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Just Around The Corner

Just Around The Corner

By Dennis Mansfield
Dennis Mansfield integrates his experience as a business coach, author, entrepreneur, and (recovering) politician to provide listeners with insights into the intersection of business and culture. Join Dennis as he interviews fascinating guests and encourages you to succeed in your work and personal life.
"All the best gifts are just around the corner." - John Hay
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S2 Episode 10: Overcoming Adversity with Dave Arthur
Overcoming adversity is a part of every human being’s life - whether we bring this adversity on ourselves, or whether it is unfairly cast upon us. The question is not if we have to deal with challenges (big or small), but when. In the words of Hellen Keller, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” How do we stand against such difficult times? On today’s episode, Dennis interviews Dave Arthur Strauch about how he overcame personal adversity. May his story encourage you and those you love. Dave Arthur has been working in radio for over 35 year including Top 40 radio stations like KISS-FM, KF95, and Magic 93.1 in Boise, Idaho. In 2001, Dave joined Salem Communications in Portland, OR on the original team at 104.1 The Fish where he worked for 11 years. In Fall 2010 Dave was asked to take over as morning show host at 89.5 KTSY back home in Boise, where he currently lives and works. Dave is a self-described car nut who loves his wife Shauna, daughters, and Mazda Miata. Find out more and listen to Dave online at Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner! Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at
December 28, 2021
S2 Episode 9: Leading the Pro-Life Movement in Idaho ft. David Ripley
This episode features a discussion with David Ripley, Executive Director of Idaho Chooses Life. David discusses his conversion from staunch liberal activist to leading Idaho's only social conservative PAC. Idaho Chooses Life focuses on providing accurate information and resources to mothers, families, health organizations, and elected officials to help them preserve the sanctity of life. Throughout the episode, Dennis and David discuss how this radical transformation happened, and how David has recently turned his attention to addresses crisis standards of care in hospitals as a result of COVID-19. Get in touch with David and find out more about Idaho Chooses Life at David is specifically interested in hearing from people who have been personally affected, or who's families have had direct contact with hospitals and are suffering from the consequences of crisis standards of care as a result. Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner! Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at
November 09, 2021
S2 Episode 8: How Michael Seals Built a Successful Recording Studio
What does it take to start a successful recording studio? In this episode, Dennis interviews Michael Seals to find out. Michael is the founder, producer, and audio engineer at Sanctuary Studios in Boise, Idaho. Michael has been involved in music since he first picked up a guitar at 10 years old. After getting a degree in music from Boise State University, Michael believed his future would be centered around professionally performing. After his life took a turn, Michael put his family first while pursuing other career goals, but never lost his love of music and performing. He's played in local bands, church worship groups, and eventually decided to start the recording studio to cater to other artists who were looking at capturing a professional sound while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. Sanctuary Studios provides an incredibly chill recording environment and access to top-notch equipment including microphones, preamps, and audio interfaces. Michael works with every client to determine what will bring out the best sound and can even provide assistance during recording to ensure a quality, great sounding end product. In addition to musical recording, Michael has recorded podcasts, audiobooks, and more in his studio. In fact, since Just Around the Corner was launched in July 2019, every episode has been recorded at Sanctuary Studios with Michael playing a vital role in its success. Featured in this episode are short clips recorded at Sanctuary Studios. These include: "Plunge" by Hannah Buckley "If You're Lucky" recorded with a live band in studio "Like Literally Anything" podcast - Spotify Link "To Trust In What We Cannot See" audiobook by Dennis Mansfield - Amazon Link To schedule a recording session at Sanctuary Studios, reach out to Michael at Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner! Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at
October 25, 2021
S2 Episode 7: The Secrets to Marriage Longevity ft. Susan Mansfield
How do successful marriages last? Why do so many marriages end in bitter divorce? What role does forgiveness play in a relationship? During this special podcast episode, Dennis interviews his beloved bride Susan Mansfield to answer these questions and more. With 43 years of marriage experience and deep love, Dennis and Susan have navigated the road of relational perseverance, drawing on their faith and relationship with Christ to weather life's storms. To learn more about the love styles Susan mentions, check out "How We Love" by Milan and Kay Yerkovich. Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner! Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at
October 04, 2021
S2 Episode 6: Four Key Resources to Help Leaders
