play a SXSW kick off party and then more regularly each year at the Arlyn Studios SXSW Homecoming Party. He recently opened for Slash at Stubb's, when Slash came through town with Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators. Back in June, he played a Waterloo in-store appearance for his new album "Good So Bad". Here is that title cut off of the new album:   Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Good So Bad 02 - Little Wing - Tessmer At The Track 11.3.17 03 - See You Tonight Good So Bad... I've seen him do some blistering numbers of Jimi Hendrix songs, here is one he did live, "Little Wing" a la the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. That was "See You Tonight". And if you want to see him tonight, he will be playing at the Nutty Brown Amphitheater near my house in Cedar Valley, along with Monte Montgomery. So get out there and support live local music. Thanks for listening.
September 21, 2019
RIP Daniel Johnston - tiny curations
HI, HOW ARE YOU? The Late Great Daniel Johnston passed away last week on September 11. He was an artist. A musician; singer/songwriter. And an inspiration to many. And he has a crazy story! Featured in probably the best documentary that I have ever seen; "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" from 2005. And I have been saying this for years. And I watched it again the night that his passing was announced and it still holds up. In a way, Daniel documented his whole life on tape through his own words and music. And along through his other art on paper and through journals, film, and home movies. All of this is complied together and presented, in a way, almost through Daniel's eyes. So really, go out and see it! Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Kathy McCarty - Living Life 02 - Devil Town 03 - Walking The Cow 04 - Story of an Artist 05 - True Love Will Find You In The End But here is the essence of his story:   He met a girl, Laurie Allen, the love of his life, but she marries and Undertaker. He makes these little tapes of his music, much of it is about his and muse, that girl Laurie, and passes them out. He didn't have one of those boomboxes with 2 cassette tapes, where you could transfer one to the other. Instead, he has to re-record entire albums, singing and playing, then draw the album cover again. Give out a tape, then repeat the process all over again! Daniel joins a traveling circus, but gets stranded in Austin. Here he gets a part-time job as a busser at McDonald's. In 1985, the MTV show "Cutting Edge" comes to town and he crashes the show becoming the most memorable thing on it. That phone at McDonald’s, it starts ringing off the hook with record producers and folks because that was the only place he had reliable access to a phone. Gets into acid with Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers at one of their shows. Retreats a bit, announces his retirement, then leaves Austin around 1987. And he's later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He gets really into Satan and God; and some bad stuff happens. He plans his comeback in 1990, where his dad flies him down in their 2 seater airplane. At the Austin Music Awards during SXSW, he performs a very short set, then encore. Promptly leaves the venue and flies home. But mid-flight he takes the keys, turning off the engine and throws them out the window. Yeah. The great pilot that his father was avoids the loss of both of their lives with a lucky crash between 2 large trees. He is committed to the Austin State Hospital, the mental hospital. Then complete Nirvana happens, Kurt Cobain starts wearing his shirt. You know, the iconic Austin street art of "Jeremiah the Frog of Innocence" on the Drag. Kurt wears it everywhere for every appearance, interview... everywhere. Daniel is still committed, as a record company bidding war ensues. He signs with a big one, but his album doesn't do well, but he becomes a cult icon. Well, there ya have it. And the rest is history. Musicians all over the world have been paying homage to him through his songs and music. Here is Kathy McCarty, of the Austin band Glass Eye, she was one of the first people that Daniel met when he arrived in Austin and unbeknownst to her became his 'girlfriend'. She did a whole album of Daniel's songs, here is one that appeared at the end of Richard Linklater's film "Before Sunrise". Afterwards, we'll listen to Daniel from those little tapes. Thanks for listening.
