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Video Simplified Podcast w/ Diana Gladney

Video Simplified Podcast w/ Diana Gladney

By Diana Gladney
The video marketing podcast dedicated to helping business entrepreneurs simplify and create better videos to create deeper connections with your audience using video to share your vision and purpose with those who need it most!
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VSP #44 | Gaining More Clarity in Your Video Content Marketing Using Clubhouse
If you've heard about the new iOS-only app called Clubhouse, then you've heard about all the rave surrounding the app about celebrities being on the platform actively and about the conversations happening in this audio-only social media platform. Let's go a step deeper and dive into how you can use Clubhouse to reach your audience in a way not being utilized on any other platform and scale your business with a few simple strategies that are working tremendously already! Resources Mentioned: -TubeBuddy YouTube Software: - Let's Connect on Clubhouse:  @DianaGladney
December 21, 2020
VSP #43 | Why I Stopped My YouTube Videos for One Month
I stopped creating my regular YouTube content for 31 days and it's not why you think! I'm looking forward to sharing with you the details of my new commitment for the VSP show and what this month of December is dedicated to! Links Mentioned: - Facebook Communities: - EntreWoman TV Community: - Shawn "Doc" Boyd, Let's Get Live Community:
December 15, 2020
VSP #42 How I Use Holiday Deals to Grow My Business
The holiday sales are here and there are lots of things to consider when trying to figure out what should you buy and what should you pass up the savings on. In this week's episode, I share how I use this time of the year and holiday deals to not only grow my business with better tools but actually make it much more efficient with some simple new purchases! Resources Mentioned: - Honey Browser Extension: - Ecamm Live:
November 23, 2020
VSP #41 | How to Get More Engagement on YouTube (Part 2)
Part 2 of last week's episode digging deeper into how you can analyze your YouTube comments to make better content, engage with your audience, and know what audience to create next.  This week, we're diving into how to identify what I call a pulse with your community and better to identify where your audience is in their customer and content journey.
November 16, 2020
VSP #40 How to Get More Engagement on Your YouTube Videos (Part 1)
If you've been creating video content and you want to make sure that the content is not only accomplishing its job but resonating with your audience and you're getting likes, comments and engagements. BUT if you're not getting that engagement, today we want to dive into Part 1 of 2 of how to start getting more engagement on your YouTube videos for your business.
November 10, 2020
VSP #39 | 7 Features Entrepreneurs Should Look for When Buying a Camera for Video
In today's episode, we're going to be jumping into the common question that I often get, which, depending on who you ask, you oftentimes can get different answers. However, I want to give you the most accurate answer for the most specific reasons when it comes to why I say you need these seven must-have features if you're an entrepreneur and you're deciding on a camera to buy to answer the question, "What camera should I buy for video?". The video mentioned & referenced: Full Details & More in Blog Post:
October 26, 2020
VSP #38 | What Should Your Business Create Videos About on YouTube?
When you are not familiar with creating videos on YouTube it can seem confusing what time of content you should be creating. In this podcast, we're going to cover 3 tips for easily coming up with video topics for your existing business.
October 19, 2020
VSP #37 | Getting Subscribers From Your YouTube Channel Page
One of the least common ways to get YouTube subscribers is by your YouTube Channel Page. In this episode, I breakdown the key components that go into receiving new subscribers by filling out and completing your YouTube channel page in a way that compels new subscribers to not only want to watch your videos but subscribe before they've even clicked on a video...yet!
September 21, 2020
VSP #36 | 3 Video Types Every New YouTube Channel Should Have
If you're struggling to try to decide what type of videos you should create for a new YouTube channel this episode is for you!  In this episode, we're diving into the 3 video types every new youtube channel should have and if you've have made some of these video types before, this will give you a list of videos you can create even if you've been at creating videos for a while.
September 07, 2020
VSP #35 What to Do When You Aren't Getting Views
It's easy to get frustrated when you aren't sure why your videos aren't getting views and you're just getting started on YouTube. In this episode, I'm going to give you the breakdown on how to analyze and audit your videos and how to use that information to produce videos new viewers will actually watch and subscribe for more! Want your questions answered, leave a message at: https://Diana.Link/Message 
August 24, 2020
VSP #34 How to Revive a Stagnant YouTube Channel
If you've ever tried growing your youtube channel and feeling like your channel is dead or dying and things have gotten stagnant, this video is for you! We're taking a deep dive into how to not only grow your YouTube channel but revive an old one if you're feeling like your message just isn't quite working for you any longer.  🎤  Get your question answered by leaving a message at to submit your question to the Video Simplified Q&A Show!  Subscribe to the Podcast:
August 19, 2020
VSP #33 How to Know What Your Audience Wants [Listeners Question Answered]
What exactly does your audience really want? What's the next video you should make? How do you know if that's their real problem or if you're missing the point? In this episode, I'm going to share with you how to know what you're audience really wants by breaking down the PERSON part of the person, problem and their pain point strategy to identifying your audience to deliver the content they deeply desire. If you want to submit your own audio question go to and leave a voice message to be answered in the podcast!
