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By Destiny
Motivation and mindful (psychology) advice and tips. Music information for producers, songwriters, and artists. Networking and modeling tips for models and artists.
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Instagram strategies and tips. Corona assistance and grants/loans.
Here is information to help with your Instagram page and some marketing information for ads. Coronavirus grants and loans to help fund you throughout this pandemic are available as well and there’s a website to go to that’s in the podcast:
April 17, 2020
Tips and Trades: Models and Musicians
Just listen: Ask others about things to do and not do along with being aware of when to act on something and not to in any industry. Buying and selling. Build your brand.
February 15, 2020
The Release Process
Steps to take besides the PRO and copyrighting; here are ways to get a buzz around your single and let your fans and friends know what is to come and how to be involved. All takes time especially on the independent grind. Feel free to comment on my podcast posts on IG @iamdestinyp and I am welcoming artists, songwriters, and producers to chime in. Donald Passman Book PRO (Performance Rights Organization) Distribution Service Collection Services Copyright Blogs/Listening parties/Discussions Tik tok Dubsmash Triller **Please excuse the audio but take notes. Love and light always!  ----------- DOSE Podcast  Deliver Only Supreme Excellence Merch Available: 
February 15, 2020
Music registration and one song away from a life change.
Music registration is very important and you need to know where your music needs to be registered so this podcast talks about that. The copyright office does change when it comes to copy writing lyrics, sound recordings, and your melodies so pay attention to that because it has changed and you can only do 10 songs at a time and it cost extra for the extra songs that will be included on an EP or album so go to that website to learn more or call the number. 55$ currently as of 1/15/2019 and 35 for one song. Your sound recording form can cover all of the composition and lyrics as long as you own everything or have permission to list those people who worked with you on the project. SR Form and PA form. Look those up. Another Source You can only be with one PRO (Performance rights organization) ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR as a songwriter.
January 15, 2020
2020 Focus
An introduction to DOSE Podcast. Self reflect. In this new year, be sure to rethink things and make progress from where you were in 2019. With the amount of people lost to drugs, self loathing, life issues and other reasons in the music and fashion industry mindfulness is needed.
January 02, 2020