September 18, 2019
Shinyribs - Kevin Russell of The Gourds - tiny curations
Shinyribs, aka Kevin Russell, formerly of The Gourds is now the reigning king of the Austin music scene. He put the hard work in and through several incarnations of bands, and personalities, he has made it. He won the Austin Chronicle's Best Band of Austin for the past 2 years. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - El Paso 02 - Burn The Honeysuckle 03 - Who Built The Moon 04 - Sweet Potato I witnessed him taking his throne, it was in Zilker park in front of... 40 some-odd thousand Austinites on a free Blues on the Green show last Summer. Along with his cape and stage antics an ever growing band of musicians; including an entire horn section and backup singer/dancers known as the Ribblets, it was certainly a sight to see. But not to gloss over, the wildly popular and other Austin favorite, his previous band, The Gourds. Along with Jimmy Smith sharing vocals, and the rest of the band. They were able to seduce this city with their swamp infused Cajun jams for almost 2 decades and produce 10 albums. But their ultimate "hiatus" came in the fall of 2013. I know you've heard their bluegrass version of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice", remember that? Most think it was from Phish or some jam band like that. But that was due to it being miscredited on file sharing platforms. Remember all of that downloading that you were doing at the turn of the millennium on Napster? Be sure to keep an eye out for Shinyribs or Kevin Russell (or maybe even a Gourds reunion). He can also be found under a number of alias that he might use, like of the Tijuana Trainwreck Horns featuring Shiny Soul Sisters, but there are oh so many... Like he does when he pops up at Sam's Town Point; which is the ultimate dive bar, located in a trailer house in unincorporated South Austin, the Chronicle did a great article this Summer about the bar and the cast of characters that you will meet there. Even ol' Jimmy, he will also turn up there on occasion as well to play a gig, so who knows, maybe even a Gourds reunion someday! Let's ramp this set up, starting with two from them, back then in happier times. Who Built the Moon, an interesting thought... That was a song off of Kevin's first solo release as Shinyribs in 2010. Also, Shinyribs just released their latest album, "Fog & Bling", this past Summer. This next song, well it isn't off of that new album, but it is my favorite song from him. For this song, he typically opens by referring to this song as a song about his favorite root vegetable. Then starts naming them:   Fennel, bulbs, carrots, beets. But his is the ohh so Sweet Potato... Please enjoy even if this isn't your favorite root vegetable and thanks for listening.
September 11, 2019
Dave Prewitt - CapZeyeZ - DAVETV - rAw TiMe - ACTV - tiny curations
Dave Prewitt, he's been a local TV fixture for the past 30 years in Austin, with shows ranging from CapZeyeZ, to rAw TiMe to DAVETV on ACTV, Austin Community Television, Austin Access. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Drugs Have Done Good Things - Bill Hicks 02 - Nobody Listens - Pariah Pariah Interview 03 - Chemical Imbalance (Edited) - Skatenigs 04 - Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry 05 - Who Was In My Room - Butthole Surfers 06 - Dave - Cheech & Chong Dave Prewitt Supports When We Were Live rAw TiMe Intro But let's go back to the beginning. In the early 90's access television really started to kick into high gear all around the country, as evidenced by the Saturday Night Live skit Wayne's World. And that became so popular that it spun off into 2 feature length films. Before Dave, there was Scott Spurlock. He first caught me and my friends attention on ACTV with his show Dull-a-Vision; where he showed music videos, something akin to Headbangers Ball. But one fateful night in 1991, he went too far and showed us kids something that blew our minds! It was his edited video for this song "Rivers" from Skinny Puppy. It was too far! And that next day, Austin was in an uproar and he was kicked off of the access airwaves. This was also the time of censorship and anti- obscenity and decency issues, spurred by Luke Skywalker and 2 Live Crew in Florida. Also, in Florida, poor Pee Wee Herman was arrested for watching a movie, albeit a dirty move. And Tipper Gore, her group was busy putting Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics labels on CDs and tapes. Heck, the Australian rock band, the Divinyls were warned not to play their hit song "I Touch Myself" at their appearance at the Austin Aqua Fest on Town Lake, but near the end of the set, they did anyway. Their mic was cut and lead singer Chrissy Amphlett was dragged off stage by security, yep that's about as far as they got, too. And here is how the crowed reacted. And here is what the police claimed. But we all knew, it was not too loud. But back to ACTV, where you could pay like $50 bucks, sign some forms and take a couple classes and you too could broadcast live on Austin television sets. ACTV, it gave rise to Alex Jones and Infowars, as you can hear him sitting in on the show with Dave:   Here is a conspiracy for you; some folks think that the comedian Bill Hicks didn't actually die in 1994, but instead became Alex Jones. There are some similarities in appearance and like mindedness of both tone and topic. And as a matter of fact, it was Dave Pruitt who did the final interview with Bill Hicks, prior to his death or faking his death, I'll let you decide. But Dave, not only would he play hard rock music videos, but he would also take the ACTV cameras and equipment to local shows and showcase mostly local, but also national touring bands. He has recorded so many, please go out and find him at DaveTV on Youtube. He recorded everybody, but back in the day it was the likes of Pariah, Agony Column, Dangerous Toys, D.R.I., deadhorse, Retarded Elf, FUCKEMOS, Harrem Scarrum, Little Miss Dangerous, Onyxx, the Bad Livers and Dancyr. Yeah, Nathan Olivarez, he was there, too. Dave's partner in crime! However, I read in the Austin Chronicle the week before last, Dave has left the building, with DAVETV ending a few weeks ago this past Summer. He has found love and will soon or he has already moved for greener pastures in Norfolk, Va.; Where he will surely pick up his love for local music in his newly adopted city. Here he is in his own words:   We wish you luck Dave!
