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Where is the Political truth for the American people

Where is the Political truth for the American people

By Dennis S Murray Sr
The Covid-19 and the Delta Virants is killing our children now and we need to stop being afraid and get vaccinated for the yourself and the well-being of your family, none of us know what tomorrow will bring but the world knows if you catch either one of these virus you either die or have everlasting medical problems for the rest of your life.
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Unwanted Violence Towards Our Youth

Where is the Political truth for the American people

Born Not To Be Loved
This is only a draft of the 90 minute documentary FILM. We have already started the short film draft for viewing with locations shots from in Jersey City-Atlanta City-New Jersey; Atlanta, GA; Desoto, Dallas, Texas; and Washington, DC along with video. We expect to be finished shooting in Queens, New York; Philadelphia, PA; East Orange, New Jersey; and Monroe, LA early April 2020.
January 18, 2022
Save our Children
Saving our children should be our first priority in life.   
September 22, 2021
Being Afraid or Being Dead What matter the most
The Covid-19 and the Delta Virants is killing our children now and we need to stop being afraid and get vaccinated for the yourself and the well-being of your family, none of us know what tomorrow will bring but the world knows if you catch either one of these virus you either die or have everlasting medical problems for the rest of your life.      
September 15, 2021
Save Our Veterans Now
Don't tie our Veterans returning home from Afghanistan up in VA paperwork for there benefits.  
August 23, 2021
Save The Life of Your Child
This is a PSA Announcement
August 14, 2021
What is Happening
 Truth In America is gone! 
January 15, 2021
We are in a time of CRISIS in our lives therefore, we have to stand up for each other, our families, and serve in your community NOW! Everything is on the line and we can't miss this chance to provided a brighter future for the one we love throughout this country. Voting Voting Voting Voting (Don't stay at home)   
September 28, 2020
What is next if we don't come together!  
September 02, 2020
The Truth
What does it mean to be all in this together. Are we a team working towards a common goal or are a suppose to be a team but have your own agenda. What is it, because those of privileged with the justice system on they side are not operating like we are all in this together.      
August 13, 2020
What part of "we are all in this together" mean
Stop talking about making change and helping those in needs and do it Fortune 500 corporations.
August 06, 2020
Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have increase wealth post Covid-19
What was the Congressional hearing about when Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon faced off with them. All of those congressional members received financial support from these CEO's so we can't be fool by this theater. VOTING SHOULD BE THE ONLY THING ON OUR MINDS IN 2020 BECAUSE OUR COMMUNITIES ARE DROWNING     
July 31, 2020
Are we really in this all together!
When did we all come together with humanity and feel that we are all in  this together? Why now in 2020 should we believe anything different when  these CEO’s, executive government officials, financial institutions,  and are saying we are all in this together because they knew better with  40.3 millions enslaved sense December 18, 1865. I wander!
July 23, 2020
Babies being slatted in the streets of America
July 14, 2020
Stop the Violence 2020-21
Simple put the Guns down and raise your fist to changing your neighborhood NOW!  
July 06, 2020
What Will Your Second Half Be?
How will your second half be after the Covid-19, Protestors,  Media resolve around Black Lives Matter, and the 2020 Presidential Election.   
July 02, 2020
Black Brown and Minorities Future 21 Century
After the marchers, protestors, and boycotts where are we. Have we done enough to change the narratives and have we left a mark of change for ever?  
June 30, 2020
The Building Needs Cleaning
When will we change the narrative and tell the truth as we wait on the Covid-19 to be resolved, 2020 Election for President, House, and Senate congressional member, health care for the undeserved, and more. We will we see social justice meet us at the door for equity, equality, and humanity for those that have been in pain for centuries?   
June 24, 2020
Fathers Day
I salute the Fatherhood of the world while given peace to those fathers that left us too soon. We honor you all.
June 22, 2020
When will Black Lives Matter to Black's
What will changed for Blacks if we as Black's don't lift each other up, will Black Lives Matter them.
June 17, 2020
Open conversation to my audeince
We are undersized across the country and in the world while fighting for the rights as citizen of the United States of America for our undeserved youth and their communities. But, I am so proud of our national/local non-profits, small undeserved business, and great citizens that have stepped up to serve the undeserved publicly despite the lack of corporate assistance and there consistence apologies for being silent about race relations, discrimination, and the undeserved and the disenfranchised in Americans
June 15, 2020
Open Letter to my world Audience
I am proud of the protestors and their families who have stood by them over these 12 days, because we are witnessing a shift culturally of real great America. I am expecting greatness from these articulate millennial!    
