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Diabolic Evil

Diabolic Evil

By Diabolic Evil
Podcast on serial killers-possible motives/reasonings. As well as, history, hauntings, crime, and other "spooky" moments in time.
Hosts: Skylar | Shelly
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36. Thomas D. Carr (Season 1/Episode 25)
"Not care a damn about all that..." -Thomas D. Carr (1869)
July 29, 2022
35. Lavinia Fisher (Season 1/Episode 24)
"If anyone has a message I'll take it to hell for you!" -Lavinia Fisher (1890)
January 29, 2022
34. Theodore Durrant (Season 1/Episode 23)
"I am innocent!" -Theodore Durrant (1898) *Listener discretion is advised*
October 29, 2021
33. Harry T. Hayward (Season 1/Episode 22)
"My only god was always money." -Harry T. Hayward (1895)
October 14, 2021
32. Louise Vermilya (Season 1/Episode 21)
"Louise simply loved death..." — E.N. Blocks (Coroner-Cook County, Illinois) 
September 30, 2021
31. Johann Otto Hoch (Season 1/Episode 20)
"I am done with this world!" -John Schmidt (1906)
June 03, 2021
30. Lizzie Halliday (Season 1/Episode 19)
"I thought I would cut myself to see if I would bleed." Lizzie Halliday (1894) (Happy six month birthday, Diabolic Evil)
April 29, 2021
29. Jane Toppan (Season 1/Episode 18)
"Bring some morphine, dear. Let's go out into the ward and we can take delight in seeing them all suffer and die." -Jane Toppan (1938)
April 15, 2021
28. Stephen Dee Richards (Season 1/Episode 17)
"Jesus, be with me now..." -Stephen Dee Richards (1879)
April 02, 2021
27. The Bloody Benders (Season 1/Episode 16)
Between the folklore and truth, they were mysterious. -The Bloody Benders (1869-1872)
March 26, 2021
26. Jesse Pomeroy (Season 1/Episode 15)
"Put me somewhere, anywhere, so I can't do such things." -Jesse Pomeroy (1874)
March 05, 2021
25. "Wild" Bill Longley (Season 1/Episode 14)
"So long, everybody!" -"Wild" Bill Longley 1867
February 26, 2021
24. The Bloody Espinosas (Season 1/Episode 13)
"We will murder 600 'Gringos' before we're done!" -Felipe Espinosa (The Bloody Espinosas gang leader) 
February 19, 2021
23. Edward Rulloff (Season 1/Episode 12)
"Hurry it up, already. I want to be in hell in enough time to have my dinner." -Edward Rulloff (May 18, 1871)
February 11, 2021
22. Lydia Sherman (Season 1/Episode 11)
"I didn't mean to kill him, only his children." -Lydia Sherman
January 29, 2021
21. Levi Boone Helm (Season 1/Episode 10)
"Let'er rip" -Boone Helm January 14, 1864
January 22, 2021
20. Levi Boone Helm Trailer
This trailer is for the upcoming episode on Levi Boone Helm. He was a serial killer from the late 1800s that, not only killed multiple people, but would cannibalize a lot of his victims. 
January 18, 2021
19. Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh (Season 1/Episode 9)
"If the deed could have been recalled, I would have done it with all my heart."  -Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh (January 24, 1846)
January 15, 2021
18. Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh Trailer
This trailer is for the upcoming episode on Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh. She was hanged for the killings of her two husbands, and possibly more, with Arsenic and other poisons in order to avoid abuse. 
January 11, 2021
17. John Garrison "Johnston" (Season 1/Episode 8)
“I was all over blood and I had the liver on my knife, but I didn’t eat none of it,” “The liver coming out was unintentional on my part.” -John Garrison "Johnston"
January 08, 2021
16. John Garrison "Johnston" Trailer
This trailer is for the upcoming episode on John Johnston. He was known as "Liver-Eating Johnson" that possibly killed as many as 300 Crow Indians on a path of rage and vengeance.  
January 04, 2021
15. Hannah Hanson Kinney (Season 1/Episode 7)
"If that woman is a murderer, she is a moral monster such as the world never saw!" -Defense attorney for Hannah Hanson Kinney in 1840
December 19, 2020
14. Hannah Hanson Kinney Trailer
This trailer is for the upcoming episode on Hannah Hanson Kinney. She was known as the "Killer Seamstress" that possibly killed three husbands and another man with arsenic. 
December 14, 2020
13. Delphine LaLaurie (Season 1/Episode 6)
"...Oh, my precious things!" -Madame Marie Delphine McCarthy LaLaurie
December 11, 2020
12. Delphine LaLaurie Trailer
This trailer is for the upcoming episode on Delphin LaLaurie. She was an well-known slave owner during the mid-1800s. She is marked in history as a sadistic torturer of many African American slaves. 
December 07, 2020
11. Samuel Green (Season 1/Episode 5)
"If you wish it..." -Samuel Green
December 04, 2020
10. Samuel Green Trailer
This trailer is for the upcoming episode on Samuel Green. He was an enemy to the American people during the nineteenth century and a serial killer marked in history for his evil deeds. 
November 29, 2020
9. Patty Cannon (Season 1/Episode 4)
"It does me good to see him beating them boys..." -Daughter of Patty Cannon of her husband, Joe Johnson
November 20, 2020
8. "Patty" Cannon Trailer
This trailer is for the upcoming episode on the "Patty" Cannon. She was marked in history as the "Wickedest Woman in America" during the 18th and 19th century. 
November 16, 2020
7. Samuel Mason (Season 1/Episode 3)
"...And we'll rob them of everything, including their life." --Samuel Mason
November 12, 2020
6. Samuel Mason Trailer
This trailer is for the upcoming episode on the Samuel Mason. He was a pirate gang leader and a serial killer marked in history during the 18th century. 
November 08, 2020
5. Harpe Brothers (Season 1/Episode 2)
"We are the Harpes!" --Micajah Harpe (Listener warning)
November 05, 2020
4. Harpe Brothers Trailer
This trailer is for the upcoming episode on the Harpe Brothers, otherwise known as, 18th century river pirates and highway men. 
November 01, 2020
3. H.H. Holmes (Season 1/Episode 1)
“I was born with the devil in me...” -- H. H. Holmes
October 29, 2020
2. Welcome to Diabolic Evil
We welcome you to Diabolic Evil. Hope you stick around with us and explore the topics of true crime, serial killers/their motives, hauntings across the world, unsolved crimes, cold cases (solved or unsolved), and our own commentary on each topic.  We hope to make this podcast, not only interesting, but also investigative and informative.  Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy Diabolic Evil. You can follow us for most recent episodes on our website: Diabolic Evil.  -Skylar & Shelly
October 12, 2020
1. Intro...
Intro to Diabolic Evil
October 10, 2020