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Disc Golf Answer Man

Disc Golf Answer Man

By Bobby Cool Daddy Slick Breeze
Conversations with people in the disc golf community that make disc golf the amazing sport that it is.
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2022 DGPT Matchplay Talks and your questions
You have all 3 of us ready to talk about some disc golf and answer your questions.
June 22, 2022
The Voice of Eric Oakley
Robert is taking the night off and Eric was traveling but able to stop to call into the show. He answers questions about how much spin you really need for distance, gives his thoughts on Portland Open and Beaver State Fling, and much more.
June 15, 2022
A Conversation with Wes Johnson Disc Golf Coach
I came across an article back in November of 2021 about a Ribbon Cutting ceremony for a new disc golf course at Georgia Southern Armstrong. The article mentioned a new disc golf club that was open for students to join. I thought it was interesting for a college to be supportive of disc golf and posted on the disc golf answer man Facebook page to see if anyone happened to live there that I could contact and ask some questions about the new course. Someone commented that Wes Johnson was in the photo from the article and that he was hired on as a disc golf team coach. I thought this would make for a great interview to find out what is going on with this college and hire a disc golf coach. I reached out to Wes and he said that the program was in the very early stages and thought it might be better to wait until later to talk about the program. I reached out in June of this year and Wes said the coaching has gone great and that his students played in their first tournament. I asked Wes to be on the disc golf answer man to learn a little bit more about how this program got started, how he put together a coaching plan, and what it is like coaching students about disc golf.
June 10, 2022
Why do I have to hyzer flip this disc to get it to fly right?
Eric Oakley and Bobby Cool Daddy Slick Breeze are here to answer your disc golf questions. Eric also talks about his experience at the OTB Open. Be sure to pick up a DGAM Disc from If you are looking to stay in Emporia check out Bobby's Charming AirBnb to see if the dates are available. 
May 25, 2022
Let's talk about ratings...again?
In this episode, we answer questions from the YouTube chat board and ratings were at the center of our discussions.   If you are looking to stay in Emporia for a disc golf getaway consider my charming home for your next AirBnb weekend in Emporia.   Don't forget to pick up a DGAM stamp disc from
May 18, 2022
Should Zach Melton be a caddy?
Eric Oakley is back on the show and we answer your disc golf questions. Eric shares his thoughts on playing in extremely windy conditions.
May 11, 2022
How important is nose angle?
Eric Oakley is out traveling so you have just Bobby and Robert so you know it's going to be a good episode.
May 04, 2022
Should Majors have a cut off and our reaction to Kristin Tattar
In this episode, we answer disc golf questions on why the Claymore is a great disc, we give our thoughts on cut off rounds at Majors, and Eric recaps his round from the Champions Cup.   We also discuss McBeth's record-breaking round and Social Media's reaction to Kristin Tattar's daughter being a caddy.
April 20, 2022
Disc Golf Answer Man with Eric Oakley
In this episode Eric Oakley answers questions submitted to the DGAM Facebook Group on Circle 2 putting. The conversation leads to some discussion of getting rid of Circle 1 and Circle 2.
April 13, 2022
Let's talk about disc golf grip
In this episode we answer questions about different grips for putter and mids, tips on exercise routines when you have lower back pain, disc recommendations for a disc that finishes a little harder than a Dynamic Discs Verdict, and nose angle and how it affects distance. Be sure to pick up a DGAM stamped disc by shopping at our friends at Door Disc. 
April 06, 2022
What happens when your disc breaks in flight?
Bobby is in his new place and ready to get back to producing some DGAM. Eric and Robert give their impressions of the course played at 2022 Texas States. Bobby and Robert talk about the discs that Eric sent them. Plus we answer some questions sent in to the show.
March 30, 2022
How to calm the mind before your first disc golf throw off the tee
We have a few questions from the Google form and from the Disc Golf Answer Man Podcast Facebook group. We also give our thoughts on WACO.
March 16, 2022
Flipping over a Dynamic Discs Defender?
We got questions about flipping over a Defender and Enforcer, throwing or displaying a disc that is too much speed for you, and is Catrina Allen's throwing form costing her distance. This was recorded February 21st but Bobby messed up again and did not upload for you guys. 
