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dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast

dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast

By Gamer Matters
The fortnightly main podcast for Gamer Matters, the Malaysia-based English gaming website providing you with news, reviews, impressions, varying quality of jokes on the issues that matter: video games
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Season 2 Electric Boogaloo #023 (9/1/19)

dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast

Season 2 Electric Boogaloo #023 (9/1/19)

dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast

Should You Buy An Xbox Series X|S In Malaysia? (GM x Aksiz x Kakuchopurei) dia.log NEXT-GEN SPECIAL
The Xbox Series X|S has launched*! Next-gen has "arrived"! There are many caveats on the two sentences before, but with some extra work needed, you can totally get your hands on Microsoft's new console in unsupported markets like Malaysia. We brought our friends from Aksiz and Kakuchopurei, fellow Malaysia-based gaming media outlets, to talk about their experience with this new generation of consoles. Because honestly, we could only manage to get only the new controller on time for recording. Come for hands-on experience, and maybe stay for our extended thoughts of Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Finally we played a Yakuza game on time. Featuring Izzat Aziz from Aksiz and MrToffee from Kakuchopurei
November 28, 2020
Old Man Yells At Cloud Because Cyberpunk Delayed #070 (30/10/20)
Tonight, on Bottom League. Meck raves about bloody spreadsheets. Danial loves the PS4. And Anan refuses to fall in the freaking rabbit hole. No delays but look at this freaking fridge mate. (Please read the lines in an awful attempt of a Cockney accent)
November 1, 2020
Dark Souls For The Soul #069 (16/10/20)
As the world is getting even more stressful thanks to current events, the dia.log crew finds relief in bleakness. Anan is destressing himself with Dark Souls 3, and Meck sets the record straight on Remnant From The Ashes. Danial pressed the emergency meeting button again to talk F1. We share our thoughts on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles now that more info is out. And finally, the timing works out that we can actually talk about Cyberpunk 2077 news while it's still fresh and hot. But if you're old and tired, don't worry- there's a visual novel just for you that we talk about. Rekindle the flame, and hear our 101 stories in this milestone of an episode of dia.log. Also, nice.
October 18, 2020
Todd Howard Says "Who's Laughing Now?" #068 (02/10/20)
It's October, and it's already cursed. Danial's been playing a few games but mourns the death of Honda in F1 (again (again)). Anan's been looking into Nvidia's RTX 30 series graphics card launch issues. Meck faced some Nvidia-related issues which led him to spend time with State Of Decay 2.   Friend of the podcast and recurring guest Tohka returns, and reports on the new gacha game everyone is talking about- Genshin Impact. And he still can't believe Mai Shiranui got the snub for Smash Bros. just like the crew can't believe Xbox bought Fallout 76 for $7.5 billion USD. In cash.   We apologise for the lateness on this one, but hey, you're getting a close-to-2-hour episode on this one, so strap in and bring your energy drink of your choice.
October 6, 2020
Xbox Series S/X Education Is Important #067 (18/09/20)
Next-gen, it's coming soon.   With the big bombshells of news arrived the past two weeks, the dia.log trio has made room to talk long and hard about the two next-gen platforms coming out this November.   What's the Xbox Series S? Has PlayStation made an answer to Game Pass? Is the Xbox name all that confusing? Why would you not buy a PS5 in Malaysia when it's the only one likely to have official support?   Other than that, we still make time to follow-up on some vroom vrooms that is Formula One (dia.cast is back again).   Get motivated, awaken your inner djinn and land that special trick, my son: next-gen video games are upon us.
September 20, 2020
A King Being Slain On His Own Land #066 (04/09/20)
Slow week for games in September? Nope. There's plenty of new games that are not Avengers and Tony Hawk coming out, and we're talking about them this episode.   But first, Anan's here to report that he's still in the Fallout hole, and has some beef with Intel's current direction. Meck found a better Fallout game in the form of the spiritual predecessor, the Wasteland series. Wasteland 3's good, it looks like. The other game with a 3 on the title is Crusader Kings 3, which is apparently easier to get into.   We discussed the recent gamescom Opening Night Live, and got real with some talk about burnout when writing about games.   The nuclear winter is all well and good, but can you give a king slain on his own land a fair trial? That's not a Crusader Kings reference in the title if you can believe it, because Danial brought back dia.cast, it's rawe ceek!
September 5, 2020
What Are We Supposed To Do, HONK At Russia?! #065 (21/08/20)
Two weeks have past and the dia.log crew still can't stop talking about Fall Guys. And we brought back our good friend and recurring guest Tohka in to share his antics on the game show game.  Meanwhile, Anan and Meck has dipped back into Fallout 4 and it's as janky yet comforting as it was before. Danial went on to the Destiny 2 grind before the everything's getting vaulted. And Meck also talked about golf games.  Do stay in for the news, it's a honking good time discussing wars, independence and.. child soldiers? It took some turns.
August 23, 2020
Literally Jellybean Processing #064 (07/08/20)
It's a bittersweet episode this one. Wam leaves the dia.log crew and we wish him the best in his future endeavours. Which means the crew are now at a karaoke spot singing Baka Mitai. We still did talk about video games though. Meck got the chance to "play" Lego Super Mario, a Lego set that you can actually play like a video game. He also have lived his fantasy as a games show participant in Fall Guys. Danial has been flexing on the mobile crowd with his wins on Call Of Duty Mobile, leveraging his console experience, while Anan joined the Slay Crew last Aidil Adha raya season, while Ubisoft shafted him on DLC. It's the start of a new arc for dia.log, let's see how this one turns out on the other side!
August 9, 2020
Ghost Recon: Gangwarcrimes #063 (23/07/20)
How many games start with a war crime?  Meck played Ghost Of Tsushima ahead of its release and can now legally talk about it. Meanwhile, Wam is legally required to stay at home and guess what, he's been playing a bunch of video games. For whatever reason, Anan and Danial continue the Ubisoft combo from last episode, sharing their stories about controller issues and... war crimes. And Meck came in with gang wars. The Geneva Convention isn't meant to be broken, unless in the safe confinements of a video game. Or is it? Until we are punished for our alleged crimes, we'll continue to give you sick banters for you, dear readers of this description.
