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Delaware Blogger Podcast

Delaware Blogger Podcast

By Antionette Blake
Award-winning blogger, vlogger, Author, TV Show Panelist and Social Media Educator. Antionette provides podcasting pointers and blogging tips that will help you to expand your exposure and broaden your brand online.

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Podcasting in Your Prime - This Is Your Time Eps. #228
Hello and welcome to episode #228 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast here on Anchor FM If you have yet to subscribe or Favorite my channel,  I invite you to do so now because every week I provide podcasting pointers that will help you launch and grow your podcast and if you prefer to see my face in the place with these pointers, head over to YouTube and subscribe - using my name Antionette Blake Today’s topic “Podcasting in Your Prime - This is Your Time” Most of you that have been following me and my blog, Delblogger knows that my tagline is “Boomer Who Blogs with a Millenial Mind” and that my target market audience and clients are usually boomers and beyond, you know, those of us born between 1946 and 1964, personally it was 1961 for me and last month, on September 20th to be exact, I celebrated my 59th Birthday and just the month before on August 11th, I celebrated 30 years of marriage. Some of you may say, “wow” that’s a long time, or “gurl you are old” - but I respond with “age ain’t nothin but a number - now ask me about my podcasts” With age comes wisdom and common sense, yes, we went to school, many to HBCU’s or institutes of higher learning, but nothing I learned in college back in the late 70’s and 80’s prepared me for what’s going on in the world now - but that’s a different story for a different day! Anywho, with age comes wisdom and knowledge that we can share with others which is why I encourage women AND men of a particular age to think about or actually to start a podcast. We can share not only life skills but corporate skills, job skills, family skills, educational skills, technology skills, speaking skills, musical skills, storytelling skills, I could go on and on, but you know where I am going. Once you get to a certain point in life, there is knowledge and wisdom to share and doing so on a podcast is probably the best platform today.  You can command the attention of 100’s, 1000’s, even perhaps millions of people using your own voice and you can do it from the comfort of your home in a t-shirt and shorts like me! So I hope I have motivated a few of you boomers and beyond to take the next step to start a podcast and I hope those that I spoke with last week will definitely pursue their passion because age is just a number and we should be podcasting in our prime time which is now! So if you are ready to share your skills with the world, using your voice, please send an email to to register for the 2-hour Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Session and you will receive a Resource Guide, printables and other great items to get you started and launched and even learn how to monetize your podcast.
October 17, 2020
Repurposing Blog Content Podcast Promo
Are a blogger who is looking to get more traction on your previously published post? Then you should re-purpose your content. Head over to "Blog Your Way To a Business Profit Podcast to listen and learn more. another Delaware Blogger Production!
October 15, 2020
10 Ways to Grow Your Show Eps. #227
When you’re starting a podcast, it’s important to remember that patience is a virtue. You shouldn’t start a podcast expecting to have a large listener base from the giddy up, because it’s going to take time to build a podcast audience. In fact, most podcasters have said that it took them about 5-6 months before seeing an increase in listeners. That may sound like a long time, but it really isn’t. If you start your podcast with a solid marketing plan in place for those initial six months, you will see a steady climb growth and in this episode I am sharing 10 Ways to Grow Your Show. 1. Content Matters 2. Use Strategic Keywords in Episode Titles/Descriptions 3. Have Calls To Action for Listeners 4. Make Your Podcast Available on Many Directories 5. Turn Your Guests into Promoters 6. Engage in Social Media 7. Be a Guest 8. Join Online Communities 9. Create a website/webpage or blog 10. Paid Advertising Please subscribe and share any tips for growing your show here on the Anchor FM or Podpage site: Find and follow me on all my social media platforms  Please share this episode with your friends, family and followers!
October 10, 2020
Podcast Guest Request Pointers Eps. #226
If you are a new podcaster but you are ready to bring on guests to your show, I have a few tips to share that you should know before you do Interviews are one of the most popular forms of podcast episodes and because podcasting is relatively new to most, being asked to be a guest is exciting, however, you want to make sure that each guest is bring value to your show and to your audience, as they are what is going to make or break your show. In this episode I am talking about why you cannot relinquish control of your show especially as a newbie or it just might become one of those episodes that “gets lost in production” as well as a few pointers for booking guests. Like I said, when you are looking for guests, make sure they fit the niche of the show and are providing value to your listeners.  You don’t just want to bring on a guest just because they are “rich and famous” unless their last name is Obama or Winfrey - just kidding.  Hey, you might even get James Carville on your show if it’s political because he too is launching a podcast - we are stompin' with the big dogs now. Anywho, if you are interviewing guests, make sure to lay the ground rules and don’t let them take over your show because once you lose control you might be able to bring them back. Oftentimes, even if you’ve known your guest for a period of time or have heard them interviewed on another podcast, they might try to hijack your show and that definitely is a no no. My previous podcasts “Out and About with Antionette” were scripted interview style shows, I alway sent the Q&A’s to my guest prior to the show along with a guest release, however, it was always notated that even with the scripted Q&A’s there would be some ad-libbing, because you to make sure that you are delivering what you have promised your listeners no matter what and you do want to allow for some good storytelling to keep everyone engaged. Finding podcast guests can be a struggle at first, but podcasting is still considered to be a new medium and a lot of people would be excited to be guests on your show. So when you put out a call to find your guests, whether you are searching on LinkedIn using the appropriate hashtags or asking memes in your Facebook and Twitter podcast communities, be sure you let people know the type of show that you have as well as the topics of which you are seeking so you both know the criteria before you book them onto your show. Remember, you don’t have to put anything or anyone on it that you don’t want to and 2  no-no’s - don’t pay nor charge guests! Once you have chosen your guests and scheduled the interview, send them Guest Release form which you can create in Google Docs along with a release statement include questions such as: Preferred name/Preferred title/Organization/Bio/Headshot/Topics to talk about/Links to website and social media platform Recording remotely can be a challenge and nerve racking, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from interviewing guests on the go.  I am going to leave the link in the show notes to an article by that provides information on How to Record a Podcast Remotely and Get it Right the First Time. I have a few tip sheets for podcasters and podcast guests, so send an email to and I’ll send you a copy and you can also register for the Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Session!
October 3, 2020
Hit it & Quit it - How long should a podcast show be? #225
Episode #225 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast How Long Should a Podcast Show Be? So you've decided to start a podcast - yay and congratulations! You have your title, your topic and your description.  You may even have purchased some equipment and are ready to get into the closet to start recording. However, before hitting the record button you may be wondering just how long to record - 5 mins...15 mins...30 minutes or even 60 minutes. Back in the day….long long time ago, when podcasting was first becoming popular with everyday folk, we were taught that it was best to hit it and quit it - don’t make it too long or people wouldn’t have time to listen as most were doing so via a normal commute which was 28-35 minutes - not in NYC or DMV, however, just long enough to get people from their home to their place of with remote working, thanks to COVID-19 that changed. Most people’s commute was from the bedroom to the living room so the attention span got longer which is a good thing because we had so much more time on our hands with nothing to do, vegging out on Netflix became popular so much so that “Netflix and Chill” became a popular phrase. Podcast lengths began to change as well, however, it was intimidating for many that had short 30 minute shows to increase them to 60 minutes plus which is why, your content and your audience will determine when to “hit it and quit” it. Listen to today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast on more tips on how long your podcast show should be then send an email to to schedule a 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call or register for the Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Session. If you would like to be a sponsor of the Delaware Blogger Podcast please send an email for some great package pricing! Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at
September 26, 2020
HOOK 'EM & BOOK 'EM - Keep your listeners longer Eps. #224
On today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I am giving you tips on how to hook and book your listeners; how to grab their attention in those 1st few minutes after they've scrolled through and decided they want to listen to your Podcast. How are you going to keep them there for the entire show?  Here are a few way: Hit them where hurts - Bark a command - FOMO - Sense of Urgency Share a testimony - love note from listeners Share statistics  - Did you know... You want to solve a pain point which is why most people are coming to your Podcast hook em, then at the end you book em with a CTA or Call to Action sign them up - get their email purchase a product or service register for an event free gift visit your Podcast In the EC Podcast Knowledge Academy, we covered several of these points and I invite you to sign up for these webinars as every Tuesday and Thursday we are providing you with timely and relevant information that will help to take your podcast to the next level, so make sure to sign up > Registration: When you are ready to start your podcast send an email to me at to schedule your 30-Minute Complimentary Discover Call and book your Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Sessions. Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at https// Make sure to leave a comment so that you will be entered for a chance to win a copy of the Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners Book and if you want a copy of the Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide, head over to Amazon to purchase a copy
September 19, 2020
Podcasting in the Classroom Part 2 Episode #223
“Welcome Back to School” has definitely taken on a new meaning this year during this COVID-19 Crisis, however, some things never change, especially when it comes to teaching, educators are always looking for ways in which to engage their students. In today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I am once again talking about Podcasting in the Classroom as I did in Episode #201 back in March.  With remote learning and Zoom Bombing, podcasting may be a great way to get and keep the students engaged in or outside of the  classroom. As much as we want to think that kids want to stare at a computer screen all day everyday, that may not be the case and it can cause harm to their eyes, however, with a podcast, they can pop in their earbuds or put on their headphones every time a new episode of their favorite pod is released, head outdoors, walk the dog, eat lunch or just veg on the sofa after a long day of mathematics. Statistically speaking, students between the ages of 12-17 make up only 10% of monthly podcast listeners so it’s still a somewhat undiscovered medium that you can use to capture their attention, adding something that may be a perfect media to supercharge your class and curriculum! Even if you’re a total newbie, getting started with podcasts in the classroom is an easy skill to add to your teaching toolbag. Whether you’re using them to listen together or individually, or you’re having your students record their own podcasts, there’s space for podcasts in any syllabus. If you want to learn more about starting a podcast in the classroom, send an email to to schedule a 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call or order a copy of the Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide on Amazon at Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at
September 12, 2020
Video or Just Voice? Episode #222
Video or Just Voice - Episode #222 Do you want to appeal to your audience’s ears and eyes?  There’s no doubt that by looking into your audience’s eyes deepens the relationship and builds a stronger connection with them and that’s definitely a benefit of doing a video podcast. But when you’re putting together an audio podcast there are a lot of things to take into consideration especially if you want a high-quality show.  Creating a video takes you to another level because you need to consider a whole bunch of additional factors, like…"Do I look Good?" No seriously, money and experience is a major part of video production, everything from the lighting, the sound, the stage setup, etc.  Everything that could potentially make a viewer say “What the heck am I watching?” If you’re a film school graduate or you have a production company you probably have video equipment, lighting and boom mics.  But if you’re just starting out you’re either going to have to hire a professional production company to produce your videos or purchase professional equipment and learn to do it yourself. If you’ll just be using your iPhone or Android Smartphone to record you will still have to put time into thinking about your set, the lighting, the sound and of course the editing.  When recording an audio podcast you can record in your pajamas, sweats and a T-shirt, but when using a camera you have to think about what you are wearing and how you look. A video podcast is less convenient for your listening audience Your audience can actively listen to your content while multitasking - driving the car, walking the dog, doing the dishes, etc.   However, with a video they can’t consume your content on the go and they have to be stationary to watch from a computer, tablet or smartphone. So think about it, will you do add video or just voice podcasting? To schedule your 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call send an email to and subscribe to my blog
September 5, 2020
Your Podcast Sucks - So What! Eps. 221
Your Podcast Sucks - So What!  You may just be suffering from Imposter Syndrome! Your first 5. 10, heck perhaps even first 50 to 100 podcast show episodes will probably suck - so what - you got this!  You are not going to give up, you are not going to give in - you have a have a vision and a mission and no one is going to stop you from sharing it! In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I am providing tips on how to connect with your audience so that you can feel less stress and anxiety when recording a show making it one that your listeners stay tuned into and are willing to share. If you need a website or webpage to keep all your episodes together, check out Podpage using my referral link and when you are ready to start a podcast make sure to send an email to me at to schedule your 30-minute Complimentary Discovery Call or register for the Mini Coaching Session for $159 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Grab a copy of my Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Manual.
