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By Delaware Dan
Delaware Dan on various topics like rename the roads, recommendations, prayer, legal proceedings, and sponsered by Bayview Bunky's (C)
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DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 10 - Alise Morales, Sweet Baby Jesus
We go behind-the-scenes with Alise Morales, actress and writer featured in "tooning out the news", "the coop" by al goore, and host of the all comedy podcast "the roast of your teenage self" and more recently the upcoming "marvelous mrs. maisel". Then we go one-on-one with SBJ aka Sweet Baby Jesus in a nitty-gritty sacrum-clenching interview about their recent allegations of being "blatantly sexual" and how that relates to new marketing strategies today.
April 12, 2022
DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 09
We talk tea leaves and marketing with Dave Heumann (Arbouretum, the Sea Caucus).  We also catch up with Frank Hurricane from the road in a new segment "Gettin' Road Dome: Thunder Dome Edition"!!! No Problem!!! 
March 19, 2022
DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 08
we finally get nels bumra himself on the phone, we speak to delaware resident katie dill about christmas on the holidays in delaware, and delaware dan introduces a new introspective meditation unleashed onto the world this holidays' seasons.
December 10, 2021
Delaware Dan "No Problem" CHRISTMAS / HOLIDAY SPECIAL Bonus Episode
You'll tide (and yr family!) as the The Immortal Delaware Dan X-Mass Chrismas Special!!! Featured material debuted at the Stevenson MD Ranch in Holoday Season 2019!!! Now Available on home audio cassette !!!
December 05, 2021
DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 07
This weeks' episode features a phone call with the former cassette gods blogspot, report on sports: pickleball edition, books on audio: "delaware dan higgs" fools' sermon; sports talk on office hours east with new york jonathan; car talk (talkin in a car w paco cathcart); in focus: coin dolphin arrangements - spotlight: nels bumra; marketing jingles volumes 2 review by company businesses inc (with official rebuttal by delaware dan (tm)); tape mountain ad; and finally and last but not least: illegal crimes returns with all new "illegal crimes"
October 21, 2021
DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 06
Apartment 421 Tapes Special and featuring the trial and tribalations of bayview Bunky (C) and Bayview Bunky in conversation (not on a phone)
August 02, 2021
DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 05
Featuring a live review of three stogies coffee brought to you by office hours live, interview with lily konigsberg (of palberta, lily & horn horse, etc), delaware dan LLC checks out old table with will maloney, marketing meditations/ ad for marketing jingles by delaware dan marketing, illegal crimes - war crimes edition, applause for phil braun featuring his ad for socks (used without permission), and much more!
June 10, 2021
DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 04
Delaware Dan delivers Episode 04 which isSTACKED with new features and old exciting one! No problem! Marketing submissions, illegal crimes, live on air investigation w harry filgilmore, discussion with dr david: excerpt, books on audio: "how to solve your people problems" by eric copeland (excerpt), philadelphia cousin (feat. quagga), plug for "quagga / plake 64 split tape" DUB SUM tapes, todd cage: the goat man audiobook excerpt, fesssi k - like wut u see, tniz ren rey, (tape out on KMAN92.5), frank & the hurricanes - wilderado, delaware autonomous radius announcement, bayview bunky recommends
May 15, 2021
DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 03
Delaware Dan explores this episode all about cassette tapes- what and why are they? Featuring Mike Haley from Tabs Out Cassette Podcast in a tell-all interview revealing information about Tabs Out, the Delaware-based Dela-WEIRD Noise Scene and Final Friday shows, and a tragic murder mystery featuring the town in delaware "New Castle". also featured on this episode is tahn from "hungry guys" (see: episode 01) with a strange expertise on cassettte tape history, and music from playmoney, id m thftable, holy people, the cradle, morgan garrett, county conservation district, YES SELMA (NOT yes selmik), plake 64 & the hexagrams, wether, a new newage lifescapes native american flute tape, and many more.... also live review "BRICK BY BRICK" by T. Heidecker, F. Armison, and D. Cupps also a "thrilling" new series from the co-creator of "noise detective: miami slice" from the former "message to you muad-dib" podcast sponsored by delaware dan dirty chai latte enema starter pack (69 edition) No problem!
March 19, 2021
DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 02
Delaware Dan reveals more about his relationship with financier and potential rival Bayview Bunky. Also new features include “Illegal Crimes”, “Airin’ Out with Aaron”, and interviews with Dr. David (Corey Thuro) and Frank Hurricane! Featuring music from Field and Superflower! No problem!
October 15, 2020
DELAWARE DAN "No Problem" Ep. 01
Delaware Dan discusses his origins and the mystery of his true identity. Featuring Hungry Guys (c) Sponsored by Bayview Bunky.
September 11, 2020