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The Delphic Dolphins Podcast

The Delphic Dolphins Podcast

By Delphic Dolphins
On this channel we talk about everything from the perspective of energy. By becoming aware of the energetics behind things, we cultivate, curate and calibrate our flow for our highest and greatest potential.
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Episode #3 : Energy Awareness for Abundance

The Delphic Dolphins Podcast

Episode #3 : Energy Awareness for Abundance
In this podcast I discuss why energy awareness is the key to unleashing abundance in your life and shifting from scarcity mindset to prosperity mindset.
October 19, 2020
Episode #2 : Energetic Blueprint of an Empath
In this episode I discuss the energetic blueprint of an Empath. The Empath is the positive polarity  with respect to their environment but they often fail to ground this high charge that they are channeling because of the blockages in their lower chakras which they need to clear and heal. 
October 6, 2020
Episode #1 : Energy Body & Polarity
This is the first podcast of the channel. In this video I talk about how our bodies are similar in nature to a battery. Just like the polarity between the positive and negative poles of a battery creates a tension and allows for electrons to flow, our energy bodies also operate on the same  principles.   I have mentioned the Donna Eden Method for creating a healthy level of polarity when we feel stuck. The links of video demonstrations  of her methods  are as below:   1. 2.
September 27, 2020