As a business coach, Dennis helps leaders everyday by asking questions, sharing inspiration, and offering resources. In today's episode, Dennis draws on his years of experience as a coach, providing resources to help you as a leader. By the numbers: one key behavior, two key books, three key films, and four key words. Key behavior: rest. Life and leadership is stressful, and for many of us it can be challenging to leave work at the office. Dennis shares how he has benefited from an annual vacation (away from phones and computers), as well as a weekly rest on Sunday to mentally unwind for the week ahead. Key books. Dennis always keeps two books nearby: the Bible, and one other book. The 'second book' has carried many covers throughout his life, and so Dennis shares his Dirty Dozen that have had the most profound impact on him: 1. Victory over the Darkness by Neil Anderson (Amazon) 2. Wild at Heart by John Eldredge (Amazon) 3. Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders (Amazon) 4. Lee: The Last Years by Charles Bracelen Flood (Amazon) 5. The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene (Amazon) 6. All the Great Prizes by John Taliaferro (Amazon) 7. On Writing by Stephen King (Amazon) 8. Heaven by Randy Alcorn (Amazon) 9. JFK: The Smoking Gun by Colin McLaren (Amazon) 10. Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis (Amazon) 11. The Personal Memoirs by Ulysses S. Grant (Amazon) 12. Boots & Saddles by Elizabeth Bacon Custer (Amazon) Key films. 1. The Godfather (Amazon) 2. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Amazon) 3. Being There (Amazon) Key words: will you forgive me? Turning a one sided statement of apology into a conversation of forgiveness has profoundly impacted Dennis life and relationships with others. Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner! Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at
September 20, 2021
S2 Episode 5: Racial Realities in the Workplace - How to Create an Environment of Listening ft. Brian Yeager
This episode features special guest Brian Yeager, President of Barefoot Media Ministries. Brian and Dennis discuss the topic of race in the workplace, providing leaders with tools and thoughtful tips on how to create an environment of listening. Brian pulls from his personal life, sharing how his biracial wife and children have given him a new lens through which to view white privilege, racial reconciliation, and blindspots white people often have regarding people of color. How can you facilitate listening and openness regarding race in the workplace? Brian recommends creating feedback loops, methods of conversation, and moments where your team can sit and talk. Deeply entrenched core values in your company, like respect and care for others, help make workplaces inviting and welcoming for everyone. Brian Yeager oversees FM radio stations in five different communities as the President of Barefoot Media Ministries, including 89.5 FM KTSY in the Treasure Valley. He is a leader in national media industry, as well as a community leader. Find out more about his work and team at Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner! Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at
September 01, 2021
S2 Episode 4: Understanding the Power of Words ft. Mike Freeman
The words we use create the structure for communicating a thought or idea to others, and play a massive role in whether what we say is understood or not. This episode features a discussion with Pastor Mike Freeman - a lover of words and avid student of scripture. Since childhood, Mike has cultivated a lasting love of the Bible and its many layers, including learning to read it in the original Hebrew and Greek. Mike has read, memorized, and recited entire books of the Bible from memory - both as a teaching tool, as well as a way to orient his own life. In this episode of Just Around the Corner, Mike joins Dennis in diving into the power and importance of words. Together, they discuss how leaders can use effective communication to circumvent tired cliches and honestly engage with others - whether teaching from the pulpit, or meeting with employees. Mike's Recommended Author List: Eugene Peterson N.T. Wright Barbara Brown Taylor Diana Butler Bass Jeff Shaara Click here to listen to Mike's Podcast "Green Pastures Devotions" on Apple Podcasts. Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner. Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at
August 19, 2021
S2 Episode 3: What do dating and business have in common?
Finding a soulmate and navigating the business world have more in common than you might think. In this episode, Dennis Mansfield and guest Curtis Barrett discuss how behavior assessments have shaped both, and how they can help you communicate more effectively. During this episode, Curtis shares his personal journey and how learning about himself has made him effective as a businessman and coach. Check out the resources below that are mentioned on the episode: StrengthsFinder 2.0 (Amazon link) DISC Assessment (More information) Startup Nation book (Amazon link) Contact Curtis Barrett via email at Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner. Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at 
July 19, 2021
S2 Episode 2: Making a Difference in the Spoken Word ft. Kevin Miller
What's it take to become a national political pundit and radio personality? In this episode, Dennis Mansfield interviews Kevin Miller to unwrap his lifetime transition from an undergrad in education to national radio personality to knowing the value of local issues and people. Over the years Kevin has found himself involved in some of the most salient headlines to cross the airwaves including reporting onsite at Ground Zero after 9/11, being featured on the Chris Matthews Show, covering the Duke Lacrosse scandal, and conducting celebrity interviews (hint: his favorite was Mr. T).  Dennis and Kevin dive deep into their own personal histories, discussing how the spoken word has made a difference in their lives and how it can in yours too - through podcasting.  Find out more about Kevin Miller and listen to the Kevin Miller Show on KIDO talk radio online. Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner. Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at
July 06, 2021
S2 Episode 1: Does Sadness Sell?
