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High Notes with Dr. B

High Notes with Dr. B

By Denise R Bernardini
Join Dr. Bernardini as she talks to women of all ages who are interested in growing and taking courageous steps to change themselves and the world around them—covering topics such as biohacking, the arts, psychology, meditation, breathwork and anything else!
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Episode #25 Special Guest Mardi-Ellen Hill

High Notes with Dr. B

High Notes with Dr. B with special guest Nancy S. Juetten
Nancy and I discuss her friendship story that is both heartbreaking and heart-healing.  Nancy and her high school classmates work to bring a fellow alumna her dying wish as they rally together to send her and her family to Disney World.   Want to see the ABC News video coverage of the story?  Here is the link: You can also get to know Nancy and her work here:
May 10, 2021
High Notes with Dr. B with special guests Erin Wiley and Tallie Carter
The second episode in the friendship series.  These ladies have been friends for 20 years!  How do two busy women find time to maintain a relationship for two decades?   Erin can be found: Tallie can be found: If you like their energy you can hear the podcast they did together in 2019 here:
April 26, 2021
High Notes with Dr. B with special guests Candace Joseph and Brandi Cambric
This is the first episode in a series on Friendship.  Candace and Brandi have been friends for 30 years.  Their story is one of triumph, loyalty, and service.   Candace Joseph is CEO of The Joseph Consulting Firm, LLC and host of The Business Knowledge Broker Hour Radio Show.   Brandi Cambric is the COO of The Joseph Consulting Firm, LLC.  Together, Brandi and Candace make a dynamic duo because they are best friends and because they are a perfect compliment to each other; one likes Opera and chess and the other guns.  
April 16, 2021
High Notes with Dr. B
New Season!  Season two overview and short discussion of what a great year it has been!
March 21, 2021
Episode #27 with Special Guest Jennifer Baker, PH.D
Today's episode is with Dr. Jennifer Baker a Professor of Philosophy at the College of Charleston.  She teaches classes around the subject of ethics and philosophies of ethics in business, and medicine.   She has published articles on Stoicism an ancient philosophical practice dating circa 260 BC.  Stoicism is from the Hellenistic (classical) period and practiced by many Roman leaders such as Marcus Arelius, and Epictitus.  Stoicism has recently seen a rebirth and has gained many modern writers on the subject.  You can find social media outlets, podcasts and youtube channels dedicated to the practice.  What is notable about this podcast is that the philosophy is generally a space that men mostly occupy, but women have begun to prescribe and follow this ancient practice.  I am one of those women as is my guest.   I hope you enjoy this podcast.  If you would like to learn more you can go to the podcast Facebook page and find a link to an article Dr. Baker wrote about practicing Stoicism in modern life.  It is a very good read!  
March 12, 2021
Episode #26 with Special Guest Jane Hill
Jane leads us on a guided meditation through a picturesque Scottish landscape.  You can find her Facebook group, The Secret Meditation Garden, where she leads regular meditations.  You may also wish to buy her new book Six Enchantments, which came out in October - it's a series of short stories designed to help the reader find moments of peace and calm in their everyday life and to help them connect with their true self.  Enjoy your place of calm and peace after this one!
February 26, 2021
Episode #26 Special Guest Kim Riley
This week my guest is Kim M Riley.  She can be found on Facebook.   Kim is passionate about empowering women in their midlife years (40s to 60s) who are stuck in overwhelm, stress or confusion to discover their hearts' desire, speak their truth and purpose, and have greater impact in their lives…. and to do so without apology or excuses. Her key in helping women do this is to bring out the playful, fully-expressed girl inside… wigs, props, imagination and all! Kim is a life transition and relationship coach trained in Strategic Intervention coaching, a method taught by Anthony Robbins that focuses on our universal human needs and taking simple actions that have immediate effect in how we respond to, communicate with and be in relationship with others in our lives. She is also a certified Level 2 Teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence and loves teaching her clients simple body-centered practices that help them amplify their feminine and magnetic presence and support them in exploring their unique power and wisdom. For over 30 years, Kim worked in the field of public health education where she gained invaluable lessons working with disadvantaged communities. She has an insatiable curiosity about people and other cultures and has travelled to over 48 countries and lived in two. She is an outdoor enthusiast who is blessed and grateful to have grown up and continue to live in her home state of Colorado. She resides in Denver with her husband of 30 years and has two grown daughters.
February 05, 2021
Episode #25 Special Guest Mardi-Ellen Hill
This episode is with Mardi-Ellen Hill, author, composer, musician, and innovative scientist.  You can find out about MEND™ her books, screenplay and watch the trailer at
January 22, 2021
Episode #24 Special Guest Traci Phillips
This episode is with Traci Phillips - a life and business coach.  Traci's information can be found at
January 09, 2021
Episode #23 Special Guest Jillian Speece
I talk with Jillian Speece Part one of the Duo band The Bergamot.  They are an Emmy award-winning band and a force in the indie rock scene.  Jillian and I talk about music and being a nomad on the road.   To find out more about The Bergamot and Jillian go to their website
December 29, 2020
Episode #22 Working your way through grief with Wanda Williams