June 12, 2020
Seven Topics for Conversation
We are protesting nationally for the killing of George Floyd and countless other blacks over decades at the hands of some dishonorable police officers, a floored injustice criminal justice system, the injustice among minorities in Corporate America verse whites, and the disruptive behavior of political injustice/infractions with Congressional members. Where are the cries from White leadership and White Congressional members to unearth these problems of oppression?
June 10, 2020
What does 1865, 1950-60, 1963, 1968, 1992, and 2020 all have in common.
Inequality is a measure  of how far the distribution of incomes differs from if all households had the same income especially Blacks and minoroties. The gini coefficient is the most popular measure of  income inequality; Medically Undeserved Areas/Populations are areas or populations designated too few primary care providers, high infant mortality, high poverty or a high elderly population; Disenfranchisment is to take it away. The U.S. has a shameful history of disenfranchising African-American citizens through bogus laws and outright intimidation. Being disenfranchised can make you feel like you don't belong or that you have no power.
June 07, 2020
Protestors are fed-up as they march in the Streets of America 2020
When will those that lead the discrimination war against Black, Brown, and other minorities deceased?  Ask yourself!
June 03, 2020
America is under-siege with continuous discrimination and outrage!
We are protesting nationally for the killing of George Floyd and countless other black, brown, and minorities over decades at the hands of some dishonorable police officers and a white society that stands silence with no voice to change this disruptive behavior. Where are the cries from White leaders and white Congressional members to unearth this problem?
June 01, 2020
How Can You Be Silent (Open Conversation 7)
How can White corporate America be silent when black-men like Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and others are killed by police or former police officers  for just being black. These two blackman and others won't be able to go home to there families anymore. Why are some white police officers and white people so hungry and miss-guided that they want to kill Blackmen?        
May 28, 2020
We are Better Than This!
Health Care workers losing their jobs by the thousand. These hospital nationwide should be ashamed of themselves to layoff Health-care workers. Billionaires Step up!    
May 22, 2020
What will life look like when our Health professionals need help in America?
Are we going to abandon our 2020-12 medical health-care professionals when they need help coping with medical health and physical issues like we did with our professional’s medical professional, police officers, fire fighters, and more during 911? Please ask yourself that question NOW.
May 18, 2020
Conversation 6
Working as one for the Common Good and being a solider in your working community. Corporations look at these small business nationwide and work together as one. Small businesses have the skills, experience, and expertise to work with you. 
May 13, 2020
Conversation 5 open Book
What are we going to do after COVID-19 and how are we going to work together to help our Medical society in 2021 for the betterment of the country.
May 12, 2020
Conversation Part 4
When will major corporations with Billions in assets do more for the rural and urban undeserved in America and stop filling their own CEO's pockets. This is not the time to be selfish if we "are all in this together", when non-profits organizations that fill these disenfranchised void.  
May 06, 2020
Conversation Part 3
I wanted to express some of my feelings through an inspirational poem that was sent to me by a good friend. Please listen and enjoy  and understand that this fight will end.   
May 04, 2020
Conversation Part 3
What have we learned thus far during Covid-19 and to what degree will African Americans population become even more desolated when it's over.  How many of our small businesses in these communities will never come back while corporate greed and discrimination continues to eliminate Black and Brown from any prosperity.  
April 30, 2020
Conversation Part 2
What makes us "in this all together" in your eyes and why has our undeserved continue to be shut-out of the process once again, 10 years later. 
April 28, 2020
Are We really in this ALL TOGETHER?
During the last Stimulus of 2009-the Airlines along with other corporations got bailout while thousands lost there homes and small businesses went out of business. Thousands of workers for these corporations also lose their jobs. But in 2020 Covid-19 ten years later an estimate of 43% of small businesses will have to close their doors forever, while United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz who draws a salary of $10,493.832 in combinations of salary, bonuses, and other compensation will allow his airlines workers to be laid off of furloughed. These CEO's of major corporations and Hedge Funds Managers should agree to a cut in pay so that their undeserved employees can have a job and feed their families.  None of these CEO's or Hedge Fund Managers are losing a meal and they a able to keep their million dollars homes and all that comes with it. Stop being so selfish!        
April 20, 2020
What are we going to do after the Pandemic is over in 2021
April 16, 2020
Once the Country re-opens we have to be Greater than we were
Being greater than we were is most important for all mankind once we re-open the world.    
April 13, 2020
Economy Where are we going!
We need to start now how we are going to move forward when the dust clears. 