In a world desperately and daily seeking joy and fulfillment, why is it that sorrow and sadness in songs and stories sell? In this episode, Dennis and Meg discuss the role of sadness in the marketplace, specifically focusing on movies, music, and books. Do some industries lend themselves well to monetizing sadness while others do not? Looking internally, how does our own sadness affect the things we buy, listen to, and read? Meg and Dennis discuss this through the lens of painful events in their own lives. Check out Tuomas Eerola’s articles about the science behind sad music: The scientific reason why some of us enjoy sad songs more than others (The Independant) Why sad songs say so much (to some people, but not others) (The Conversation) Listen to the full version of Discovery of the Camp from Band of Brothers here. Thanks for listening to Just Around the Corner. Find out more about Dennis, his coaching, and his books at
June 15, 2021
S1 Episode 15: Culture with Meg pt 2: Engaging in local politics, prioritizing travel, and binge-worthy political TV shows
Dennis and Meg return to their discussion of politics, travel, and entertainment in this episode. As the youngest lobbyist in Idaho's history, Meg shares her experiences while working in the Idaho State Capitol Building between 5th grade and 7th grade. Voting and participating in local elections are essential aspects of our Republic - register to vote for yourself here. Next, Meg discusses how travel has shaped her life as a mother and how prioritizing travel opportunities is a choice that everyone can make. During the entertainment portion of the show, Meg and Dennis continue their binge-worthy television conversation by discussing political dramas Madame Secretary and the West Wing. Finally, they end by talking about some favorite audiobooks including Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe (Audible link). If you're a fan of audiobooks, check out To Trust In What We Cannot See by Dennis Mansfield, now available on Audible! Click here to download. For more information about Dennis' books and coaching, visit
March 26, 2021
S1 Episode 14: Culture with Meg - Family, Travel, and Binge-Worthy TV Shows
In this episode (part 1 of 2), Dennis Mansfield and Meg Roe discuss culture through the lens of family history, childhood, traveling, and TV shows. Dennis and Meg look at their own family's culture from moving to Idaho in the early 90s, working in politics, to making travel a priority throughout their lives. In the 'Brown Signs' section Dennis discusses his own personal culture-shock of moving from Germany to Michigan as a child, while Meg brings her perspective to the table from worldwide travels to Israel, the Dominican Republic, Australia, and Thailand. In the final segment of the show, Dennis and Meg share their favorite 'binge-worthy' TV shows while touching on the importance of strong women lead characters. For more information about Dennis' books and coaching, visit
February 12, 2021
S1 Episode 13: The Generational Impact of Making Traveling a Priority
In this episode, Dennis and Colin Mansfield discuss how traveling has impacted their lives, and how the generational impact of making traveling a priority opens new doors for relationship building. Throughout the conversation, Dennis and Colin discuss individual trips they’ve taken, as well as family trips that impacted their relationship as father and son. Colin talks about the differences between the southern United States and the Pacific Northwest, relating experiences he and his wife have had with those he grew up with in the Mansfield family. Finally, Dennis and Colin talk about Campus By The Sea, a Christian camp on Catalina Island that has positively shaped their family and relationships for over 30 years. You can find out more about CBS at What are ways your family can make traveling a priority in 2021? For more information about Dennis' books and coaching, visit
January 14, 2021
S1 Episode 12: Post-Election Encouragement, discovering Abe Lincoln in California, and finding Sugar Man
With election day over and an uncertain political landscape all around, Dennis begins this episode with words of encouragement based on his personal experience running for office: our country is bigger than this election. Next, Dennis and Ken discuss their Brown Sign Brothers trip to Redlands, California and the fascinating Abraham Lincoln memorial that sits in the city center. During the 'Movies with Meg' segment, Meg and Dennis give their thoughts on "Searching for Sugar Man," a documentary that tells the story of how a 70s musician named Rodriguez became famous in South Africa. The catch? He had no idea he was a legend. Dennis wraps up this episode with a personal fun fact, relaying his experiences acting alongside Billy Crystal as an extra in the film "Rabbit Test." For more information about Dennis' books and coaching, visit
