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Shutter to Success: Photography in Ghana
Lights, camera, pose! Ghanaian photography has moved from the black and white stage to a moment of colour and grandiose display for print, advertising and social media.  In this episode, we look into the lenses of a Londoner turned Ghanaian-based photographer who has told a plethora of stories with photography. Emmanuel Bobbie would be showing us his journey of storytelling and how he has thrived as a successful photographer in Ghana -#FunFact that's on his call card. You heard it first on dEX Lingo! Stay Glued!
October 18, 2019
Designing a Workspace That Inspires Creativity
Desk all set, notebook and pens ready and a mind to execute that gig! We all have this moment  where we need to  find the right work space that  inspires our creative workflow. In this episode, we explore the creative life of Sunita Kragbe, CEO of Basecamp Initiative, and a creative expert with 8 years of experience in Advertising, Branding, Design, Marketing and Project Management across parts of Europe and Africa. She is passionate about the creative arts, spaces & interiors, marketing, capacity building and problem solving. We will explore her journey and how this daughter of advertising became the founder/CEO of a co-working space for creative people.
September 13, 2019
Getting Design-Certified: Design Education in Ghana
Being an educationist and a principled person in the world of design, Farah Hamoui, the Head of Department of the Graphic Design Department at Radford University decodes having a design education in Ghana in this episode. Ready to be schooled?  Listen today for more!
August 19, 2019
Sketch and Strokes to Success: The Illustrator's Guide
Colours, brushes and a lot of outlines. Whew! That's a lot but we have the breakdown on this episode with an industry illustrator yogi who has built a career in illustration and has setup a seemingly odd ensemble of a brand that has stolen the hearts of the younger generation. Biography Delali Avemegah is an  artpreneur, a storyteller and a music head . He currently works at Fish & Plankton, an independent, creative publishing company based in Ghana, as the CEO who foresees the team's goals into developing stories that sell. With Fish & Plankton's strong network of f writers,  artists, illustrators, volunteers and social listeners, they  develop books for children in Africa and the rest of the world and believe that good stories are great tools to educate, inspire and engage the children of our generation.  
June 18, 2019
Ahoy Team ! The Mast for Creative Project Success
Leading a team can be herculean but leading a creative team is a vast land of opinions and creative philosophies. How do you get past the chaos to lead your team to that goal?  How do you curb the social loafing and team banters. Well,we have a Creative Director who simply know the hacks to make that team,the team your clients need! Biography Benjamin Anyan is a force to reckon with in the creative industry,here in Ghana. Currently a Creative Director for Publicis Ghana, he has had regional and local business portfolios worth over $100M and has gained a functional and directive span of experience in digital and traditional marketing. When he is not busy upping his portfolio with clients like the USAID,PZ Africa,Nestle West Africa,Scancom.Lonestar Cell and Coca-Cola,to mention a few,he runs a sleek necktie shop as proof to his creativity and dapper juice.
May 24, 2019
The Ghosts of Design Past : We Retro’d BIG TIME!
 A wiseman once said “To be the best, visit your past” LOL! We coined that. But interestingly, reminiscing the history of design has been neglected for long and diluted the design scope of people in Ghana. In this episode we back our claim with the right resource person who has experienced the past and is in our “now”. He is none other than Prof. Ato K.G deGraft-Johnson. Biography Ato K.G. deGraft-Johnson is a retired lecturer, and former Head, Department of Communication Design, KNUST. He leads by demonstrating and nurturing creativity, and promoting critical-thinking. He has faith in strategic collaboration and improving cross-disciplinary communication.  His major career contribution has been in Development Communication and in Illustration for Development. For nearly three decades, through applied research, training programmes and consultancies, he has pushed for a greater national recognition of Design as Development Strategy. Subsequently, he has designed and supervised the production of products and packaging for export, and established guidelines for national textbook development. Next, for both rural and peri-urban settlements, he has designed communication support materials for soil science, crops science, agro-forestry, health and hygiene, child development, maternal care, and water and sanitation planning, deployment and maintenance. To achieve this, he redirected his career, from a background in corporate design and advertising, toward information design and illustration. His current research work is on an appropriate pedagogy for Design Education in Africa that telescopes endogenous, participatory development across all disciplines. He advocates for cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary education with Design as an integral component.
May 8, 2019
Oh My Design! We're Live !
And we're live!  Welcome to the exclusive excerpt from the dEX lingo auditory arena.Here,you get to meet the young dEXters who would be taking you on your design talk journey to self realization and design purpose and superb tips to make that bank in Ghana. Excited? There's more!!! Just Stay Tuned to the end. This is dEX Lingo!
April 23, 2019