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The DC Incentives Podcast

The DC Incentives Podcast

By Diamond Cash
The DC Incentives Podcast facilitates engaging and informative conversation with an array of enjoyable guests. These conversations both educate and entertain audience members while covering a plethora of diverse topics. These topics include, but are not limited to, self improvement, mental health, financial growth, and business advice. The podcast also informs its audience on some of the harmful effects of the common ingredients used in everyday foods. The DCIP wants to instill listeners with the motivation and positivity we all need to lead a healthier, happier, well informed life.
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Real Estate History, Dividends, IRS
In Episode 52 Diamond Cash sat down with Clyde Slade. We talked about who's the owner of the Barclay Center and his NetWorth. Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village.  Clyde Slade talks about dividends in the stock market and the IRS Tune In this dope episode    check out our website
September 18, 2022
The Difference Between Wills & Trusts with Sabine Franco (Sabine the Purpose Lawyer)
In Episode 51 we had a discussion with Sabine Franco to talk about the difference between Wills and Trusts.   Sabine is an attorney, a mom, a wife and has a business called The Ambitious Legacy Firm. Sabine and her team help people to create business, protect properties, and plan legacies.  Tune in to this episode if you would like to learn about wills and trusts.  Following Topics: - Wills & Trust  - How to have a plan in place - Why it's important to have a lawyer  - Sabine Journey  Follow Sabine Franco  Instagram: @Sabinethepurposelawyer Facebook: Sabine Franco LinkedIn - @Sabine K. Franco, Esq. Our website: 
September 04, 2022
Learning to Balance Your Health with Vanessa & Phonetic
In episode 50.   We sat down with Vanessa & Phonetic to talk about health. We talk about diet and being conscious of your eating habits. Following Topics  - Vanessa being Vegan  - Grocery Store conscious -  Books to read  - Honor your journey Check out our website:
August 28, 2022
How to Leverage Credit with Glad Credit
In this episode, we spoke with Gladimir du Bousquet about credit. Gladimir fix credit and help people fund their dreams.  Following Topics  - Credit repair  - credit cards  -loans 
August 14, 2022
How To Set Up a Life Insurance Policy with Casey Dahl
In Episode 47 Casey Dahl is a Life Insurance Strategist and CEO of Power 3 Financial.  Casey explains how she goes from working at a hair salon to being an entrepreneur and how she obtained her license in California and other states in the U.S.  Casey talks about the IUL life Insurance Policy, and how it made her go viral on tick tock.  Tune in to this episode if you would like to learn about the benefits of life insurance and how to set up a life insurance policy.  Following topics: - The differences between a Term, Whole Life, and IUL Policy - Benefits to life insurance policies  - Pros and Cons of a Life Insurance Policy - If the insurance policy is tax free -  What is a mec Follow Casey Dahl: Instagram: @caseythedollar TickTock: @ᴄᴀꜱᴇʏᴛʜᴇᴅᴏʟʟᴀʀ Check out Power 3 Financial website and set up a phone call.  Custom insurance policies to suit your individual needs | Power 3 Financial Casey Dahl (@caseythedollar) | Linktree Our website:    
July 31, 2022
The Benefits of Fasting & Wet Cupping with vaughn
We went on Haitus but we are back. In this episode Vaughn talks about the benefits of fasting and wet cupping. Vaughn expertise is health and fitness. Following topics - allergies - Asthma - Working out - Walk - How to eat to live book - Fasting - Wet cupping Follow @whenchicollides
July 17, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 45 with Clyde Slade
Shout out to Clyde Slade for being with us again.  Following Topics: Investing Recession  Inflation sports betting belief system  stocks crypto
June 19, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 44 With Ifa Abeyo (DC Incentives Podcast Anniversary)
On Episode 44 (DC Incentives Podcast Anniversary)  Ifa Abeyo is an experienced and caring spiritual reader, and she sits down with DC Incentives team to share her thoughts about Goddess, Mental health, Life, recent news and so much more.  Thank You to Ifa Abeyo for being the first guest on the podcast.