November 16, 2020
S1 Episode 11: Anne Lamott’s 12 truths, Happy Days’ original theme, memories of Weedpatch, and more on The Godfather
In this episode, Dennis overviews Anne Lamott’s TED talk titled “12 truths I learned from life and writing.” (Watch here) Next, the Brown Sign Brothers hit the road again, destined for some of California’s most puzzling stops. First, they discuss memories of visiting Grandpa and Grandma’s bar in Weedpatch, CA (yep, it’s a place). Next, a tombstone that’s hard to miss, but easy to forget: George Hicks Fancher’s 68ft tall gravesite is a 1000 ton obelisk. During Movies with Meg, Dennis and Meg continue their discussion on The Godfather, discussing the rest of the trilogy as well as some trivia as tasty as a cannoli. To wrap things up, Dennis takes a look at the original Happy Days theme song: a B-side song that was recorded in 40 minutes but went on to sell millions of records. For more information about Dennis' books and coaching, visit
June 12, 2020
S1 Episode 10: The Spanish Flu, Donner Pass, The Godfather, and John Wesley Hardin
The coronavirus pandemic we're facing is an unprecedented event in world history, but it's not the first viral outbreak humanity has endured. What can we learn from The Spanish Flu of 1918? In this episode, Dennis begins by tackling this question, providing historical insights from 100 years ago. Next, Dennis and Ken discuss their sobering visit to Donner Pass during the "Brown Sign Brothers from Boise" segment, reflecting on the unthinkable struggle these men and women faced. During "Movies with Meg" Dennis and Meg take a look at one of the all-time classics of cinema, The Godfather. Dennis ends the episode with a look back on fascinating historical events including the original date the U.S. Congress abolished slavery, and the life of infamous gunslinger-turned-lawyer John Wesley Hardin. For more information about Dennis' books and coaching, visit
May 03, 2020
S1 Episode 9: Cafe Central’s Nefarious Regulars, New Zealand’s South Island, and What About Bob?
In January 1913, five infamous historical villains frequented the same coffee shop in Vienna, Austria. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Josip Tito were all regulars at Cafe Central. This true historical phenomenon is the starting point for Dennis’ latest novel, To Trust In What We Cannot See. In this episode of the podcast, Dennis discusses the origins of his newest book, including the trip to Vienna that started it all. Next, Colin and Dennis continue their discussion about their recent family trip to New Zealand, covering their experiences in the South Island (check out Episode 8 for their discussion about the North Island). During the ‘Movies with Meg’ portion, Meg and Dennis discuss “What About Bob?” and why it will never be remade in today’s culture. Dennis ends the show with some historical odd facts, including why Abraham Lincoln pardoned his sister-in-law and the inglorious death of cowboy movie star Tom Mix. For more information about Dennis’ books and coaching, visit
March 25, 2020
S1 Episode 8: Famous “Experts,” New Zealand’s North Island, more on Citizen Kane, and the Drunkometer
Should we take celebrity’s opinions more seriously simply because they’re famous? In this episode, Dennis looks at the history of fame influencing culture, then applies it to today (Academy Awards anyone?) Next, Dennis and Colin Mansfield talk international brown signs following their trip to New Zealand. Specifically, this week they look at New Zealand’s north island and discuss their adventures. This week on the ‘Movies with Meg’ segment, Dennis and Meg talk more about Citizen Kane (check out Episode 7 for part 1), this time diving into some of the scenes that make this movie the iconic legend it is. Finally, Dennis ends the episode with some facts about the origins of drunk driving, as well as the so-called ‘drunkometer’ that would later be superseded by the breathalyzer. For more information about Dennis’ books and coaching, visit
February 02, 2020
S1 Episode 7: Jean Baptiste, Citizen Kane, and Why The First NFL Championship Game Was Played On a Hockey Rink
We should be able to laugh at ourselves, and so should our political leaders. Listen as Dennis discusses why self-deprecating humor and laughter are vital in politics today. Next, Dennis interviews Joe - a foreign exchange student from China who’s beginning his freshman year of college. During the Brown Sign Brothers from Boise segment, Dennis and Ken talk about the history surrounding Sacagawea’s child - Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Next, during the new “Movies with Meg” segment, Dennis and Meg look at Citizen Kane through a modern lens, discussing why this masterclass in cinema is as relevant today as it ever has been. Finally, Dennis looks at the odd case of the first NFL Championship. Why was it played on a 60-yard long hockey rink? For more information about Dennis’ books and coaching, visit