September 8, 2019
Tool - tiny curations
Tool, if you've only heard them on the radio, but never seen them live, you might not know, but they are a psychedelic rock kind of metal jam band. Although they have been around almost 30 years they have only released 4 albums. Their last album, 10,000 Days was in 2006. Their die hard fans, tools, have waited, what feels like 10,000 days for a new album, with so many rumors each of those 13 long years of an imminent release. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Wings for Marie, Pt. 1 02 - 10,000 Days (Wings, Pt. 2) Well the wait is now over. Today, that album, their 5th one, finally drops, "Fear Inoculum". the song that you hear now, that is the title track off the album. This song and all other songs on the new album, except for only one, are over the 10 minute mark in length. There are so many good Tool songs to look back on, but since we have had so much time to ingest their previous album, let's here 2 combined songs from it, here is "Wings for Marie Pt. 1" and "Pt. 2". There you go, I hope you enjoyed. But onward and upward, so get out there and go hear the new album now! Tool fans are fanatical about the band. One of my friends is having a Tool album release party and campout tonight on a ranch in Blanco, TX, have fun! Thanks for listening.
August 30, 2019
Los Lonely Boys - tiny curations
Los Lonely Boys, they came out of the gates running with their Texican Rock N' Roll, by winning a Grammy award on their debut album. They broke in Austin and if you were lucky enough, you could have caught them back in the day. I used to see Los Lonely Boys follow Lonelyland's Monday night residency at the Saxon Pub in South Austin. They were great, but we all thought that Bob Schneider's Lonelyland was going to hit next, but we were treated to many a good show of the boys from San Angelo. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Señorita 02 - Heaven 03 - Crazy Dream 04 - Heart Won't Tell a Lie The Garza brothers; Henry on guitar and vocals, Jojo on bass, and Ringo on drums. Tonight they will be performing the at the brand new Brushy Creek Amphitheater for the grand opening concert in Hutto, Texas. Here them now, with some of these early hits. Thanks for listening.
August 29, 2019
Lonelyland - Bob Schneider - tiny curations
Bob Schneider has had many incarnations of bands in Austin, going back to the early 90's; Joe Rockhead, The Ugly Americans, and The Scabs. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Big Blue Sea 02 - Tokyo 03 - 2002 Each band grew more bold, raunchy, and popular over the years, culminating in the greatness of "The Scabs". Favorites like "Tarantula" came from this band, a song that Bob still ends most big shows with today. But it was his next venture in 1999, a revolving band of musicians that set him up on his solo career. It was 20 years ago, that he formed Lonelyland, as well as his ongoing every Monday night at 8:30 residency at the Saxon Pub. Back in the day, which was a Monday, that was the place to be, a crowded legendary pub full of locals and glimpses of then girlfriend, Sandra Bullock, with her bottom perched up on the bar. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, it is still the place to be on Monday nights. This is the place where you should take a date; and where you should take out of towners on an otherwise boring Monday evening. It is fun and entertaining. Bob's take on songwriting is write as much as you can, and that there will be a lot of bad songs, but occasionally there may be some good ones, too. It is this intimate Monday night setting where he will showcase what he has recently been working on. So each show is new and different... Well, other than how each night will end, that will always be the same. He will ask for an audience suggestion of a song, in which he will then take that song's lyrics and melodies and merge it into his "It's Time to Go" song. Something like this... Back when he started that Lonelyland residency, he warmed up, by releasing one album that year on his on Shock-a-rama label. But it was the following year in 2000, when he self-released another album; and album that would stay at the top of the Waterloo Records album charts for years to come, eponymously titled "Lonelyland". This album was so popular locally, that it gained national attention and was then distributed by Universal Records, gaining it an even wider audience. There is so much good material here from Bob's career, that I will feature a full "Deep Dives w/ Matt Comer" episode in the future. But today, I want to celebrate the creation of Lonelyland 20 years ago, and spotlight that album. Here are some of my favorite songs from a solid album full of good songs. Oh by the way, I think Bob is deathly afraid of water, oceans, and drowning, as you may hear in recurring themes in much of his music, enjoy! That was 2002. Before that was my favorite track on the album, Tokyo. And starting us off was Big Blue Sea, you may have heard it on a rom-com soundtrack from that period. Bob can still be found each Monday night at the Saxon Pub in South Austin or elsewhere around town during the week. Actually, you can catch him tonight, for free, at the Shady Grove at 8. For Austin City Limits Radio's, 26th year of Unplugged at the Grove. Thanks for listening.
