Design for good

Design for good

By Henry Ikoh
Design has been transforming lives and improving the way we interact with systems and technology for many years now. But due to its intangible nature, humans have defaulted to seeing design as only the beautiful shell that often wraps well design products. But design is much more than aesthesics.

Design for good is a podcast that would explore the beautiful world of design and how it can be applied to global social impact.

This podcast would be a mix of interviews and personal stories of people who are creating the future through good design. Listen and share and remember to leave a review
More places to listen

More places to listen

#02 - Redesigning the educational experience in Africa - Anne Noah
This episode is journey through the eye of Anne Noah, A young and curious user experience designer, lover of children and all round creative mind as she finds herself pulled into the life of trying to solve the complex educational problems in Nigerian and Africa. In this episode she shares her experience and also some advice and insight for anyone interested in coming into the education sector in Africa. You can reach her on Instagram @annenoah_ and also on her website ------- My name is Henry Ikoh (@henryikoh) and i'm a brand Impact Strategist, Educator and Artist. Passionate about designing brands and systems that create sustainable positive social impact.  Find out  more about Senpai here -->
June 8, 2019
#01 - Connectedness, Design and Community building
We all crave the feeling of connectedness. Its a fundamental human need. Listen to the episode to learn more about how design can help just connect.
May 11, 2019
#00 - How I became a designer for social impact
Hello guys this is the introductory episode to what I hope to be a pleasant experience. My name is henry Ikoh and I am the host of this podcast and would take you guys on a join into the world of design and social impact. Hope you love the podcast and hope it brings you value.
March 21, 2019
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