The Denton Traveler

The Denton Traveler

Charles Burkett
This is The Denton Traveler Podcast, traveling through life to find that true Denton vibe everywhere.

My name is Charles Burkett, I am The Denton Traveler.
Throughout my time in Denton, TX, I have found that many people love it here and love the atmosphere and the overall way that we as Dentonites are so inviting and friendly. This also spills over into our local businesses and festivals; we are always quick to help others and find ways to do that. But I noticed, there are places and people like this all over, I am taking a journey in my podcast to highlight those.


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Denton Traveler Episode 5

The Sinclair Broadcast Group and your voice

Denton Traveler Episode 5

Denton Traveler Episode 5
This episode focuses on the ever changing news and how the conglomeration of media news outlets hampers the voice of the citizens. Also about what you can do to change this and protect against this.
April 6, 2018
Denton Traveler Episode 4
The new generation and #marchforourlives.
March 24, 2018

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