August 29, 2020
Podcasting Prep Pointers Before Publishing
"If You Fail to Plan...You Plan to Fail!" Preparation for a podcast is key so before you hit the record button and publish your podcast episode make sure you’ve checked your recording setup.  You don’t want anything to negatively impact your audio so on today's episode I am sharing a few podcasting prep pointers before publishing: Position your microphone at least 2-3 inches from your mouth Check audio levels for proper sound quality Pad the place you will be recording from Put out any interrupters including pets and kids Pour a beverage Pee Practice Practice Practice If you are ready to start your podcast, send an email to to schedule your 30-minute Complimentary Discovery Call so that we can get you signed up for the 2-hour mini coaching session for $127. Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at
August 22, 2020
The Importance of Show Notes - Episode #219
Show notes are basically a written post for your website or blog that covers the content that you discussed in your podcast.  There are many reasons why show notes should be part of your podcasting promotion and a few are talked about on today’s podcast episode. Show notes encourage people to come to your website Ideally you want to continue the relationship with your audience after they have listened to your show, so getting people to your website or blog via your show notes page gives them an opportunity in which to do so. Show notes are great for SEO If you want your podcast to be found by new listeners it needs to be indexed and featured in search results.  Unfortunately, Google can’t search MP3 files (at least not yet) so you need to include important keywords that are said in your podcast to be somewhere on the internet where the Google bots can find them.  Remember to make them readable with at least 300 words. Show notes allows you share the links to other resources Use your show notes to direct listeners to any links that you may have mentioned in the episode including affiliate links, online courses, books and invite them to join your email list for newsletter and podcast updates. Show notes increase your authority The more content you have online the more legitimate you’ll look online to the search engines and others when they are searching online. Show notes can be viewed on all devices When sharing your episodes you want a link that’s going to work for everyone no matter what device they’re using, Android or Apple which is not the case with some podcasting platforms. Show notes are a great reference tool for your audience If you provide links or mention articles or just want to share your guest’s information,  you can include them in your  show notes.  Listeners won’t need to take notes or re-listen to portions of your podcast for links they may have missed. There are many other important reasons for show notes and I invite you to share some of your own and when you are ready to start your own podcast, please send an email to to schedule your 30-Min Complimentary Discovery Call or to enroll in the 90-Min Mini Coaching Session which is a great investment of $97. Find and follow me on all my social media platforms using the hashtag #DelawareBlogger or my linktree id Delblogger Today’s episode was sponsored by NspireD LLC, - NspireD by Nicolle Collection of inspirational t-shirts.
August 15, 2020
The 5 Pillars of Podcasting - Episode # 218
On this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I provide the 5 Pillars of Podcasting, however, there are many more so I am asking you to leave a message that can be to be added to the list. The Five Pillars Of Podcasting Content Time CTA Submit RSS feed to podcasting directories Network with other podcasters Subscribe to this channel as well as to my other Podcast, "Blog Your Way to a Business Profit" on Blog Talk Radio at and my blog,  You can also see my face in the place every week day at
August 8, 2020
Starting a Podcast - What is Your Why?
Starting a Podcast - What is Your WHY?  Episode #220 Are you looking to increase your profile as an influential voice in your industry? Are you looking to enter into a new marketplace? Perhaps you are looking to generate new marketing and sales leads? Are you looking to grow your email list so you can continue to nurture your prospects and turn them into customers? Are you looking to become the subject matter expert in your industry? Create content that can be repurposed into articles and blog posts? All of the above? Or is there another reason? The answer to these questions will determine your content, format, and call to action.  Remember, being clear on the answers to the above questions is key.  The right strategy and consistent promotion of your podcast will ensure that it generates the best return on investment which can eventually begin to become a profitable podcast. Listen and learn more on this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast and make sure to subscribe so that you won't miss any future episodes.  For more information, send an email to
August 1, 2020
Slow Your Roll - 5 Tips for When Starting a Podcast
Slow Your Roll - 5 Tips When Starting a Podcast - Episode # 219 If you have committed to starting a podcast or even a blog you may want to jump in with both feet just to get started.  However, no matter how anxious you are to get started, let me tell you one thing first, "slow your roll" and line up your ducks first. I started my first podcast in 2012 and my first podcast in 2017 - I am still updating and adding  and learning, so here are just 5 tips that I am sharing with you for when you are starting your podcast. Client shoutouts! Slow Your Roll Tip #1 - Don't spend a lot of money on equipment - everyone is anxious to have the latest and greatest piece of equipment - but wait, use your mic on the phone or an inexpensive condenser mic before going out to purchase fancy expensive equipment for a home studio - there are too many ways to record on the low - in your closet or under a fort and if you wait to save up for the latest and greatest equipment you may be waiting weeks, months or even years and then give up! Slow Your Roll Tip #2 - Build a Foundation - you may be thinking that your podcast is just a hobby, but think of it as a jobby - why, because it’s your brand and you want it to be as good as it can get from the giddy up even though there will be tumbles along the way.  But think of it as an investment into your media brand, have fun but it may be the catalyst for something bigger - perhaps a tv show or major sponsorship!!?? Slow Your Roll Tip #3 - Listen to advice from those in the know - don’t be so cocky that you can’t learn from others - but choose those “others” wisely -  listen to their videos and podcasts, read, share and grow as there is always room for improvement even it you have been podcasting since 2000!  Remember, your network is your net worth so sign up for course or listen to audio from those in the know that are doing the darn thing! Slow Your Roll Tip #4 - Waiting and Procrastinating - Imposter Syndrome is real!  Don’t allow fear or intimidation of other’s success stop you from starting.  If you fear that you are not deserving of success, even if you are helping only 1 person or have a handful of listeners, don’t delay your launch especially if you are passionate about your topic.  Every day that you delay your launch is a delay of success.  “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great!” Slow Your Roll Tip #5 - Checking Your Numbers - stop it! If you want to have a successful podcast you have to stop thinking about how many downloads you have - think about what really matters.  You are the voice behind the vision - you are the SME, you are building onto your brand, you are leaving a legacy! As a new podcaster you will grow and get better, but don't wait and allow others to determine your path - remember “you have to do you boo boo!” Email Blog Podcast Podcast
July 25, 2020
Podcast Premier - Lights Camera Action!