April 09, 2020
My Conversation to the World
We will be alright if we continue to work together and do what the health care experts tells.  
April 07, 2020
Doing for the "Common Good of Humanity"
Thank You Dr. Joseph E Lowery for giving me so much, i will never forget you.  RIP 
March 30, 2020
National Impact 2020 Stimulus package
This 2020 Stimulus package must impact the people not Corporations and Congressional members must not allow any PORK in this package. 
March 23, 2020
Trillion dollar Coronavirus grants not loan for Small Business owners
We can’t allow the federal governments to bailout the Hotel, Airlines, Auto, and the financial institutions industry again. In 2008-09 the Feds allowed millions of small businesses, small investors, and homeowners to loss everything and 10 years later we are right back in this ending cycle again of losing everything again. Don’t strangle US again and not provided a real life line.  
March 20, 2020
Help Teach Our Underserved Youth At Home
Allstate, State Farm, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson &Johnson, Coca Cola, Pfeiffer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Micron Biomedical, Roche Holding AG, Pfizer, Merck & Co, Abbott Laboratories, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly and Company,  Gilead Sciences, USDA, Department of Education, Comcast, WellsFargo, Regions, Bank of America, and more have the resources/funds to help the underserved and to serve grassroots organization so that all children are educated during this virus mayheim.  These mega corporations need to get off some of there profits.    
March 16, 2020
"Its time for new business communications " while you wait
Together with the 1890 Institutions we can research and development this virus for the betterment of the world. We can impact change in 2020 with our students in the field of healthcare, technology, business, and pharmaceuticals. The type of research (R&D) can be produced by Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals for two weeks during the 2020 Summer.
March 14, 2020
This is not a dream-Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is real
My thounghts about numerous businesses but nobody talking about the homeless and how we are going to save them because they're especially at risk, ways to stop a spread 'like wildfire'. Who are goin to test them and the NCAA should be ashame their selfs. As more people across the United States test positive for the novel coronavirus and as the death toll climbs, those experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable to contract the virus, experts say.
March 12, 2020
Research and Development (R&D) Program Nationally for our 1890's and HBCU's bright minds
There has been an explosion somewhat with a number of deals between companies and universities  to increase (R&D) programs but this movement is not enough to change the narrative with our 1890's and HBCU's which will allow our outstanding students to continue giving their best in scientific and engineering research. I rave initiated a R&D program for 40 students this summer, but we need Oracle Corporation, Johnson&Johnson, Amazon, Proctor & Gamble, and more to answer the call with YDACBINC. 
February 26, 2020
Black-Man and Boys Celebrating Life
Changing the narrative for our young Black-man and Boys so that the communities they live in strive NOW.     
February 19, 2020
What Politicians especially White ones over the century has elected to be a true enforcer of Helping Black Communities?
The 2020 national campaign for president Republican and Democratic are a cast of White powerful individuals that have not directly addressed the Black Community. Tom Steyer is the only one of these candidates that have actually discuss the Black Communities but many of the others have neglected personally for decades with they own allegations of destroying the black community along with their wrongdoing toward Blacks while they are in office. They all know who they are!      
February 18, 2020
How to promote social justice everyday
We have to compile a list of ideas that will change the narrative in our communities and the nation by eliminating voting suppression, voting in all election (local and national),  become proactive in local and national caucus, increase value added produce  needs for undeserved families, led free water in the homes and schools, listen more and be open to what is happening in your community, upholding the principles of social justice for everyday lives and more.  
February 11, 2020
What presidential candidate in 2020 will appoint a minority "Ground Strategies" for the minority Vote for president
None of the 11 Democratic presidential candidates and 3 Republican candidates have any minorities handling "Ground Strategies" to tackle the needs of the minority 2020. AARP has there own campaign on ageism but none of these 14 candidates are targeting and telling minorities that you won't be left out this time, even Veterans are being left out of the process. However, none of the Minority Media outlets or Internet talk radio shows are getting dollars to campaign directly to minorities, veteran, and seniors directly.            
February 05, 2020
What is your 2020 Ground Strategy for your community
What plans do you have before the election cycle gets under way with candidates making all these promise and plans to help you NOW. These politicians only want your vote period, despite AARP Bulletin on discrimination against Senior's, Disable Veteran's, while Congressional members  continuing to destroy your community. These politicians will not do anything to change your life, you have to do more for your self and family and challenge everything.           
January 31, 2020
Quiet Storm (Resting)
January 29, 2020
The AEA/ARD 1890 Land Grant Insitution Meeting in Washington, DC 2020
Why this meeting was so important to the nation and how we move forward as a community of 1890 institutions for our undeserved youth attending.     