March 03, 2022
Learn about improving your putting
We have a few questions from our online form and we asked for questions about putting on our DGAM Facebook page. Robert and Eric also talk about their thoughts on Gannon's final throw at the Las Vegas Challenge.
March 02, 2022
How to improve your backhand throw in disc golf
We are back this week with Bobby, Eric, and Robert. We answer some questions that came into the google doc and Bobby posted a question on the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast Facebook group looking for questions on improving your backhand.
February 11, 2022
Can a 45 year old ever become halfway decent at disc golf?
A fun episode with questions about playing when the pressure is on, why people hat the 2-meter rule, and our favorite underrated discs.
February 02, 2022
Better forehand form and throwing neutral putters
Welcome to another episode of the Disc Golf Answer Man. We have some disc golf questions sent in by listeners and we discuss some speculation of new sponsors for Catrina Allen.
January 27, 2022
A Conversation with Shane Solomon of Door Disc
When I stepped out on my own to do Social Media Coaching and Consulting Shane had reached out to me about working together on his social media for his Door Disc store. I have been working with him and his wife for the last couple of months and it has been awesome watching them grow on their digital marketing.    I thought it would be interesting to learn more about Shane's journey as he opened a new disc golf store so I invited him on the show.    You can also check out his podcast on Spotify and other podcast apps. Search Night Owls Disc Golf Podcast.
January 14, 2022
Help with forehand release and Eric Oakley talks about his fieldwork
This episode starts with some insight into Eric Oakley's fieldwork and some specifics he likes to work on. Then we jump into our listener-submitted questions about help with elbow pain when throwing shorter shots and proper forehand release. If you have a disc golf question submit it to our website and we will get it answered on the show. If you are getting value from the podcast consider supporting the show through Patreon -
January 12, 2022
Throwing with dry hands and PDGA Rule 803.01
In this episode we have Eric Oakley, Robert McCall and Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze answering your disc golf questions. We discuss the latest Dynamic Discs announcement of Kona Panis joining the team and the speculation Ricky Wysocki also joining the team.
January 05, 2022
Player sponsorship talk and much more
A few questions sent into and then some topics posted to the Disc Golf Answer Man facebook group including our thoughts on some of the player sponsorship rumors. 
December 31, 2021
Is there really a "Pro" disc versus a "Beginner" disc?
We are back from our short hiatus and answer some disc golf questions.
December 22, 2021
A Conversation with Seth Munsey of Disc Golf Strong
In this conversation with Seth Munsey we touch on his start in disc golf and his start in performance athletics. We learn more about his story back when he opened a gym with 0 clients and how grew that business only to start over with Disc Golf Strong. We also get some great insight into Seth's mindset with his answers to our 5 questions. Check out Seth's Journey:
December 10, 2021
PDGA Rule Updates and New Discs
Bobby, Robert, and Eric are back for some fun times. Eric shares a couple of discs here is trying out now that he can throw a mixed bag and we discuss our thoughts on some of the PDGA rules updates for 2022.
December 08, 2021
Bobby's botched Tattoo - Patreon Only Segments
Thank you so much to all our Patreon Supporters. Patreon supporters get early access to episodes and we also record some special segments just for our Patreon. We did not record a regular episode this week so I thought I would use this opportunity to let our regular listeners get a glimpse into the fun we have with our Patreon supporters. In the first segment I talk about the tattoo I got in Florida where the artist misspelled a word. Then in the second segment we have some fun with some stupid questions.  If you had fun with this content and want to make sure you are involved with more content like this pease consider supporting the show at  Thank you, Bobby
December 01, 2021
A conversation with Craig from Idio Sports
In this episode I have a conversation with Craig Kitchens from Idio Sports. Back in 2018 Craig got the idea to make a disc golf shoe and then 3 years later he had a prototype. He had people like Nate Sexton testing the shoe and then soon after started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $119,000 and ended up raising over $260,000. I remember hearing about these shoes back in mid-2021 and to be honest did not think much about it. I had seen other companies try to make disc golf shoes including Dynamic Discs where I was part of the decision making process for the shoes. A disc golf shoe is no easy task. Disc golfers are rough on shoes. I wanted to learn about Craig and Idio sports and what his plan is to make sure he can make a quality disc golf shoe. We dive into the journey of idea to the actual shoe and we also learn about Craig and some of the challenges he faced in a previous business and the lessons he learned that he brings with him to his disc golf shoe company.