Podcast Premier - Lights - Camera - Action! Now that you are ready to launch your podcast, the description or trailer is very important, it's like the cover of a book. It’s what people read before listening to your show. A podcast description or trailer should cover these three topics: Explanation Statement: Tell your listeners what they can expect to hear on each of your episode so they can determine if it's worth the listening investment of time. Frequency / Where to Find It:  How often are your shows, weekly, bi-weekly or daily - let the listeners know so that they will invest in your show. CTA - Call to action:  Make sure to always tell your listeners what you want them to do after listening to your show, i.e. share, subscribe, listen for more, etc. For more podcasting pointers, subscribe to my blog, and on my YouTube Channel!  Send an email to to schedule your 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call or enroll in the 90-Minute Mini Coaching Session for $97
July 18, 2020
Why Repurposing Podcast Content is Important - Episode #218
Why Re-purposing Podcast Content Is Important! Even though more than 32% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month. Re-purposing podcast content in other social media channels is how you can tap into new audiences and introduce them to your brand.  While the most important benefit of re-purposing podcast content is to broaden your brand and expand your exposure online, re-purposing your podcast content into a blog post, YouTube video, social media post, newsletter and email provides great value including: SEO value: When you re-purpose your content into written material, you increase your SEO value.  Credibility as a SME: Re-purposing your podcast topic creates credibility and makes you an authority on the subject or the Subject Matter Expert (SME). Brand awareness: Consistently builds brand awareness, so that your listeners grow to trust you and new listeners will check out your show.  Listen to this entire episode to learn the 5 Ways in which to re-purpose or re-package your podcast content. If you are interested in a 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call, send an email to where you can also order your copy of Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners.  Don't forget to subscribe to my blog @
July 11, 2020
What is Your CTA? - Eps. #217
On today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I am asking the question, "What is Your CTA?" Do you have a CTA?  Do you know what a CTA is?  A CTA or Call to Action is when you ask or tell people to do something in particular. We have been asked to do something since birth so it should come naturally and not feel like an inconvenience to your listeners. You want to encourage your listeners to take a specific action that will help generate the kinds of podcast results you’re looking for so make sure to make it a good CTA. The three most effective styles of calls to action are “next step” CTAs, “mid-conversation” CTAs, and “Grassroots” CTAs.  Listen to learn more about how to give a CTA as well as ways to promote your podcast using your email signature/closing and bios. PromoRepublic Affiliate Code :: Blog :: Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast :: YouTube Channel :: email
July 4, 2020
How to Repurpose Other Content into a Podcast Episode Eps #216
There are many ways in which to re-purpose content from a podcast episode, however, have you thought about using other media content to re-purpose that into creating podcast episodes? There are several sources of media that you can use to accomplish this including: Blog Posts Books or Stories Church Sermons Live Presentations Webinars Social Media post Turning your podcast content into social media posts is vital, but you can do it visa versa as well.  This is yet another way to broaden your brand and expand your exposure online with a podcast.  Listen to today's podcast to how to turn other forms of content into podcast episodes. To schedule your 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call, send an email to and make sure to subscribe to my blog @ and turn into "Blog Your Way to a Business Profit" Podcast every Wednesday at 1 PM EST @
June 27, 2020
15 Guest Podcast Pointers Eps. #215
In this episode of Podcasting Your Purpose on the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I am sharing 15 Guest Pointers for when you are a guest on another podcast show or ones that you can share with your own podcast guests. 1. Prepare your message. 2. Use a good mic, if you can. 3. Use towels to dampen the sound. 4. Hydrate! 5. Use the bathroom before you start recording. 6. Remove the pets/kids/friends and/pr significant others while recording. 7. Turn off your phone. 8. Be on time. 9. Think of it as a coffee date, not an interview. 10. Be aware of, um, body sounds. 11. Take notes or doodle while you chat. 12. Use your host's name. 13. Try to avoid saying "um", "ahhh", and "you know". 14. Thank your host. 15. Promote the episode when it goes live. Send an email to to schedule your 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call or sign up for the 90-Minute Mini Coaching Session Subscribe to my blog and to my podcast "Blog Your Way to a Business Profit"
June 20, 2020
Places to Podcast : Sound of the Show Eps #214
Places to Podcast: Sound of Your Show - Episode #214 So you have decided to start a podcast and you got your gear, you have installed and configured your editing software, now comes the time to find the place to to record for a great sounding podcast. Where will you be sitting or standing - what room will you record in?  The Places to Podcast will determine the sound of the show.  Is the space a large room or a small cubicle? Do you have padded walls or are there lots of soft items in the room like a bed or couch, a bookshelf with books on it? Is the floor carpet or tile? All of these factors will affect the sound of your show. Listen to today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast for tips and ideas on softening the surfaces to capture the sound waves from your voice. Today's Show is sponsored by Summer J Artesian Pops Read more tips on my blog at and on my YouTube Channel  Send an email to to schedule a 30-Min Complimentary Discovery Call Order a copy of the "Podcasting Your Purpose" Workbook on Amazon 
June 13, 2020
Podcasting & Protesting #213
In today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I am discussing the need and urgency of uniting the voices of fellow podcasters and other content creators especially during this time of civil unrest, chaos, uncertainty, protests and police brutality. We need to join forces and voices to end the systemic racism in our world and spread messages of peace, hope, equality and action.  Join the "Podcasters for Justice Campaign" and record your PSA to get your audience involved. If you live in Middletown, Delaware make sure to join the peaceful protest and march on Sunday, 6/7/20 from 2 - 6 PM in the Middletown Square on Broad and Main Streets. There will be voter registration as well because our voices must be partnered with our vote in order to make a change. We serve many audiences, but we can speak with one voice.  One voice that does not mince words and demands justice - join us! For more information, please send an email to and subscribe to my blog to keep up with more of the Delaware Blogger #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #ICANTBREATHE #podcastersforjustice #WoCPodcasters #DelawareBlogger #DelawarePodcaster
June 6, 2020
Top 10 of the Weekend 5/29/2020 Answers to Podcast Questions Episode #212
Most podcasters including myself are members of various communities and groups on Facebook.  These groups are great for sharing information as well as learning new techniques and tech tips. It's interesting to read the comments especially those from new podcasters and because I like to help others I usually provide answers to their questions; so I decided that on Mondays I would read the top 10 questions of the weekend, anonymously of course and provide my answers to each. So let's begin: Do you have ideas for a solo Podcast? How many of you charge for Podcast interviews? How do you build a bigger audience? Where can I buy a Mic for  under $50? Does anyone use their phones to interview guests? How many use a podcast to build value or to build onto their business/brand? What tools do you use to create logos for your Podcast? How do you pick a podcast name? What would happen if I use 10 seconds of a  song in my podcast? Do you have a routine for promoting your podcasts? If you are interested in a 30-Minute Complimentary Call - send an email to info@ablakeenterprises Blog - Build Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast YouTube Channel Website Xiaokoa Condenser Mic Koss Headphones Blue Yeti Mic
May 30, 2020
Podcasts & Potholes #211
Podcasts & Potholes Does it feel like your podcast shows are never done the way you want them, a feeling like they’re always under construction? Think about this...aren’t there roads, highways, byways, bridges and freeways that are always under construction, every year there are new potholes to be filled, new repairs to be made - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! Well if they can’t get them right and states are spending millions of dollars on construction, what makes you think that your podcast is going to fare any better especially if you are not putting in much money at all? Sponsorships and monetizing are always front and center of every podcaster’s mind, so perfection is what we seek and that is when frustration can set in.  Last week I had an opportunity to speak with a group of podcasters who are in the Horticulture industry and podcasting promotion ideas was the main question they had and even though I was able to provide tips such as: Setting up a promotion schedule Using Social Media, blogs, websites and newsletter Joining Facebook Groups and Communities Re-purposing Content Going Live Collaborating with other podcasters Being consistent CTA We all felt a little frustrated by the fact that our Podcast is never really done...never completed...never perfect. But as I stated in a previous episode of Podcasting your Purpose, podcasting is not perfection you can purchase professional voice overs; you can have flashy intros with Headliners or Wavve; you can repurpose your content; be consistent; go live on YouTube or Facebook every day, collaborate with other podcasters. You can include a CTA at the end of each episode;  your podcast can be listed on Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and of course Anchor, but it seems like you're always under construction. Selling sponsorship or merchandise can be in the mix as well, but don’t beat  yourself up, we’ve all been there and some are still there, but we are all in this together don't beat yourself up just continue going forward, practice, practice, progress. Your podcast may never sound perfect but don’t give up because there is always going to be a pothole to fill. I offer a 30- minute Complimentary Discovery Call where we can talk about your podcast planning, because if you fail to plan you plan to fail. I also offer the 60-minute Mini Coaching Session for $77, and 90-minute coaching session for $97; my Workbook Podcasting Your Purpose is available on Amazon; Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners book can be ordered by heading over So remember potholes and podcasts go together because they're both always under construction! Blog Your Way to a Business Profit
May 23, 2020
Podcasting is Storytelling #210
Podcasting is Powerful - it's a way to share your story in a unique way. You may remember when you were a kid you probably loved listening to stories that your parents, grandparents or other caregivers would read.  However, if you think about it, it wasn’t the words themselves, it was how they were read or said.  In this Delaware Blogger Podcast episode I provide information on podcasting styles, interviewing guests, podcasting equipment as well as how Podcasting is Storytelling Audio Stories radio’s cousin very intimate 1 on 1 opt-in medium audio files become friends wide ranging content audio doesn't care about your age, race or religion listener’s Imagination provides details - person behind the voice Listeners are co-creators of your story “Keep your eyes open and your mic on” Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast - Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners - Podcasting Your Purpose Workbook on Amazon  Social Platforms: Delaware Blogger Blog
May 16, 2020
Podcasting - Just Do It! #209
Listen, if you are “off the plantation”; have been outsourced, laid off or are simply sick and tired of working a 9-5 and you know there is more for you, then this is the perfect time to start a Podcast.  If not for yourself, do it for your family, do it for your business, do it for your brand - just do it! I am not saying that by simply starting a podcast that you are going to become an overnight sensation with millions of listeners making  zillions of dollars, but you might be fulfilling a purpose - sharing your voice, your vision may be changing someone’s life - just do it! Yesterday I had an opportunity to sit down to share my journey into social media, blogging and podcasting after the age of 50 with the CEO and Founder of Speak and Get Paid, Shawna Johnson.  The invitation to present on “Drop the Mic Monday” to her Mastermind Group was fun and engaging and in addition to my normal talking points about why you should start a podcast I brought up events that occurred in 1992, which is what I call my year of being in HELL and cursing God - but you will need to head over to my blog - to listen to the entire interview. Anywho, sharing that story wasn’t just cathartic for me, I was hoping that it would touch someone else who may be going through something similar and feels depressed and perhaps how sharing your story or your gift from God can not only be healing but a life saver.  That is just one of the reasons why I am here every day on YouTube dropping some podcasting pointers and will continue to do so for some time to come, so if you listened to yesterday’s video about leaving a legacy and missing my grandmother on Mother's Day I hope you realize that if not now...when and to just do it … for your family and your friends! Listen to my other podcast, "Blog Your Way to a Business Profit" at
May 12, 2020
Podfad - The 7 Episode Itch #208
So don't be a podfad, and don't get caught up in that 7 episode itch. Don't be a Podfad after 7 episodes because you are not getting the number of listeners that you want.  On this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I am giving you 7 reasons why you shouldn't give up on podcasting after 7 episodes! Remember there are things that you're gonna want to do that no one else is gonna wanna do, but if you want to you can do a powerful Podcast and a powerful podcast allows you to speak your Passion share your vision market and create membership sites repurchase content from your blog and your vlog builds trust your bonding is making you likable you are becoming the subject matter expert and you can literally change someone's life Send an email to if you are interested in my Mini Coaching Session which is 60-minutes of heads down planning for $77, I can get you started or if you'd like to purchase your copy of my Podcasting Your Purpose Workbook head over to Amazon and if you're interested in the Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners book that's available for $9.99 online, but together the Book Bundle which I will mail out to you for it only $26. Subscribe to blog
May 9, 2020
Build a Blog For Your Podcast #207
This Weekend Round Up gives you reasons why you want to build a blog or website for your podcast to increase your visibly and SEO as well as the week's episodes on YouTube Spotify is blowing up beating out Apple iTunes when it comes to creating new podcasts so you need to start one today to get in on the explosion and ride this wave! Head over to my blog, to read the posts from the week which includes my Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast and a feature on the Classy Gent Chronicles Blog. To order a copy of "Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners" and Podcasting Your Purpose Workbook Send email to to sign up for the 90-Minite Mini Coaching Session which will include the Podcasting Your Purpose Workbook FREE!