Wanda Williams is a grief life coach and is the author of the book Coping with the Loss of a Loved One.  You can contact her at 
December 02, 2020
Episode #21 Julie Johnson
Julie Johnson and I discuss breathwork for children and making the commitment to spend ZERO dollars for a year.  
October 24, 2020
Episode #20 Althea Lawton Thompson
Health and Wellness Expert Althea Lawton Thompson talks about wellness and her journey out of corporate life and into the healer, wellness, fitness, and health space!  
September 25, 2020
Episode #19 Dr. Kathleen Riley
This episode is a discussion about heart coherence and what we put out into the electro-magnetic field i.e. OUR WORLD!
August 28, 2020
Episode #18 Hot Flashes and Cool Topics Podcast hosts
Listen to Colleen, Bridget and me talk about midlife and all the fun and not so fun stuff that comes with it!  Be prepared to giggle a little! 
August 15, 2020
Episode # 17 A Thousand Hands a Million Stars
This episode is about a multi-artist project that brings awareness to human trafficking.   Artists: Jane Atwood - Poet Carla Ciuffo - Visual Artist  H Gerrey Noh - Composer Andrea Lee - Pianist Denise Ritter-Bernardini - Singer
August 09, 2020
Episode # 16 Biohacking with Inka Immonen
Inka Immonen and I discuss how to track your health, find ways to navigate sleep, stress, hormones, and hack your body to function optimally.  
August 01, 2020
Episode 15 Untamed by Glennon Doyle
This is a once-monthly book review about a female writer.  This month's book it the new book by Glennon Doyle.
July 24, 2020
Episode #14 Stacy Sullivan
This one is special to my heart, as it is with a friend and fellow artist.  Stacy Sullivan grew up in Oklahoma with her large family.  She is one of 8 very talented kids.  She is an actress, singer, and outstanding mother of two.  She currently lives in NYC and enjoys an award-winning Cabaret and Performance career.  You can find all you need here: You can get her recordings on Amazon and on her website.  You can also find her on youtube.
July 10, 2020
Episode #13 Khye
Join me and my guest Khye Tyson with the Kuluntu REproductive Justice Center, discuss their life as an advocate for LGBTQIA, and women in low socio-economic circumstances navigate the world of having babies.  Khye is a Doula in the Atlanta Georgia area.  
July 03, 2020
Episode #12 5 Second Rule Book Review
Book review on Mel Robbins Five Second Rule.  This is a self-help book about how to get unstuck, move forward in your life and be the best version of yourself! 
June 26, 2020
Episode #11 Adrienne MacIain
Dr. MacIain and I discuss her book, Melting Ivory.  Her story is about her time on the Ivory Coast as a Fullbright Scholar and how cultures clash and love isn't always enough.  Join us!
June 19, 2020
Episode # 10 Marlisse Hardaman.
Marlisse tells us of her journey to healing and resilience after being a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Marlisse now helps others find their way to peace and healing through her coaching and speaking business Transformation Speaks.   
June 12, 2020
Episode #9 Capsule Wardrobe with Maria Swann.
A different and fun podcast about fashion and how to make a capsule wardrobe!  Plus a little storytelling!  If you like clothes this one will be fun to listen to!  
June 06, 2020
Episode #8 Music Education Specialists
Music educators from North America discuss how COVID-19 altered their classrooms from live performing and in-class instruction to online teaching for some, in a matter of hours.    
May 24, 2020
Episode #7 Book Review of Pastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber
In this episode, I discuss and review the book Pastrix: Confessions of a Sinner and a Saint by the Lutheran Evangelical Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber.  Reverend Weber has a church in Denver Colorado called the House for Sinners and Saints.  
May 15, 2020
Episode #6 Coaching Teens and High Achieving Adults with Kamini Wood
Kamini Wood discusses her life as a mother of 5 and a coach of high achievers in both the high school age group and adults.  Kamini is the author of OM Life's Gentle Reminders.  
May 08, 2020
Episode #5 Surviving childhood traumas and eating disorders with Sue Bowles.
Join Sue Bowles and me as we discuss childhood trauma and the hurt they may leave behind.  Sue discusses her struggle with depression, an eating disorder and her struggle to help herself and others one step at a time.
April 23, 2020
Episode #4 Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo - a book review
This episode is about the self-help book by Marie Forleo self-help guru and CEO of B-School.  Enjoy this episode while the host Dr. B not only reviews the book but tells some life stories as well.  
April 16, 2020
Episode #3 with Special Guest Risa Cohen
Risa Cohen discusses her new business venture Sing into Reading, her life after two near-death experiences and her 5-year breast cancer remission.  
April 10, 2020
XX Brain by Dr. Lisa Masconi a book review Episode #2
This episode combines family medical history and a new book on the woman's brain.
March 27, 2020
Episode #1 A. Renee a multi-genre musician.
Ashley Renee Watkins discusses life after hurricane Katrina, life in New York and Life after America’s Got Talent the hit TV show on NBC.
March 18, 2020
Welcome to the introductory trailer of High Notes with Dr. B a podcast about brave, courageous risk-taking women! Dr. B is a Professor, author, speaker, musician and life-coach and a mother of two boys. She wants to help you live an authentic courageous life by inspiring you to step out and make healthy decisions whether it’s about your health, work-life, relationships or spirituality. Her podcast will feature guests who will inspire you through their stories and their lives, and she will discuss and review a new book that can change your life or your thinking. Dr. B will challenge you to think about the world around you and lead a life that is about changing your life for the better!
March 15, 2020