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The Depressed Mom Boss Podcast

The Depressed Mom Boss Podcast

By Sarah Khan
The name of my podcast, The Depressed Mom Boss, may sound… well, depressing. ***Friends, one thing I've learned is that people find solace in others' stories*** I openly share my life living with mental illness, how it affects me, my family, my business, my overall health plus my personal growth journey & the tips, tricks and lessons (oh, so many lessons) I've learned along the way. So, I hope that sharing my life & journey will help give you some perspective & open your eyes to the fact that friends, you are worth more, can do more, can become more than you may give yourself credit for!
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When A Loved One has Dementia- "Mum, You Will Never Know"
According to my mother, she says “I don’t have dementia… everyone else has dementia.” I consider myself the 'in between' generation. I am young enough to have young children, but old enough to have aging parents that require my help. I never could've predicted how much of my time would be pulled in opposite directions with family obligations, and the learning curve in navigating life with a parent with dementia was steep, and fast. I know that so many of us are struggling with this right now, and although we have professionals that can help, we still continue to feel that we don't know what to do as it relates to making decisions for a parent that is no longer competent to make their own decisions.  I'm still learning. I'm still going through this. And with yet another health scare for my mother, I realize that I still need help. So, that starts with telling my story with my mom through the years and sharing it with all of you. You can read this article at: Friends, If you or someone you know is being affected by dementia, feel free to reach out to me at 
May 10, 2021
I Captured My Son Counting on Video, But I’m a Bad Mom
This episode is also available as a blog post: April is Autism Acceptance month in Nova Scotia, so I wanted to share some of the earlier struggles that I had as a mom of a child with autism-- more specifically that struggles that I internally dealt with that weren't because of him at all, but because of me and not being able to cope and feeling like I was the worst mom ever, which I know many parents feel, regardless of having a special needs child or not. We don't always want to admit how bad we feel as parents, especially when we make mistakes. But, honestly, we're just human and we need to recognize that we will always continue to learn, usually from those mistakes. Friends, I hope that some of what I share resonates with you.  You can read the full blog post as well as see his video at the link above. I would love to hear from you. Contact me via or email
April 7, 2021