July 26, 2020
SonyEpic69: allons à l'île de lesbos! #062 (11/07/20)
Sacré bleu! We started with a Japanese joke and went westward from thereon. Wam's back in Malaysia, but not without suffering. At least he played the new Pokemon Sword Sheild DLC for real this time. Anan allegedly survived the Steam Summer Sales and has now discovered what's it like to listen to podcasts, oddly enough. Danial brought the vroom vrooms as the crew sidestep into the realm of real motorsport talk once again with the new F1 season, and also planning to take a trip to the Lesbos Island. For whatever reason, we talked too much about Ubisoft. Allons-y mon ami! And pardon the (Google Translated) French.
July 12, 2020
The Chad - Way Of The Trashfire #061 (25/06/20)
Spoliers for The Last Of Us Part II will drop at the end of the podcast.  The eternal summer of game announcements has just started and we already tired out. But that can only mean one thing: playing more old games.   Anan and the team is back together again to investigate the truth of Persona 4 Golden now that it's on PC. Wam talks about how the new Pokemon Sword And Shield DLC is about. Meck got around and tried out Aloy and the Magical AirPod- the alternative title for Horizon Zero Dawn.   We King Crimson'd the episode as we poked Danial about why The Last Of Us Part II's moving story isn't budging us, not even one bit. So spoilers will start at the end of the episode.  The Chad is out of jail, and have mastered the way of the trashfire.
July 1, 2020
Stadia'd Yourself Into PSO 2 #060 (12/06/20)
The Future Of Gaming has arrived, but we're still playing old games. Meck revisited Kingdoms Of Amalur ahead of the upcoming remaster. Wam revisits Bioshock 2 and opened that conversation we nicely sidestepped last episode. Anan finished Disco Elysium and Danial finished a new game not out yet so he can't talk about it. Yet. The rest of the episode the crew talking about the games they are excited about coming to the newly revealed PS5. Enjoy video games while the future isn't here yet, but also beware of getting accidentally Stadia'd.
June 16, 2020
Simp On Lord Gaben, Patriarch Of The Steam Family ft. Tohka #059 (29/05/20)
The future of gaming is about to arrive. For now, let's talk about old games. Old games getting remastered- like Mafia II and Saints Row: The Third which Danial checked out. Dota 2, which recurring guest Tohka has been simping on instead of his usual gacha expenditures.   It doesn't stop there. Meck played a relatively old game that is Disco Elysium and shared his wild adventures there, and join Wam as he remembers the good old days of Bionicle- yes it's sort of video game-relevant still.   Shut up, and see more of the wildest things we say be real in the coming months from this episode.
May 31, 2020
Every Game Is Better With Air Dashes #058 (18/05/20)
The last of this year's Ramadan episode is wild. We bring in potential-vTuber Irham to the panel to judge if Wam's a furry as he talks about furry animals. Meanwhile, Danial has played a You And Me And Her ahead of the Steam release and continues his roleplay server investigation. This time in GTA V. Meck played an unexpected Tony Hawk game ahead of the new Tony Hawk game announcement, conveniently enough. And Anan's not happy with Zoom. Ramadan is ending, Eid and summer is coming, and the world seems to be getting a bit better. Now's a good time for video games. Especially ones with air dashes.
May 18, 2020
Robo-Cocaine #057 (01/05/20)
Welcome to another episode of the most popular podcast with the mention of Hang Tuah Assassin's Creed. See Danial flex his vroom vroom muscles after competing in an esport race with Malaysia's top GT3 drivers. Meanwhile, Anan is learning more Japanese for future flexing. Wam gives in to his need for Monster Hunter, while Meck is hunkering down to report on the biggest strategy tactics releases this year. We also talked about the new Assassin's Creed game we are getting (and the Assassin's Creed game we wanted), and reacted to The Last Of Us Part II's unfortunate news. Remember to control your desires, especially during this blessed Ramadan month. Link to the FF VII Remake Spoilertalk:
May 4, 2020
Cheap Chapati, Free PTSD #056 (17/04/20)
Your four horsemen of the Apamcalypse has returned with a new episode. Wam has a sanity check as we all continue to stay at home. Meck played a tad of Guilty Gear and somehow became a believer of Final Fantasy VII Remake.   Meanwhile, Anan opens the floor for us to talk about the horrors of Specs Ops: The Line. And Danial unleashed the most unholy of knowledge to the masses, and it's not Fallout 76- though that did happen too. Reset the clock.   Take a look at your roti canai, or your roti milo, and think: Do you feel like a hero now?
April 20, 2020
Support Your Small-Time Independent Loan Sharks #055 (02/04/20)
Are you still staying at home? Good, we are too. And we continue to talk about video games for your pleasure. Meck makes his case why Animal Crossing: New Horizons seems to be the better Sims game, and finally played that Resident Evil 3 demo. Wam comes in with a gripe he has with Doom Eternal, and reports back on how Persona 5 Scramble demo. Meanwhile, Anan explains why he prefers subs over English dubs in Fire Emblem Three Houses, while Danial, when he isn't being tied down by the internet connections, talked on how he loved the new Borderlands 3 DLC. And we all figure out what's the Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Nioh of racing games. Remember folks, no interest. Yes, yes.
April 5, 2020
Audiolog Collectible - #054 (20/3/20)
Entry #054 (20/3/20): The world is facing troubling times, and various parts of the world see people required to stay at home. So we played video games. Meck supposed to play the RE 3 demo (but haven't), but he and Anan tried out the Trials Of Mana demo. Speaking of Anan, he now owns a Switch and explains why he isn't playing Zelda yet. Danial got on the Monster Hunter World wagon, while we talk about how the sports world is turning into video games now that we can't go outside for the time being. Wam resorted to a mobile card game for his Warhammer 40,000 fix. We live in troubling times. If you hear this, stay safe, and hear Mark Cerny's gospel.
March 23, 2020
Giant aNiMe Spider #053 (07/03/20)
In this episode of dia.log, Wam compares playing Devil May Cry 3 with reconnecting with your ex. Danial has choice words in regards to the standards of a laptop review. Anan attempts to explain what's a teraflop, an already niche thing, with comparisons of another niche thing. And Meck played Shadow Arena, which led him to go down the Black Desert rabbit hole. Reset the clock, there's anime, pop idols, and F1 being discussed as well.