January 25, 2020
Will the China Trade deal for 2020 change anything for 90 percent of Americans.
What will the signing of the Trade deal with China do for the undeserved communities nationally? Will the undeserved be able work one job and made a fair wage, will this provide fresh produce and real help for our disenfranchised farmers and communities, will corporate financial institutions lend money to clean up these communities and build business, will schools be built or rehabbed in undeserved communities, will college debt change for undeserved youth, will the textile industry get a boost, and more.  What do you think?
January 15, 2020
Changing the Statics Quo and Its Narratives
Challenging the Mayors and its City Halls Nationally 
January 11, 2020
2020 Challenges For America
What Happening to the Good People in America!
January 08, 2020
When will the Army come to Save our childern
We will need a army of professional Volunteers to save our children nationally and a millions dollars plus for YDACBINC and its partners to make sure that they are fully educated by June 2020. I also need ALL municipalities to hire 1200 youth for summer internships jobs across the country and provided 1200 youth free summer camp as well. We can't wait until April 30 to figure this out, we have to start planning NOW.       
January 02, 2020
We have to challenge the Narrative Worldwide regarding our Children 2020 NOW
Most recently my podcast on LinkedIn received numerous comments from as far as Australia, Malia, and more about working together to SAVE OUR CHILDREN.  The current podcast adds to this value and allows you to comment and start the conversation for change with a conference call between  January 13-17. However, many of you are on different time zones worldwide so this conference call acts as a meet and greet for all to established a line of communications that gets us through the first phase of reaching this problem head on and solving it worldwide. I understand that this ways on people hearts with children being harm every 26 seconds and our policy makers and Billionaires worldwide don't get. Perhaps together we can get them WOKE!       
December 29, 2019
Happy Holiday and much Success for the New Year 2020
I want everyone to understand that if anything goes wrong before 2019 has expired you will be alright heading into 2020, because God will lift you up even higher. YDACBINC wants to thank all of its professional volunteers, mentors, sponsors, and friends for your dedication and commitment in 2019.   
December 24, 2019
What the Matter with US
Politics has ripped this country apart and the ugliness amount the people is wrong. 
December 12, 2019
We Got too Do Better in 2020
Voting is not enough in 2020 we have to change the narrative in our undeserved communities by making corporations, financial institutions, and allow our law enforcement to do they job and to be accountable for any wrong doing. in your region. Every voter needs to step up and do the right thing in their community by cleaning the streets of trash or just do litter,  looking out for those defenseless children, eliminating domestic abuse of any kind.  We also need to be kind to one another at all times.       
December 07, 2019
What do you expect 2020 to Bring You
Be you own winner in 2020 because you have to be your own boss to accomplish your greatness.  
December 02, 2019
Give Thanks to All
Thanksgiving is a day that we celebrate everyday not just on November 28 or the last Thursday  of the month of November, but we should care for those that are less fortunate and those that have everything. Blessing is the key to Thanks     
November 27, 2019
2020 Should be our standing point nationally
How to change your thought patterns and your struggle in America, despite the disruption in it.   
November 23, 2019
Veterans Day
Veterans should be honored everyday not just on Veterans Day
November 11, 2019
My Conversations in the Nation Capital
We must be honest in the world and do more for our Veterans everyday. 
November 08, 2019
Shot out the Truth
Why are we not talking the Truth? 
October 28, 2019
Where will your mind be in 2020
Let's be in sink before 2020 so we can have a outstanding  economical future. We have to think long and hard about rehabbing our thought process for a better future for all undeserved.    
October 21, 2019
What Challenges are we going to FACE with our underserved youth in 2020-21
Every year we have some type of a election local or national and quiet often the same old talking points about "what we are doing for our undeserved  youth and their future" is always the same BS. "Our Children are our Future"  However, do these children really believe a word of what comes out of these politicians mouth.  I know they don't believe a word of it because i don't. But YDACBINC "New School Science and Dynamics Educational Outreach Center" in Ward 8 is a center/school that can benefit every child in the community if someone wants to spend the money.      
October 18, 2019
New School and Dynamics Educational Outreach Center (Agric-business)
What is you expectations for teaching your undeserved youth in your community. I think that a future dynamic center like this can change the dynamics of our youth in Washington DC Ward 8. Its time to do something in this community by taken the steps to over think the needs in this community with education expanision. Check your watch and don't sit back and watch it slow down because your ego is getting the best of you that you neglect this project that YDACBINC wants to implement. So join us to undertake this project to better 10 of thousands of youth in Ward 8.        
