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Just Cause with Derek A Bardowell

Just Cause with Derek A Bardowell

By Derek Bardowell
Exploring the intersections of race, culture and philanthropy, author of No Win Race Derek A Bardowell speaks to the people who are tackling some of the most challenging social issues of our times. In each episode you will hear the views, approaches and tactics of those who are reforming our public services, speaking truth to power and opening the doors for the marginalised to move to the centre.
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Amahra Spence on the intersection of art, social change and place

Just Cause with Derek A Bardowell

Ben Lindsay on youth violence and the importance of community
We discuss serious youth violence, the impact of austerity on communities, drill music, Queensbridge hip-hop, Power the Fight, community voice impacting on policy and funding, supporting frontline practitioners and why We Need To Talk About Race.
March 19, 2020
Amahra Spence on the intersection of art, social change and place
We discuss how everyday people power significant social movements, Art Hotel, race & space, No Permission Fund, Beats, Rhymes & Cities, and why we should invest in hope.
February 27, 2020
Rose Longhurst on participatory grant-making and the future of philanthropy
We discuss philanthropic culture, participatory grant-making, Edge Fund, Charity vs Social Justice, and visions of what a more effective philanthropic sector would look like.
February 13, 2020
Immy Kaur on building a fair and just society
Derek and Immy talk about the need for radical investment in our social and civic infrastructure, Black Panther Party, Birmingham Impact Hub, Civic Square and why funders invest in black and brown pain and not in our liberation or visions for the future.
January 27, 2020
Jacqui Dyer and Natalie Creary on race, mental health and Black Thrive
Derek, Jacqui and Natalie discuss holistic approaches to addressing the root causes of mental ill health, designing an anti-racist health system, black wellbeing, community leadership, white supremacy, and culturally appropriate advocacy
January 13, 2020
Faiza Shaheen and Omar Khan on race and class in Britain
Derek, Faiza and Omar discuss race, class and institutional prejudice, immigration, Empire, the role of civil society, hostile environment and hope.
December 19, 2019
Mandu Reid, leader of the Women’s Equality Party on Brexit and tackling abusive power
Derek and Mandu, leader of the Women's Equality Party and the first black leader of a major political party in Britain discuss equal parenting and care-giving, Brexit, toxic femininity, ending violence against women and girls, and menstrual cups.
December 07, 2019
Fozia Irfan on Decolonising Philanthropy
Derek and Fozia discuss power dynamics in philanthropy; diversity, equity and inclusion in the charitable sector, equity-based approach to grant-making, and community-based decision-making, among other issues.
November 21, 2019
Marcus Ryder on Diversity in the Media
Derek and Marcus discuss the Naga Munchetty case, the Reporting Racism event at House of Commons, navigating white spaces in the media, Local News Partnerships, tax breaks for implementing diversity, the Netflix model and the power of journalism.
November 09, 2019
Farzana Khan & Sai Murray on Voices that Shake! and Environmental Justice
Derek, Farzana and Sai discuss the legacy of Voices that Shake! connecting climate justice to all social justice issues, extractivism and the white saviour complex in the NGO sector, the ‘b-euro-cratic’ nature of funding, art as a lever for social change and community healing.
October 28, 2019
Michelle Moore & Anna Kessel, MBE on Women in Sports
Derek, Michelle and Anna discuss how physical education should be reformed, how the media represents sports women, Serena Williams, intersectionality, body image and much more.
October 09, 2019
Dr Carlene Firmin, MBE on Contextual Safeguarding
Derek and Carlene discuss serious youth violence, chicken shops, protecting children online, the value of youth work, county lines and school exclusions.
September 19, 2019