June 12, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 43
Following topics - inflation, gas prices increasing, learn how to invest
May 29, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 42 Part 2
This is a continuation of the previous episode of Chuck Finance and Laquanya G
May 15, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 42 Part 1 - Chuck Finance
Chuck Finance is a nationally certified financial literacy instructor. The following topics discussed in this episode included: - Insurance. - Stocks. - Lobbying. - Home Acquisition. - Credit Cards. - Working a 9 to 5. - Bonds. - Dividends. - FDIC.
May 08, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 41 - Laquanya G
Quannie Goody is the Founder of Sunday School.  Sunday School is a financial literary group that specializes in understanding financial terms and applications. The following topics discussed in this episode included: - Who is Laquanya G? - What is Sunday School. - Investing in yourself. - Stocks. - Setting financial goals.  - The four pillars of wealth - The rule of 72
April 24, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 40 - Samuel O. Alarape
Samuel O. Alarape is a Pan Afrikanist. He is socially and politically active with a focus in addressing the issue of economic displacement in the African American community. Mr. Alarape has worked on multiple documentaries about Pan Afrikanism, most notably a documentary entitled 7am, Gentrified and Race war.  This episode is a gem y'all. The following topics discussed in this episode included: - What is Pan Afrikanism? - Malcom X and his influence on African peoples. - The impact of linguistics on the African psyche. - Where do we come from?
April 17, 2022
Different Types of Natural Remedies
We talk about different types of natural remedies that can help you feel better if you have allergies, cold, Arthritis, chills, colds, windburn, travel sickness, mucous congestion, indigestion, fever, dry, flaxy skin, dandruff, and cough. 
April 03, 2022
Fans of the podcast are well aware that we normally do not discuss celebrity gossip, but Will Smith's violent attack on Chris Rock is something that we at the DC Incentives Podcast could not ignore. The theme for this episode? How do we choose logic over emotions in times of controversy and stress.
March 29, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 39 - Spshelle
Spshelle is a mother, marine corps veteran, doctoral student and mental health educator. Her goal is to help reduced mental health stigma and discrimination for and on behalf of, the black community. Spshelle is a question persuade and refer (QPR) trainer with the County Suicide Prevention Council, where she trains various groups on suicidality and how the community can help prevent it. This discussion is a continuation of the topics we discussed in episode 38 Part 1. Enjoy!
March 27, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 38 Part 2- Phonetic Wisdom (Bonus Ep.)
Phonetic Wisdom is a proud melanin woman. She is also an activist for justice, deeper thinking, philosophical reasoning, and collective power. She has her own business and a blog for black women called Voices of PowHer. Enjoy the bonus episode y'all, you deserve it.  
March 19, 2022
Black Seed Oil (Re-Run)
Benefits of Black Seed Oil
March 06, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 38 Part 1 - Spshelle
Spshelle is a mother, marine corps veteran, doctoral student and mental health educator. Her goal is to help reduced mental health stigma and discrimination for and on behalf of, the black community. Spshelle is a question persuade and refer (QPR) trainer with the County Suicide Prevention Council, where she trains various groups on suicidality and how the community can help prevent it.  The following topics discussed in this episode included: -  Life in the marine corps. - Cultural competency vs cultural humility. - What is culture? - What is the African American/black community? - How does history affect African Americans today?
February 27, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast (Bonus)
We are dedicated this bonus episode for black history month. Enjoy this episode!
February 13, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 37 - Anthony Pierre
Anthony Pierre is a Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Author and Minister. He enjoys teaching people how to invest in real estate and how to create financial freedom. In this episode Anthony breaks down how to get started in real-estate investment.  The following topics discussed in this episode included: - Gentrification. - Redlining.  - Fha loans. - How to get started investing in real estate. - Finding a mentor. Check out our website!
February 06, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 36 Part 2 - The effects of soda on the human body
In this episode the members of the DC Incentives Podcast discussed the effects of soda on the human body. There's no guest, its just us! This is part two of a two part discussion. The following topics discussed in this episode included: - The effects of soda on the body. check out the website
January 26, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 36 Part 1 - The effects of soda on the body
In this episode the members of the DC Incentives Podcast discussed the effects of soda on the human body. There's no guest, its just us! This is part one of a two part discussion.  The following topics discussed in this episode included: - The effects of soda on the body. 