May 2, 2020
Pointers for Starting a Podcast #206
Podcasting is reaching new levels, with Apple reporting they now have over 1 Million Podcasts!  So if you are ready to start your own podcast, to share your voice and your vision, there are a few steps that you need to take before launching: o Choose Your Topic o Choose Your Audience o Select Your Format o Choose your equipment o Design Your Artwork o Schedule your shows and guests o Promote Your Show o Post on social media or on your website and blog To hear and see more podcasting pointers head over to my YouTube Channel or to my blog Elite Conversations Podcast Hosting Info @   Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast Send email to for printables or sign up for 60-Minute Mini Coaching Session Xiaokoa Condenser Mic (Amazon Affiliate Link) #DelawareBlogger #podcasting #anchorpodcast #podcaster
April 24, 2020
Delaware Blogger Weekend Wrap Up April 18, 2020 #205
Wrap up of last week's blog posts on DelBlogger included: * Free Fotos - sites to get great pics for your website and blog * Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast - ABC's of Blogging * Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb Recipe Order you copy of "Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners" Book "Out & About with Antionette" Podcast Directory Email  Website YouTube Channel
April 18, 2020
Introduction to the Delaware Blogger on Anchor FM in 2017 Episode #1
Welcome to my 1st podcast on Anchor FM in 2017
April 15, 2020
Podcasting Your Products #204
Today's Podcasting Your Purpose Episode Podcasting Your Products is being sponsored by SS Johnson Photography. Podcasting is a great way to share your content, broaden and expand your brand online.  However, when promoting your products or services online remember "don't sell - educate" - people do not go to social media to be "sold to" - they go to "socialize." Tips on Podcasting Your Products: Make sure to make a podcast about a product that you are passionate about; Always provide valuable information to your listeners Promote Don't Sell Consistency is Key If you are interested in the 60-Minute Coaching Session or a to purchase a copy of "Podcasting Your Purpose" Workbook ($15.99), send an email to - Elite Conversations Hosting Plans >  Subscribe to DelBlogger 
April 14, 2020
Podcasting Pointers for Parents & Kids #203
Podcasting Pointers for Families : Parents and Kids If you have decided to let your kids/students start a podcast, one of the great topics should include interviewing family members because this will provide them with an opportunity to not only learn more about their family but it will also leave a lasting legacy for those who are interviewed. Contact your family member - sign up and send Zoom link that they can access via their computer or phone - the computer is better because each can see one another and make it more enjoyable for the family. Remember to click RECORD to start the interview, pause to break up the interview, stop to end the interview - once the meeting is ended the recording will be downloaded onto your computer in a MP4 format which can be converted to MP3 to be uploaded to your host. If you are ready to start a family podcast and need some one on one coaching before you begin, send an email to to schedule a 60-Minute Mini Coaching Session for $77. Head over to my blog to keep up with the Delaware Blogger
April 5, 2020
Podcasting During a Pandemic #202
Today's podcast episodes gives you several reasons why you should start a Podcast especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. A podcast broadens your brand and expands your exposure. It can be a great family bonding activity while the kids are home from school. Learn more about the Delaware Blogger at
March 17, 2020
Podcasting for Bloggers. Authors and Content #200 Creators
Podcasting is powerful marketing and branding tool and big names such as Oprah Winfrey is starting a podcast today, so if you are a blogger, author or content creator you need to start a podcast too!  Today's podcast gives you 6 types of content to use when starting your podcasting journey. Podcasting Your Purpose Workshop is coming to Smyrna on Tuesday, March 10th and you need to register today to get in for this jam packed event to get started podcasting. Register today at Follow me on my other podcast, "Out & About with Antionette" on Blog Talk Radio and don't forget to purchase my book, "Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners"
March 3, 2020
Podcasting Your Purpose Workshop in Smyrna #199
Podcasting is one of the best ways in which to build your brand and expand your audience.  If you have a vision, you have a voice so share it with the world as it can literally change someone's life.   Podcasting your Purpose Workshop coming to Smyrna on March 10th, will be jam packed with information and hands-on creation of a podcast with just your smartphone and the Anchor FM app.  You will receive a 48-page workbook, and an appointment for a 30-minute coaching session with me to set in motion to launch your podcast. Head over to Eventbrite to purchase your ticket today and get ready to podcast your purpose this spring!
February 25, 2020
Barnes and Noble Book Signing #198
Promotion of Barnes & Noble Book Signing featuring Black Women, Words and Wisdom on Sunday, February 23, 2020 between 1 and 4:00 p.m. in North Wilmington Delaware. Featuring my book "Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners"
February 19, 2020
Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners Book at Barnes and Noble #197
Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners is now published and I will be part of a book signing at Barnes and Noble on 2/23/20.  Come out for a Meet and Greet with 9 other African American Authors for the Local Author Showcase - Black Women, Words and Wisdom celebrating Black History Month in Delaware. Head over to my blog, to read more and to purchase a copy of Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners
February 11, 2020
Getting an ROI from your Published Blog Posts Episode #196
Blogging tips to getting a return on your investment - ROI for your published blog posts; including re purposing old content and sending out monthly newsletters. #roi #bloggingtips #bloggingbasics #delawareblogger Read more tips in my book, "Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners" Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners is a blueprint to not only help you get started with creating a new blog it also provides useful tips to grow an existing blog. The Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners book was written after many years of classroom instruction at various Public Libraries around the state of Delaware as well as being an Adjunct Instructor at Delaware Technical Community College and I am sharing what I have found to be most helpful. Blogging is a wonderful way in which to not only leave your legacy but to also connect with other like-minded people. Blogging can be rewarding and exciting, however, it takes a lot of work and dedication in order to be successful.
February 4, 2020
Blogger's Brain Block Tips #195
So you have been blogging for awhile and your content calendar used to be filled with lots of creative ideas but you have since been with a "Blogger's Brain Block!" Never fear the Delaware Blogger is here with a few ideas to get your brain drained and flowing again: Review a book, movie or film Run a contest or giveaway Share outdoor pictures Interviews Share Recipes Review Restaurants Write inspirational or motivational posts Share travel tips Product Review Trending Topics or Latest Gossip Subscribe to my blog and continue to check out the weekly Tech Talk Tuesday Podcasts on AnchorFM
January 28, 2020
Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners #194
Driving Traffic to Your Blog with Giveaways and Product Reviews on Amazon In this episode of Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners I talk about how using giveaways, contests and product reviews on Amazon can help drive more traffic to your blog. If you received gifts for the holidays and love the recipient too much to tell him or her that you hate the item, don't re-gift it, GIVE IT AWAY in a blog contest.  Make sure to stipulate that the contest is open to USA Residents only, otherwise, depending on the gift, you may be spending more money in shipping then in the price of the product.  Gift Cards purchased from stores or Amazon are great for monthly or quarterly contests.   Sign up for a free account with Rafflecopter so that you can gather email addresses to build your lists for newsletters. Always review items that you have ordered from Amazon and include a link to your blog and if you can, write a blog post review for more exposure.
January 21, 2020
Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners #193
More tips to help you drive traffic to your blog including knowing your stats; joining an online forum group; using Pinterest and Twitter; signing up for Google Alerts and posting about local events that you have attended from the DeDivah -aka- The Delaware Blogger.
January 14, 2020
Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners #192
Are you looking for ways to increase readership and build a bigger audience for your blog?  Check out these basic blogging tips that may help which includes eye catching graphics or banners; guest posting; content creation and simply replying to comments. Stay tuned for my Basic Blogging Tips Book coming out in February to learn more ways in which to build and monetize your blog.  Make sure to subscribe to to keep up with the De Divah -aka- The Delaware Blogger For more information, send an email to
January 7, 2020
Monetization Tips for Your Blog #191
Providing tips for ways in which to monetize and earn money with your blog from and from my own experience as a blogger on Affiliate links and repurposing your content is a great way in which to monetize your blog and keep you tops of mind with your readers. Happy New Year from the Delaware Blogger
December 31, 2019
Driving Traffic to Your Blog Tips #190
If you are a new Blogger or even an experienced Blogger, one of the most frustrating things is driving traffic to your blog. On this episode of Tec Talk Tuesday I provide just a few tips to help you drive more traffic to your blog. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog @
December 24, 2019
3 Tips to Stay Positive During the Holiday Stress #189
3 Tips to help you stay positive during the stressful holiday season. A Blog Post written for by Antoinette Capri of Capri Communications.