March 9, 2020
Where Is My Husband Shadow The Hedgehog #052 (21/02/20)
The runtime is long on this one, so expect some very in-depth, and chaotic, chat this episode. Meck went back into the rabbit hole that is The Sims 4 as it slowly consumes him. Meanwhile, Wam went to see that new Sonic movie and got his hands on Granblue Fantasy Versus. Danial revs up the first entry to dia.cast this year with some impressions of the ongoing F1 pre-season testing. And then we swerved right to talk about the pretty good Assetto Corsa Competizione. Anan wraps things up by making us talk about Death Stranding again. Take a seat and listen in to what the audience has to say on this episode, you never know what you might hear.
February 23, 2020
Burhan Everywhere System ft. Tohka #051 (7/2/20)
Let's kick off February with something good. Meck played the surprisingly good Journey To The Savage Planet. Meanwhile, our guest Tohka played the surprisingly awful remaster of Warcraft III. Danial went off to a local podcaster meetup and made us realise we have birthed our own rival (we still love you though). Anan is off again in Kamurocho as he is now playing Yakuza Kiwami. Only five more games to go to get caught up with the series. Wam is suffering Monster Hunter withdrawals, and is stoked for New Sakura Wars. Somehow, we discussed two things, that despite our timely release of this episode, have both been updated. The weird internet connection issue seems to resolve already, and that one anime thing is the top-ranked now, not the 2nd. Anyway, enjoy the show. Diplomacy has failed. We're going to take you for a ride.
February 9, 2020
Roman Cancel Your Segues #050 (23/01/20)
We have entered the new lunar year. As we usher in the year of the rat, Danial has joined the rest of the crew and played Bloodborne. Meanwhile, Wam only played games of culture these days and read more manga. Meck had a lot to say about the best Final Fantasy game. Whether it is Final Fantasy VII Remake, which we got some hands-on recently, or Final Fantasy XII, is up to debate. Also, we ponder on the many game delays, acknowledge the new DLC character for Smash Ultimate that did not make everyone excited, and make a case on why Doom Eternal is basically a character action game. Place your bets on who can hold the longest filibuster combo!
January 26, 2020
Welcome To The Pre-Apocalypse #049 (09/01/20)
Welcome to 2020! What the heck is happening?! As the world news becomes bleaker than ever as we step into the new decade, at least there are video games. Not long after we crowned The Anan Award For Best Game We Didn't Play winner to Disco Elysium, Anan played it. Meanwhile, Rookie Of The Year Danial joins a proper esports team. Wam managed to get the great delicacy that is keropok lekor while in the UK and has good things to say on future Pokemon Sword And Shield DLC, and Meck has been grinding off-stream, attempting to improve the show production. But obviously, you're here to hear our take on the PS5 logo that everyone's excited about. And shower curtains. New year, new look and sound! Hopefully. We are still investigating further improvements to audio quality.
January 12, 2020
GM GOTY Awards 2019 Deliberations #048 (20/12/19)
What a year it has been for video games. As we are heading to the last legs of this console generation, many new, remarkable games have made our lives much pleasant. From new experiences we never saw coming to classic series we love getting a new entry, there are a lot of good games. As customary in this very website, the crew of Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters has once again convened and deliberate our very own Game Of The Year awards to celebrate the best games that we, as a collective, love. For 2019, two new categories have been introduced: Best Main Menu and Best Meme Generator. As for Game Of The Year, we have now made it a top 10 list instead of five, and all of them ranked. From the 50 (+1) games from our shortlist, listen to the process where the GM crew deliberate and choose these award winners. It's insightful and/or entertaining. Enjoy the show and see you again in 2020!
December 31, 2019
Gamer Malaya And Gamer Matters GOTY Awards 2019 Pre-Show #047 (19/12/19)
It's award season! Since 2017, Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters have run our own brand of game awards, celebrating the great games (and ridicule some we are disappointed with) that we encounter this year. Whether we played them all or just watch some playthrough on YouTube matters not,  these are the games that defined the year for us. For GM GOTY 2019, we are doing something a little different. We have shortlisted 50+1 games to be nominated across 9 categories- some returning, some are new. In a 2-episode special of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast, we go through the deliberation process in determining the winner of each award. The first episode is dedicated to introduce and celebrate the 50 (+1) shortlisted games. And the 10 games/gaming things that disappointed us the most in 2019.
December 20, 2019
America Is A PvP Zone On Black Friday #46 (30/11/19)
In the last normal episode of dia.log this year, Wam touched the tainted chalice that is FIFA. Thankfully he also played more Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, Pokemon Sword And Shield, and also reported back on what happened during Black Friday. Danial kills the meme by actually playing and finishing Death Stranding. While Meck discovers that Torment: Tides Of Numenara share similarities to... Kingdom Hearts. Don't worry, Anan's here for the finale. Have a sit with us, as we reach closer to the big Game Of The Year deliberations.
December 14, 2019
The Real Death Stranding Is The Friends We Made Along The Way #045 (16/11/19)
Sorry! Due to various circumstances, our follow-up to the abang posmen Norman Reedus episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast was severely delayed. The good news is, this is the penultimate episode of our regular dia.log, with the final one next week. The last two episodes of the year will be dedicated for GM Game Of The Year 2019 deliberations. With that out of the way, the gang went to see Level Up KL 2019. Wam gave his early day-1 impressions of Pokemon Sword And Shield. Meck and Danial lived in a world where a good Need For Speed game has blessed the world. Anan found an interesting free mobile game. Buriedbones. There are some arguments, but it's fine. The real Death Stranding is the friends we made along the way.
December 12, 2019
Norman Reedus' Delivery Service #044 (1/11/19) feat. Kakuchopurei's Burhan
On the day of the recording, the world has been blessed with the barrage of Death Stranding reviews. And we got Burhan from Kakuchopurei, who has finished and reviewed it, to explain what is Hideo Kojima's latest magnum opus. And the result is quite a surprising conversation. Meanwhile, Meck figured out how to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for PC, Danial is very much in love with The Outer Worlds and Wam, utilising his presence in forward base Bristol, took a peek at the Pokemon Center pop-up store in London. Anan was there, but like Norman Reedus in Death Stranding, you'll hear him occasionally.