January 23, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 35 - Sade Burrell
Sade Burrell is back with another 💎. In this episode she talks with us about improving ones skills. The topic seems simple enough but, Sade Burrell took us to another level on this episode. Following topics - 4am grind - How to make it to a Doctoral program - Discipline - How to not miss out on opportunities - Placing a value in your life - Placing time frames - Know yourself - Writers block -  The following topics discussed in this episode included: - The benefits of the 4am grind.  - How to handle a doctorate program. - How to establish discipline. - How to identify and never miss an opportunity. - How to value yourself. - How to get to know yourself. - The effects of, and how to get over, writers block. Sade Burrell's website - Check out our website -
January 15, 2022
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 34 - Shanine Alessia
Shanine Alessia Young is an entrepreneur, wife, mother, author, and life coach. She  employed her skills to achieve her ultimate goal: creating free time to spend with her family. Shanine created a book entitled Freedom Over Fear which discusses how one gets out of their comfort zone to start a business.  The following topics discussed in this episode included: - Family. - Shanine's book, Freedom Over Fear. - How to generate multiple streams of income.  - Establishing goals. - How to connect with others.
December 24, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 33 With Rashni Hewawasam
Rashni Hewawasam is a author, entrepreneur, guidance coach. We discuss about her being in there medical field to an entrepreneur. Following topics - Growing up - smoking - Being in business school - How has the pandemic enable us to shift from the old world to the new world - Why people make the same mistakes - Effects on coffee - Affects on energy drinks - Sodium - What happens if you eat a lot of nuts - Having a balance - Entrepreneurship - Life coach
December 19, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 32 With D.R Walker
Derrick Walker is a creative producer. Leader, and a businessman. We sat down to discuss Questions are the gateway of understanding - Derrick walker - Growing up - Using his creativity through music - Producing projects - Collaboration - Having ideas and executing - How to balance your life - Digital marketing to journalists - Ideas - Creating 6 figure Busines through your creativity Notes 18:16 using his creativity 20:55 first music producing project 23:30 change his major to marketing to broadcast journalism 25:50 solving problems 32:19 how can people find their God-given gift. 36:12 mindset 39:39 faith 44:45 being a executive producer 46:33 decision fatigue 54:31 Having peace 1:01:02 3 Approaches to utilize 1:05:59 emotional base vs intuition 1:25:00 motivation vs inspiration 1:30:00 idea and make it happen 1:44:15 start your goals now Check is out on
December 07, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 31 With Carrie Leaf
Carrie Leaf expertise is Psychotherapy, Mindset & Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Relationships. We discused about mental health and how to eat a balance meal.  following topics Mental Health eating a balance meal  trauma  affirmations  meditation
October 16, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 30 With Charles Laloma
In Episode 30 we sat down with the creator of LDM network. Charles Laloma. Charles Laloma talks about how did he start to build his studio and create his own network. Charles story is very inspirational talking about the history of his life from being an entrepreneur. He use LDM as his vehicle to get where he is today. Following topics - Charles history - Process of being a entrepreneur - How long it takes to build a studio - How to get commercials - How to get other people to go to your network - Multiple stream of income - Investing in a studio and a network - Editing - Investing in your tools you need Gor your network/studio
September 26, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 29 With CEO Of Brownmill Justis
Episode 29 We have a discussion with the CEO of Brownmill Justis. Justis talks about How he started his own clothing line business with his team. What makes brownmill successful today. Following topics How to be a leader How to form a team Did COVID affect the business Ppe loans How to give back to the community Fashion How to be a mentor
September 08, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 28
We appreciate any support we can get. Here is the link below We talk about topics such as how is this year treating people. Did people learn from 2020? Are we going on another lockdown again? 2020 is the year that you should appreciate things that you ever have. Here is a blog to read. This was posted in 2020 Topics 2020 Vaccine (opinions) 2021, how is it treating you? Health
September 01, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 27 With 19B Showroom
No Introduction. “Where elements Of Fashion Meets” - 19B Showroom In Ep. 27 we sat down and have a conversation with 19B showroom and they breakdown on how hard it is to be an entrepreneur. How they became a franchise. We talk about there journey on how they open there store and What’s the future to come. Following topics - Business credit - Grinding - How to be an entrepreneur - LLC - Fashion