December 18, 2019
Working with Bloggers #188
Just a few tips for business owners who are looking to work with bloggers.  Tip #1 make sure to read their blog so that you know if your product or service would fit their niche.  Tip #2 - address them by their name! Listen to learn more about working with bloggers to promote your products and services and head over to subscribe to my blog
December 10, 2019
Naming Your Podcast #187
Not sure what to name your podcast?  Try titles that are catchy and easy to remember.  You can also incorporate your name into the title, but whatever you choose, try to make it memorable for you and your topics so that when people search it will show up in their feeds. Find and follow me, the DEDivah aka The Delaware Blogger on all my social platforms and tune in every Tuesday at 2 PM for another episode of TecTalk Tuesday.
December 3, 2019
How Long Should a Podcast Be? #186
How long is too long for a Podcast episode? Should you break up a long episode? When does my listeners Zone out? Check out today's TecTalk Tuesday for my opinion, then leave a message so I can add it to this episode, there's plenty of time!
November 26, 2019
Why Start a Podcast on Anchor FM? #185
More than 70 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly, why not make one of them yours? It doesn't take expensive equipment or techie knowledge to begin, just time and a topic. Learn more by listening to today's episode #5 of TecTalk Tuesday with the DeDivah -aka- The Delaware Blogger at #podcast #podcasting #podcasthost #delawareblogger #delawarepodcaster
November 19, 2019
Podcasting Interview Style #184
What are some of the Pros and Cons of interviewing guests on your podcast.
November 12, 2019
Consistency in Promoting Your Podcasts #183
Tips on being consistent when promoting your Podcasts including running a contest or giveaway to collect email addresses. Write out your show notes to share on your blog Create a contest or giveaway Post highlights on your social media platforms Add images, memes or gifs to promote your podcast Promote Podcast art work on social media platforms
November 5, 2019
Power of Podcasting Part 1 - #182
Power of Podcasting - Part 1 Smart money is moving towards podcasting  AI & WiFi technology makes it easier Normalized and mainstream Not a fad nor the future Demographics has changed More big brands, like Bank of America are using podcasts to get their message directly to customers It's not too late to start a podcast Push -vs- Pull Marketing Intimate and involved Record anywhere on a large, free stage Listen anywhere - complete control 100% open rate -vs- email/newsletters Connect with clients on their commute or cleaning multitask and binge consume Revenue expected to increase to $1B by 2021 Listen to learn more about the power of podcasting as presented at BloggerWeek in Washington, DC on the blog at
October 29, 2019
Why You Should Live Stream Your Podcast #181
I recently read an article entitled "Why Every Podcaster Should Consider Live Shows" and I have to agree!  Here is what the author, Robin Kinnie had to say: Live Shows are a great way to connect with your audience. In the age of social media, we are able to connect with anyone worldwide. However, there’s nothing like meeting face-to-face. This gives loyal listeners the opportunity to meet you and gives you the opportunity to learn more about your listeners. Live shows can help monetize your podcast. Besides being able to meet your audience in person, live shows can generate money to support the production of your podcast. You can charge a nominal fee to cover overhead like event space. Ideally, remaining funds can go towards items such as equipment upgrades and monthly RSS feed fees. Live shows can promote shopping local. Events such as Small Business Saturday (presented by American Express) and the resurgence of entrepreneurship have made it cool to support small businesses in our communities. This is ideal for podcasters looking for a space to host a live event. That coffee shop that you frequent may be the perfect location to host your event. More importantly, the coffee shop owner will probably welcome the traffic and publicity. You can take it one step further by offering a small discount to your listeners (with permission from the owner, of course). It’s a win-win for you and the small business. Opportunity to share podcast on YouTube Since traditional podcasts are audio-based, live shows can be recorded and shared as “special edition” videos for YouTube. By recording the live show, you extend the shelf life of the event. You can also use the recording as a tool for prospective advertisers and sponsors. Bonus: edit the video into short clips and use on social media for promo. What do you think, would you promote your podcast via live video?  Please send an email to
October 22, 2019
Interview with Brandi Johnson, Author, P.O.W.E.R That Sets Burn Victims Free #180
Brandi Johnson, a newly published author, The P.O.W.E.R That Sets Burn Victims Free is a burn survivor, infant mortality expert, motivational speaker and President of Bea'u Culture. At 18 months old, Johnson suffered third degree burns after a hot water accident inside her Pittsburgh home. She barely survived. The traumatic incident led to years of depression, sleeping disorders, anxiety and PTSD. As a young woman, Johnson began a self-awareness journey which led to a path of empowerment and confidence. Today, she uses her voice as well as Bea'u Culture to inspire other burn survivors to rise up through the healing process. Her Pittsburgh-based company offers inspirational t-shirts that represent, "being who you are is your first culture." As an infant mortality expert with Healthy Start, Inc., Johnson also offers this encouragement and support to new mothers who face mental health challenges. Her mission is to help reduce the rising infant mortality rate by providing women with safety education and mental health assessments during the pregnancy process. Visit Brandi at her website and Facebook at
October 16, 2019
Interview with Andre’ Boggerty, Author, The Danger of the Safe Place #179
Andre’ Boggerty, author of The Danger of the Safe Place is also a Detroit, Michigan native, who served in the United States Air Force at Dover AFB from 1991-1998. A graduate of Wilmington University, receiving both his Bachelor and Master’s degrees, Andre uses his education and experience to reach people from various walks of life.  Andre’ is known for his humor and easy to get along with personality, it is evident that God has called Andre' to serve.  He leads in so many different areas: businesses, the faith community, entrepreneurial endeavors, and in the fraternal community. He aspires to teach faith to those who never had it, and to restore faith of those who have lost it, ultimately accomplishing things that God has called them to do.  Andre' continues to glean from his father in the faith, Pastor Anthony Wallace, learning one of his most valuable lessons: "You just have to have faith to start". Andre’s “Books You Can Finish” series is aimed for busy individuals who love to read but find themselves too busy and also individuals who would like to start their reading journey and not feel overwhelmed.  The first book in the series is entitled, Danger of the Safe Place Find and follow Andre on his Facebook page  Email - amboggerty
October 9, 2019
5 Podcasting Pointers #178
Are you starting a new podcast or are a seasoned pro - if so, check out these 5 Podcasting Pointers to promote your podcast, then leave a few of your own: Find and Follow Your Audience - find your audience and then promote your podcast on the platform in which they hang out.  Younger audience are commonly found on Instagram and Snapchat, Boomers and Beyond are on LinkedIn and Facebook Use Hashtags - yes, even on Facebook.  Hashtags help in organic searches and helps other find podcasts and podcast topics.  Use hashtags such as #podcast #podcasthost #podcastguest and of course, #podcastlife Use images - humans have the attention span less than that of a goldfish - approximately 7 seconds so make sure you have pretty pictures or images to stop people from strolling Turn audio into video - convert your audio into a video using animation apps.  Tools such as AudioGram will transform audio into video with images. Promote Old Episodes - Create a schedule to promote your podcasts and be consistent - never just one and done.  Use Buffer, Hootsuite, PromoRepublic to repurpose old episodes especially if the topic is evergreen. Find and follow my podcast, "Out and About with Antionette on the Delaware Blogger Podcast" and subscribe to my blog AudioGram -
October 8, 2019
Interview with Joetta Clark Diggs, a 4x Olympian, Business Woman and Motivational Speaker #177
Joetta Clark Diggs, is an Olympic athlete who has made an indelible impact in sports and business. In her legendary 24-year elite career as a half-mile runner, she represented the United States of America at the 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games. The USA Track & Field Hall of Fame inductee also is an inspiring motivational speaker, respected businesswoman, critically acclaimed author, noted television /radio personality and an advocate for health and fitness.lowing up!  The New Jersey native is the founder of the Joetta Clark Diggs Sports Foundation which promotes physical activities for children in grades K-12 and has engaged over 70,000 children since 2002. Joetta is also the President of Joetta Sports & Beyond, LLC where she delivers messages of health, fitness and empowerment to corporations, colleges, medical programs and civic organizations. In 2009, she authored her first book Joetta’s “P” Principles for Success: Life Lessons Learned from Track & Field. listen to the podcast interview and to learn more about how this "Jersey girl" encouraged by her father to run track in school is now running the Phenomenal Fit & Focused 2019 Women's Empowerment Summit coming to New Brunswick on November 15th.  To learn more about Joetta, head over to her website or visit her Facebook Page
October 2, 2019
Podcasting in the Classroom #176
If you're considering whether or not you want to use podcasts in the classroom consider these benefits for students. Reading along with a podcast builds confidence and literacy Word recognition and decoding is the most crucial skill for very young students and reading podcast transcripts can assist Podcasts allow students to practice their listening comprehension skills In addition, students learning English as a second language report that they like how they can read the words and promptly "hear how they're supposed to sound." Pronunciation and prosody -- the patterns of stress and intonation used when people are speaking -- aid in understanding, especially for English-language learners. Podcasts present a broad array of narrative types and subject matter. With podcasts, you can choose the content and form that fits your particular lesson, and the possibilities are endless: fictional stories, educational and inspirational TED talks, current events/world news, history, sports, pop culture/entertainment, and investigative journalism. Using an array of forms keeps your class fresh and engaging, and podcasts expose students to a wide variety of methods of communication, including narration, casual dialogue, scripted dialogue, and interviews. Podcasts are FREE, accessible, and always contemporary.
