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#UNFLTRD - A Podcast by Desi Hip Hop

#UNFLTRD - A Podcast by Desi Hip Hop

By @DesiHipHop
#UNFLTRD is a web-series dedicated to telling the stories of Desi artists, influencers, labels, crews - Hosted by @DJayRaf. In each episode, we connect with a group of rappers, producers, influencers, and/or thought leaders to tell their unique stories, while playing fun games with the whole group – thereby, connecting with the broader audience on YouTube & on social media platforms. #UNFLTRD is streamed live on YouTube & Facebook.
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StayIN Alive - Raghav Meattle, Dipti - EP020 | #UNFLTRD Podcast
In EP020 of the UNFLTRD Podcast, we connected with 2 unique individuals - Dipti & Raghav Meattle - who are part of an epic team - @StayinAliveOrg.  The stayIN Alive Artist Emergency Fund (SAAEF) has been formed in collaboration with GiveIndia, India’s leading not for profit organization. The fund is intended to help artists in the short run via a ‘personal emergency fund’ aimed at addressing specific financial challenges and as a stop-gap measure.
October 31, 2020
Manj Musik, Noopsta - EP019 | #UNFLTRD Podcast
In this episode, we hung out with THE Legendary Manj Musik & the very prolific Noopsta.  Noopsta discussed the release of his debut album ALTR EGO, while sharing numerous stories & anecdotes being one of the youngest producers in the game. DJAYRAF also took this opportunity to dip into Manj Musik's fountain-of-knowledge & extracted countless stories from all his years in the music biz!
October 11, 2020
Blitzkrieg, The Musical Doc, Kidjaywest - EP018 | #UNFLTRD Podcast
In EP018, we connected with 3 distinct artists from 3 different countries. Blitzkrieg, a rapper hailing from Toronto, joined The Musical Doc, a soulful R&B singer from Los Angeles. The 2 North American artists were joined by Kidjaywest from down under, Australia.
October 7, 2020
Kan D Man, L-FRESH The LION, Bilal Shahid - EP017 | #UNFLTRD
This week, we hung out with 1 of the dopest DJs & Radio Personalities - BBC Radio's Kan D Man. He was joined by Bilal Shahid - who is 1 of the leading independent British-Bangladeshi artists in the UK - and L FRESH The LION, who hails from Australia, with fan-bases around the world! Hosted by @DJayRaf
September 16, 2020
Cartel Madras - EP016 | #UNFLTRD
In EP016, we hung out with Cartel Madras - a Canadian hip hop duo from Calgary, Alberta, who originally hail from Chennai, India. The sisters, Contra & Eboshi, shared their inspirations, tour stories, & dropped some major knowledge bombs while they were at it!
September 14, 2020
Nasty Ninja 🇮🇳, Slyck 🇺🇸, Raja RME 🇮🇳, Rocky Gorkhali 🇮🇳, MadPlug 🇮🇳 - EP005 #UNFLTRD
In EP005 of the #UNFLTRD Podcast, we had chat with some of the artists making global impact from the streets of Bombay (& Jersey!) - featuring Nasty Ninja, Raja RME from Bombay, alongside Rocky Ghorkhali. They were joined by producer Madplug, and New Jersey & Delhi-native, Slyck Twoshadez.
September 6, 2020
Liquid Silva, J Kila, Mili Soch - EP015 | #UNFLTRD Podcast
This week, we're chatting it up with Desi / South Asian Artists from 3 different parts of the world. Canadian-Bangladeshi artist, Liquid Silva, has been consistently bridging the gap between East Asian artists & the world. He's joined by Canadian-Desi artist, Mili Soch, who has been on a grind to put out new music that represents South Asians in Canada; and American-Indian artist, Jay Kila, who brings a breath of fresh air in Bombay.
September 5, 2020
IncInk - Spitfire, SlowCheeta, Devil The Rhymer, Nuka, Rākhis - EP014 | #UNFLTRD Podcast
In this week's episode of the #UNFLTRD Podcast, we're connecting with artists at Ranveer Singh & Navzar Eranee's IncInk Records in Mumbai. Spitfire, SlowCheeta, Devil The Rhymer, Nuka, & Rākhis joins us to share their story, & tells us what inspires them to be the prolific artists that they are.
