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By Devoted Wear
Welcome to the Devoted Podcasts, a place where you'll find a ton of knowledge for you daily endeavours in the Health & Fitness space. Our goal is to help you lead a healthy lifestyle with a more Lively viewpoint.
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Science behind Boosting Immunity without any Pills & Home Workouts
The 2nd most important thing that you can do after cleanliness to protect yourself from the Coronavirus is to boost your immunity. Stay at your couch, eating Oreos all day is just as dangerous as not washing your hands properly! Learn the facts, stay safe!  - Podcast with Shaurya Bisht(an athlete at Devoted wear) & Navjot Singh(a co-founder).
May 03, 2020
Alcohol, weed & its effects on bodybuilding
In this drunk podcast, Shaurya (an athlete at Devoted) & Navjot (a co-founder) talk about Alcohol, weed & how these substances can have a positive/negative affect on the human body, in terms of bodybuilding. - Devoted
April 07, 2020
From 115kg to an 8 pack & how you can do the same! - Podcast with Akay Fitness
Let's face it, fat loss is a really hard task, but with the right knowledge & guidance, we can make it a really interesting & life-changing challenge! In this podcast, our host Navjot talks with Akshay, who talks about his journey of how once he was obese with 115kg weight and how he went from being an overweight kid to an 8 pack strong man, how provides insights as to how anyone can do that as well, naturally!
January 29, 2020
The only supplements you need to build an amazing physique on a budget!
If you're a student, a beginner in working out, or just someone who doesn't want to invest a ton of money in supplements, then this podcast is all you need to listen to. Here Navjot Singh (a Co-founder of Devoted) interviews Shaurya Bisht (an athlete at Devoted) and they talk in-depth about this topic.
December 26, 2019
All you need to know about Protein as a bodybuilder
How to know if the supplement you have is authentic or not? How much protein should you take? Which brands are the best? Which protein should you take? Whey protein? Casein? Isolate? When should you take it? If you've ever had any of these questions in your mind before, then look no further, as this podcast about protein will answer all your questions & give you the knowledge about protein that every gym goer should have!
December 07, 2019