October 15, 2019
Get The Word Out
We are in the final months of the year and many undeserved and disenfranchised  youth and families are in need of our help in serving them with food, clothing, blankets and more. So reach-out to and other organizations (CBO and NGO) that work with us. is traveling to your town and is sharing hope and goodness for the betterment of America's undeserved. So "GET THE WORD OUT"     
October 07, 2019
What does Employment, Financial Freedom, and your Health mean too you.
This week President Trump 2019 Quarterly Report card on jobs, unemployment,  job opening,  real weekly earning, economic growth, and the S&P 500 are much of the same. But what does that mean to the GM Strikers plus the (14000 layoffs), the McDonald, Wendy's, and Walmart works (making less than a living wage); the Disable Veterans, and especially the 94- million working-age adults not looking for jobs along with 1.3 million that have zero earnings and no fixed-income resources. But we continue to spot lights the low unemployment in 18 years. These numbers are extremely misleading and we have to see it for what is is.              
October 04, 2019
What is important to You
Is the Truth important to you today or is it in 2020   
October 03, 2019
The Reason You Was Born
When you know you can live your best life spend time sharing words of encouragement in supporting others.   
September 23, 2019
What are we teaching children? 
September 19, 2019
Your Environment and Economic Love
We are faced with distasteful issues everyday therefore, i have presented some tips that will help you through your day. Often the news media is blasting unbearble disasters such as deaf and economic twisted in turns from rising utility cost, unhealthy air/water, and financial woes. However, you have to take time to breeze and relaxes so that your mind doesn't turn you into a twirler. Review my tips for a healthy mind or asked Google or Youtube any question because it free advice, then ask yourself daily while brezzing slowly and enjoy life, because you only have one.       
September 16, 2019
Unwanted Violence Towards Our Youth
These issues of gun violence directly impact and continually change the directory of how our environment has dramatically changed both for  economically and socially with the lack of our youth to develop new innovation that could add to the fabric of the universe.  This problem is abnormal problem that such a wealthy nation should have such a high Mortality and Morbidity in youth related to firearms. We stop caring long ago, when will start caring again.    
September 12, 2019
Does the Economic and Climate Crisis Effect You
The world is broken down like this 75% of the nation is undeserved, 24% have effective means, and the 1% control all the wealth in the nation. Therefore, the 1% will never be effected by a Economic and Climate Crisis because they wealth will shelter them from any liabilities that effect their livelihood for their love ones and themselves. The world so broken when you live in America and work and can't care properly for your family. Those that live in Haiti, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and now Bahamas suffered a massive Earthquake, Tornado's, or Hurricanes and have never recover and many will never recover from this on top of a Economic-Recession and Climate Crisis. Desipte all the out cries about what is happening in The Bahamas it will never be the same unless the World stand up for them.               
September 04, 2019
Veterans Beware that their help for you
I was watching  a TV Show "Seal Team" last night that comes on CBS at  10am and it touch me therefore, i wanted to share my comments about the  show with America and my fellow veterans nationally. If you get a chance  watch it on Demand the showed aired August 28, 2019 at 10am.
August 30, 2019
Veterans Beware that their help for you
I was watching  a TV Show "Seal Team" last night that comes on CBS at 10am and it touch me therefore, i wanted to share my comments about the show with America and my fellow veterans nationally. If you get a chance watch it on Demand the showed aired August 28, 2019 at 10am.      
August 29, 2019
Creating "The Black Man Lab" Nationally
Are We going to continue the killing or are we going to create a problem the stops the killing.  We are witnessing to many babies being killed by gun violence in Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Monroe, LA; Oklahoma City, OK; Brooklyn, NY; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA and more should adopt a program that brings these young man together to stop the killing. We can't deal with national discrimination and poverty until we deal with the violence in these undeserved communities.        
August 28, 2019
The Next Three (3) Months are Extremely Important
What are you going to do in the next three months with your family and for your community. Don't let any recession change your view point moving forward.    
August 22, 2019
Where do We draw the Line?
How Deep do we fall before the blinders come off or are we going down like the Titanic heading into 2020.   
August 13, 2019
Change is Good
Changes are good for everyone, we can be better for the betterment of our children as they head back to school nationally. We have four months to turn this country around for our children as we close 2019. We own this to them, no more lies and false narratives. Changes is coming, are you ready?  