August 20, 2020
Karan Kanchan recreates the beat for FLAVOURS - #BehindTheBeat EP013 | #UNFLTRD Podcast
This week, we're connecting with one of India's most talented producers, Karan Kanchan. GullyGang's Karan Kanchan recreated the instrumental for MC Altaf, Sammohit, & Saifan's FLAVOURS (from DIVINE & Gully Gang's SHUTDOWN EP). He also went deep about his production style & process in this exclusive #BehindTheBeat episode of the #UNFLTRD Podcast.
August 14, 2020
The Spindoctor, DJ Sharad, DJ Juicy, Sats B - EP012 | #UNFLTRD Podcast
In this episode, we're connecting with DJs reppin the movement globally! The Spindoctor, one of the most popular Hip Hop DJs out of India, will be joined by DJ Sharad & DJ Juicy from NYC, and Sats B from Toronto. All of these guys love what they do & make impact like none other.
August 6, 2020
MC Heam, Rapper Big Deal, Poetik Justis - EP010 | #UNFLTRD
This week, we're connecting with artists reppin' the movement all over India! MC HEAM from Mumbai & Bangalore, RAPPER BIG DEAL reppin the North East of India, & POETIK JUSTIS an OG from the Mumbai Hip Hop scene - shared stories & played a few games while they were at it! We got to know more about their art, their background, and everything in between.
July 19, 2020
Lazarus Shares His Success Story as a Rapper & a Doctor | EP009 #UNFLTRD
This week, we've got a #throwback episode from 2019 when we sat down with LAZARUS in #lasvegas. He explains the hustle & grind required to be successful rapper and a doctor, & he goes on to share key success principles that helped him get ahead! Hosted by @DJayRaf
July 9, 2020
Haji Springer, 3AM Sukhi, Jay R - EP008 | #UNFLTRD
This week, we're connecting with artists from Underground Pyramid Music from the Bay Area! Haji Springer, the founder of the label, alongside his confidants 3AM Sukhi & Jay R,  joins us, shares stories, & plays a few games while they're at it! Hosted by @DJayRaf
July 2, 2020
AAKASH 🇮🇳 recreates the beat for 'WAZAN HAI' | EP007 #UNFLTRD
This week, we are introducing a special segment called #BehindTheBeat, with our special guest - AAKASH Ravikrishnan - the producer of countless #DesiHipHop classics. AAKASH chats with us, answers lots of producer questions, and recreates the instrumental for the hit single - WAZAN HAI by MC Altaf & D'Evil.
June 24, 2020
How Can South Asians help BLM? - Lazarus, Dee MC, Taizu, Ali Kulture - EP006 #UNFLTRD
This week, we have an honest conversation with our guest panelists about #racism and social justice within our own #Desi #SouthAsian community.  We also help answer questions to how Desi people can help aide the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. Special guest panelists: Lazarus, Dee MC, Taizu, Ali Kulture - Hosted by @DJayRaf
June 17, 2020
Master D, Black Zang, Cizzy, Stave Sonata, BeatBaksho | EP003 #UNFLTRD
This week, we will have a chat with some of the artists making global impact in the Bengali Hip Hop & Urban space. Canadian-Bengali artist, Master D, alongside Black Zang from Bangladesh, Cizzy from Kolkata, Stave Sonata, a producer from New York, and BeatBaksho from Bangladesh Come Hang with us - #UNFLTRD Podcast Hosted by @DJayRaf
June 10, 2020
Shaikhspeare, Mumzy Stranger, Ali Kulture | EP004 #UNFLTRD
Come Hang out with us at the #UNFLTRD Show Hosted by @DJayRaf. This week, we have a chat with South Asian Desi artists make global impact in the UK, India, and USA. British-Bengali artist, Mumzy Stranger, alongside Bombay Lokal's founder, Shaikhspeare, and the DMV's (DC-MA-VA) very own, Ali Kulture.  
June 9, 2020
Xefer, Nisha, Dee MC, Tracy De Sa | EP002 #UNFLTRD Podcast
In this episode, we caught up with artists from France, Canada, USA, Bangladesh, & India.
June 9, 2020