September 28, 2019
Interview with Nyemade Boiwu, Host, Community Conversations #175
Nyemade Boiwu  - aka- That African Butterfly is an award-winning speaker, writer and digital content strategist. As a plus-size, female, African immigrant who grew up in conservative upstate New York she’s passionate about using her voice to help bridge the gap between various groups of people. Nyemade has a YouTube channel where she provides recaps about community events and also vlogs about her weight loss journey. She’s been published in the Delaware News Journal. She's the host of "Let's Talk Live" - a weekly live series on her Instagram channel where she interviewed various people about topics that will help others live their best life.  She's also the host of the new monthly "Community Conversations" events. She's the other half of the "Alter Egos Podcast" that will be coming out soon. Her personal blog, "My Two Cents", will be launching soon as well.  Follow Nyemade on Instagram at That African Butterfly 
September 25, 2019
Interview with Authoress Rashad #174
Authoress Rashad is a best selling author, editor and publisher.  Her first novel, "My First Loves" is currently blowing up on the charts and she recently published "What We Gon Do?"  a follow up.  This author from Delaware has always loved to read and write and learned a lot from her grandmother, who recently passed at the age of 92.   Listen in to the interview with Authoress Rashad and for the tips on getting started as an author. Facebook @RashadParker  and Authoress Rashad @Instagram  Listen and share with your circle of family, friends and followers.
September 18, 2019
Interview with Stacey Johnson, owner of SS Johnson Photography #173
 Stacey Johnson is a mother of two, an educator, a photographer, and the owner of SS Johnson Photography. A native Delawarean, Ms. Johnson received an AFA from Delaware College of Art and Design, a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and an MFA from the University of Delaware. She currently works as an art teacher for Gateway Lab Charter School and is active in local, community groups such as the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League Fellows Program and the local non-profit, Action For Delaware’s Children.  Website:  Blog:  FB: @ssjohnsonphotography2017 IG: @ssjohnsonphotography TW: @ssjohnson_photo Pinterest: @ssjohnsonphotography
September 11, 2019
Interview with Deborah Olatunji, author, Unleashing Your Innovative Genius #172
Deborah Olatunji is an accomplished writer, poet, activist, friend, and high school student. As the Founder and president of her own social venture, the Student Leadership Initiative Program, she and her peers help students in her school to navigate their interests and passions through a mentorship-fueled organization. Based in Delaware, SLIP has other branches in the state and the continental United States such as Georgia and more to come. She is intensely passionate about being a disrupter and catalytic force in the education system. Deborah is also one of nine board members nationwide for a youth-driven, New York-based non-profit organization called GripTape.  Their mission is to give youth decision-making control over what and how they learn with small grants to pursue a topic they’re passionate about and a Champion to encourage them along the way. She has been serving since June 2018. Deborah wrote this book because of her strong desire for students to realize and actualize their power. By power, she is referring to the beauty of autonomy and accessibility of resources to propel students’ futures forward *faster*. Her interest in reforming education kicked off in the spring of 2018 when she noticed that many of her classmates, herself included, had a misleading view of what it meant to genuinely enjoy learning and personally invest in our futures. While her goal to form activist groups to protest the current state of education in America has been shelved for the time being, Deborah felt it extremely necessary to write a book that spoke directly to high school students because the makers of the school laws rarely reach out and consider their input. Learn more:;;;;; 
September 4, 2019
Interview with Nicolle Surratte, Founder of KALEIDOSCOPE Survivor's Ball
Nicolle D. Surratte, the Chief Inspiration Officer of NspireD, is an inspirational speaker, breast cancer thriver and health advocate with a holistic approach to health and well-being. She helps women navigate their wellness journey and reduce their risk of breast cancer and other chronic health conditions through stress management and lifestyle changes. A diagnosis should not be the wake up call that forces women to pay more attention to their health practices.   She created and hosts two annual events in Delaware - The Cocktails & Comedy Cancer Fundraiser and the KALEIDOSCOPE Survivors Ball: Celebrating the Beauty of Broken Pieces. Nicolle recently released her memoir - The Voice of Victory in the Valley: Diary of a Breast Cancer Thriver.  Listen and share with your circle of family, friends and followers and make sure to subscribe to my blog.
August 28, 2019
Social Media and the Power of Influencer Marketing and Blogging - 10/30/16 #170
Social Media and the Power of Influencer Marketing and Blogging Bloggers, vloggers, Instagram Stars and Twitter personalities are great at creating a buzz around your brand and getting thousands of eyes on your product or service.  But do you know exactly how brands can benefit from Influencer Marketing or Blogging? Listen in as I chat with my special guest La'Shonda Woodard, blogger extraordinaire of as we discuss the benefits of influencer marketing for small businesses.
August 27, 2019
Interview with Denise Wortham, Founder of The Pursuit of Happiness Singles Summit #169
Denise Wortham,  is a beauty consultant and founder of DMarie Beauty Essentials. After re entering the single world after 15 years Denise notice how much the dating world has changed and notice there was a disconnect between men and women and expressing what they want and need.   Our House Culture Center has partnered with Denise to host the Pursuit of Happiness Singles Summit on August 16, 2019  Our House Culture Center is located at 6380 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  19144 Tickets are available on Eventbrite - The Pursuit of Happiness Singles Summit - $15.00
August 26, 2019
Social Media and Small Business Podcast 2016 #168
Okay, so now you have your small business up and running but you you haven’t set up any social media are still waiting quietly on the sidelines...Guess what ladies and gents?  Silence is no longer an option. People are online talking about your company your product or your service and whether you like or not, if you don’t join in and engage in the conversation, you risk losing those customers. Listen and learn how to use social media to promote your small business.
August 26, 2019
Interview with Travis Rothstein, owner of ConnecTheDocs Branding a New Business #167
Do you know how to brand your business  On this Podcast I interviewed Travis Rothstein, owner of ConnecTheDots, a marketing agency in Middletown, Delaware for tips on branding a new business. Pre-recorded and uploaded Podcast from 2017 on Blog Talk Radio as a host for AAU Global Productions Media Group
August 23, 2019
Interview with Le'Verne Cecere, President, Black Gold Business Club DE #166
Le'Verne Cecere is the President of the Black Gold Business Club Delaware.    The mission of the Black Gold Business Club is to serve as a forum to promote, support and increase the wealth potential of minority female owned businesses.  Our goal is to ultimately help members achieve their professional objectives by providing access to business networks, resources and tools. BGBC will patronize a member’s business on a select month in a show of support. BGBC will take measures to help increase member’s customer/client base and showcase businesses.
August 21, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips Episode #165
This episode are tips on ways to use Instagram to drive traffic to your blog. Post Daily Use Videos Put blog url in bio Upload images related to your blog niche Tell a story with your pictures Share and have fun Use relevant hashtags Find and follow other Instagrammers in the same nich
August 15, 2019
Interview with Joyce Dungee Proctor, CEO of Seminars #164
Out About with Antionette interview with Joyce Dungee Proctor, CEO of Seminars by Joyce and the promotion of A Captivating Career One Day Intensive and Power Networking Dinner Celebration on 8.23.19.   To purchase tickets or to learn more, send an email to, or visit the website
August 14, 2019
Interview with Dr. Aisha Lord Ryan, Mrs. Delaware America 2019 #163
Interview with Mrs. Delaware America 2019, Dr. Aisha Lord Ryan who is preparing to head to Las Vegas vying for the title of Mrs. America 2019.       Dr. Aisha Lord Ryan, MSPT, DPT, CMTPT is also the founder and owner of ALL Therapy. ALL Therapy is a physical therapy company with a practice in Middletown, DE, specializing in the care of dancers, athletes and general orthopedic populations. Learn more about Dr. Ryan and wish her well as she travels to Vegas in August.
August 9, 2019
Tech Talk Tuesday - Basic Blogging Tips - Using Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog #162
Listen to a few tips on ways to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog. @ Tweet or Retweet at least 5-10 articles or posts per day Tweet questions Follow at least 10 new people per day Tweet out your blog posts 2-3 times on published day Use appropriate hashtags Promote FREE items and Giveaways Include images, videos, gifs or memes Leave at least 20 character spaces free for comments and retweets
July 25, 2019
Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party #161
Drive traffic to your blog at this weekly Linky party! Sharing is Caring at
July 20, 2019
20 Keys to a Happy Life #160
20 KEYS TO A HAPPY LIFE Compliment 3 people every day Watch a sunrise Be the first to say, “hello” Live beneath your means Treat everyone as you want to be treated Never give up on anybody, miracles happen Forget the Joneses Pray not for things but for wisdom and courage Be tough-minded but tender hearted Remember someone’s name Be kinder than you have to be Don’t forget that a person’s greatest emotional need is to be appreciated Keep your promises Learn to show cheerfulness even when you don’t feel it Remember overnight success usually takes 15 years Leave everything better than you found it Remember that winners do what losers don’t want to do When you arrive at your job in the morning, let the first thing you say brighten someone’s day Don’t rain on other people’s parades Don’t waste an opportunity to tell someone that you love them
July 18, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips Driving Traffic To Your Blog with Facebook #159
Tips on how to use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog @
July 11, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips Why You Need a Podcast #158
Tips on why you need to start a Podcast even if you have a blog.
July 4, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog #157
Tips on how to drive traffic to your blog @
June 27, 2019
Social Media Saturday with Tanya Williamson #156
Networking with Tanya and the Black Gold Club
June 22, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips How To Grow Your Blog #155
Tips on how to grow your blog from the Delaware Blogger
June 20, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog #154
Tips on how to drive traffic to your blog from The Delaware Blogger at
June 13, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips on Promoting Your Blog #153
Tips on promoting your blog from the Delaware Blogger at
June 6, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips Capturing Attention and Keeping Readers on Your Blog Longer #152
Tips on how to capturing the attention and keeping readers on your blog longer!