November 3, 2019
Borderlands Is Shabu-Shabu, Destiny Is Syabu #043 (20/10/19)
It was a wild time seven days ago when we recorded the latest dia.log episode. Danial, Anan, Meck and Irham went on the GM World Tour. Meanwhile Wam leads the way as we dissected what happened with Blizzard. Meck warns about the addiction of Destiny 2 now that it's worth playing. And Anan laments the existence of dead malls around the Klang Valley. Remember kids, don't do drugs.
October 27, 2019
In this very late edition of dia.log, Wam finally went to an FGC weekly gathering. Meanwhile, Danial dragged Anan to race pretend cars at ServerDNA and pitched an idea for a Gamer Matters esports team. Meck reached his breaking point with Ghost Recon Breakpoint but continues to find joy in Borderlands 3. And Irham... had a class on marriage? This episode is published one week later than expected, apologies! More info on why this happened will be revealed on the next dia.log.
October 13, 2019
Hideo Kojima Is A Pre-Order Bonus #041 (21/9/19)
Do you remember, the 21st night of September? The usual dia.log crew have gathered While chasing the haze away Wam is in the UK Anan finds a headphone cafe Meck ranks a loot-shooter- remember? Danial also says Control's great Aaa, aaa, aaaa Ba de yaaaaaaaaa - say that you remember Ba de yaaaaaaaaa - give this one a listen Ba de yaaaaaaaaa - as we rant the night awayyyyyy
September 24, 2019
The Docketless Episode #040 (5/9/19)
In this episode of dia.log, Wam thought it was a good idea to go without a docket and just have a good conversation. You'd be the judge of that. Outside of brief talks on Astral Chain and Control, you're getting a slice of life of a Malaysian with rants about vaping, Perodua Myvis, friends and KFC Double Down.
September 8, 2019
NFS Hangat, Bangsa Johor DLC #039 (22/8/19)
In this episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast, Meck continues to dive deep into the Jojo hole and went over heaven. Wam continues to love Bloodborne. And Danial made us tangent into a long conversation how ridiculous, or tame depending on your region, the Malay literature novels being taught in schools back in our days. With gamescom 2019 just passed, Meck and Danial ranted on their love/hate relationship with Need For Speed now that Need For Speed Heat was announced. Hot takes on the full Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack 1 characters, Minecraft RTX, and heated forum conversations of Apex Legends were served. Oh, and somehow we talked about football. And Johor.
August 29, 2019
The JoJo Machine Is A Stand User #038 (9/8/19)
In this episode on dia.log - The Gamer Podcast, Anan tried catfighting in Yakuza 0 and now has a MIDI keyboard. Danial gave a status update on Malaysia's Roblox Community. Wam has issues about Warhammer 40K's Space Marines he needs to air out. Meanwhile, Meck is being attacked by an enemy Stand. The dia.log crew also talked a lot about the event that was EVO 2019, as well as the recent Malaysian Digital Corporation (MDEC) event where Level Up KL 2019 is announced. We shared our experiences of talking with MDEC's Hasnul Hadi and also Metronomik's Wan Hazmer and Magnus Game Studio's DC Gan. If you happen to suddenly be getting a surge of interest of all things JoJo, let us know, we must further our understanding of the JoJo Machine.
August 13, 2019
Pitchford VS Cage Pay Per View #037 (26/7/19)
In this episode of dia.log: Wam finally played the catalyst of the podcast, Detroit: Become Human, and have strong thoughts on SPOILERS. Meanwhile, Meck also played a game from last year, Forza Horizon 4. Danial also played a game from last year, We Happy Few, how it's good now, and debate on the nature of immersive sims and aesthetic-based games. We don't have Anan this time, so we brought Irham in and he will pitch you on why you should get a Lenovo Ideapad. And we can all agree, we'll pay good money to remove questionable individuals from their respective game companies, and bet on the roulette to see who would win in a pay per view cage match.
July 29, 2019
We've done dia.log 35 times too many, so this episode we saw some unexpected shake-ups. The crew drill down the details of the new Warframe update, Empyrean, as revealed at Tennocon recently and then we went hard and long on Kazuma Kiryu's adventures from Yakuza 0 and 6. And then we have a new segment, a segment so fresh, new and unexpected no one bothered to give it a proper name yet. If this episode isn't selling you on The Yakuza Experience™,  don't worry. This might be just the start of a long chain of episodes where we keep on talking about it.
July 17, 2019
Deviltower Kuala Lumpur - Fishing Is Just Gacha #035 (27/6/19)
 It's a podcast of emotions in this episode of dia.log. Wam and Meck got high, in the sky, to play video games. Meck suffered the unluckiest streak of 1 rolls in just one day. Danial was fortunate enough to see and play Metronomik's new game No Straight Roads. And Irham, who finally appeared on an episode this year, celebrated MapleStory's birthday and wax poetry how fishing is essentially a series of gacha pulls. Lastly, Anan had one big gripe about Yakuza 0, one of the many games we just bought in the currently running Steam Summer Sale. The menacing Deviltower in the heart of Kuala Lumpur was awakened, and in its wrath, casts a big luck debuff. So bring extra dice, and a drink, for this one.
June 30, 2019
The E3 2019 Tier List feat. Intan Mawarni #034 (14/6/19)
 E3 2019! It's over! Now the Gamer Matters crew looks back at the glorious, glorious press conferences, briefings and showcases that celebrate upcoming new games. And like always, we rank them by making a tier list. Joining us this episode is Intan Mawarni from Mygameon, a real gaming journalist, as we weigh down on the many games announcements and the top 5 we look forward to post-E3 2019. Keanu "You're Breathtaking!" Reeves, Ikumi Nakamura, the four nanny squad and Project Scarlett Johansson all make some appearance in some form. So come for the memes and stay for the variety of hot takes!
