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Deliver Better

Deliver Better

By Harness
Software delivery at any level. Deliver Better builds insights and learning content to enable enterprise software delivery.
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Product Design - The skills of the trade!

Deliver Better

What is Deliver Better? Season 1 Finale
In this Deliver Better podcast episode, Tiffany Jachja shares the thought process behind building and what it means for the larger software delivery community today. Hear this exciting round-up of accomplishments in the season finale podcast episode.
September 28, 2020
Zero to 100 Million Downloads - Fixing Continuous Integration with Open Source
In this episode, Brad Rydzewski the creator of, talks to us about the challenges in Continous Integration. As ownership of applications became more commonplace for development teams, approaches with Continuous Integration were not keeping up with the pace of development. Brad created to democratize CI and lower the bar of entry. Brad's Open Source project has over 100 million downloads. Learn from Brad the ebbs and flows of an Open Source project and ways to combat complexity in Continous Integration.   Hosted by Ravi Lachhman
August 28, 2020
The DevOps Journey - Pitfalls and How to Overcome
The DevOps Journey can have many pitfalls. In this week’s episode Siddharth Pareek, Global Practice Lead of DevOps at Natwest, shares his journey overcoming the challenges of DevOps. Learn about how DevOps relates to governance and compliance, Centers of Excellence, and metrics. Hosted by Tiffany Jachja
July 16, 2020
What is Product Management?
In this week’s Deliver Better episode, we talk to Rohan Gupta, Product Manager at Harness, learning about his journey into Product Management, the differences between project and product management, and how to level up your experiences in the field. Hosted by Tiffany Jachja
July 02, 2020
Site Reliability Engineering - SREs of Past, Present, and Future
On this episode of Deliver Better, we talk to Bob Strecansky who is a Staff SRE at MailChimp. A packed podcast about all things Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Learn about how to become an SRE, how SREs can help you make new technology choices, partnering with development, and a clear definition of black-box vs white-box approaches.  We end on the rise and importance of blameless culture. Be sure to tune in! Bob's Deliver Better Post: Hosted by Ravi Lachhman
June 17, 2020
The Power of Visual Language
In this week’s Deliver Better episode, we discuss the power of graphic facilitation and graphic recording across organizations, meetings, industry events, and much more. Ashton Rodenhiser from Mind’s Eye Creative shares her process for bringing ideas to life. Learn how to visual language helps to break down the most complex concepts. Host: Tiffany Jachja
June 15, 2020
Evolution from Testing to Quality Engineering, the Non-Tangibles in the Software World
In our latest episode, Hari Padmanaban who is the head of Quality Engineering at Harness talks about his journey and the evolution of Quality Engineering. Unlike a sports car, quality can not be tangibly felt in software. From days gone by where testers were viewed as second class citizens to developers to modern times where Quality Engineers are an evangelist for customers. If you are unfamiliar with testing methodologies or Quality Engineer, listen in to a great podcast. An intrinsic question about how much regression testing is acceptable is also discussed.  Hosted by Ravi Lachhman of Deliver Better. 
June 08, 2020
Product Design - The skills of the trade!
In this week’s episode, we talk to Michelle Koike, Product Designer at Harness. Michelle shares her journey into the world of product design and explains the importance of user experience in the DevOps community. A user’s experience is at the heart of the products and services we choose to consume. Learn from Michelle as she discusses the importance of process, feedback and attitude in product design. Hosted by Tiffany Jachja
May 29, 2020
All In a Service Mesh - To Network Resiliency and Beyond!
Christian Posta, Field CTO for, talks about his journey when developing clients to interact with Kubernetes came across his first service mesh. If you are unfamiliar with service meshes, tune in and learn about why they are becoming so popular and how they are evolving in the applications of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Envoy, LinkerD, WASM, Istio, and more technology talked about in this packed podcast. You can find Christian on Twitter @christianposta or at his blog,  Hosted by Ravi Lachhman, Deliver Better. 
May 21, 2020
Let Your Personality Shine - A Crash Course in Visual Design
In this episode, we are joined by Aoife Gibbs, who is the mastermind behind the visual design at Deliver Better and  Aoife came from an architecture background and is making a huge splash in the visual design world. A large part of visual design can be subjective, as humans we have different tastes and backgrounds. Learn from Aoife as she navigates the science of visual design, striking confidence in your work, and how to cope with criticism vs critique.  Hosted by Ravi Lachhman 
May 15, 2020
A Technical Career Journey - Even a Traditional Approach is Difficult
In this episode, we talk to Tiffany Jachja who is an Evangelist at Harness. Tiff's journey was an academically challenging one from a magnet high school to two research universities for her BS and MS in computer engineering and computer science. Even with a traditional path, navigating your career and advancement can be difficult. Tiffany talks about trials and tribulations that a young engineer goes through; nothing is given to you and you have to navigate a lot of rejection. Inspiring no matter where you are in your journey!  Hosted by Ravi Lachhman
April 30, 2020
Bracing for Impact - Your First Kubernetes
Let's say you were told you need two Kubernetes and you had no idea what Kubernetes is.  Come learn from Bryan Feuling and Drew Oetzel from Harness.  Learning by teaching can be a great way to start to dig into an ecosystem.  Applications were built over years and by teams of people and a fallacy of distributed systems is that there is one administrator; kind of unfair to take on this task alone. Listen in for a fun podcast with a few folks in the trenches.  Hosted by Ravi Lachhman. 
April 16, 2020