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By De’Antwan Smith
We are here to support every brother and sister out there that has a business and a platform but can’t share it because they are not famous or rich we support every black man and black woman rather you have a blue verification mark or not you need a platform To tell your story we are the platform
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Where you been BlackDiarylLove???
This special EP CEO Of BlackDiaryLove De’Antwan smith shares whats been going on during the time of absence from the world while showing love to everyone that lost a love one in 2020
January 10, 2021
We are still alive and blessed
A very special thank you and letting folks know where we stand in a good way lol while letting folks know about upcoming episodes and special
January 1, 2021
They really doing this sh##!!!
Ep 7 Is a personal opinion episode that the owner of black diary love De’Antwan Smith shares on the Covid 19 situation and what we can do to stay safe you don’t wanna miss this and remember WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! AND STAY HOME!.....
April 10, 2020
Love Unstuck
Season2 ep6 sits down with an awesome couple named Rio and micca. Rio and Micca share the very tools they used to have a successful relationship and marriage from the time they first met to the up and downs while talking about their business and new book love unstuck you don't wanna miss this
February 11, 2020
Season2 Ep5 sit down with inagreenminute owner Gwen about her life and passion for science and nature and the environment of our atmosphere around the world you don’t wanna miss this
January 22, 2020
Lil Noovie the youngest in charge
Ep4 season 2:The center for children & young Adults and lil Noovie invite us into their environment and allow us to have a great conversation with lil Noovie and his mom about great music and his inspiration for stepping into the music game while producing music when he was 6yrs old and partnerships with C.C.Y.A for great event coming in Dec 16 you don’t wanna miss this
November 20, 2019
Sta beautiful is a must
Ep3 season 2 get a lifting while we sit down with Sta Beautiful very own Stacia Keesee we talk about the importance of body contouring and how plastic surgery is not the wave with some very important lessons on health and how Atlanta has been good to her so far you do not wanna miss this
November 14, 2019
The mocha girls show
Season 2 continues with Ep2 with a special guest the creator of the mocha girls mother crystal. Today episode sit down with crystal and she tell us about her cartoon called the mocha girls that she is producing with her daughter’s and the reason behind it and how much her daughters inspired her to create a show that show love honor to our black princesses you do not wanna miss this
November 13, 2019
Cuddles and hugs
Ep 1 of season 2 kicks off with host and model and relationship coach very own Vee Prince. Ms Vee welcome us to her space and talk to us about her business cuddles and hugs, also about dealing with trauma during relationships and inspirational advice on maintaining a healthy relationship you don’t wanna miss this
November 7, 2019
Thank you letter
This is a Thank you recording from the BlackDiaryLove CEO De’Antwan Smith THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT SUPPORT US ALONG THIS JOURNEY
November 3, 2019
Blue Crystal Everything Business
Ep 12 Sit down with the CEO of Blue Crystal Custom Apparel very own Kelly Morton. Today we sit with Kelly and talk about her business In the graphic design field and how important it is to create your own brand while talking about how success can go far with the support of the most high. So you do not miss this
November 3, 2019
UK🇬🇧 Take over with UK hip hop legend himself WavyBoySmith. We are live at the restaurant STK in downtown ATL for this special as I sit down and have dinner with UK hip hop legend WavyBoySmith we talk about the importance of health while he share his tips and tricks on his successful weight loss journey and put me on game. We also discuss past music experiences what he been up to since the DipSet Eurogang days while talking much great success for his new album and signing onto Idris Elba record label 7WALLACE you don’t wanna miss this
October 28, 2019
With the BET hip-hop awards And ATL A3C event week coming to an end we caught up with legends in the UK grime music Knucks and Mark Henry and Mecca and Tom Lizzy of nodaysoff CC for a special EP and great conversation about the history of grime and what much kuncks been a great success in the UK grime Scene and how the BETUK been treating especially with the BET hip hop awards cypher so don’t wanna miss this
October 10, 2019
Curvy Gyal entertainment
Ep 11 this special episode discussion is about the beauty of black curvy women how crazy the military is to bigger women and Curvy Gyal Entertainment CEO Akya Reynolds in this episode we talk about the love and confidence for Curvy Black women everywhere and how much of a impact Akya Reynolds business does to Curvy Black women all over the world you do not wanna miss this
September 25, 2019
The Answer To Intimacy
Ep 10 sit down with Troya Bishop the author of the answers to intimacy we go over her successful book and talk big on topics as confidence as a black women and black man and why we need to listen to each other and why men need oral sex and women need to talk you don’t wanna miss this
September 25, 2019
The tattoo of love we really need
Ep 9 sit down with tattoo artist and big brother of the hip-hop group field mob member shawn jay Mr arVon on this episode as he talks with us and tell us about how he started drawing to all his success and up and downs as artists in the tattoo game and tell us about good times on the road with field mob and give us words of wisdom and game for up coming business owners and music artists you don’t wanna miss this
September 23, 2019
Are men really great with pleasure?? Especially oral pleasure?