June 16, 2019
Tired; Plug In The Baby #033 (30/5/19)
The gang is tired, and before minute one the podcast has fallen into the ruinous ways of chaos. Meck forgot to introduce the panel and had something to say about the new Warframe update. Wam watched a seminal TV series and amazed at that one part of the show. Danial goes westward and 'watched' the Indy 500 and actually played Detroit: Become Human for real. Anan? He's back in the grove. Also, the gang talked about Death Stranding babies and made an E3 bingo card on the spot. With no preparations. We're tired, guys. Need For Speed Tier List Link:
June 2, 2019
Tales From The Gachapon(d) feat. Tohka #032 (16/5/19)
 As our #gachapuasa campaign continues, what better way to vent off some repressed urges of gacha pulling than talk more about gacha? The dia.log crew brought on Twitch streamer/our Dota external correspondence/avid gacha fan Tohka to talk 30 minutes of gacha. Even Meck joined up with his tales of F1 Manager, the F1 gacha game. Meanwhile, Anan continued to share his experiences in the deep survival game Outward, Danial now making car tier lists, and Wam rallying the crew on calling out the awfulness that is the Epic Games Store. It's a long tale of gacha and survival games, so sit back and enjoy the ramblings.
May 19, 2019
THE LINE #031 (5/2/19)
 The last two weeks was a busy one over at Gamer Matters as we managed to cover the two big releases. Meck is now legally able to talk about Days Gone and somehow liked it. He also spent the whole episode drawing the line of which he can or cannot cross. Meanwhile, Wam raves about that new Fate movie playing in Malaysian cinemas and then brought us all on the dehype train as he deconstructed how bad Mortal Kombat 11's progression is. Thankfully, Anan is enjoying himself in the crazy survival game Outward, and Danial got Wam in a good mood by baiting him with Revue Starlight Re LIVE. As the holy month of Ramadhan has begun, we are also organising a pledge to withheld all gacha rolls throughout the month. Join the hashtag #gachapuasa to help cut down your need to roll a gacha. Have a blessed Ramadhan and all the best fighting The Evil Within!
May 5, 2019
PS4 Produa #030 (18/4/19)
Have we gone too deep with our Malaysian-flavoured inside jokes? Maybe. On this episode, Meck picks up a hoe and talk about the farming in Warframe, the only game he has been playing that he can legally talk about this episode. Anan is on a gaming detox. And Wam found the most Wambait gacha game ever made. Meanwhile, Danial went robot in the longest dia.cast segment so far, detailed his journey on upgrading his graphics card (and how it all went wrong) and attended... an event we just could not wrap our heads around. Not only that, we gave our hot takes on the confirmed hardware specs of the new Playstation console, and dug up the grave of Telltale to give one more telling off. Have fun listening to the fruits of our labour, which has a minor percentage drop for a Rubico Prime Blueprint. Note: For our international listeners, go check out the Malaysian car marque Perodua.
April 20, 2019
"Cyber" Is So 90's #029 (4/4/19)
 On this episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast, we have Meck outlining some tips if you want to buy a gaming laptop. Danial has been having fun with Origin Access, the game subscription service by EA. And dia.cast is back to discuss the roller coaster that is the Bahrain Grand Prix. Wam didn't play any games so he talked about more manga and the new Ultraman show on Netflix... before slowly realising he did play other games and decided to talk about it more. Like Warframe, which Anan played a lot too. But to top the show, everyone here is excited for Borderlands 3 finally get announced. Though that all stopped when we discussed the development woes of Anthem, which explains a lot of why the game is as is. Also: we said the word "cyber" this year: a dated word in the world of video games.
April 8, 2019
SMOKIN' SEXY STYLE #028 (21/3/19)
The dia.log crew are back again with their long talks about video games and video games-adjacent passions.  Meck got another review unit again just by showing up to a media event. Wam tells the long tales of the Love Shack, a little old place where we can get together and do combos in Devil May Cry 5. Anan finally tried out Persona 5. And unfortunately for Danial, he has not many good things to say about Left Alive. We also chipped in our thoughts on Stadia, Google's new gaming platform that we won't be available here. Outside of the realm of games, Wam laments that he is a living embodiment of a typical manga character while dia.cast revs up as the racing boys got excited that F1 is back. Get ready, this party's getting crazy!
March 24, 2019
Mat Rempit Zombie Apocalypse #027 (7/3/19)
In this episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast: Meck played with Legos (The Lego Movie 2 Videogame). Danial found an FMV racing game. Wam hates Geralt from The Witcher 3. Anan Goes Russian Post-Apocalypse Metro Exodus. While Danial seems to like the American Mat Rempit Post-Apocalypse Days Gone. Melee players got salty. And Melty Blood players in the bathroom rejoiced. All this, and more, in dia.log- The Gamer Matters Podcast! We're one year old now!
March 10, 2019
Core Values 30TT On NicoNico Hulkenberg #026 (23/2/19)
It just can't stop getting longer. In this episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast, Meck continues to dive into looter shooters. He gave us some deats on The Division 2 and updates the state of Anthem after being released twice. Meanwhile, Wam flirts with the devil by playing Daemon Ex Machina and Devil May Cry 5 demos. As well as calling out terrible business practices in the games industry. Danial finally gets a win in GT Sport, faster than a certain F1 driver could. We talked about the F1 and also what we saw at a local game developer gathering. Plus, Anan is calling Apex Legends a GOTY contender already and lectures us on how students should approach us for academic help. Finally, we raved about Cybercops With Stands (Astral Chain), the other great battle royale game (Tetris 99), discussed core values of Dead Or Alive 6 and bid our goodbyes to a long time friend. REGGGIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!
February 24, 2019
$#!+ Warframe = Good Mass Effect Andromeda feat. Farid #025 (7/2/19)
  "Video games, am I right?" It's been a wild two weeks for gaming. Apex Legends out of nowhere just dropped. Daniel and Anan liked the free-to-play battle royale, while our resident Titanfall fan Wam laments that we are getting this instead of Titanfall 3. And the Metro Exodus talk continues, for all the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, Meck continues his looter-shooter adventures and weighs in on Anthem, a good Mass Effect Andromeda game by Bioware. Wam finished Kingdom Hearts III and liked it enough despite some faults. Daniel launches a new segment for our ongoing cars, motorsport and racing games talk. Irham... played a mobile game? But he brought in his buddy Farid who has high praises for Sunset Overdrive. And she helped encode the eldritch horror that is graphics cards. Ask your JUMPMASTER to drop on Mangoes and turn up that jellybean processing, it's another long one!