August 08, 2019
Lets Change America with your Vote
Where are the questions coming from during these debates. Are they addressing anything in your community, If not you should ask CNN and MSMBC what the hell are they doing. None of the current branches of government in your district is helping you unless you are a millionaire because  undeserved communities will not change unless you take your concerns to the polls in your state of 2020..  
August 02, 2019
Saving our Children as they Return back to School Nationally
There is a number of ugliness surrounding the world especially in the US. But the summer is over and our precious children are returning back to school. What are we going to do NOW in saving there lives. Their will be pain in many of the schools across the country, but the Mayors of these small and large cities as well as the local grassroots organizations need to STEP UP NOW and come together to save them.      
July 29, 2019
The Best of American people
Lets be untied in our Country and not try to banner blacks like Oregon did when Portland banned blacks  in 1844. All black people were ordered to get out of Oregon Country, the expansive territory under American rule that stretched from the Pacific coast to the Rocky Mountains. Those who refused to leave could be severely whipped, the provisional government law declared, by “not less than twenty or more than thirty-nine stripes” to be repeated every six months until they left.
July 22, 2019
America-What is Happen to you?
Why are we so surprised of the hatred that has risen its ugly head in this country over and over again. We continue to witness Congressional members, City Officials, municipalities, and Administration officials as they continue to deliver hated and racism as if we are still living in the 1800's.  Will we ever move forward? Its always the same thing everyday while our babies are dying on the streets in poverty. Will the 2020 Presidential candidates talk about the inequality and their own complicit actions to avoid caring.      
July 18, 2019
2019 National Back to School "Pop Up Shop"
We can only take care of the undeserved families,  youth, and teachers in our communities nationally. This national program will allow these undeserved to return back to school and with tools needed to continue their educational journey.  Many of these teachers caring for our undeserved youth will not have the proper tools to teach our youth and the parents will not have the nutritional tools to get their youth throughout the days during there educational journey.   Don sit on the sidelines "Join US Nationally"   2019 National Back to School "Pop Up Shop"        
July 16, 2019
Where is Justice for our Children
Sex-Trafficking (Sex Terrorism) is at it all time worsts or can it get worst. When are our lawmakers and Congress going to stop allowing our children to harmed like this. 
July 12, 2019
Racial Terror of the African people and there family's
I spent my 4th of July at The Monument at the Peace and Justice Memorial Center and The Legacy Museum which shows the terrorism and the ugliness towards a people of African Blacks slaves, Black business, farmer owners, former military, women, and children being terrorized by the hands of White people just because. They used the term Pic a Nigger and this motivated them to take there rage and anger out and celebrate with a picnic of 1000's white men, women, and children watching dressed in their Sunday best to witness these act of Terror. This is not knew to ME but i wanted everyone to know that we should never forget those White people and they ancestors that felt that this was alright to do to a human being.        
July 08, 2019
What do African Americans feel about the Fourth of July?
Our current political  climate speaks volumes on our country’s interpretation of freedom. If  you are not white, your freedom is conditional, not a guarantee.  What do you think?
July 05, 2019
IThink can be the answer to changing the way many cities handle violence, discrimination, unemployment, and hunger if we care about our youth and undeserved communities. . 
July 01, 2019
Did the Democratic Town Hall on June 26 change your mind about any of our candidates for President. Were they really addressing your concerns in the 5 minutes allotted to them or do you feel that our politicians are just spinning you around like a yo-yo.      
June 27, 2019
Reparation paid to White Slave Owners (think about it)
Do you think it was right that White plantation owners were paid $300 each for the releasing their slaves in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln and in 2019 Congress has a problem with reparations for all Africans Americans. Speak-out and share your thoughts.          
June 23, 2019
Reparations "What Do You think"
Please don't be afraid to have this discussion with your white associates and don't allow yourself to be angry during this discussion. Open your mind because "Franky Beverly and Maze" Say's "We are One No Matter What you Say or do"         
June 19, 2019
Saving our Babies NOW
When are we going to put our babies first and stop the corruptions of unreserved communities and save our babies.    
June 18, 2019
Where will you find your Peace
I was allowed to spend several peaceful days in Coral Springs, Florida to regroup, refresh,  and feel alive. The pain that is destroying my body was minimized some. However, at times the pain was not totally removed from my body, but my mind was extremely at peace and clear. Everyone needs to feel what i felt for that week not to think about the pain in your body every minute of the day as i do along with the ills of fighting federal government agencies to live, and our political climate that often will kill you if you let it. I had real Peace for 7 day, Perhaps, i was in Heaven!    
June 09, 2019
What is Important To You?