Are we really pleasing our women??? Or are we just copying what porn stars do? In this episode we talk with author Damien darhk of his self published book the cunglinguist about what we as men are not doing to please our wives/women you do not want to miss this episode
September 20, 2019
PT 2 of PT 1 this time we try the supplements and PROBLK HEALTH breakdown each supplement for us and go over the great benefits it does to our body
September 20, 2019
Ep 7 pt 1 PROBLK health welcome us into their home and really school us on health and why we should start at a young age to really ask and care about our health we cover weight loss plastic surgery everything you name it concerning health you do not wanna miss this pt 1 of a 2 part episode
September 20, 2019
Is acting easy??? Pt 1
PT 1 of Ep 6 is acting really easy I want to discuss how serious acting really is so I went to one of my good professional actress friend NeShia and we came together and talked about the pros and cons of acting and the promising outcomes of acting you don’t wanna miss this pt 1 of 2 part episode
September 19, 2019
Monday night live
EP 5 we talk with Darian Prather about the community issues that we failed to acknowledge while going over incarceration reform and special programs that can help newly released inmates get ready for the outside world especially topics on how we can help homeless people with mental issues and go over solutions on what we can as individuals can do to help out in our community starting in dekalb county GA we hit the highs and lows of political view on the urban community while coming up with ideas to get our younger youth ready for today’s world you do not wanna miss this
September 17, 2019
Branding official and making social media bigger than what it is with bria pt1
Ep4 we are talking about branding and social media marketing with Bria and her friend Ari as we go over everything from social media branding to what type of team you need while we discuss her business bebrandedmedia and what everything you need from step by step from type of management to special lawyers you don’t wanna miss this two part series
June 28, 2019
BLACK??? DIARY??? LOVE????????????
On this special episode of the BlackDiaryLove podcast the CEO of BlackDiaryLove De’Antwan Smith celebrates his one year anniversary of blackdiarylove with great convo and a very clear understanding of blackdiarylove what it represents to the black community nothing is off limits and no one feeling was spared during this one year anniversary episode so take a listen and enjoy
June 16, 2019
BlackDiaryLove black wrestling two black fans black wwe champion????
Special edition EP of the BlackDiaryLove podcast feat Clarence gates follow him on IG @sonikkuthegod this special edition episode focuses on black wrestlers and WWE possibly crowning of its first ever all black WWE champion you don’t wanna mis this
April 7, 2019
Black list of values as a father
Ep3 we go over black list of values as a father or upcoming father with J.LeVar Bryan Sr we discuss topic to get the new age fathers on track We hit the highs and family values and we talk about the beautiful business of The Dad’s List and also get to know the father behind The Dad’s list
April 3, 2019
Stretching the good vibes with tonya stephenson
EP 2 feat the first core and cardio stretching therapy in ATL stretch ATL. Great car talk with Tonya Stephenson the first all black woman stretch therapist in ATL we hit the high and the lows of health and how important it is to have great cardio and core workout in your diet and exercise you don’t wanna miss this!!!
March 25, 2019
Car talk with artists shakil white
We dig deep in the art work of shakil white aka Blue especially on where he is from and what gave him that passion of drawing beautiful pictures we hit the high and low in this interview
March 23, 2019