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How to be a Parkour Ninja Tips

How to be a Parkour Ninja Tips

By Derek Zhang
This will teach you tips for "Be a Parkour Ninja" in Roblox
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Ryan White Podcast
There are many problems in the world, and not many people are wanting to stand up or solve to these problems, some people are brave enough to stand up or solve them, and they aren't necessary world leaders or very important people, even ordinary people can become someone big or important, these people are called agents of change. In this podcast we explore the history and some important life events of a agent of change named Ryan White, Ryan was a agent of change because like I said he was just a normal teen when he changed the world, he is a great example because he was only a teen and he had severe hemophilia A ,HIV ,AIDS and more so many painful diseases, imagine yourself having so many diseases when you are only a teen, anyways he struggled to fight the pain and he wasn't allowed to go to school, then he raised awareness and BOOM people were donating money to hospitals and other medical places, anyways my point is Ryan suffered from discrimination, diseases, bullying and much more he was a role model and he was just a normal boy, and he helped raise awareness and he became famous. Maybe you can become a agent of change too!!!
January 9, 2020