July 25, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 26 With Clyde Slade
In the introduction we talk about body transformation with Clyde Slade. We talk about foods Affects your digestive system, and how it can transform your body. When you go to the doctors office and the news they tell you when they don’t take care of your body. Here is a link to recommendation of the book the hood health handbook - Google Search We talk about Cryptocurrency. And taxes Following topics - How to balance your meals - How you body stress and detox - How your environment affects you - Crypto - Tax write offs - Looking up info for
July 11, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 25 With Rafael G'ee
No introduction WARNING: Explicit language is advised. Sexual language and offensive language. This episode may be alarming to some listeners. Rafael G is a comedian, Wrestler, DJ, and Talk show host. He has been working hard, mastering his craft while working a 9-5. In this episode, Rafael G covers his experience in his life from what made him become the person he is today. He gives advice on how you can work on your craft while working a 9-5. Following topics - Raf G talks about his life and what advice he is giving to you - Importance of being yourself - Pain is temporary - How can a 9-5 help you become a better person “Life is like a show. You have to write your own script”. - Rafael G
June 12, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 24 With Alexis Arralynn
In the introduction we expose the ingredients ammonium sulfate and BHT/BHA Alexis Arralynn shares her story about her past. She give advice about how coping with Trauma and ptsd. She shares her story how she had trauma and how she overcome it. Alexis gives advice and things such as Home organization was her peace. Stay tuned! Following topics - mental health - Faith - Home organization - Express - Counseling - Coping - Meditation - Making life better - Mistakes - Self improvement
May 07, 2021
[BONUS] DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 23 With Mark & Kristen
Nyron asking Mark & Kristen about their relationship and what did they do to have a bank account together.
April 26, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 23 With Mark & Kristen
Episode 23 No introduction Being in a relationship is not easy. Our special guest Mark & Kristen talks about what can you do to build a relationship. Mark & Kristen is a married couple that gives you relationship advice on how to be in an healthy relationship. 11 years they have been together. They’re going to drop gems on this episode. Following topics - What to do to compromise - What’s the goal for your relationship - How to work on your relationship - Interpretation Communication - Stop comparing other relationship with yours - Red flags - Being caution - Dealing with someone that is toxic - Long term relationships vs short term - Unconditional love
April 21, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 22 With X’Zandria Weil
In the introduction we talk about Cellulose gum and monosodium Glutamate(MSG) In this episode our guest X’Zandria Weil talks about empowering herself, Inspire and how to love yourself daily. Following topics - women’s empowerment - How to handle criticism - X’Zandria Weil E-book - Different between reacting and response - How to celebrate your wins - Being supportive - Conversation with God.
April 12, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 21 With Vanessa Wilson
No Introduction This episode is for Women's Empowerment; With Phonetic Wisdom being the host, She talks to the special guest about being a vegan, body transformation, and guide's to divine femininity. Don't want to miss this episode. Following topics The journey of being a vegan Body Transformation Self care Low and high vibrations Femininity Affirmation Power of words
April 02, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 20 With Attorney Stephen G James
No Intro in this episode.  First time on location. In this episode we have our guest Attorney Stephen G James to talk about the laws and what can we do about the judicial system. For what everything going on, This is a heavy topic. This episode you can learn how laws are taking place, Lawsuits, Settlement, Systems and so much more. Following Topics    Know the Law    How To handle cases   How does settlement take place   process of suing    How the Judicial system works and does not play fair   Do we still have hope in society   How to look for a great lawyer    What to do when you are approached by police    How to know your rights
March 15, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 19 With Jahi Rose
Introduction we speak about Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Phosphate, and Trisodium Phosphate. The 3 Ingredients you will found out it’s in cereal, soda and so much more. Our guest Jahi Rose talks about how to be an advocate. What do you support within your community that you want to support. Learn how to advocate and what’s the steps to take to be an advocate. Following topics - How do you advocate for someone or something that really needs the support - What’s the ultimate goal - Does advocate require a skill