August 22, 2019
Woodstock 50 Year Anniversary - tiny curations
Woodstock, started on this day 50 years ago. A 3 day festival, from August 15-17, on Max Yasgur's Farm in Bethel, New York, where 500,000 people descended upon the town for Peace, Love, and Music; and a lot of brown acid. This was 1969; this was the time and the place to be. Many 50th anniversaries are upon us, why because of the year, 69. I don't know what it is, maybe the numerology: 69. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Richie Havens - Freedom 02 - Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends 03 - Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner At this time, the country was caught up in an unpopular war in Vietnam, with a Draft that had been enacted for all young me.  And the country was in the midst of a cultural revolution. Contrary to popular belief, this was not the "Summer of Love"; that took place in '67 at Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. Just one week earlier to the start of Woodstock, both Tate and Labianca murders happened back to back, as alluded to in the new Quentin Tarantino's film, "Once Upon a time in Hollywood". But it wouldn't be until December of that year, that the Manson Family would all be apprehended and hauled in, that was when America got to see Charles Manson's evil face for the first time. Then there was Altamont. the Rolling Stone's brainchild for a West Coast equivalent to Woodstock in both scale and in spirt. The Altamont Speedway Free Festival took place on December 6. However, that was marred by the Rolling Stones choice of security by hiring the Hell's Angels. This unfortunate choice created bad vibes and a terrible situation resulting in a fan being stabbed to death, just feet from the stage. This brought the 1960's to a violent end. Both Woodstock and Altamont festivals can be seen in 2 great documentaries. Plans for a Woodstock 50th Anniversary concert, by the original organizer, just fell through late last week. But other anniversaries did have their own celebratory festivals, one in '94 and one in '99. Today, we will celebrate the legendary Woodstock festival and lineup with a Cliff Notes version of only the extreme highlights, enjoy:   And that was a Jimi Hendrix interview on the Dick Cavett Show, where he is explaining his now very famous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on guitar. Before that was Joe Cocker, "With A Little Help From My Friends, the second cover version of that Beatles song featured at the festival. People my age remember that song from the great TV show, "The Wonder Years". If you are a little younger and caught reruns, when Netflix acquired the rights in 2011, then you were not so fortunate, as the song was replaced with an anonymous version... And starting us off, just like he did on the first day as the first act, was Richie Haven's with Freedom. There are many more good songs and sets to hear from that day, some of the other recommended highlights are Santana's "Soul Sacrifice" and "I Want To Take You Higher" by Sly & the Family Stone. Today also happens to be my Dad's birthday, today he turns 69!He was 19 at the time of Woodstock, but did not attend what was to be the legendary festival.Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for listening.
August 16, 2019
ZZ Top - tiny curations
That Little Ol' Band From Texas, ZZ Top. Formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas, this year they celebrate 50 years together. 2 guys up front with great ol' big beards and a guy on the drum kit with the last name of Beard.  Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Sharp Dressed Man (2019 Remaster) 02 - Just Got Paid 03 - Waitin' for the Bus 04 - Jesus Just Left Chicago These are some bad Tres Hombres, they used to tour with longhorn steers and rattle snakes on stage with them. They are out on tour now in the good ol' USA, so check 'em out while you can! Let's start this set off with one of their big hits, you may have also heard it on that reality show, from those other guys with big ol' beards:   Just got paid today, well I hope so, it's Friday somewhere! These last two songs, well, they go together. They are hard to separate, so I won't do that to them here. I don't want to keep you waiting, so here you go. Thanks for listening! Shortly after recording this episode, a friend made me aware of the recently announcement ZZ Top documentary titled, "That Little Ol' Band from Texas". It will be screening soon, here's the trailer.
