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By Denise Thompson
Season 2 is here and we are staying present in our triumph! It's our winning season and everything matters. From setting standards, to staying focused and adjusting to the growing pains of change. So much is happening and I'm learning to pivot like no other. My cut off game is a little scary but my anxiety is gone. I feel the freedom in everything I do. Let's just hope I can maintain my focus and continue to embrace these learning curves. Becauseeeeeee honey! I have my moments when I'm just plain tired. Having to push through is a new level of commitment. I'm in this shit for life!
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How far do you want to take your hustle?


How far do you want to take your hustle?


Shae Chronicles Podcast: Whose really the Imposter?
Most of my adult life I lived in the shadows of others. With lots of self care and personal development, I've been able to shed my insecurities right off of me. I've learned to fully accept myself and see things for what they are. With my regained strength and trust in myself, I'm starting to question whether or not I was always the imposter? Or, were the people I chose to hide behind keeping me hidden from my own light? #personaldevelopment #podcast #selfcare #selflove #blog #insecure #focused #intentional #purpose #intentionalliving #trust #trustissues #growth #refocus #boundaries 
June 13, 2021
Shae Chronicles Podcast: New trauma and learning to heal in the moment
Like many of us out here trying to live a life free from fear, I'm still finding myself in familiar places, scared as shit! I'm trying to free myself of this fear and allow space for new opportunities and new people. In the process of doing so I've found myself in the midst of a scandalous situation by being targeted by an online Predator! Thank God, I'm well acquainted with discernment and trusting myself fully. Otherwise, I would have been another sitting duck, left behind by a hurt person, passing down trauma to his victims. The Devil himself will show his face clearly to those who are in the midst of their break through, as a distraction to break you. But, I'm too focused on my breakthrough t be broken. I'm already ramping up for my next run in with his ass. I'm staying ready. #stayready #singleladies #singlemom #healing #trauma #womenempowerment #saturdays #dating #growth #support #podcast #blog #freedom #release #selfcare #selflove #focused #proactive #lifehacks #fear #fearless #wine #watch #new #newepisode #bloggersofinstagram #newpodcast
June 7, 2021
Sooo life is good. I'm solid within myself. I've created a beautiful space in my home with my kids and my entrepreneurial journey is off to a great start. I really have nothing to complain about, God is good. However, I'm a little lonely and things are getting a little uneasy for my lady parts down there. Am I losing my swag? Am I really so focused on me that I'm unable to connect? I have no clue but you know I'm about to figure it out. It's time to get out of this space and trust the process.
June 3, 2021
Shae Chronicles Podcast: Manifestation Starts When You Start
I had a conversation with God the other night and so many things were revealed. I got caught getting comfortable and there's nothing like catching yourself in the midst of a fumble. Seeing it all play out, as it always has in the past. But, I am no longer living in my past ways. I'm living intentional and that requires an adjustment to not getting comfortable. Comfortable means familiar. I want foreign. I want new. I want an enlarged territory. I want to see things I have not seen. I can't just pray and manifest things. I have to start being the things I am manifesting. #purpose #evolve #manifest #manifesting #prayerwarrior #blessed #podcast #blog #keepgoing #gogetit #womensupportingwomen #happiness #neckpeace #entrepreneaur #mom #blogger #shaechronicles #diary #life #selfcare #selfhelp #mentalwellness #growth #purposelife #fulfilled #intentional #lifegoals
May 28, 2021
Shae Chronicles Podcast: How to Bounce Back From a Fumble
Everything really isn't what it seems. These IG pictures don't tell you shit. It's all in the caption, the one thing majority of us scroll past. We all want the script to the picture perfect story but only want to watch from a lens. The game is all in the script, the story behind the scenes. I won't let myself get bogged down by false realities. I'm living REAL life over here and sometimes I have to face some hard truths. I'm making better decisions and still finding growth in the ones that didn't really go the way I expected. I'm stronger, I'm wiser and I'm better at bouncing back from these type of situations. I no longer allow them to run my life. I learn, I live and I continue to grow. I'm bossing up on so many levels and the prerequisite for the next level of the game is to master the bounce back.
May 26, 2021
Shae Chronicles Podcast: Life is the lesson you hold all the answers to
This week is tough. But, I’m tougher. I’m changing the game so that the odds are back in my favor. I’m not running from but dead straight ahead into the fear that life keeps trying to play me with. I’m so over losing to this Stank! I can’t say it enough… The. Time. Is. Now. Neck Peace is thriving and I’m not feeling fulfilled. God is testing me. I know it. Best believe I will find all the answers. I want to win!
May 19, 2021
Shae Chronicles Podcast: Embracing the process
This week I had to remind myself (a few times) to slow down and embrace the process. Since the launch of Neck Peace, I've found the importance in the pace of things. I often used to rush through things just to mark the box complete. Now, I see the importance of the process. The sacrifice. The  test of tiredness and doubt. I needed to go through some things to up my skill points in this game of life. You truly do learn something in everything. Neck Peace is the start to a major playing field and God is preparing me to be successful. Some of the challenges I had during the launch process, I struggled a lot with. I'm grateful for the understanding of grace. I have to allow myself to make mistakes and take good notes. 
May 10, 2021
How far do you want to take your hustle?
This week, a lot is going on and HONNEEEY, I'm giving it my best shot! Neck Peace is building traction and it's almost time to launch. I discuss some triggers that have come up along the way and how I've shifted my energy to focus on the tasks at hand. Learning to shift energy has been a blessing. It's wild out here and if I allow the distractions to control my behavior, I'm not focusing on the necessary. As always, I got some story to tell. lol You know what it is. Check it out!
April 29, 2021
Confirmation in a Testimony
Listen. Life as I used to know it,  is gone in the wind and I'm not thinking about none of that shit. I forgot most of the things that happened two months ago. Why? Because I can't hold on to things any more. I've learned to stay present in the triumph. Now, don't get me wrong. My struggles got me here and I'm grateful. But, the only way I can continue to grow and prosper is through grace and faith. My faith muscle is hella strong. That mustard seed is blossoming and I'm bearing the fruit of it. I feel like I'm glowing and the sun bouncing off my skin looks just like a damn rainbow. I'm happy up in this bitch! Now, trust when I say, there is plenty of doubt and fear that tries to creep in and in this episode I share some of the hurdles I've faced in building my brand, Neck Peace. It's a lonely place at times and I'm often getting distracted by these emotions. But the way my relationship with God is set up, can't nothing hold me down.
April 26, 2021