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Destiny Creators podcast series, brought to you by Amour Destiné. Is all about having open conversations with inspiring people, that are embracing their now on various paths in life and doing what they love. They share their experiences and challenges, as well as their thoughts on different topics ranging from business to entertainment, sex, religion, politics and all things about life as they know it. To inspire you the listeners, to create your own destiny!
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Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Featuring Meena Kumari
This episode of the Destiny Creators Podcast we were joined by Meena Kumari, founder of H.O.P.E Training & Consultancy (Helping Other People Everyday) offering high quality training & consultancy in domestic abuse, sexual violence/abuse and safeguarding. Meena has a great passion and commitment towards campaigning, raising awareness and working with professionals to ensure that domestic abuse, sexual violence & safeguarding is always at the forefront. Meena has worked in front line services since 2005 and has worked with victims, perpetrators and children/ young people. In 2008 Meena was awarded the Leicester Young Achiever Award (part of women of achievement awards) and in 2015 Meena was shortlisted as a finalist as part of the Iranian & Kurdish Women’s Rights organisation IKWRO Awards for her work in combating Honour Abuse and Forced Marriages. Meena has previously been a Magistrate and sat in adult and family court. In April 2020 Meena set up the national H.O.P.E Calls looking at domestic abuse within Black & minority ethnic communities during Covid-19. Meena is the curator of the H.O.P.E digital ART project launched in 2020. The Art project that raises awareness of and celebrates black, Asian and minority ethnic women working / advocating / campaigning within the domestic abuse & sexual violence sector. In October 2020 Meena was shortlisted for the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize.
May 10, 2021
Focus on your dreams! Featuring Telixia Inico
This episode we caught up with Brixton born and raised Telixia Inico. A Published Author, Public Speaker, Podcaster, Spoken Word Artist, Poetess & Creative Entrepreneur. We had a great discussion finding out about Telixia’s experience of navigating the education system as a dyslexic, how this later gave birth to a powerful coping mechanism through writing poetry at 11 years old and finding at 16 her words becoming the way that manoeuvred her experience with gang culture. Leading her to finally come out from the shadows at 23 when she allowed the world to hear her story. In 2015 she hit the ground running with her first poetry collection ‘TheNakedTruth‘ published by Xlibris Publishing, followed by numerous high profile performances around London which includes headlining Apple’s ‘TodayAtApple’ event for International Women’s Day 2019, Telixia is determined to make noise in the creative industry by using her unique style as a Spoken Word Artist. 2020 saw the release of P.O.E.T a collective of Spoken Word pieces created to encourage conversations & enhance the thinking of the masses. Each piece is based on real life events and common issues that we face daily within our society. This project is inspired by her reality & personal emotions which has enabled her to create a powerful body of work, based around thoughts and feelings, with the hope that everyone will have a chance to relate. Fast forward to 2021 with a wide range of experience under her belt within the creative industry has led her to open Croydon’s first Creative Hub & co-working space LDN Creates. You can connect with Telixia Inico on social media via Instagram ldn_creates & Telixia_Inico on Instagram & Twitter.
March 21, 2021
Know your greatness! Featuring Renée Davis
This episode we are joined by a Phenomenal women Renée Davis, an award-winning creative, journalist and founder of Out The Box – a community of 1000+ young creative entrepreneurs, and black professionals in various fields. Renée has a passion to see young people thrive & provides a series of events, workshops and online content. Through community building, her aim is to inspire and equip the next generation of young creatives and professionals to execute their dreams and passions. Renee also consults on diversity, community management and growth for various orgs. She has helped clients such M&C Saatchi Saturday School to reach 3000 people in just over a year, as well as being a part of the development of the widely recognised Mentor Black Business programme which currently has over 1000 participants. You can connect with Renée on social media at @outtheboxuk (Instagram) @renee__cd @outtheboxuk (Twitter)
March 20, 2021
Find something your passionate about! featuring Cllr Denise Scott-McDonald
Interested in politics, journalism, racial equality & building skills within the community to improve social economic inclusion? Then we got you, with our latest episode. We caught up with the inspirational Cllr Denise Scott-McDonald, Deputy leader/Cabinet Member for Economy & Skills at Royal Borough and University Lecturer. You can get in touch with Denise by emailing or connect with her on social media @dscottmcdonald
February 15, 2021
Know yourself & value it! featuring Loretta Awuah
This episode of the Destiny Creators Podcast we are joined by Start-ups in London Libraries SME Champion for Greenwich Loretta Awuah. For a discussion about her passion for social equality, inclusion, and building business communities which support under-represented entrepreneurs to access networks and resources which enables them to reach their business goals. Connect with Loretta online @mrsawuah @founderhustle Loretta Awuah on Linkedin
January 13, 2021
Imperfections are great featuring Shanice Mears
This episode of the Destiny Creators Podcast we’re joined by Shanice Mears, an inspiring successful young female co-founder of Advertising Company - The Elephant room, Dance Teacher, and Kingston University Lecturer. We talk about the importance of spending time with family, becoming a successful advertising specialist, saying no to maintain a healthy life balance, mental health & the missed opportunity by the system to help our young minds. You can connect with her online @shannieloves
September 23, 2020
You are stronger than you know featuring Lillian Ogbogoh
This episode of the Destiny Creators Podcast I am joined by the super humble and beautiful soul that is Lillian Ogbogoh. We had a great discussion about challenging the strong black female stereotype that causes many black females to not speak openly about mental health & accepting support from those that care, hypnotherapy and her amazing new e-book called The 7 Habits That Rob Us of Our Power, which focuses on the habits that stop women from owning their power, making an impact in their business or career.  You can connect with Lillian on social media @Lillianogbogoh or visit her