February 9, 2019
Friendship Ended With AAA GAMES #024 (24/1/19)
In this episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast, we have Anan pining for Metro Exodus so much we drafted an open letter to request one (#GiveAnanMetroExodus). We also had Meck complaining about lolis and explaining his divisive opinions of Tom Clancy's The Division. He also played another game with a name at the front, the new 4X strategy game Jon Shafer's At The Gates. Meanwhile, Wam tried Dead Or Alive 6, Jump Force and Override Mech City Brawl. And also launched a long conversation about Jeff Bucks and Overwatch. And then we have poor old Daniel, who has suffered too much covering trashfire AAA games it broke him. He is now on a AAA detox. Please folks, take care of yourself and play a few indie games here and there to ensure a healthy gaming diet. And for the love of God DO NOT SELF-PRESCRIBE YOUR OWN BIOSHOCK INJECTIONS.
January 27, 2019
Season 2 Electric Boogaloo #023 (9/1/19)
We're back! dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast is here in 2019! Wam went to Japan and finally got Reggied! We watched/played Black Mirror Bandersnatch! Meck goes on about Spyro again! Anan is now a space Grab driver saving up to do space backpacking in Elite: Dangerous! Daniel dived deep into the Malaysian Roblox community and uncovered a wacky world governed by rulers and elections! All of that, and some talk of new consoles that you did not expect coming fit into a more shorter show. For now. Note: In the middle of the Spyro talk, we had an oopsie-woopsie (technical difficulties), but no important conversation was lost.
January 11, 2019
(GM GOTY Awards 2018) #022
2018 is wrapping up and we here at Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters are ready to close the year with one last hurrah: celebrating the best games we play this year! And berating some of them too. Just like last year, we are doing our very own awards and again, the award winners here reflects on the opinion of the GM crew only. We are also be letting you hear in on how we make our decisions, a three-hour deliberation process. It is the last episode of dia.log- The Gamer Matters Podcast for this year. Enjoy and see you in 2019!
December 31, 2018
(PADORU Edition) #21 13/12/2018
The penultimate episode of this season's dia.log- The Gamer Matters Podcast is here. And as we wrapped our first season of podcasting, our past sins and technical issues cropped up again. In this episode, Wam spent time in internet jail for his hot take, got Smash (Bros. Ultimate) and watched a Pikachu parade at the Pokemon Festival. Meanwhile, trash connoisseur Daniel regrets playing Fallout 76, lamented the state of the Mario Kart of motorsport and some concerns over the new Epic Games Store. Anan at least had fun, playing Bloodborne from the start again. Until he discovered how his shipment of Overwatch League jerseys were costing too much thanks to taxes. And he casted Aeroga. Lastly, Meck defected to team ASUS, says no to underage underboob, regretted namedropping someone to the crew, and played Monster Hunter: World. And thanks to the many, many game announcements, this is another two-hour treat. Happy holidays! And may we all repent from our sins for (allegedly) not wearing pants. But most important of all, Thank You Fortnite.
December 18, 2018
(Will Smith Edition) #020 (29/11/2018)
Hello, fellow listeners. Please take your seat and ensure you are in a proper posture. Please ensure that the dead air is not.. dead. It's another episode where the Gamer Matters crew went out and about. Daniel and Meck got to see the KL Major. Then Meck and radio personality Wam got to check out the Play Everything Lounge by Playstation early. Meanwhile, Anan proves to the world that he is our Overwatch League correspondent and the horrors of not-free shipping. But that's not all. We dissect what's wrong with the Kingdom Hearts III demo we played, the issue with PS Classic, Wam demonstrating Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's resurrection mechanic and the nature of Will Smith. Is he a hitman or Lewis Hamilton's Nobody?
December 2, 2018
(Black Friday Edition) #019 (16/11/2018)
As we are near the end of the year, the Gamer Matters crew have been pretty busy. We checked out the ridiculous gaming chair that is the Acer Predator Thronos at the KL Major Dota 2 tournament. Wam and Daniel attended the Battle Arena Esports Family Bootcamp. Anan discovered F1 games have touched him in the wrong way and can't play other racing games and also joined the Sun On Yee. Meanwhile, Meck single-handedly added 25 minutes to the podcast runtime as he gushes about Hitman 2. Wam is also on point with the introduction of the Wam Power Hour Power Armour. Hear him being frustrated with too many sales in November and hear him get excited about the new live-action Detective Pikachu movie. Oh there's a major game awards of sorts that is happening next month. So strap in, boys and girls, it's another long one!
November 19, 2018
(Screaming Cowboy Edition) #018 (3/11/2018)
AAAAAAAA! We brought Aiman of TheAimGames again to talk about how good and meh the new JackBox Party 5 games are and bicker about Overwatch with the crew. AAAAAAAA! We also went to an Acer event that was later revealed to be promoting its Predator League event but then turned into a fashion show. AAAAAAAA! Meck just finished Red Dead Redemption II before the podcast and struggled to get his points across how good it is. AAAAAAAA! And the rest of the dia.log crew might be dead and respawned several times during the recording, especially when we talked about Delta Rune. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAA! AAAA! AAAAAAAA!
November 7, 2018
(Anime Edition) #017 20/10/18
What a season, what a season. With the start of the fall anime season, all of our video games discussion gets a bit sidetracked. A bit. Anan is now a space Grab pilot in Elite: Dangerous and explained to us some benchmark shenanigans on the latest Intel Core i9. Daniel and super-sub Irham embraked on a bizzare adventure of PUBGs and time capsules while Wam finally got around to try out Destiny 2 and a bit bummed that Maple Story 2 is out but not for Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, Meck talked about.. that new Street Fighter reality TV show. Aside from that, we addressed the latest developments of Playstation and the issue of overworking in the games industry, in particular about Red Dead Redemption II. It's a more streamlined listen this time around despite the need for two proverbial discs. Stick around and enjoy the ride!