November 26, 2021
Eric Oakley talks about his move to Infinite Discs and answers your disc golf questions
In this episode Eric Oakley talks about his move to Infinite Discs and some of the top discs he is excited about trying out.  A few topics we discuss: We answer questions about taking your disc golf practice to the next level and what a structured practice session could look like.  Eric answers a question about the importance of release angle especially as you develop more power with your throw.  When your round is going bad do you change up your game plan or stick to what you did in practice? Hot Take (sort of) If you are not throwing understable discs for your forehand are the problem and not your discs. Check out Eric Oakley Signature discs from Infinite Discs and help support Eric.
November 24, 2021
A Conversation with Robbie C Disc Golf
In this episode I have a conversation with Robbie C Disc Golf about his start in disc golf and what prompted him to start a YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is only a year old and already has 22k subscribers. Robbie gives us some tips on growing a presence on YouTube using disc golf and he shares some disc golf tips. Be sure to check out Robbie C Disc Golf
November 19, 2021
A conversation with Jon Bongiorno of Pacific Upshot Consulting
A question we often get on the show is people inquiring about how to get a disc golf course in their area. Who do they need to talk to? How do I work with the local disc golf club? How do I approach the local Parks and Recreation Department? Pacific Upshot Consulting saw a need locally to help disc golfers grow a disc golf community and is now doing it just about every where. In this conversation Jon walks us through some of the process to finding a piece of land, working with disc golf clubs, talking to municipalities, and promoting your course. You can learn more about what Pacific Upshot does on their website and Instagram.
November 15, 2021
A conversation with Chris Clemons and some lessons learned during the 2021 season
On this episode Chris Clemons and I talk about lessons he learned during the 2021 season, how it felt to be matched up against Calvin Heimburg during the DGPT Matchplay Championships, and what he has planned during the off-season. Be sure to follow his journey on Instagram -
November 12, 2021
Eric Oakley leaving Dynamic Discs
In this episode of the Disc Golf Answer Man we answer your disc golf questions and Eric Oakley talks about his announcement he made on YouTube about leaving Dynamic Discs.  Question topics include fieldwork with putters, going through phases of different putters, and some mando rules. If you want to stay up to date on the next Disc Golf Vacation follow on Facebook - If you are looking for some fun and the After After Show Show become a Patreon Supporter and join in the fun. Go to for more info. 
November 10, 2021
A conversation with Paul from Tee Box Disc Golf
If you follow the top disc golf pros on Instagram then you have seen art work from Paul Johnson and his company Tee Box Disc Golf. Paul has been creating amazing disc golf art for players, disc golf clubs, and disc golf manufacturers for a few years now. I wanted to learn more about what Paul does and how he got his start.  You can see his artwork and follow his journey at If you are getting value out of the podcast please consider becoming a Patreon supporter.
November 08, 2021
A Conversation with Stephen Scansaroli about the Disc Golf Player Management Group
According to their site, DGPM was created out of the necessity to provide Representation, Leadership, and Advocacy for Professional Disc Golfers. Within this continuously growing industry, it is important that a company representing the top professional athletes of Disc Golf be deeply involved within both the industry and the sport itself.  will include career management, seeking out new endorsement opportunities, player management in areas such as social media, website development, branding, and above all else, enabling Professional Disc Golfers to obtain the quality of life they deserve. I ask Stephen Scansaroli (or Scans as he likes to be called) why he feels players and the sport of disc golf need an agency like DPGM even though there have been others that have tried. We also dive into his advice for players that are trying to make it in disc golf and then we learn more about the Scans the person. Learn more about the DGPM Group
November 05, 2021
Speculations About Players Moving to New Sponsors
November is here and it's that time of the disc golf season where players start making announcements about moving to a new sponsor or staying with their current sponsor. Ultiworld Disc Golf even has their yearly Sponsorship Tracker ready for 2021. Bobby, Robert, and Eric speculate about players moving or staying and what it all means for the sport and answer your disc golf questions. Take the Disc Golf Vacation Survey for you chance at a DGAM Whale Sac. Fill out the form here.