February 23, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 18 With Terence Dickson
The Introduction, Diamond Cash and TC talks about how the foods affects your Brian. Next the conversation about food preservatives.  Here are articles below  In episode 18. Our special guest Terence Dickson talks about how to be a leader. Not only Terence Dickson is a leader, also he is a business owner, and consultant. Terence gives us his insights how he became a leader and give you advice how can people become a leader. Terence does things that he bring back to the community and all about helping and feeding the homeless.  Following topics  - What’s the purpose of being a business owner  - What age can you start your business  - How much money to start a business  - How can leaders make bold decisions  - To be a leader it’s about helping people Leaders make bold decisions.  Make a decision and be confident that it’s going to accomplish and execute. Leaders make decision whether they are right or wrong Reach out to Terence Dickson at 1-888-852-2497 Email: Meeting Scheduler ( Terra Loft Consulting Network (
February 17, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 17 With Nicole Jean
In this episode, the Introduction, Diamond Cash and TC wants the public to listen to the information . First the conversation about the ingredient Sucralose. Next the conversation about the artificial flavors of what Diamond Cash and TC usually talk about in the last episodes but the information might be shocking. Stay tune to learn what’s it about. In episode 17. Our special guest Nicole Jean talks about the power of faith and why it’s important to have faith. If anyone has doubts, or any confusion with life it’s recommended to listen to this. Share this episode with people that needs to hear this episode. Following topics “Faith without works is dead” "You have not because you ask not" What god has for you.
January 25, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 16 With Sade Burrell
In the introduction we talked about 50 reasons why you should exercise.  Next we talked about dextrose and how dextrose is in food and medicine.  In Episode 16, Our Special Guest Sade Burrell dropped gems on this episode. Sade Burrell talked about how can we stay focused and how can we be successful throughout the year.  Following topics are  Who are the following people you should have in your life How to find an accountability partner or a coach Why it’s important to wake up early What happens if you don’t change your life? How to accomplish goals The power of the word "No" Website: Sade Burrell Book Sade Burrell Recommendations
January 06, 2021
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 15 With Aquarius Queen
Spiritual healing & how to tackle 2020 and the lessons learning ahead In Episode 15 of the DC incentives Podcast. In the introduction we talked about The ingredient “Juice concentrate” and explain what is juice concentrate. Next, we talked about turmeric and what’s the benefits of it. Here are articles below  How important is life really?  Our guest Aquarius Queen talks about that.   Following topics how to cherish your love ones? What have we learn in 2020 How can we get leadership guidance How to deal with trauma Death transition Transformation Dealing with people Protecting your energy
December 31, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 14 With Clyde Slade
In episode 14 of DC Incentives Podcast     In the Introduction we talked about why it’s important to eat greens and why it’s healthy.     We discussed about the ingredients “natural flavors”. And explained what is natural flavors about.     Here are articles below      In DC Incentives Podcast Episode 14, Clyde was our guest and he discussed the importance of investing in stocks. Clyde talked about the IRS, the importance of learning about financial data, and how you can invest in a company by holding shares. If you are interested in learning about stocks or in the beginning phase then you don’t want to miss this episode.     Following Topics      How to research companies to invest in their stocks        Is investing in the stock market risky?        What percentage you can make?       How to make huge investment into your business and you as an individual        How to make dividends in stocks            what is bonds
December 03, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 13 With Jamell & Hercules (What Are You Going To Do About It?)
In the Introduction we discussed about the brands of water such as Dasani, aquafina, and much more.  time from the start until 12:15.  In this episode Jamell henderson & Hercules Reid discussed about the important of voting, and innovating social issues.  Topics below - Explain why censes are important.  - Explain why your vote counts - How to deal with people that complain but no action - What steps can we take to better the community?   - Vote strategic not emotional - Why every election matters - Learning who is in the ballot  What are you going to do about it? Jamell Henderson Instagram: jamell.henderson Words "Change Begin With One; Therefore It Shall Begin With Me!" Hercules Reid Instagram: Hercules_Reid "Voting is a part of our journey to freedom. Future generations are counting on you" In conclusion when you listen to this podcast "what are you going to do about it?"  
