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Habits, Appetites and Decisions

Habits, Appetites and Decisions

By Demetrius Colbert
I help you think critically think, get unstuck and reconcile tough issues in life. I will challenge you, make you mad, laugh, think and pray! The only limits are the ones you place on what you're willing to learn, talk about and change. (Habits, Appetites & Decisions) -For more of my coaching connect with me here: -For my Faith Content connect with me here:
A conversation with young men about their faith and the church
I spoke with three young men ranging from the age of 31 to 22 about the church, culture, theology, and the impact of outside influence on young Christians. 
May 16, 2022
Unknown limitations
There are some well known limitations that are clear and then there are limitations we simply don't know about but I talk about in this episode.
April 08, 2022