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A Texas Vision: Life During & After COVID-19

A Texas Vision: Life During & After COVID-19

By Dennis Bonnen
Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen has conversations with experts from about the world of business, medicine, academia, and government about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
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A Texas Vision: Life During & After COVID-19 – An Interview with Gary P. Nunn
If you haven’t heard already, I’m very pro-mask when it comes to the things we should all be doing out of concern for our fellow Texans. Folks who want to steer the conversation down the dead end street of who is forcing whom are missing the point: we’re called to love one another and donning a mask is a simple, meaningful way to do that and get our economy back on track. Turns out a legendary Texas musician feels the same way. I was honored to spend time with Gary P. Nunn today to talk about his idea for a Texas Maskuerade Party. As a performer in the danger zone of vulnerability to the effects of the virus, he understands the risk of playing in enclosed clubs for fans who are themselves inching upward on the age scale, if you will. I hope you enjoy our conversation and take a moment to consider the possibility that masks aren’t about what you HAVE to do, but are actually something you’ll be HONORED to do, to protect your fellow Texans and resurrect our economy. To learn more about their organization, visit and join us in showing how compassionate Texans look out for one another.
May 29, 2020
A Texas Vision: Life During & After COVID-19 - DSHS
An Interview with Kirk Cole, Senior Advisor to Texas Department of State Health Services Commissioner, and Dr. Jennifer Shuford, Infectious Disease Medical Officer at DSHS.  Who is most vulnerable to COVID-19? 00:02:25 Why is Texas not doing more testing for COVID-19? 00:06:05 What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19? 00:08:39 If I test negative for COVID-19, can I go back to life as normal? 00:09:26 What does DSHS see that is encouraging for Texans at this point? 00:11:05 When is the COVID-19 peak for Texas? 00:12:03 Is staying home working to flatten the curve? 00:12:43 What can Texans do to stay up to date and follow DSHS? 00:13:42
April 15, 2020
An Interview with Ed Serna, TWC Executive Director
Speaker Dennis Bonnen meets with Texas Workforce Commission Executive Director, Ed Serna. They discussed the monumental perspective of unemployment claims for Texas. TWC has processed 72 Weeks worth of Unemployment Claims in 25 Days. How do I claim unemployment in Texas for COVID-19? Make sure you have everything you need to prove your claim (the reason for termination, employer name, and paystub) and apply online ( between Midnight and 6 AM. TWC has successfully processed more than 1 million claims in the past 25 days. That is three times the number of claims processed in all of 2019.
April 10, 2020
Gathering Apart
Speaker Dennis Bonnen meets with church leaders to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on their congregations and how we can be encouraged during this time.  Fr. Victor Perez, St. Joseph and St. Stephen Catholic Church of Houston Facebook YouTube Pastor Patrick Kelley, River Pointe Church of Fort Bend County Office Website
April 10, 2020
An Interview with NFIB
Speaker Dennis Bonnen meets with NFIB’s Senior VP of Federal Govt Relations Kevin Kuhlman to discuss the SBA loans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. NFIB Small Business Resources in Response to Coronavirus U.S. Small Business Administration National Federation of Independent Business
April 10, 2020