August 6, 2019
Lane Frost - 30 Year Memorial and songs of Cheyenne - tiny curations
I just got back from an epic Summer road trip with my family to Yellowstone! Starting the long journey back to Texas, we made it as far as Cheyenne, Wyoming. Where the 123rd Annual Cheyenne Frontier Days was just about to kick off their 10 days of the World Largest Outdoor Rodeo & Western Celebration. On the fairgrounds, stands a statue of a man on a great big bull, that man was Lane Frost. He died, doing what he loved. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - George Strait - I Can Still Make Cheyenne 02 - Garth Brooks - The Beaches Of Cheyenne 03 - Aaron Watson - July In Cheyenne (Song For Lane's Momma) It was 30 years ago today, on July 30, 1989, in Cheyenne, WY, that World Champion Bull Rider, Lane Frost he had just completed an 85-point ride on the bull, "Takin' Care Of Business". Riding a full 8 seconds and dismounting without a wreck, the bull's horn struck him in the back, breaking several of his ribs and severing an artery. He got back onto his feet and waived for help, but he went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. But let's listen to a little clip that encapsulates his career, success, and death: These songs came to mind when I was in Cheyenne, which in country music has become synonymous with both Bull Riding and Lane Frost, the legend. Here they will be presented as a sort of trilogy, (although, the middle song may take some liberties, I decided to include it here.) Enjoy. I would also like to note, that Luke Perry, Dylan from 90210, he passed away this past March year at the age of 52. Growing up at the time, he was extremely influential, a sort of James Dean type for my generation. And probably the greatest force responsible for my own and many sideburns on men my age. He played Lane frost in the 1994 film, 8 Seconds. He too will be missed. Thanks for listening.
July 30, 2019
Spoon - tiny curations
Spoon is an American rock band formed in Austin, Texas between Britt Daniel on vocals and Jim Eno on drums. As well as the others to round out Spoon, so to speak, so that we don't get a Spork! Listen to on Spotify: 01 - The Underdog 02 - I Turn My Camera On 03 - Shotgun 04 - No Bullets Spent The rock band Spoon, they are good at making hits. You've heard them in movies, TV shows, soundtracks... Well, just give me the hits, here goes... And speaking of hits, on Friday Spoon is releasing their first greatest hits album: Everything Hits at Once: The Best of Spoon. This album will compile the band's best-known songs, included all of what we have played here, except for "Shotgun". As well as a new single entitled "No Bullet's Spent", it's already one of my favorites, so let's here it now. Thanks for listening!
July 23, 2019
Don Henley of the Eagles - tiny curations
Happy Birthday Don Henley! Today, the native Texan, of the Eagles, turns 72. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Inside Job 02 - Searching For A Heart 03 - The Man 04 - Doolin-Dalton Desperado (Reprise) He sang lead vocals on many of the Eagles songs and co-lead on many others, while also being their drummer, not sure if that was common knowledge or not. As seems, maybe an entire generation may be lost to the greatness of the Eagles. Due to one famous movie quote: The Dude speaks; in all of his infinite wisdom... the Cohen Brothers may have lead many young people astray of being open to the Eagles; maybe other than Hotel California, nobody can deny that! Digging deeper into the Eagles, that would take some time. So instead let's look at some of the great songs that Don Henley recorded post-Eagles. But today, let's look back, it's not quite the end of Summer, but we are a little over half way through it.. This first song, Inside Job off of the 2000 album of the same name seems to have been scrubbed from Google and Youtube algorithms, per seeming Chinese style censorship, seemingly based on subject matter and keywords. Go look, try and try to find it yourself, outside of Spotify and other streaming platforms, I had to track this down from a physical CD from the Austin library. Now, hear the banned song for yourselves: "The Man"! Man, that was Mr. Henley singing on Randy Newman's 1995 Faust album. And before that, was Warren Zevon's "Searching for a Heart" off of the Enjoy Every Sandwich 1 Tribute. Finally, here is an Eagles album ending track, a reprise that encompasses that albums main themes, thanks for listening! 
