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By DevopsTales
DevopsTales is a podcast which explores stories from the trenches of devops, platform, SRE and infrastructure.
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#1 Who, What, Why?
In episode one, we cover off what the podcast will be about, who is behind it, and why we're doing this. Transcript below. -------- Hello dear listener! I realised shortly after publishing the trailer episode of this podcast that if I'm going to ask you to invest your time and brain space into listening to this podcast, then I really owe you a proper explanation of who I am, what I hope this podcast to be about and achieve, and why I'm doing it in the first place. So let's start with what this podcast is. DevopsTales aims to be an enjoyable and informative podcast and each episode is going to be centred around a topic rather than an individual. We'll certainly aim to get well-known voices on the show, as well as those working on the front line in devops, infrastructure, SRE, platform engineering, and so on. We're also really keen to amplify marginalised voices, and so will be making a concerted effort to make sure we abide by this. Please hold us to account if you feel we're not sticking it. As I say, each episode will be a topic, and some of the ideas we have in draft right now include personal brand, imposter syndrome, agile, chaos engineering, Kubernetes, remote work, and more. I'm more interested in getting the content right, rather than committing to a schedule from the off, and so it may be a couple of weeks, or a month, between each episode. Or maybe more, who knows? Subscribe to the podcast in your podcast app to make sure you're notified when there's a new episode anyway. As for the who? As things stand it's just me, this may change in the future. Who knows? I'm Oliver Leaver-Smith, better known to the world as ols. I work in the devops space within the gambling and gaming sector. I'm coming up to ten years' service and am currently walking the line between technical and people before taking the plunge well and truly into a manager role. I love to learn from people, especially from their experiences. I did journalism at University, and even though I dropped out (long story, one for another time probably) I have remained a persistent researcher, questioner, and finder of information. And finally the why, and I hope that mostly this question has been answered by the what and the who. People are experts, even those that don't consider themselves as experts are certainly in a position to teach others through their knowledge and experiences. DevopsTales is going to showcase these experiences, centred around an accessible subject matter, and in the process help to distribute knowledge and entertain. -------- Find more at Music: Goat by Wayne Jones
March 01, 2021
#0 DevopsTales Trailer
In this trailer episode, ols gives an introduction into what the DevopsTales Podcast is about, and a little bit of information about himself. This is the DevopsTales podcast, where we hear stories from those working in devops, SRE, and infrastructure and platform engineering. You can expect high-quality quality conversations with practitioners who are experts in their field, and we encourage you to get involved with the conversations by sending in your feedback, questions, and recommendations of people we should speak to. You can reach us at, or on Twitter @heyitsols.
February 26, 2021