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The Denton Traveler

The Denton Traveler

By Charles Burkett
This is The Denton Traveler Podcast, traveling through life to find that true Denton vibe... everywhere. Searching for stories and new adventures for those to experience and learn more..
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The Denton Traveler Ep 18: What It Takes Pt 8 - The Takeaways
These are the takeaways that I found during my series of What It Takes. These pieces of advice are those that I believe can be used for anyone for any kind of career and just good life advice. I also give a little of my own. Thank you to my wife, and my family for the support in doing this, and for supporting my passion. To my parents who have always been there to support me in whatever I decide to do, even bowling. To the guests on my show, Michael Braxton, Austin Cecil, The Denton Neighborhood Spiderman,  Joe Ellison, Jennifer Loehding,  Jean Sala Smith, and Sierra Boga for taking the time to be a guest. And thank you to Pat Waldschmidt who taught me to take chances. 
December 10, 2020
The Denton Traveler Ep 17 What it Takes Ep 7 - Horse Trainer Sierra Boga
Sierra Boga is a horse trainer in Pennsylvania and talks about the experiences and details of horse riding and training. This is what it takes to be a horse trainer.
December 10, 2020
The Denton Traveler Ep 16: What it Takes Ep 6 - Midwife Jean Sala Smith
Jean Sala Smith is a midwife and the owner of Inanna Birth and Women's Center in Denton, TX. We talk with her about her struggles and the journey of what it takes to be a midwife.
December 10, 2020
Denton Traveler Episode 15: What it Takes Pt 5 - Jennifer Loehding
Jennifer Loehding is an author and entrepreneur who has gone through many life events that have shaped her career. Life Coaching, to a book, and even a podcast that highlights women entrepreneurs and gives insights on how to start a brand, she does so much more. Listen to her journey and some insights on what it takes.
November 30, 2020
Denton Traveler Episode 14: What it Takes Pt 4 - Joe Ellison of Run With Patience
In this episode, we talk to Joe Ellison who I met through TikTok, and talk about what all it takes to be a musician and some advice he gives to up-and-coming artists.  You can listen to Run With Patience on Spotify after you listen to the episode of course.
November 08, 2020
Denton Traveler Episode 13: What it Takes Pt 3 - The Denton Neighborhood Spiderman
In this episode, I interviewed the Denton Neighborhood Spiderman. You may have seen his truck around town, but he is giving some joy to kids of all ages around the community. Check him out on FB at The Denton Spiderman. 
October 16, 2020
Denton Traveler Episode 12: What it Takes Pt 2 - Austin Cecil Chef Manager at Komodo Loco
In this episode, we explore the behind the restaurant scene with the Chef Manager at Komodo Loco, Austin Cecil. We get to find out about what all it takes and some of the hints and advice in the business of cooking and to be a chef. 
September 18, 2020
Denton Traveler Ep 11: What it Takes- Pt 1 - Braxton the Barber
The new Denton Traveler site is up and now the new podcast series! Michael Braxton Jr works at North Texas Cutz and knows the ins and outs of the barbering world, being a second-generation barber. Barbers are some of the most precision skilled laborers that are working here in the US. With thousands of hours of training, nothing truly gets you ready except real-world experiences. 
September 04, 2020
The New Format
Giving some upcoming changes on the show, like the LongTable talks and so much more! Stay tuned!
December 04, 2019
Denton Traveler Episode 9
Happenings and the Nice Effect
March 08, 2019
Denton Traveler Episode 8
The Denton Traveler's advice to Graduates #doingitdenton #gradvice #dentoning
May 23, 2018
Denton Traveler Episode 7
Twighlight Tunes, Denton Community Market, Funk at the Monk 3... #doingitdenton #dentoning
May 10, 2018
Denton Traveler Episode 6
World Press Freedoms and Reporters Without Borders Thanks to the community including the Dentonite and Denton Record Chronicle, and so many others.
May 02, 2018
Denton Traveler Episode 5
This episode focuses on the ever changing news and how the conglomeration of media news outlets hampers the voice of the citizens. Also about what you can do to change this and protect against this.
April 06, 2018
Denton Traveler Episode 4
The new generation and #marchforourlives.
March 24, 2018
Denton Traveler Episode 3
Episode 3
March 03, 2018
Denton Traveler Episode 2
Episode 2
March 02, 2018
The Denton Traveler Ep 1
This was the first episode of The Denton Traveler. Have fun listening. It has been a journey.
March 01, 2018