July 23, 2019
Patty Griffin - tiny curations
On her sixth appearance on ACL, Patty Griffin is up there with the best singer/songwriters, you may know of her songs via the Dixie Chicks. My lovely wife Jenny won tickets to see a double taping tonight for the Austin City Limits 45th season with Steve Earle and the Dukes and Patty Griffin! Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Silver Bell 02 - Truth #2 03 - Top of the World (Live at Austin City Limits) 04 - Making Pies You can watch, too, as tonight they will air both full live sets of these iconic singer/songwriters. The broadcast episodes will air on PBS later this year as part of our upcoming Season 45. She lives in Austin and for some years, so did her Band of Joy bandmate live with her, as a couple. Robert Plant, yeah that Robert Plant the voice of the legendary Led Zeppelin! There is a great picture online that somebody took of them at Patty's house in Travis Heights in South Austin. It is Halloween and this guy is trick or treating with his kids and he sees Patty Griffin in a apron and Robert Plant in his undershirt. He got a photo of them and the kids in their costumes, I have included that photo on this episode's cover. Let's start this set of with a rockin' little number. Truth #2 and Top of the World, those were both recorded by the Dixie Chicks for their Home album. And Top of the World may have become a hit for them, but not after fans turned on them when lead singer Natalie Maines made some disparaging remarks oversees about fellow Texan, President George W. Bush. That was Patty Griffin singing Top of the World live on a previous ACL Taping, even before she had recorded it on an album. This last song, it's my favorite, if it doesn't make you cry, I don't know what will, enjoy and thanks for listening!
July 2, 2019
Steve Earle - tiny curations
For his fifth performance on ACL, the legendary Steve Earle presents Guy, his acclaimed tribute to his songwriting mentor and ACL Hall of Fame legend Guy Clark. Cooler than Steve Earle, hell yeah! That was Roger Creager singing about how he feels after drinking Everclear! My lovely wife Jenny won tickets to see a double taping tonight for the Austin City Limits 45th season with Steve Earle and the Dukes and Patty Griffin! Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Northern Winds 02 - Ben McCulloch 03 - Taneytown 04 - Two Girls You can watch, too, as tonight they will air both full live sets of these iconic singer/songwriters. The broadcast episodes will air on PBS later this year as part of our upcoming Season 45. In March of 2013, standing at the baggage carousel, I first thought that the long bearded man standing next to was the legendary Producer, Rick Rubin, but realizing it was Steve Earle, I talked to him for a minute and wished him luck on his big SXSW gig. But we then found ourselves together in the oversized luggage together, as I needed 2 kids car seats, while he awaited his guitar. This first song is about a Confederate General, now now buried in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. There is an encampment outside of Austin, Camp Ben (McCulloch). On some land near my house, in Driftwood. They still meet every first full moon in June. I camped there this past year for the 123rd reunion. Est. in 1896 as a reunion site for the United Confederate Veterans, it is now the last of it's kind, still hosting a yearly reunion. I camped there one night this year. Taneytown, this next song, I read more about it Doghouse Roses: Stories Paperback from 2002. That last song was a Townes van Zandt song. Steve sought him out and Towne's became his mentor. There is a great recent movie "Blaze" that has a great depiction of Townes. Anyhow, this song is from 2001's Poet: A Tribute To Townes Van Zandt. But Steve ended up recording an entire album of of his material, "Towne's". And more recently another, for his other mentor, Guy Clark, simply called "Guy", this is the album that he should be doing tonight. 
July 2, 2019
RIP Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys - tiny curations
Bushwick Bill, H towns own, the Fifth Wards own, from the legendary rap group, the Geto Boys, passed away last Sunday night. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Damn It Feels Good 2 Be A Gangsta 02 - Stranded On Death Row 03 - Intro 04 - Takin' It Back There is a great article in this week's Austin Chronicle about him finding his musical playgroud here in Austin: He told the Chronicle in summer 2013. “I'm in my own hazy world, not even knowing all about music, and out here I get to meet real musicians where their feelings come through their fingertips into their instruments, and they mean it! It's not programmed or sampled or stolen.”The Geto Boys had played Emos, which turns out to be their final appearance there, in January 2013. Afterwards, Bushwick stayed behind and made Austin his new home for the next few years. He would pop up impromptu at shows. I saw him one night rapping solo with a backing band at Hotel Vegas, I posted a video on Youtube, please search for it, if you would like to see it: He closed that night by announcing that he was buying drinks for the whole house! But rather than taking him up on the offer, my friend and I left and found him alone, exhausted, sitting on a curb in front of the bar. He became the Bill Murray of Austin, appearing everywhere! I again ran into him sitting at a picnic table, where I was able to talk with him for a bit. A couple years later, I was watching Brown Sabbath. Which is the band Brownout doing Black Sabbath covers. Imagine this with me, in the middle of NIB, Bushwick appears and breaks into THIS: his famous rap from "Mind Playing Tricks on Me". It was incredible! As for the rest of the Geto Boys, Scarface, well apparently his name is Brad Jordan, where coincidentally last Sunday, he announced that he was running for Houston City Council. And Willie D, I ran into him a few months ago at Austin at the Office Space 20th Anniversary party, I asked him about Bushwick, but he couldn't tell me much. A few weeks later it was announced that Bushwick was fighting pancreatic cancer. Let's start this tribute with the song from that film, in what is probably the best work scene / work revenge scene ever recorded: Yep, that was Bushwick on Dr. Dre's The Chronic album. And finally, those last songs were Bushwick's redemption of all of the foul language that he had spread for all of those year. He will be missed. Thanks for listening to tiny curations.
