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Deteste This!

Deteste This!

By Detester Magazine
We live in a global world. This is why it's important to explore global views and perspectives outside of your comfort zone. It is these reasons that have brought two teenagers, Sophia in Taiwan and Zeina in the US, together to discuss pressing issues that affect POC souls everywhere. Join us as we dive into personal experiences, exciting guest interviews, and digestible breakdowns of issues that plague the global world, and exceed local boundaries to bring ideas from around the world together episode by episode!
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Deteste This! POC Authors Panel
In this episode, Sophia and Zeina are joined by Emily XR Pan- the New York Times bestselling author of THE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER and Sharon Hurley Hall- an amazing anti-racist author who also helps organisations commit to anti-racism- to talk about POC experiences, immigrant experiences, as well as being a POC author and whether or not we have an obligation to tell specific stories with our specific identities. 
July 11, 2022
Deteste This! Minorities On-Screen: Multiple Perspectives, or a Monolith?
With the recent surge in POC representation in media, not all responses have been positive. Interestingly, some of the strongest critiques of these films come from the POC community themselves, and they say this: the story isn’t accurate. In this episode, Sophia discusses some pressing questions- is there an accurate story? Should we support films we deem inaccurate? How do we find better representation for our stories?
April 12, 2022
Deteste This! Decolonising Beauty Standards
In this episode, Sophia and Elyssa discuss beauty standards, and how in this day and age, those standards have becoming increasingly white-washed. They give their own perspectives and experiences with beauty, and hope to allow all to understand and accept the different forms of beauty in the world.
December 29, 2021
Deteste This! Let’s talk about Sheikh Jarrah
With the recent (but longstanding) acclimation with Palestine and Israel, Elyssa and Sophia give a briefing on the situation in Sheikh Jarrah- the neighbourhood at the center of the movement for Palestinian rights against Israeli encroachment and brutality. In this episode, they touch on important need to knows- from the origins of Zionism and the history of Palestine to present day circumstances and international reactions- in order to understand the situation on the ground that is harming hundreds of Arabs.
August 01, 2021
Deteste This! Youth Initiatives Around the Globe
In Deteste This! Detester's first episode, Sophia is joined by representatives from three youth organizations: Regina, the founder of YCAC Latin America, a group dedicated to Climate Action in Latin America and across the world, Mélanie, producer of Asiaattitudes, aimed towards detailing the Asian experience to destigmatize and empower Asians focusing mostly in France, and lastly, Huiwen, the founder of our very own Detester Magazine, a platform made by and for POC youth and amplifying unheard voices. Together, they discussed the importance and inner workings of what it’s like to contribute to the global movement of youth taking action, brought up personal experiences from living in different parts of the globe, and gave tips and advice to those who want to partake in the movement of youth taking the world by storm. Intro music by Yuan Lai
June 27, 2021