We have so much going on in the US that many of us are unbalanced especially those living in undeserved communities.  Therefore, relax your mind this weekend and find a comfortable room or place and discover what is important to you.    
May 31, 2019
Take Care of Our Veterans (Happy Memorial Day) my Fellow Veterans
Memorial Day is just a Day, but our Veterans need your help 365 days a year. Help a Veteran if you see on in need and love of him or her when you get a change 
May 27, 2019
Series 2 Letter to My Social Media Audience (Masquerade)
What would you do with three wishes and who would you be or do for..
May 25, 2019
Open Letter Series Part 1
This is a open letter series to my social media audience throughout the nation. We will be doing these series of open letters until June 22. Help someone in need and don't miss that blessing.  
May 22, 2019
Infinity (Comcast) and AT&T Monopoly over your life
lInfinity (Comcast) and AT &T has an exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service over your life. They both are gauging your finances every month. Many can't afford these services but they do so anyway. I purpose the nation to review the money that can be saved over a period of years that can benefits you in the long run. The saving can allow your to extend your life in the long term.  Go to your Congressman or woman to ask that the FAA stop this punishment of the American people and regulate to allow other companies change the system.           
May 20, 2019
Do you have to comply to a Subpeona
Justice is continues to be BLIND!
May 17, 2019
We need to wake up
How do we bring Loyalty and Justice back to our communities
May 14, 2019
Humanity and Humanitarian
Are we reflecting the True meaning of God in this country and are we so far removed from not helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people that they don't exist to us?  
May 10, 2019
1200 Youth Campaign Can Be Achieved
Are you listening to me because the Summer is upon Us and our youth needs us Now for the next 2 1/2 months.   
May 08, 2019
What is the American Dream
We need to face up to Inequality in America and stop watching it like its a sport 
May 06, 2019
Is the Economy Working For You or are you working for it
The April 2019 economic report for unemployment came out today at 3.6% with 263K jobs increase, however, how many of those jobs were African American apart of and when will these CEO Boardrooms reflect our African Americans populations.  Does the stock market reflect your community when major banks in your community except your pay-checks, retirement check, and more. Are they lending money to African American business owners and homebuying.   Don't sit on the side lines anymore.         
May 03, 2019
Goodwill for All
We Are Blessed 
April 30, 2019
When Are we going to (Do What is Right) #1-3
What is America saying about these situations-#1 President Vladimir Putin says he’s willing to share details with the  United States about his summit on Thursday with Kim Jong Un, potentially  raising Russia’s influence in the stalemated issue of North Korean  denuclearization. The two leaders’ first one-on-one did not  indicate major changes in North Korea’s position: Putin said Kim is  willing to give up nuclear weapons, but only if he gets ironclad  security guarantees.#2  We can reduce crime if we provided Summer jobs for  youth employment programs and (YDACBINC) and it national partners have become increasingly popular in cities and counties across the country in helping reduce crime with its summer program. #3 I have started a GoFundme account to get our documentary (Born Not To Be Loved)  about Child abandonment, Abuse, Neglect, and Sex Trafficking.    
April 26, 2019
National Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum (Atlanta GA)
We all need to review the pictures, video, words, and documentary of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights because the message is clear that in 2019 we can still overcome the issues of discrimination, racism, bigotry, poverty, and more because we had hope 64 years ago that we could overcome. However, America have sold their sole for the richest of wealth and the 95% of undeserved and disenfranchised are still back in the 60"s. Just look at the discrimination, racism, bigotry, and poverty continuing in 2019, but do be fool this has been going on for decades. Please stop by the National Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum (Atlanta GA)  and the National Museum of African American (Washington, DC) and learn about where we come from and how much we can learn what to do and what not to do.     
April 24, 2019
We can serve 1200 Youth Nationally if we want to from each municipality small or big town
Today we have listed several contacts and statics that deal with our youth education nationally, but we have also provided affordable summer camps and paid internships for our youth nationally. You have too listen to get the information and provide feedback to how this will help your community. Some that are discuss are: has 45 free and affordable summer camps for Philly Kids and Families and more.      
April 22, 2019
1200 Youth Nationally (Are you hearing ME)
Don't let Crime become a issues during the 2019 Summer with our youth with nothing  to do. This is a National emergency to save our children by allowing 600 to obtain Free summer camps in there regions, and 600 paid internships  from Fortune 100-500 corporations, NBA, NFL, Professional Athletics,  Financial Institutions,  and more step the hell up. If you sit on your  hands this summer one or more of these youth that you don't help will be  burglarizing your home, car jacking, shop lifting, and more over these  hot summer months. HELP NOW! 