June 15, 2019
Joe Ely - tiny curations
One month ago I saw Joe Ely play his acoustic guitar in a small living room at a private fundraiser for Texas State's Wittliff Collection in Terrytown in Austin. Bill Wittliff, the screenwriter and Director was the honoree that night and shared some wonderful stories about being 15 and meeting Elvis. Bill passed away yesterday at the age of 79. So I would like to honor Mr. Wittliff with this episode of tiny curations, featuring Joe Ely. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - All Just To Get To You 02 - Gallo del Cielo 03 - Imagine Houston Joe Ely, Austinite by way of Lubbock had long ago with Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock, he formed the Flatlanders which has been resurrected after many years. He befriended the Clash in their early days. Joe Strummer and the Clash loved him so much, that when they booked their first American tour, they came to Texas and toured with Joe Ely leading their way. But let's let the music speak for itself, in this first song you may recognize another one of his admirer and friends familiar voice: That was Imagine Houston, recently released from the vault, from "B4 84". This song captures his spark in the early 80's, using an Apple II! Before that was, Gallo del Cielo, or Sky Rooster, that may be the best chicken fighting song every written. Both songs from And did you hear that voice on All Just to Get to You, that was none other than The Boss, he loves Joe, too! Joe Ely still plays around Austin and goes on small tours, be sure to catch him, he's one of the good ones! 
June 12, 2019
RIP Roky Erickson - tiny curations
tiny curations These shows are distilled into only the very best and mostly rare tracks that represent an artist to me. Attention spans are short and so are these shows. We try to keep these shows to around 15 or so minutes. That might mean 2-4 songs, so hope you enjoy and thanks for listening! Like it a bit longer? Well check out a full artist spotlight and Deep Dive into the music with Deep Dives w/ Matt Comer! This was not planned to be the first episode. However, with last Friday's passing of Psychedelic Rock Founder and Austin native, Roky Erickson. This must be the first tiny curations show in honor of this late legend! Listen to on Spotify: 01 - Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer) 02 - Creature with the Atom Brain 03 - Night of the Vampire 04 - I Walked With a Zombie 
June 5, 2019
Willie Nelson - DEEP WILLIE - Deep Dives w/ Matt Comer
DEEP WILLIE April 29th Willie's 86th Birthday: DEEP WILLIE Today is April 29th, 2019. Happy Birthday 86th Birthday Willie!Austin's own, Willie Nelson, among other things is known as a singer/songwriter. On this day, rather than focusing on his renowned songwriting legacy, let us instead celebrate him as a singer. A singer of other's songs. These songs are rarely found on any of his many greatest hits albums. Nor likely heard at his shows. But these are among my favorites, here is DEEP WILLIE. Listen to on Spotify: 01 - That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) - written by Haven Gillespie 02 - Graceland - written by Paul Simon 03 - I'd Have To Be Crazy - written by Steven Fromholz 04 - Don't Mess with Texas - Commercial 05 - The Maker - written by Daniel Lanois 06 - The Bob Song - written by Big Kenny Alphin 07 - Marie - written by Townes Van Zandt 08 - Oklahoma Wind - written by Billy Joe Shaver 09 - Live Forever - written by Billy Joe Shaver and Eddy Shaver 10 - Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power) - written by Bob Dylan H&R Block Willie Nelson Advice Doll Super Bowl 38 Commercial (2004) 11 - The Legend - written by Kris Kristofferson HR Block Tax Commercial 12 - Gravedigger - written by Dave Matthews 13 - The Scientist - written by Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion of Coldplay 14 - Just Breathe - written by Eddie Vedder
April 29, 2019
Mötley Crüe - Deep Dives w/ Matt Comer