October 26, 2020
(Bonus) 2020 Not Over // Stay Focused
it's the 4th Quarter
October 17, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 12 with Soul Servant
This episode is high vibe. Introduction we talk about the fruits in water and how it benefits your health. We talk about the benefits if you put limes, lemon, cucumber and etc when you drink water  Kimberly Antoine aka Soul Servant talks about her lifelong process about Personal development. She discussed about how can people develop themselves and Kim talking about being a spiritual person and what can we do to growth within ourselves.  Facebook: Kimberly Antoine  IG: soulservant email:  
October 16, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 11 with Luis Ageless Estrella
In Episode 11, we cover about knowing about your hydration status, real-estate, and credit restoration. Our Special guest Luis "Ageless" Estrella gives us information on real estate and how to built your credit.  Luis Estrella is a real estate agent. He works tirelessly to study the market and educate his clients about buying a home.  To contact him links are below. Instagram: Brightestshinehomes @agelesspoet Facebook: Luis Ageless Estrella DC Incentives Info. @dcincentives4 Facebook: Diamond Cash Incentives    
October 08, 2020
DC Incentives Ep. 10 with Jacquia
Introduction we discuss the difference between gmo fruits and organic fruits. And how can we know which one is genetically modified and which is organic we cover that in the intro of the podcast.  2nd wellness coach Jacquia discusses about the importance of living a healthy and spiritual development lifestyle. Jacquia answered variety of questions. we covered things about fruits, living a balance diet and beginning phase of spiritual development.  Diamond Cash: IG: dcincentives4  TC: IG: tcpayne  Wellness Coach Jacquia: IG: Wellnessworthy  @jacquipaul FB: Jaquia Edwards Paul
August 11, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 9
This podcast we talk about 2 ingredients. We talk about Mechanically separated meat and Carmine. We talk about taking accountability in general and financially #podcast #ingredients #mechanicallyseparated #accountability
July 17, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 8 with Ifa abeyo
The vibe was high. This podcast might make you uncomfortable with so much truth spoken. But being uncomfortable helps you grow.  In this episode we have a conversation with ifa abeyo.  This topics we talk about is #blackseedoil and the benefits. We talk about how can someone protect their energy especially with a lot going on.  When someone feels like they are tired. Tired of watching negative news. Tired of fighting all they life. Tired of fighting personally what can that person do when they are tired?  What can people do when they suffer PTSD or trauma?  How can we do fasting? Fasting if we are addictive to something.  Stay tune this is very important times that needs to be talked about. 
June 17, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 7
This episode we talk about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar . Our opinions about the states reopening through quarantine  Our opinion about the news and politicians what they do not talk about.  We talk about consciousness and subconsciousness Talk about a sensitive topic in recent events what's going on how we feel about George Floyd situation and police brutality We have the hall of fame of the week and the geek of the week   
May 29, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 6
In this episode of the podcast we talk about the year 2020.  Being Quarantine and during these times are only temporary.    We have no choice but to get through this and take this as lesson learn.    The geek of the week goes to the essential workers . Thank you to the essential workers.
May 23, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 5
Diamond Cash, Gerald Roberts and TC rants about the corona virus.    In these times we talk about how can we prepare next time for times like this.  Lets stay positive and stay focused.
May 23, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 4
We talk about New Year, New Goals and what's to come for 2020.
May 19, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 3
Topics: Ingredient: High Fructose Corn Syrup Labels    We talk about important topics about High Fructose Corn Syrup and labels
May 19, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 2
opinion on chemicals.   Facebook: Diamond Cash Incentives   IG: Dcincentives4    Diamond Cash IG: DiamondCashRich    Gerald Roberts:  IG: atgeraldroberts
May 19, 2020
DC Incentives Podcast Ep. 1
What do you do on your day off? Is your day off on sunday's? Listen to the 1st episode of the podcast. As we talk about work and day's off   Facebook: Diamond Cash Incentives  IG: Dcincentives4    Diamond Cash IG: DiamondCashRich    Gerald Roberts:  IG: atgeraldroberts
May 19, 2020