May 22, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips Creating & Curating Content #151
Tips on brainstorming to create or curate content for blog posts from the Delaware Blogger Blogger
May 15, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips Creating a Content Calendar #150
Tips on creating & sharing content and more Basic Blogging Tips from The Delaware Blogger
May 8, 2019
Blogging Basics Tips Choosing a Domain Name #149
Tips on choosing a domain name when building a basic blog from The Delaware Blogger.
May 1, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips Keeping Your Content Organized #148
Tips on keeping your content organized from the Delaware Blogger.
April 24, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips The 3 C's of Blogging #147
Basic Blogging Tips Episode #3 from the Delaware Blogger - The 3-C's of building a blog - Content - Consistency - Community
April 17, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips The 3 P's of Blogging #146
Tips for building a basic blog - the 3 P's of Blogging : Passion, Purpose & Patience
April 10, 2019
Basic Blogging Tips Choosing a Topic #145
Basic Blogging Tips - Choosing a Topic https://,
April 4, 2019
📱Blogging & Social Media Sharing Tips 📱 #144
New on the Blog > Blogging & Social Sharing Tips @
March 28, 2019
🏃‍♀️ Small Things That Can Make a Big Difference😎 #143
The latest blog post on
March 21, 2019
📱5 Reasons to Start a Business Blog📲 #142
📲5 Reasons to start a business blog on📲
March 13, 2019
📲 Branding is More Than Just a Logo📲 #141
Branding is more than a logo the latest post on @
March 6, 2019
🛌 The Importance of Sleep for Diabetics 🛌 #140
New Blog Post on Delblogger on the importance of sleep for diabetics
February 28, 2019
😎 Shine Online with LinkedIn For Students 🏚 #139
Mid-Week Update Blog Posts at
February 20, 2019
What's Up Wednesday - Mid Week Check In from the Delaware Blogger #138
No sweet treats for me on Valentine's Day - Let them eat soup!
February 13, 2019
Blogger Tips for Working with Brands & Diabetes Diagnosis #137
Week in review at DelBlogger @
February 6, 2019
Insightful and Delightful interview on Emerge Magazine Podcast #136
Emerge Woman Magazine and Me Podcast Interview
January 24, 2019
Lolli & Pops Candy Store Tour & Sharing on Social #135
Listen to a recap of this week's post and subscribe to to stay in touch
January 24, 2019
🎙 Fat & Fitness : It's In Your DNA" Podcast and Blog Post #134
MidWeek Wednesday Recap from
January 16, 2019
🎙 Social Media Saturday & Snow ☃️ #133
Recap from blog and celebrating "Vision Board Day"
January 12, 2019
💕💕Greetings of Gratitude 💕💕 #132
How will you begin the new year?
December 28, 2018
🎄 Christmas Eve Blog Posts 🎁 #131
🎁 Today's blog posts is a 2fer - head over to read both at 🎁
December 24, 2018
🍭 Holiday Sweet Treats & Winter Solstice ❄ #130
🍭 Do you have a favorite holiday sweet treat that reminds you of the holidays?🍭 Head over to and leave a comment!
December 21, 2018
😎 Weekend in Review with the Delaware Blogger 😎 #129
Recap of what's happening on including products reviews, interviews and ways to relax during the hectic holidays
December 17, 2018
🏋️‍♂️Staying Fit & Having Fun with the Palm from Verizon Wireless📱#spon #128
Sponsored blog post of the Palm from Verizon Wireless
December 14, 2018
Alexa for Adults with Disabilities #127
♥️Head over to my blog to read how Alexa can assist adults with disabilities or are on the onset of dementia.♥️
December 12, 2018
🍔 McDonald's McDelivers via Uber Eats 🍟 #126
🍔 Today on the blog: Would you order fast food from Uber Eats? 🍟
December 7, 2018
Elite Conversations Business Conference #125
Read the recap of the Elite Conversations Business Conference on
December 4, 2018
Security Breach at Marriott - FREEZE YOUR CREDIT REPORTS TODAY! #124
Cybersecurity is no joke, freeze your credit at all 3 agencies today!
December 1, 2018
Thank You from Emerge Women's Magazine #123
Thank you message
December 1, 2018
December 1, 2018
Leaving a Legacy for Your Family #121
How will you leave your legacy for your family? Read more on my blog at https://delblogger
December 1, 2018
What Would You Tell Your Younger Self #120
If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?
December 1, 2018
Social Media Monday - Branding Tips for Business Owners #119
Tips on how to Build Your Brand on Social Media @
November 26, 2018
Thankful☆Thankful☆Thanksgiving #118
☆Thankful and Grateful for family, friends & followers of the Delaware Blogger☆
November 21, 2018
Interview with author, Omar Rashada #117
"From Years to Glory: The Stories of our Lives" - Interview with Omar Rashada
November 17, 2018
Social Media Monday - LinkedIn Profiles #116
☆☆☆ Take advantage of my "Holiday Hot Deal" for a LinkedIn Profile Audit for only $85 until 12.15.18☆☆☆
November 12, 2018
7 Steps to Social Engagement #115
Tips for new bloggers as well as those who have been blogging awhile from blog
November 3, 2018
Fri-Yay & Swag Bag Suggestions #114
Head over to the blog and leave me a suggestion on what you'd like to receive in a Swag Bag
October 19, 2018
Building Your Brand with a Blog #113
Week 1 of Building Your Brand with a Blog
October 17, 2018
Networking for Newbies #112
7 Tips for Networking for new business owners
October 11, 2018
Marlena's Mediterranean Deli Review #111
Birthday Dinner at Marlena's Mediterranean Deli on
September 21, 2018
Monday Before Labor Day #110
Do you have plans for Labor Day next Monday?
August 27, 2018
Monday Mimosas in Mexico #109
Monday morning from Mexico with the Delaware Blogger
August 13, 2018
FriYay Recap of the Week #108
Week with the Delaware Blogger
August 10, 2018
Beating Boomer Bias on Social Media #107
Social Media Education and Training Options for Boomers and Seniors @DelBlogger
July 24, 2018
Amazon Prime Day Purchases #106
Did you participate and make a purchase on Amazon Prime Day?
July 17, 2018
Social Media Strategies 4 Success #105
Social Media Strategies for Success
July 11, 2018
Thankful Thursday & Finances #104
I am thankful for my followers and finances, what are you thankful for?
July 5, 2018
Summer Songs #103
What are your 6 favorite summer songs @
June 20, 2018
Father's Day Wooden Watch Giveaway #102
HURRY and Enter for your chance to win Wooden Watch sponsored by Konifer and The Delaware Blogger
June 11, 2018
Build a Blog with ABlake #101
Are you ready to build a blog? Head over to @DelBlogger for the steps on how to begin building your own blog.
June 6, 2018
Smartphone Addiction of Tweens & Teens #100
tweens and teens addition to smartphones blog post
May 31, 2018
National Wine Day Kicks off Memorial Day Weekend #99
National Wine Day and Memorial Day Weekend
May 25, 2018
🤔 GDPR and Bloggers #98
🤔 What is GDPR & How it will affect bloggers.
May 22, 2018
Mother's Day Giveaway on the Blog #97
Enter for a chance to win a "Mother's Day Gift Card" Giveaway
May 8, 2018
🌮 Cinco de. Mayo Tacos 🌮 #96
check out the recipe on
May 4, 2018
😎 May Day Tuesday on the Blog😎 #95
DelBlogger Updates
May 1, 2018
♎ My son is my husband's bruh ♎ #94
My son pledged Omega Psi Phi Fraternity at Bowie State University and is now his father's bruh!
April 20, 2018
🌞 Fabulous Fri-Yay 🌞 #93
Don't let the date on the calendar scare you!
April 13, 2018
Thankful Thursday Thanks #92
Give thanks and call, text or simply tell someone thank you today! #DelawareBlogger
April 12, 2018
Thankful Thursday Thoughts #91
What are you thankful for today and everyday? I am thankful for coffee, my home office and waking up each and everyday!
April 5, 2018
Good Friday Good Friends #90
Introductions and Paying It Forward with Donna May☀️
March 31, 2018
Delete those Facebook apps! #89
Have you checked your security and Facebook app permissions!
March 27, 2018
🎤Speaking & Slow Cooking🔪 #88
🎤 Speaking Engagements by the Delaware Blogger 🎤
March 16, 2018
☃️Snow Day Vision☃️ #87
☃️Bored in the snow? Create a Vision Board☃️
March 7, 2018
💻 Basic Blog Designs 💻 #86
💻 Elements to a basic blog design 💻
March 5, 2018
😎Your Brand is Your Bond😎 #85
Your Social Media Brand is Your Bond - Take it Personally @
March 1, 2018
🐶 Happy Chinese New Year 🐶 #84
Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the 🐶 Read more on my blog @
February 16, 2018
♥️Valentine's Day Love Songs♥️ #83
"Moody's Mood For Love" is my favorite love song, what is yours?