The Dirt streaming now on Netflix Happy Earth Day Everybody!To me nothing says Earth Day like this band. A group that has been around this planet many times and known by all of it's inhabitants. Selling out arenas and filling stadiums.More of a scourge to this planet, but nevertheless a band that needs no more introduction, ... but...From Hollywood, California Please Welcome The bad boys of rock an roll, Mötley Crüe! Listen to on Spotify: Deep Dives w/ Matt Comer - Mötley Crüe 01 - In the Beginning 02 - Helter Skelter 03 - Bastard 04 - Ten Seconds to Love Mötley Crüe - Austin, Texas 5.12.1983 - radio spot 05 - Merry-Go-Round 06 - On With The Show 07 - Louder Than Hell 08 - SIXX A.M. X-Mas in Hell 09 - Dancing on Glass 10 - You're All I Need 11 - All in the Name of... [Live in Moscow] 12 - T.N.T. (Terror 'N Tinseltown) 13 - Uncle Jack 14 - Saints Of Los Angeles 15 - Like a Virgin  The Crüe are riding high again at the moment, thanks to The Dirt movie, now streaming on Netflix. Released this time last month on March 22. Nobody else but Netflix could have gotten this movie made. They've tried, they tried for 18 years, but now that it is here and available for our viewing pleasures. This has brought them back into the spotlight, their soundtrack to the Dirt is at the top of the charts! As well are their Greatest Hits and other albums.: And even their singles are back on the Billlboard 200, charting at:   9 Kickstart My Heart" at No.9 ; 13 "Home Sweet Home" (No. 13); 18 "The Dirt (Est. 1981)," featuring Machine Gun Kelly (No. 18); 20 "Girls, Girls, Girls" (No. 20);  22 "Dr. Feelgood" (No. 22);  23 "Shout at the Devil" (No. 23); and  24 "Live Wire" (No. 24). I'm so excited, let's Kickstart  this Heart into top fuel funny car high gear!!! Wait, wait, wait, no. Sorry about that haha. You will not hear any of here. The point of this show, is to highlight a band's deep cuts, album tracks that you would have otherwise missed because they were never on these kind of charts. The set of songs that I have selected for this show today will consist of songs that you may not know and love. But these are still songs that I love and think will represent the band well and you can walk away having a more rounded knowledge of the bands catalog. What better way to start, but In The Beginning We kicked off the show with In the Beginning from the Crue's second album, 1983's, Shout at the Devil. And if you know that album, it starts with that song, but then goes into the title cut. However, here it led us right into their first cover. This one by the Beatles. Helter Skelter. Next we heard:   Bastard Ten Seconds to Love And how about that radio spot? That was from here in Austin on May 12, 1983.
April 23, 2019
Valentine's Day love songs that you didn't know were actually stalker and creeper songs
Valentine's Day love songs that you didn't know were actually stalker and creeper songs:   Listen to on Spotify:  01 - Enrique Iglesias - Escape 02 - The Police - Every Breath You Take 03 - Audioslave - Like A Stone 04 - The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) 05 - The Human League - Don't You Want Me 06 - Blondie - One Way or Another 07 - Dave Matthews Band - Crush 08 - Garbage - #1 Crush 09 - Rhett Akins - That Ain't My Truck 10 - The Cure - A Night Like This 11 - Frankie Valli - My Eyes Adored You 12 - Lionel Ritchie - Hello 13 - Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me MATT: Hi! I'm Matt Comer, and I'm here with Antonio Banda. ANTONIO: Hey there, and happy Valentine's Day! MATT: Yes, and speaking of Valentine's Day, we're here to bring you [20] love songs you didn't know are actually stalker and creeper songs. ANTONIO: That's right. We asked a Facebook online dating group, and our friends, what their favorite mislabeled love songs are, and we curated their suggestions into this creepy, yet romantic, playlist. MATT: So, cuddle up with your favorite creeper …er… I mean, valentine, and enjoy. MATT: This is Matt. ANTONIO: And this is Antonio. MATT: And you're listening to [20] love songs you didn't know are actually stalker and creeper songs. MATT: Thanks for joining us for [20] love songs you didn't know are actually stalker and creeper songs. Have thoughts about this playlist? ANTONIO: Or maybe we missed a song that you think should be on here? MATT: Whatever the case, post your feedback and suggestions in the [insert slack channel name] slack channel. We'd love to hear from you. ANTONIO: Except no stalking, please…unless it's in song form. MATT: Fair enough. Thanks, again, for listening, and have a happy Valentine's Day!
February 14, 2019
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