October 21, 2018
(SFW Edition) #016 (4/10/18)
Jeepers guys! There's plenty to talk about in this latest edition of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast. Anan continues to be blown away by Bloodborne and his experience attending the SUKMA Esports Experience. Meanwhile, our boi (not girl, possibly) Danial was blown away by the competition of a local Gran Turismo Sport tournament he joined. Also, he now has some sugar daddies in GTA Online. Meanwhile, Meck is amazed that Forza Horizon 4 is a ton of fun, the return of "The Dark Souls Of Racing Games", the interesting choice of PS Plus games for Asia this month and had the best idea for a new Razer product. And finally, Wam invented a new acid test and delivered his final words for Telltale. Oh, and this episode is completely safe work. Holy smokes! Holy canoli! The impossible is now possible!
October 7, 2018
#015 (20/9/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
It's not yet October but we somehow made a Halloween-themed episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast. Now with proper time management this time! Join Wam as he continues his Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team tabletop adventure as he joins a local league, gush over Devil May Cry 5 and some very shocking news regarding to Toad. Danial warns about the massive punterinos in the woeful multiplayer mode of F1 2018, then talks about his experience with the most JRPG of all JRPG this year that is Dragon Quest XI and reminding us his strong love for Resident Evil 2 and.. Hugo. Meanwhile, resident PC enthusiast Annan (a dia.log exclusive) tries out Bloodborne for the very first time. He also loves the state of the Overwatch meta right now (except for Brigitte). Meck talked about the Lethal League Blaze, Playstation Classic and the continue downfall of loot boxes. Also, we also have an unintentional guest appearing from time to time. The spooks come early this year.
September 23, 2018
#014 (5/9/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
Looks like the time extension from last episode has carried over dramatically since this episode got way too long. We welcome Sensei of YouTube (OKISensei) and Twitter (@SenseiUcu) fame as we talked about the now debunked #PuddleGate of Marvel's Spider-Man and how Sekiro is way different than any Souls game for the better. Meck went on a long rant about Hypergun and the scary reality of privacy and ads in Orwell while Wam goes pantsless to talk about EXTREME Behemoth in Monster Hunter. Danial got a game for free and liked it and went to see the biggest announcement for the Malaysian Dota community- The Kuala Lumpur Major. So how did this episode got to three hours? Blame Meck for wanting to talk about Devil May Cry 5, Cyberpunk 2077 and some other PC announcements. If you still have your pants down since the Merdeka episode, then hop in, it's a long ride.
September 9, 2018
MERDEKA! Edition (25/8/18)
Tanggal 31! As we approach the 61st year of Malaysia's independence anniversary, we decided to have a very special episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast. Join Meck, Wam, Danial and Annan as they talked about the many games that featured Malaysia in some form. From the good to the okay-we-love-it-anyway and the questionable. As we break down the many portrayals of Malaysia in video games, we also celebrate the odd quirks of us Malaysians. (Why do we get mad at traffic jams and then slowed down to look at the accident that caused it which caused the traffic jams to go worse?) And shoutouts were given to the many game developer studios here that are up and coming. For international listeners this could be a little too localised. But hey, you might learn a thing or two about our country. So tanggal seluar dan baju, and enjoy the ride! Daulat Tuanku! Ular Boys Rule!
August 28, 2018
#012 (8/8/2018) dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast
Rolllling Staaaart! And by rolling, we meant rolling gachas. Tune in to the latest episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast where we summarised the biggest storylines from sports entertainment/fighting game event Evo 2018 and talk a lot about mobile games. Don't worry, we start off with Meck unshackling his legal bondages from last episode to assure you that Marvel's Spider-Man is.. amazing. He also talked about his first experience on how he stumbled into his first opportunity to have a review unit for a gaming smartphone early. Wam's also here sharing you the story about Food Fantasy and the tabletop Warhammer 40K Kill Team game. Also, the Monster Hunter X Final Fantasy event is really good! Danial went to the Acer Day celebration, but his story of the idol group "Amoi-Amoi" may or may not be clear as the ninjas and other interruptions happened. Also, Irham's here replacing Annan on the panel.
August 12, 2018
#011 (27/7/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
The Gamer Matters crew is back again! After a rather successful live panel at VAX 2018, we made new friends by way of the Jerry Cast. We brought in Jerry and Kuro as we discuss about how VAX shaped up this year and the kink photography panel. Then Jerry had to rub us in about the Switch and Splatoon 2 while Kuro suggested a good anime. Danial jump jets in to talk about Mass Effect Andromeda an Destiny 2 while Annan caught up to a light novel of a support character from Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. Wam is up to his usual antics as he explores the arcade in Genting Highlands, vents about a new mobile Neopets and talks about Dimlight City- "Fallout Shelter but prostitutes". Meck can't say much thanks to legal bondages, but still he manages to talk about a Malaysian-made mobile game and a new Contra. The sexy talk and local humour count is at the highest in this time (sorry international listeners). The phrases you might want to Google later is "kitab","bomoh" and "penunggang agama".
July 29, 2018
#X (11/7/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
We reached the double digits! But we're not adding it yet. The tenth episode of dia.log-The Gamer Matters Podcast starts silly but ended on a serious talk. And it's also the most musical of any of our episodes so far. Wam rants about a beach ball ruining his Honkai Impact experience, Danial decided to get a PS4 and is now playing a lot of FIFA and Anan is not his usual self, taking charge in many of the segments including how Hanzo is too good in Overwatch, Hammond the Wrecking Ball, and the controversy from the firings of two ArenaNet employees over a Twitter argument. Our extra crew for the episode is Irham where he is disappointed with Code Vein getting delayed and talked about spending money on a free-to-play game. Meck talked about a fighting game tournament having a wrestling event and how jingles can make you memorise the predecessor of Rocket League's title memorable. Remember, in this household, gundam waifus are A-OK.