February 14, 2018
🕋 Build A Better Business 🕋 #82
🕋 Tips on how a blog will help your business & brand from the #DelawareBlogger 🕋
February 12, 2018
Family Fun in the Laundry Room #81
🦅 Flying High Like An Eagle & Family Fun in the Laundry Room🤣
February 9, 2018
✔ Tips 4 Facebook Biz Page ✔ #80
Tips for creating a Facebook Page for a Business Blog @
February 7, 2018
🅰️🅱️C's of Blogging #79
🅰️🅱️C's of Blogging - Always Be Creating and other blogging tips from the Delaware Blogger
January 26, 2018
3 🅿️🅿️🅿️s of Blogging! #78
3 🅿️🅿️🅿️s of Blogging and other Blogging tips. Passion, Purpose, Patience
January 22, 2018
📲 AI & IoT Technology ☎️ #77
📲 How AI and IoT has changed as we age on the blog www.DelBlogger ☎️
January 17, 2018
✏ Learn the 3 C's of Blogging✏ #76
✏Learn the 3 C's of Blogging and how to successfully promote a blog @✏
January 15, 2018
📕What is a Blog?📒 #75
Have you ever asked, "what is a blog?"
January 11, 2018
🖊Blogging Tips Monday 🖊 #74
📲Blogger Tips for Working with Brands📲
January 8, 2018
📱Shopping Online:Good & Bad📱#73
Shopping online via @Geekapp & - The Good The Bad and The UGLY!
January 5, 2018
☁️ Leave Your Legacy in the ☁ #72
How will your family remember you? Leave your legacy with a blog.
January 3, 2018
What R Your 5 Goals For 2018? #71
What are your 5 Goals NOT Resolutions for the new year?
January 1, 2018
🍤Traditional Foods & Drinks🍾 #70
🍾What are your traditional foods & drinks served on New Year's Eve and Morning?🍗
December 30, 2017
🥃 Brown Liquor Music 🥃 #69
🥃 Do you remember your parent's and grandparent's holiday parties with "Brown Liquor Music?"🥃
December 29, 2017
🎄 Merry Christmas 2017 🎄 #68
🎄 Merry Christmas Monday 🎄
December 25, 2017
Set Goals Not Resolutions in 2018 #67
Set Goals, Not Resolutions in 2018
December 19, 2017
🎁 Give the Gift of Love ♥️ #66
♥️♥️ Give The Gift of Love to your Family & Friends ♥️♥️
December 14, 2017
Slow Down & Say THANK U! #65
Live each day as it were your last, as it just might be!
December 6, 2017
Walking into Wealth Now! #64
Don't wait until December 31st to make a resolution, Walk in it Now!
December 1, 2017
🤹‍♀️Childhood Games 🤹‍♀️ #63
⛹️‍♀️Head over to to share your favorite childhood games🤾‍♂️
November 29, 2017
😁 #GivingTuesday Challenge 😁 #62
Give a 😁 today to celebrate #GivingTuesday
November 28, 2017
🥑Foods U Hated As A Kid 🥕 #61
Head over to to name the food you hated as a kid but can't get enough of today!
November 22, 2017
🖐5 Things You Are Thankful 4 #60
List 5 Things You Are Thankful this Thanksgiving 🤗 at
November 20, 2017
📼 VCRs and VHS Tapes📼 #59
Are you one of the 17% of Americans who still use a VCR? Head over to the blog to leave a comment
November 16, 2017
Menopause & Weight Gain #58
🥚Day 1 on @Isogenix Program to shed few lbs 🥚
November 13, 2017
RIP #HeavyD - 6 years gone #57
Rest in Heaven #HeavyD gone 2 soon 6 years!🎵
November 8, 2017
📣 Shout Out Sunday 📣 #56
📣 Shout out Sunday Food & Clothing Drives in Your State Podcast 516-453-9957📣
November 8, 2017
Millennials & Money Podcast #55
💲 Millennials & Money 💲Breaking the Cycle of Debt 💲on www.Delblogger. com
November 6, 2017
Thanksgiving Dinner Disasters #54
🍗 Share a Turkey Recipe on my blog at 🍗
November 3, 2017
Praying for a Break Through #53
📖 Prayer Requests & Bible Disposals on the Blog
October 31, 2017
Amazon:The new latch key kid😎 #52
😎Amazon Key Allows A Stranger to Enter Your Home!😎
October 26, 2017
Magic Music Nights #51
🎤Magic Music Nights with Marc Nelson Kicks Off 2night in Vegas 🎤
October 26, 2017
Wayback Wednesday Penny Candy #50
😐Do You Remember When A Dime Bag Lasted All Week?🎃
October 25, 2017
📖 Disposal Of Old Bibles📖 #49
Do You have old Bibles that you need to discard?
October 22, 2017
Wayback Wed - Toys of the 60s #48
What was your favorite childhood you or game?
October 18, 2017
🌟Tell Me Tuesday QOTD🌟 #47
If you had unlimited funds, what would you spend it on?
October 17, 2017
Living in the Moment #46
Are you constantly waiting for next week's episode?
October 14, 2017
International Podcast Day #45
Woohoo Celebrating International Podcast Day ♥️
September 30, 2017
☕FREE Coffee Friday☕ #44
☕Sipping out of September with FREE Coffee Friday☕
September 29, 2017
Wayback Wednesday from the 60's #43
We were wild child's in the 60s!
September 27, 2017
HBCU Homecoming Happenings #42
HBCU Homecoming Happenings at Delaware State University
September 26, 2017
Cancer KaleidoscopeDE 2017 #41
2017 #KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference Thank You
September 23, 2017
☝️"Change 1 Word" #40
Change Your Life By Changing One Word!
September 22, 2017
😁 I Wanna Be A Kid Again 😁 #39
If you could be a kid again for 24 hrs what would you do? Who would you spend the day with and where would you go?
September 20, 2017
Empty Nest Syndrome Recap #38
Podcast for parents who are experiencing sadness and loss when their kids leave home
September 18, 2017
Friday Foodie Feature #37
Head over to my blog to see the recipe for this heart-healthy breakfast
September 15, 2017
Thursday Thoughts #36
😀Door to Door Bus Service and other Lazy Skills😀
September 14, 2017
Starting A Family Business #35
Celebrating my 1st year Podcast Anniversary with the Fox Family - Starting A Family Business
September 9, 2017
Share a Prayer Saturday! #34
Share a Prayer Using Social Media to bring forth positivity on Saturday and Everyday #DelawareBlogger
September 9, 2017
Stay Safe My Friends! #33
Hoping you are safe wherever you are. Look out for each other this weekend and always.
September 8, 2017
Branding Your Business H2H #32
Do your customers and clients like you? Building your brand using Social Media and being likeable
September 5, 2017
🌠 3rd Eye 🌠 #31
🌟Do you have the Power of the 3rd Eye Premonition?🌟
September 4, 2017
Cast a Vote for DelBlogger #30
Please cast a vote for "DelBlogger" as your favorite "Local Blogger" @
September 3, 2017
Small Business & Social Media #29
The importance of Social Media for Small Business
August 31, 2017
Movie Fears & Tears #28
What movie frightened you the most and what movie had you in tears?
August 30, 2017
Motivational Monday #27
Motivational Monday with the DE Divah aka The Delaware Blogger
August 28, 2017
I Lied! #26
😓 Sending a son off to college is emotional despite what I wrote on my blog yesterday at😓
August 26, 2017
Daycation Ideas #25
😁How are you spending your Daycation on the kids 1st day back to school? 🤗
August 25, 2017
Little Random Acts of Kindness #24
Do you perform random acts of kindness? On the blog
August 23, 2017
Side Hustlers, Are You One? #23
Side Hustles from the silly to the successful on the blog
August 23, 2017
Nope I didn't win $540 Million #22
Nope I didn't win and no one else did either! • 540 milli • Yes Yes ! • What would I do? • Thanks for the Fave Antoinette!! Stay Anchored My Friend @AnchorTalk • What would I do? • Cyberbullies in ...
August 22, 2017
Powerball Fantasies! #21
What would you do if you won the Powerball Jackpot?
August 22, 2017
Introduction to New Podcast Starting Sunday 8/20/17 #20
Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger New Podcast
August 21, 2017
Powerball - $540 MILLION #19
What would you do with $540 MILLION dollars? #Powerball
August 19, 2017
Coping w the College Dropoff #18
😥 Parents how are you dealing with the pain of sending your students to college? 😐
August 19, 2017
Meeting with Your Mentor #17
The importance of meeting with your mentor.
August 18, 2017
Is Blogging Good for the Brain #16
Blogging and Self Healing
August 14, 2017
How old were your kids when you first left them home alone?
August 12, 2017
Surviving without Social Media #14
Are you teaching your kids survival skills without Social Media?
August 9, 2017
Sara Speaks @ TEDxWilmington #13
Interview with Sara Jones - TEDx Talk Presenter in Wilmington, Delaware
August 7, 2017
Have you had "The Talk"? #12
Social Media and Sexual Assaults on Campus.
August 7, 2017
Shout Out Saturday! #11
Shout Out Saturday
August 5, 2017
#ThursdayThoughts - How Do You Stay Organized #10
Thursday Thought How Do You Stay Organized?
August 3, 2017
Wayback Wednesday's QOTD #9
What up Wednesday • I do dat • Wayback Wednesday QOTD
August 2, 2017
Tell it Tuesday! #8
Tell it Tuesday
August 1, 2017
Show support on Social Media #7
Do you show support on Social Media?
July 31, 2017
Saturday in Delaware #6
Saturday in the Delaware
July 29, 2017
Bye Bye July What Summer Activities Do You Still Have Left To Do?😎 #5
Question of the week; Do You Still Have Activities Left To Do this summer?😎
July 28, 2017
Would you microchip your kid? #4
Question of the week: Would You Microchip Your Kid?
July 26, 2017
Does Wearing Casual Clothing Increase or Decrease Productivity at work? #3
Social Media, Sex and Students Podcast with the Delaware Blogger Podcast • Mid-Day Question "Does Wearing Casual Clothing Increase or Decrease Productivity?"
July 24, 2017
Social Media, Sex and Students #2
Social Media, Sex and Students Podcast with the Delaware Blogger Podcast
July 24, 2017