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Deep Rex

Deep Rex

By Deep Rex
A human recommendation engine. Guests orient you to their taste, and then supply their underrated/secret/hidden gem picks they think should be more widely known.

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5 Non-Fiction Books with Erik

Deep Rex

5 Westerns with PFG
The one and only @LondonPFG stopped by and Westerns were the order of the day. I could have discussed many more films with him, but we kept it more or less to 10. PFG on the Dallas TPN episode PFG on the Knots Landing TPN episode Scott Walker - The Rope and the Colt Deep Rex on Twitter
June 21, 2021
5 Non-Fiction Books with Erik
Erik Rostad is the host of the Books of Titans podcast. He read 52 books last year so he’s the perfect antidote to your colleague pushing the one book he finished, or the compromised journalist log rolling a friend’s new title. I was keen to dig into his faves and wrestle out his hidden gems, and interest was rewarded many times over.  Means of Ascent by Robert Caro (LBJ 2) - Books of Titans Podcast episode Deep Rex on Twitter
June 06, 2021
5 Paintings and 5 Novels with Adam Lehrer
Adam Leher (@SafetyPropagan1) artist, writer, and friend to the common and uncommon man alike gives us not only his top five favorite paintings and novels, but also his hidden gems of both as well. It's a two taper, enjoy! Favorite Paintings 5 ---- 4 ---- 3 ---- 2 ---- 1 Hidden Gem/Underrated Paintings 5 ---- 4 ---- 3 ---- 2 ---- 1 Safety Propaganda Substack System of Systems podcast Deep Rex on Twitter
May 24, 2021
5 Movies with Me
Due to embarrassing "technical difficulties" Episode 6 features yours truly and my top five hidden gem movies. The entire movie (#5 hidden gem) free on Vimeo. The entire movie (#4 hidden gem) free on YouTube. The entire movie (#3 hidden gem) streaming free. The entire movie (#1 hidden gem) streaming free. Deep Rex on Twitter
May 09, 2021
5 Films with Samuel
Sam (@rubberwidow) man about town, Cimino champion, and Elloy Boys co-creator gives us his top five underseen films. We also address his favorite films in more detail than normal because, for me at least, they had a lot going on. This was a treat, enjoy. Ellroy Boys Year of the Dragon episode Ellroy Boys Black Dahlia/Big Nowhere episode TPN Heaven's Gate/Deer Hunter episode
April 25, 2021
5 Albums and 5 Perfumes with ørt_nt._per
Ørt_nt._per co-host and producer of The Perfume Nationalist went against everybone in his body and listed his five favorite albums, then provided his five deep crate dive albums, and his top five favorite perfumes. I list my favorite scents as well and we just do some all around heavy hanging. I savoured it, and here's hoping it it works for you too. TPN Enya episode TPN Autechre episode (1 of 2) Deep Rex on Twitter
April 11, 2021
4 Non-Fiction Books, 3 Poems, 1 Film with C. Derick Varn
C. Derick Varn (@skepoet) intellectual, poet, and podcaster at large and I go all out in a couple areas of non-fiction, read some poems I think you'll like, mull poetry in general, and discuss one doozy of a film. I had pretty high expectations for this and Derick shot the lights out. Varn Vlog Apropos Zer0books episode 1 Apropos Zer0books episode 2 @NFNitroglycerin @Deep__Rex
March 28, 2021
2 TV Shows, 3 Books, and 3 Movies with Meta-Nomad
James Ellis (@meta_nomad) is the host of the always intriguing Hermitix Podcast. It's kept me coming back ep after ep so I knew he would have exactly what I was looking for when it came to overlooked picks. We cover a lot of ground, cheers. A Methodology of Possession: On the Philosophy of Nick Land Hermitix episodes discussed: Blood Meridian with Stephanie Reents Eumeswil and the Anarch with Russell Berman @NFNitroglycerin @Deep__Rex
March 15, 2021
5 Crime Movies with Michael Martin-Del-Campo
I'm a big crime movie fan and here we touch on Michael's (@chillestboy) favorites, discuss some he thinks are vastly overrated, and dig deep into five he thinks are underappreciated. It was a joy to record, hope you like it. mikeymdc @NFNitroglycerin @Deep__Rex
February 28, 2021