July 13, 2018
#009 (27/6/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
It's been a while since the Gamer Matters crew reconvene to talk about video games, which this episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast attempts to do. But of course we get sidetracked. Join Wam as he break apart New Gundam Breaker and attempted to get the crew to reach Canada, Danial on why that new F1 track will be a nightmare for this year's game, the "Dark Souls Of Racing Games" and his awesome tale of Captain Spirit and Anan returning again to talk about how he enjoys playing games with one hand free. Meck fumbles with words a lot trying talk about how popular the Switch is, LEGO The Incredibles is good and recommended a meme at the end of the show. Also making a debut is new crew member Kash! He talked about how we should game responsible in light of the WHO classification of gaming addiction as a mental illness. Also, his devil trigger was pulled thanks to Kingdom Hearts III. It's our longest episode yet, so join in as we build our cinematic universe.
June 30, 2018
#008 (13/6/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
The E3 edition of dia.log- The Gamer Matters Podcast is a short one as we wrap up our long coverage on the many E3 media briefings. It's less than thirty minutes (!) and we run down our personal top 5 games we excited about after E3. Wam, Danial and Meck are back, but don't worry, Anan is here in spirit. Also, we like to see Hitman 2 revisit Kuala Lumpur again just like Hitman 2 (2001) did. We made some convincing arguments. For all our E3 coverage, visit and search the E3 2018 tag. The Gamer Matters E3 2018 Extravaganza Aftershow where we discuss the E3 media briefings is available on our Facebook page, Gamer Matters.
June 21, 2018
#007 (30/5/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
Gaming news were pouring as we were recording the seventh episode of dia.log- The Gamer Matters podcast, and we could not squeeze that many things to talk about in two hours time. There's a lot going on the past two weeks! The motley crew of panelists return with stories to tell. Wam continues to be tempted on getting a Switch, Anan returns with some good life advice and kept us abreast with the current Overwatch League happenings, plus Danial and Meck ripped apart the scene in Detroit: Become Human that's so on the nose with its allegories (spoilers for the first hour of the game). There's also talk about the Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner remaster demo, Onrush beta, Battlefield V, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, the PUBG suing Fortnite issue, Steam saying no to risque anime visual novels. Finally, we also brought in social media manager Irham on board for the panel to talk about how he loves the new Acer Predator Helios 300 SE and Helios 500. Maybe too much.
June 2, 2018
#006 (16/5/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
We are indeed living in a new dawn, as hoped at the end of the last episode of dia.log- The Gamer Matters Podcast! And there's many tales to share and tell before E3 is upon us. Wam shared how he can't escape from crossing fate with Reggie Fils-Aimé of Nintendo for some reason and news another Capcom game being adapted by Wes Anderson with Milla Jonnovich in the starring role, Danial is talking about F1 again- the new game announcement, this time, Meck delivers his horrible impression of a horrible Ruby Rose saying "BUUREEI BUURRUU" multiple times (as well as talking about the Call Of Duty esports scene) and Anan returns to talk about the new Logitech wireless mouse.. and may or may not give out the reason for his absence in the last episode. As E3 is upon us, we also talked a bit about the massive Walmart Canada pre-E3 leak. Stick around at the end as well as Meck interviewed two players from the Call Of Duty WWII Asia Championships- Nazmi Nahar and Abdul Hakiem "Ranger" from Rampag
May 20, 2018
#005 (3/5/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
What a roller-coaster of emotions the panels and host of dia.log go through on this episode. We are one man down, with no guests to fill in, but we will have to make do. Join us as Wam talked us through Battletech and Monster Prom, Meck got so excited about Monster Prom it broke the recording , then brings a tale of sadness that is Frostpunk and the Detroit: Become Human demo. Danial's here and helped us understand F1 a bit and talk about Red Dead Redemption II's new trailer. We also pitched some games, including a mashup of F1 and basketball and also a roti canai-based RPG. It all makes sense when you sit down and hit play. Leave it on and enjoy the ride!
May 3, 2018
#004 (21/4/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
We now live in a post-God Of War world so of course we have to talk about it. Come and listen to the latest edition of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast! Our host Meck tries to convince the panelists how God Of War is good despite the overhypeness surrounding it, how Gran Turismo Sport is keeping its word with free updates and governments taking measures against loot boxes. Danial chimes in about the popular mobage Fate Grand Order that's now out in Southeast Asia (except Malaysia) and introduced us to loli Jack The Ripper. Meanwhile, Wam leads the assault on PUBG's unnecessary lawsuit and shady "strip Fortnite" videos and Anan's here to say why AMD's Ryzen 2 is a good upgrade. There are a mix of wholesome news and some hot takes- some so hot we have to cut it out of the podcast! Hug your dakimakuras tightly and keep your kain pelekats low, this is going to be spicy.
April 24, 2018
#003 (4/4/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast continues on with another rollicking episode.  The third episode of dia.log is an interesting one. Recurring panelists Wam, Danial and Anan is joined by a guest! Aiman of TheAimGames drops by to talk about Far Cry 5, A Way Out while Meck has more odd FGC stories to share. And instead of talking about news, we just rated all the fake news that was the gaming April Fools jokes of 2018. Please lock the doors before listening to this.
April 8, 2018
#002 (22/3/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
In episode two, join the Gamer Matters writers Wam, Danial (Flaky) and Anan together with the host Meck as we discussed the news that happened two weeks prior. We scrutinised the crowdfunding campaign launched by gaming studio franchise/esports organisation Kitamen, opened the topic of how we have gaming benefited us positively as a support for #healthygaming, and a breakdown of what made Into The Breach so good. You can also expect the usual Overwatch League updates (alongside another “FGC is wrestling” segment), our thoughts on the new God Of War, and a very important Luigi news. Also, some vague talks about the now-lost recording about Warhammer 40K maid cafes.
March 25, 2018
#0001 (7/3/18) dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast
Introducing dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast, the fortnightly main podcast for Gamer Matters, the Malaysian-based English gaming website providing you with news, reviews, impressions, bad jokes on the issues that matter: video games. The first show has talk about Monster Hunter: World, a bad Monster Hunter in the form of Metal Gear Survive, Impressions about the new AMD Ryzen Mobile chip, some esports talk thanks to the Overwatch League and why we are not hyped about Detroit. At. All.
March 11, 2018