November 03, 2021
A Conversation with Drew Gibson on his recent multimillion dollar deal with Infinite Discs and how he stays positive in life.
When I told people I was going to have Drew Gibson on the show I got a little pushback. I have known Drew Gibson for a few years now and I think once you get to know Drew you will understand why he is one my favorite players out on the disc golf scene. We talk about his recent contract with Infinite Discs and what that means for his forthcoming line of discs, how the people around him influence his thinking, and why he works on staying positive through all the noise out in the world. Follow his journey on Instagram - Submit your disc golf questions here Be sure to follow Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze Eric Oakley Robert McCall Facebook Instagram YouTube for the Live Show Patreon
November 01, 2021
Is 1080 rated disc golf round the new 1060?
Bobby is at Eric Oakley's house and Robert is still in Texas as he has always been. In this episode we talk about our experience at the 2021 Disc Golf Beach Bash, the DGPM group that is now representing an assortment of players, and Robert asks the question, "Is 1080 the new 1060."
October 27, 2021
A conversation with Hannah McBeth
We learn how Hannah's start in disc golf commentary was never planned and more of a favor for a friend. Now she is busy doing live commentary, has a podcast, and does most of the media work for Paul McBeth's YouTube channel.  You can follow her story Par Tee Podcast
October 25, 2021
Disc Golf Pro Tour Championships and the Seeds
On this episode of the Disc Golf Answer Man we discuss our thoughts on the results of the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championships and give our opinions on the top 4 seeds betting a bye. Submit your disc golf questions here Be sure to follow Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze Eric Oakley Robert McCall Facebook Instagram YouTube for the Live Show Patreon
October 20, 2021
A Conversation with Phill Diloné on lessons learned from his first year touring for disc golf
I had put out a message on the Disc Golf Answer Man group looking to interview people that were interested in touring in 2022. Heidi Matheson suggested I reach out to Phill as he had recently bought a van and went out on tour.  In our conversation I learned about the many obstacles and challenges he faced during his first year of touring.  You can follow more of his story on social medai. YouTube Instagram philly1834 basketcasediscgolf Submit your disc golf questions here Be sure to follow Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze Eric Oakley Robert McCall Facebook Instagram YouTube for the Live Show Patreon
October 18, 2021
DGAM Daily" Dixon Jowers Getting More Distance
In this episode  Dixon walks us through some simple and basic tips on your form to get more distance. Two things to remember here. Keep your shoulder down and snap the disc like you are popping a towel. This is something you hear from a lot of pros. Snapping a towel. You have to get that spin to get distance. The full video is on Dynamic Discs YouTube Channel  Disc Golf Tips Dynamic Discs Distance Dixon Jowers.
October 15, 2021
DGAM Daily: Robbie C How To Beat In a Disc
At some point as you get into disc golf you are going to hear the term beat-in. Most people love the flight of their favorite disc, especially when it is beat-in. Robbie C talks about why most players favor and beat-in disc and gives some tips on the methods for beating in a disc. Check out the full video on Robbie C Disc Golf's YouTube Channel How To Beat in a Disc | Disc Golf Tips for Beginners
October 14, 2021
Disc Golf Tournament Payouts and Throwing Better Forehand Shots
In this episode of the Disc Golf Answer Man Robert, Eric, and Bobby discuss the current state of tournament payouts and the impact it can have on the players and the sport. Eric brings us some boots on the ground details on the pillars used at USDGC and some players reactions to them. There is also some discussion on the double paywall to watch USDGC.  Submit your disc golf questions here Be sure to follow Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze Eric Oakley Robert McCall Facebook Instagram YouTube for the Live Show Patreon
October 13, 2021
DGAM Daily: Eric Oakley Disc Golf Clinic Backhand Throws
The video used for this episode was recorded by me while I was in Kansas City in 2016. Admittedly Eric has an unorthodox throwing style and it has changed over the years. So before you dismiss his ability to teach throwing, take a listen because the fundamentals of throwing a backhand throw are in this show. He knows he has an unorthodox throw, but that is not what he teaches. Watch the full video on Dynamic Discs' YouTube channel Eric Oakley Disc Golf Clinic | Backhand Throw Thank you so much for all your support for the show.