December 21, 2019
S1 Episode 6: Taking Politics Too Seriously, Herbert Hoover, and the Oddest Musicians To Play Together
Is it possible that we take politics too seriously? How should we as individuals respond to partisan politics and national-level political feuds? This week, Dennis examines these questions, leaning on four decades of experience in local, state, and national politics. Next, Dennis and Ken (the Brown Sign Brothers From Boise) discuss their visit to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch, Iowa - one of the oldest presidential libraries in the country. Next, in the Entertainment portion of the show, Dennis looks at some of the oddest musicians who have played together on stage (Justin Timberlake getting booed off stage while playing with the Rolling Stones?!) During the Fun History / Odd Facts finale, Dennis touches on the origins of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, as well as presidential love of baseball. Now on sale: To Trust In What We Cannot See, a new novel by Dennis Mansfield. Before they were tyrants, five men lived in Vienna in 1913. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, and Tito - living in the same city, at the same time. What if one man had the opportunity to change history forever? This historical sci-fi story explores time travel, faith, and history. Buy it on Amazon today! For more information about Dennis’ books and coaching, visit
November 27, 2019
S1 Episode 5: Wild Bill Hickok, Ronald Reagan, and Glory’s 30th Anniversary
Sometimes our view of history doesn’t quite match what actually happened. This week, Dennis discusses the first real gun battle of the American west, focusing on Wild Bill Hickok’s involvement. Next, during the Brown Sign Brothers from Boise segment, Dennis and Ken reflect on their visit to President Ronald Reagan’s birthplace. To cap things off, Dennis takes a look at the 1989 film, ‘Glory’ and finishes with odd historical (and bloody!) stories from the 1800s. To see Dennis and Ken’s Brown Sign Brothers from Boise videos, text “Brown Sign Bros” to 72000. For more information about Dennis’ books and coaching, visit 
October 28, 2019
S1 Episode 4: Ulysses S. Grant, John Wayne, and Liberty Valance
In 100 years, when humanity looks back on where we are today, what will they think? In this episode Dennis looks at this question, using Ulysses S. Grant’s view on slavery during the Civil War as a reference point. Next, the Brown Sign Brothers discuss visiting the home of Marion Michael Morrison, who’s stage name you may recognize. Dennis wraps up the episode with fun history/odd facts, discussing Thomas Edison and Major League Baseball. To see Dennis and Ken’s Brown Sign Brothers from Boise videos, text “Brown Sign Bros” to 72000. For more information about Dennis’ books and coaching, visit
October 08, 2019
S1 Episode 3: Grant’s mysterious home, our greatest fears, and the ’83 Corvette
What can we learn from the careers of George Peppard and Dick York? Dennis discusses, taking listeners on a journey through their lives. Next, the “Brown Sign Brothers” talk about their visit to Ulysses S. Grant’s mysterious home in Illinois, providing historical context for Grant’s life along the way. During the culture segment, Dennis dives back into the DISC assessment, looking specifically at our greatest fears. Finally, in fun history/odd facts, Dennis explains the history behind the missing 1983 Corvette, and what we can learn from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. To see Dennis and Ken's Brown Sign Brothers from Boise videos, text "Brown Sign Bros" to 72000. For more information about Dennis' books and coaching, visit
August 21, 2019
S1 Episode 2: Plains Georgia, Staycations, and Vice President Hamlin
In this episode, author and speaker Dennis Mansfield continues his lesson on the DISC assessment, provides tips on how to make the most of your hometown history through "staycations," and talks a Brown Signs visit to Plains, Georgia (featuring a peanut with teeth!). In the final segment, Dennis talks about Vice President Hannibal Hamlin - a man who nearly became President without even knowing it. To see Dennis and Ken's Brown Sign Brothers from Boise videos, text "Brown Sign Bros" to 72000. For more information about Dennis' books and coaching, visit
July 30, 2019
S1 Episode 1: Just Around the Corner
The very first podcast episode of the soon-to-be classic "Just Around The Corner" series from business coach, author and speaker, Dennis Mansfield. In this episode, Dennis gives an introductory lesson on the DISC assessment, provides travel and vacation tips, talks Brown Signs with brother Ken Mansfield, and music history. To see Dennis and Ken's Brown Sign Brothers from Boise videos, text "Brown Sign Bros" to 72000. For more information about Dennis' books and coaching, visit
July 12, 2019