April 16, 2019
1200 Youth Are in Need of Sponsorship Nationally
Don't let Crime become a issues this Summer with our youth with nothing to do. This is a National emergency to save our children by allowing 600 to obtain free summer camps in there regions, and 600 paid internships by Fortune 100-500 corporations, NBA, NFL, Professional Athletics, Financial Institutions,  and more step the hell up. If you sit on your hands this summer one or more of these youth that you don't help will be burglarizing your home, car jacking, shop lifting, and more over these hot summer months. HELP NOW!        
April 12, 2019
1200 Youth (Nationally) need your help this Summer
I am asking that every Mayor throughout the country, NBA Owner -players, NFL Owner-players, Baseball Owner-player, Corporation, and Government Agency sponsor 600 Summer Jobs and 600 paid Internships so we can keep the streets safe and allow our children to have a safe beautiful Summer. Our children need activity and nutriment as they enter the Summer Months and WE HAVE TO DO THIS.   
April 11, 2019
Opportunities or Consequences
Opportunities provides the undeserved to survive but the lack of it kills our society like the ocean floor. I recommend that you all watch the 60 Minutes episode dated Sunday April 7.    
April 08, 2019
Saving our Veterans Now
Politician should talk more about changing the Veteran Administration instead of discussing ideas that will never get passed in Congress. We need to take care of our Veterans and stop the BS.    
March 22, 2019
What is White Priviledge
Why do White's feel that this is a made-up conversation by Blacks and do White's feel that Blacks are just complaining or are their facts to back up this nativities. Please review Economic Policy Institute (EPI)   think tank in Washington, DC and review AP article on poverty in America.     
March 18, 2019
Black Women Rock
Powerful Black women who have changed America 
March 08, 2019
Stop Throwing Stones
We need to be closer to each other and share the graces of God
March 05, 2019
Let's Be Better to All
As a people we should be better towards each other because it is painful for all when we are not.  
January 28, 2019
Super Bowl Commerical and its Wasted Money
The Super Bowl 2019 held (Atlanta-GA Mercedes Benz Stadium) which is located in a number of undeserved communities that lack proper funding for their schools and students that need books, school supplies, and more. However, each advertise (30 second commercial will cost 5 million dollars). That's a wasted money when they can provide (One third (1/3) of that money in changing lives in a areas that needs an extreme make over with the schools, their students, Libraries, etc and most of all give some of that money to the grassroots organization in that community.          
January 24, 2019
January 07, 2019
Happy Holiday To all
This is a time of given as we closeout 2018, but please remember that given is 365 days a year from your heart.
December 19, 2018
Value the Love for Others During the Holiday's
Christmas is about the Love we share for others
December 10, 2018
God Is Watching
We need more love and spiritual guidance's in 2019. Let come together!
December 04, 2018
God Is Watching
Be prepared for the message while the Holidays are upon US
November 30, 2018
Episode 18 Being Thankful Everyday
Thanksgiving brings the best out of everyone but we must be thankful 365 days; not until the next holiday when we are encouraged by commercial aids to express on-self.
November 26, 2018
Love Someone During the Turkey Holiday
It's the Thanksgiving Holiday so Care and Love someone Now
November 20, 2018
Episode 10
Now that we are in the political climate are we going to Value each other and not demean each other
November 02, 2018
Episode 15
Peace and Love the Neighbor is the Answer (Stop the Violence)
October 29, 2018
Episode 13
My special quest Nephew "Jarad Pierre" discuss the importance of life and can you put a value of it.
October 26, 2018
Episode 11
What or whom do we Value the most (Icons, People, or Thinks)
October 25, 2018
Episode 10
Together We Stand Divided We Fall (Value of A Life)
October 22, 2018
Episode 8
Jazz and Peace for All (Value of A Life) through music
October 19, 2018
Episode 8
When are we going to Care for other lives (Value of A Life)
October 17, 2018
Episode 5
Having the opportunity to ask the Tough Questions via Kanye West
October 12, 2018
Episode 4
Asking the tough questions
October 10, 2018
Episode 3
Value of A Life "we celebrated the "Frog Foundation " and "Child Abuse" issues.
October 08, 2018
Episode 2
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday i will be on the air discussing the Value of a Life and how we should change this situation in the US. Enjoy me with your comments and help me nationally to change this violence negative.
October 05, 2018
Episode 2
The very first episode of Dennis S Murray Sr!
October 03, 2018