August 30, 2020
Always be you featuring Shikayla Nadine
This episode of the Destiny Creators Podcast we were joined by Shikayla Nadine, an inspiring, successful, young creative entrepreneur. You can expect some real talk discussions about relationships, mental health; her journey to becoming a successful Artist Manager in the music industry; and the importance of always having confidence in yourself. That no matter what happens, your gonna get to the place your destined to be! You can connect with Shikayla on Instagram @Shikayla_ or Twitter @ShikaylaNadine
August 22, 2020
Focus on your purpose featuring Ronke Lawal
This episode we caught up with the formidable founder of Ariatu PR, Ronke Lawal for a discussion about focusing on our purpose. Ronke is a PR & Communications guru, public speaker & thought leader. Along with her successful business she is engaged in a number of activities; she mentors for The Cherie Blair Foundation, The “Success Looks Like You” Initiative and the BME PR Pros Initiative. In 2011 Ronke was also awarded a Precious Award for Inspirational Leadership. You can connect with Ronke on social media @ronkelawal or visit her website
August 2, 2020
Peace is so available - featuring Penny Jarrett
Joining me for a discussion about the effects of & overcoming unresolved trauma will be Penny Jarrett. Penny is a female writer, mentor, wellness coach, speaker & mental health advocate. You can connect with Penny on social media @pennybelle or visit her website If anyone listening particularly that might be experiencing challenges with your Mental Health and would like to speak to someone. Please contact the Samaritans 24 hour helpline on 116 123 or you can access the Uk’s free messaging service SHOUT by texting 85258. For anyone, anytime, anywhere. If you are struggling to cope and you need immediate help!
July 2, 2020
Light at the end of the tunnel - featuring Angela Awuah
It’s carers week and so we wanted to shine a light on the experience of an inspiring Young carer Angela Awuah. Who has been faced with and overcome many challenging moments as carer. Angela has a combined passion for mental health amongst young people - informed by her experience as a young carer for a close family member with paranoid schizophrenia - the arts and her faith drives her work. As the Founder and Director of Mental Health The Arts - an early intervention creative arts academy for young people between the ages of 13-25 with a direct and indirect experience of mental illness. Angela helps young carers and those suffering from mental illness by providing organisations with talks, workshops and The Arts Programme. The Arts Programme educates, equips and empowers young people to cultivate creative coping mechanism to use when going through challenging times. You can connect with Angela on Twitter: @mh_thearts, @Angela_Awuah or Instagram: mh_therarts, angelaawuah If anyone listening particularly that might be experiencing challenges with your Mental Health and would like to speak to someone. Please contact the Samaritans 24 hour helpline on 116 123 or you can access the Uk’s free messaging service SHOUT by texting 85258. For anyone, anytime, anywhere. If you are struggling to cope and you need immediate help!
June 17, 2020
Just be braver! - featuring Thandi
Showing up and being truly present for ourselves requires us to be brave at times. Some of our most courageous moments in life have the power to push us into stages of growth and fulfilment. So what are the things which might be stopping you from taking those steps that are in need of your action? This episode we caught up with female philanthropist and fashion designer Thandi for a discussion about being braver with yourself and what is waiting to greet you once you take steps towards creating space for your mind to breath, experience balance and rest! You can connect with Thandi on social media or visit her website Please be aware that some of the topics discussed are of a sensitive nature to anyone that may/have been affected by Mental Health. If anyone listening particularly that might be experiencing challenges with your Mental Health and would like to speak to someone. Please contact the Samaritans 24 hour helpline on 116 123 or you can access the Uk’s free messaging service SHOUT by texting 85258. For anyone, anytime, anywhere. If you are struggling to cope and you need immediate help!
May 9, 2020
Pushing past fear - featuring Vanessa Speakss
The more you progress past limiting beliefs and stop allowing fear get in the way of your future. You open the door for you to soar in this journey called life sis. Yes it can be hard when we are faced with the unexpected obstacles of life. But you have the ability to overcome. In a world where we could be anyone let’s not limit ourselves and breath life into the areas you most need courage, girl you are enough! Please be aware that some topics discussed in this episode are of a sensitive nature to anyone that may have been affected by sexual violence. If anyone listening particularly that might have experienced any form of violence and would like to speak to someone please contact the national domestic abuse 24/7 helpline on 0808 2000 247. They offer practical support and advice. All services continue to be open during this period of isolation.
April 25, 2020
Building a healthy relationship with self - featuring Charm Lawrence
As we live in a society that sets standards on who we are supposed to be. Sometimes prioritising what is best for ourselves can be challenging. That's why building a healthy relationship with self, is so important. But how do we go about owning and setting the values you want for yourself in all areas of your life? This episode we are joined by the inspiring Charm Lawrence via telephone. Charm is a Positive Relationship Coach supporting women in developing their relationship with self in order to build and maintain relationships with others. She also write’s motivational blogs and creates workshops that impact positive change. You can connect with charm on socially media @lovefromcharm or visit her website We're always happy to hear from you too so either email us on: or reach out to us on social media @destinycreators or @amourdestine For information on your Data Privacy visit
April 10, 2020
Embracing your now!
So sis that light bulb moment you have been waiting for your entire life can been tapped into within those amazing qualities you possess and so freely sow into others - Embrace YOU now! Have a listen as we start our Destiny Creator Podcast Journey. We’re always happy to hear from you, so reach to us either by emailing or social media @destinycreators For information on your Data Privacy visit
April 5, 2020