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Delete My Number

Delete My Number

By Emoney and Jackie Hollywood
Emoney and Jackie Hollywood are just a few LA cliches, chasing their entertainment dreams while trying to stay sane. Jackie is in a happy and healthy relationship, while Emoney is single and looking... but not finding. The two of them riff on relationships, entertainment gossip, and the wacky world of dating apps. Two things they have in common is they both make music, and both love hearing themselves talk. If you aren't feeling the podcast, it's fine. Just delete my number.
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Olivia Rodrigo Is For The People (Episode 17)
Emoney and Jackie talk about Olivia Rodrigo's new album, Chrissy Tegan's fall from grace, and why people are bragging about their depression on social media. 
May 28, 2021
We're Back (Episode 16)
Emoney and Jackie are back from their hiatus to talk about the highs and lows of the pandemic, the middle ground between monogamy and polygamy, and whether or not Jackie should make an Onlyfans. 
May 21, 2021
Horrible Bosses (Episode 15)
Emoney and Jackie talk about terrible experiences with bosses, David Dobrik's cancellation, and the toxic power dynamic in Hollywood. 
March 22, 2021
Polyamory Fucks (Episode 14)
Emoney and Jackie invite on Megan Saphire (@Msradiosapphire) to talk about the world of polyamory, the perfect blowjob, and working in the porn industry. 
March 15, 2021
A Date With A Racist (Episode 13)
Emoney and Jackie invite Rose (@innocentrose) and Juturna (@juturnalove) on the pod to talk about an awkward date with a famous racist, and life as a suicide girl. 
March 10, 2021
Can Lesbians Be Straight Again? (Episode 12)
In this episode, Emoney and Jackie talk about lesbians, Chris Delia, and mental health. 
March 03, 2021
Do Girls Like Bald Men? (Episode 11)
Emoney and Jackie riff on Jackie's big boobs, Emoney's receding hairline, and Zendaya's new black & white movie.
February 22, 2021
Our Encounters With Terrell Owens (Episode 10)
Emoney and Jackie compare their Terrell Owens stories, talk about situationships on Valentine's Day, and being the one married couple at a guy's weekend. 
February 16, 2021
Club Hookups (Episode 9)
Emoney and Jackie discuss getting peer pressured at parties, Nick Cannon's role in Hollywood, and reminisce on club hookups. 
February 07, 2021
Mushrooms Save Lives (Episode 8)
Emoney and Jackie Hollywood talk about how psychedelics saved Jackie's life, the beauty of sobriety, and the stock market frenzy. 
February 01, 2021
Please The Woman (Episode 7)
Emoney and Jackie talk about reality TV background checks, Turkish Instagram hackers, and how men need to do a better job of pleasing women. 
January 25, 2021
We Don't Only Talk About Sex (Episode 6)
In this episode, Jackie and Emoney talk about Emoney's Instagram Page being hacked, Jackie accidentally telling kids that Santa isn't real, and how not having a sex drive isn't a bad thing. Thanks for tuning in! 
January 17, 2021
Delete My Drug Dealer's Number (Episode 5)
In this episode, Jackie and Emoney talk about how to "slow-fade" someone instead of ghost them, Jackie going viral on Tik Tok, and how stupid cocaine is. 
January 10, 2021
Delete My Number - Episode 4
In this episode, Jackie Hollywood and Emoney talk about sending dick pics, being a horny 13-year old, and also read a wild date story from a fan. 
January 03, 2021
Delete My Number - Episode 3
Jackie Hollywood & Emoney riff on cheating, New Years Resolutions, and dating co-workers. Hope you mildly enjoy some of it. 
December 26, 2020
Delete My Number - Episode 2
In this episode, Jackie Hollywood and Emoney riff about Onlyfans, keeping sex interesting in a relationship, and Ariana Grande's new boyfriend. 
December 20, 2020
Delete My Number - Episode 1
In this episode, Jackie Hollywood and Emoney talk about the ups and downs of being single vs being in a relationship. They also touch on their career goals, banter about entertainment gossip, and get real about domestic abuse. Enjoy! 
December 18, 2020