October 12, 2021
Coach Brian Klepacki: Mental Preparation for Sports and Athletes | How to be Mentally Tough
I want to try something different. Different in that from time to time I am going to bring you content from outside of disc golf. But it will be from sources that I believe will benefit your disc golf game. And this one is on Mental Preparation. Coach Brian Klepacki from Critical Bench talks about Mental Preparation for Sports and Athletes. He talks about mental toughness in other sports but I really think his advice on being mentally tough can translate over to disc golf. Watch the Full video  - Mental Preparation for Sports and Athletes | How to be Mentally Tough on Critical Bench YouTube
October 11, 2021
Eric and Tina Oakley Choosing the Right Putter
On today’s DGAM Daily we have Eric and Tina Oakley on the show and continuing with their 2 perspectives series on putting. This time they talk about picking the right putter and being confident with you putting. If you were to ask someone which is the best putter you are going to get so many different answers. bead..microbead. Deep dish or shallow...and on and on. It really comes down to what you are comfortable with. This is one of those things that you will need to practice with a few different putters. Picking a putter you are comfortable with gives you confidence. You need confidence to make putts. You think Ricky Wysocki walks up to an 80 foot putt and tells himself he will never make that putt? NO WAY. He is telling himself that he has practiced that shot over and over and can make it. That is why your mindset is so important in every area of your life and in disc golf.  Watch the full video on the Whale Pants YouTube Channel - 2 Perspectives Putting Follow DGAM on Instagram
October 08, 2021
Robbie C Disc Golf: How To Make the Most out of Your Putting Practice
On this episode of DGAM Daily we have Robbie C and he talks about practicing putting with a purpose. This is something we often mention on the show. Practicing with intention. Too often I hear about people going out and just doing field work. Well, what is happening during that field work? Are you just emptying your bag? Are you just unloading your putter from 80 feet away. If you think this is going to level up your disc golf game, you need to think again. Watch the full video on Robbie C Disc Golf's YouTube Channel. How To Make the Most out of Your Putting Practice |  Disc Golf Tips for Beginners
October 07, 2021
Has the USDGC gone too far? Robert McCall and Eric Oakley join Bobby to talk disc golf and answer your questions
The first episode with Eric Oakley and Robert McCall as co-host. This will be our regular weekly show were we discuss disc golf tournaments and answer your disc golf questions. Submit your questions here. Robert catches us up on what he has been up to after moving to Texas. Eric is already out at Winthrop practicing for the USDGC and has seen the course changes firsthand. Eric gives his impressions of the course.  Keep your grip dry with Whale Sacs. Submit your disc golf questions here Be sure to follow Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze Eric Oakley Robert McCall Facebook Instagram YouTube for the Live Show Patreon
October 06, 2021
Eric and Tina Oakley Talk Putting and Focus
On this DGAM Daily Eric and Tina Oakley share some insights on focus to improve your focus.  Picking a spot on the basket to really focus on. Some people pick the pole or maybe a link in the chains. Routine is the key. Every time you step up to putt in a tournament you need to rely on a routine that you have established during your practice time. You can watch the entire video on the Whale Pants YouTube Channel - 2 Perspective Putting Follow Disc Golf Answer Man on Instagram
October 04, 2021
Scott Stokely talks about the nomadic life, big mistakes new players make, and finding your path
Scott Stokely is a disc golf legend and has earned 17 World and National Disc Golf and Distance titles during his professional career. He has been teaching disc golf all over the world since 1995. Bobby talks with Scott about his early years in disc golf and how he makes his nomadic lifestyle work while traveling the country doing what he loves to do. Scott wants to help up and coming disc golfers learn how to build their brand and that you don't have to win every event to earn a living playing disc golf.  Buy his book, Growing UP Disc Golf on Amazon (Amazon Affiliate Link) Learn more about Scott Stokely and his Disc Golf Method Seminars:
October 01, 2021