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Design or DIY

Design or DIY

By Collette Morton
A podcast + blog for Womxn small business owners and creatives, Hosted by Collette Morton, a Brand + Stationery designer. This is for those that are craving a sense of community and motivation to hit the ground running with their business or creative pursuits, and make organic and purposeful connections.
It can be really isolating when working from home or owning your own business, and this platform is meant to connect creatives together by sharing ideas and navigating through the pushes and pulls of what it means to be an entrepreneur.
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Murals, Community + Asking for what you deserve Ft. Jillian Goeler
CONTRACTS CONTRACTS CONTRACTS.  Chatted with a friend and the illustrator of this podcast, Jillian Goeler, about how her business grew naturally and quickly. We also discuss implementing contracts, how small communities can bring you further, and the pros/cons of pop up shows and markets!  SHOW NOTES: Jillian Goeler  IG/TIKTOK Website CT Murals  Hartford Prints
September 09, 2022
Listening to the Signs + Living Your Truth
Do you lean into "signs"? Chatted with Licensed Social Worker and Therapist Michelle Lajoie about her experience being an empath and navigating her career, as well as what came to her in a dream!  SHOW NOTES: Michelle Lajoie, LMSW Psychology Today
August 26, 2022
Small Bizz Tips + Social Media
I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to! Here's all my "secrets" for your business to help you stay organized and remain peaceful and successful. I also throw in some Social Media tips to get you going! SHOW NOTES:  How to Grow Your Social Media Try Honeybook for $1/month  Join our Patreon
July 22, 2022
Self Doubt + Gatekeeping
I share some REAL feels here about what it's like 1. Being Human 2. Running your own business. Process with me how to turn those negative feelings into solutions, as well as what it means to Gatekeep and how I keep Community over Competition at the forefront of my brand SHOW NOTES: Rising Tide Society Facebook Group (you can also find local chapters to connect with)
July 14, 2022
Disability, Possibility + Performance Art ft. Jessica Blinkhorn
Got to talk with my first art instructor ever and discuss her experiences as a person living with disability and the ways in which she uses art and performance to engage with the community. Learn how the power of question and being open to offering the answers can truly help bridge the gap between us all.  SHOW NOTES: Jessica Blinkhorn  IG: @wheelie_an_artist TIKTOK: _wheelie_an_artist Help Jessica with her Reverence Art Performances by donating or sharing:
June 17, 2022
Pricing, Intuition, + Living in Alignment
So you're at a point in life where you feel pulled in a million directions. Let's talk through it! Whether that's learning how to price your work, or learning who and what to cut out of your life, I'll give you some ideas on how to make it more seamless. 
June 03, 2022
Mental Health, Community + Aphantasia Ft. Dani Fallon
In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, Collette + Dani of Embracing Obsession chat about all things relating to Art and Mental Health, OCD, Aphantasia, and the power of Social Media and Community, especially during a pandemic. Dani Fallon IG @embracingobsession_bydani  TIKTOK embracingobsession  WEB If you are in crisis, get immediate help: Call 911.  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline : 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for English, 1-888-628-9454 for Spanish, or Lifeline Crisis Chat You are never alone.
May 20, 2022
Self Care + Staying Inspired ft. Laura Camila of Wild and Soul Photography
Laura is a self-made photographer based in the South and has paved her way to discover a life that is full of creativity and love.  Listen to find out tips for beginning photographers, where she draws inspiration from, all the while balancing being a full-time mom. 
May 07, 2022
How Successful People Are Made
Let's explore together what it means to be successful and how YOU can get to where you want to be in life. Whether that be in your personal or professional life, the first step is just to begin. SHOW NOTES: The Highest Self Podcast by Sahara Rose Dharma Archetype Quiz
April 22, 2022
Women's Wellness + How to Stay Motivated with Amanda Garcia
Sat down with women's leadership and fitness coach Amanda to talk about all the things relating to women's wellness, chronic illness, fitness goals and journeys as a woman, as well as how to stay motivated to reach your goals. We also dived into how to get your creative energy flowing and to incorporate that into your everyday life.  SHOW NOTES: Instagram: @amandaj_garcia Email:
April 08, 2022
Going With the Flow ft. Sierra Cranford
Talking with Designer + Creative Sierra Cranford of Sierra Dawn Design and how her business developed on its own and how saying "YES" to a project out of your comfort zone can open new doors. SHOW NOTES: @sierradawn_design
March 25, 2022
International Women's Day, Supporting Small Business + Pivoting in a Pandemic
It's International Women's Day! A shout-out to all you badass women out there. Give yourself a hug and pat on the back for all the amazing things you are and do.  In this episode Collette talks about small businesses supporting other small businesses and how you have to practice what you preach, as well as navigating and pivoting your business during the pandemic and adapting to change. 
March 11, 2022
Pyramid Schemes + Networking
Let's talk Pyramid Schemes + how they actually exploit women not empower them.  If you're a SAHM, lifewife, work from home, have a hard time finding things to do outside of your house, or need tips on networking, this episode is for you!
March 07, 2022
Boundaries with Clients + Managing your time
So you've gotten to know me in the first episode, in this one we're diving into how to set boundaries with clients, only do work you align with, and how to say "NO" when its necessary.  Collette talks about her experiences with not setting schedules or boundaries for herself  and how that can be detrimental to you + your business
March 01, 2022
Introduction with Show Host Collette
Are you a small business owner or creative, or thinking about taking the leap into becoming one? You've come to the right place! In this first episode of Design or DIY I give an insight into who I am (Collette, an Artist and Designer based in Hartford, Connecticut), what this podcast is all about, and how it will help you become a better business owner all the while protecting your inner peace + balancing your work and home life.  Let's jump in!
February 28, 2022