August 03, 2020
VSP #32 | Getting More People to Subscribe on YouTube
In this week's podcast, I cover 3 ways to get more people to subscribe to you on YouTube. ...and this isn't the whole "make better videos" or "ask people to subscribe" fluff tips that sometimes get shared online. These are 3 key questions that if answered correctly, can be the defining reason why more people say YES to you on YouTube vs barely watch the video and leave.
July 13, 2020
VSP #31 | The Secret of Smartphone Video
Most people aren't aware there is a very simple but very serious secret attached to your smartphone when it comes to video. In this episode, I expose what that secret is and how you can capitalize on it!
June 29, 2020
VSP #30 | Why Every Business NEEDS a YouTube Channel
Businesses are dying because of one thing....they have quickly become irrelevant because they lacked the ability to communicate with their customers. Even worse, they don't realize their customers...aren't the same as they were BEFORE Covid-19 hit and will be different thereafter. It is because of this having a YouTube channel will become vital for businesses moving forward. In this week's episode on the Video Simplified Podcast, I dive deep into why businesses need a YouTube channel and how operating a business in this new economy isn't going to be anything like it has been, even in the last year!
June 15, 2020
VSP #29 | The Danger of Tone Deaf Video Marketing
Ever see a doctor on t.v. just ignore the crap out of a patient before and you want to jump through the t.v. and wack them one good time??? That's what we've been witnessing with some businesses and brands and the world is constantly addressing one major event after another and companies pretend nothing is wrong. This is a problem. On this week's episode, I share how to avoid being tone-deaf when creating your video marketing content, not only being doom and gloom either and what to do to constantly stay in tune with your people so they feel loved, appreciated, and understood during tough times! Resources Mentioned: New Upcoming Weekly Segment, Video Simplified Q&A - Ask a Question: Ray Edward's Book, How to Write Copy That Sells:
June 08, 2020
Let's Have a Real Conversation
This conversation is long overdue. With a heavy heart I share my thoughts and experiences with the challenging situation that's been a constant in many of our lives and openly discuss that today.
June 01, 2020
VSP #28 My Secret for Getting More Views on YouTube
Most people want to get more views but don't really have an understanding of why someone would even click to watch your video and stay until the end or a good majority of the video.  In this episode, I'm going to breakdown a simple 3 step framework for how I am able to continue making videos that keep getting views and how you can do the same!
May 19, 2020
VSP #27 Re-Defining Your Customers Journey
Without a clear picture of the new journey your customers and clients are now having to travel, it's like setting up a carnival in an area no one can access. As the market shifts, we must as well when it comes to knowing how our customers and clients now want and need to be served.
May 04, 2020
VSP #26 Adjusting Your Video Content Marketing for Life During COVID-19
The uncertainty of "what's next" has a lot of entrepreneurs pacing back and forth and for good reason due to the coronavirus. However, in this episode, I share with you how to not only adjust your video marketing strategy but how to cater it to your ideal audience so they still want to do business with you during and after the coronavirus.
April 29, 2020
Should you upload videos or go live? | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
If you're creating content and considering whether or not to produce live or recorded video content, there are a few things to consider before you do either.
March 31, 2020
VSP #25 | 3 Live Streaming Tips for Beginners
With the need to connect via live streaming happening now greater than ever before, in this weeks episode I share 3 live streaming tips, plus a few bonuses, that can make your live streams 10x's better than what they have been and much less pressure on you. Resources Mentioned: The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming:
March 30, 2020
Best Ways to Connect with Customers & Clients Right Now | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
With many brick and mortar locations or businesses that commonly use in-person meetings to transact business affected by this international illness connecting with your current customers will require than simply going live or making a few social media posts.
March 17, 2020
VSP #24 | 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Peace During Tough Times
With the recent international illness spreading, I believe now more than ever we will need to find creative ways to continue to reclaim your peace of mind and focus as best as you can, continue to build your business and find creative ways to leverage the times you have access to now that may not have previously existed. 
March 16, 2020
Give Your Phone More Credit as a Video Tool | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
I am guilty of being pro camera vs pro phone for video but in this last year, I have used my phone for more videos and it's honestly been a great tool to support the use alongside my camera. However, a smartphone is more than good enough for video on it's own. In this episode, I share why you should be giving your phone more credit than you have when it comes to creating content with your phone.
March 11, 2020
2 Things I've Found That Works One YouTube
There are a lot of great advice on starting a YouTube Channel on YouTube but there are some things I've learned that have just come from legit "DOING".
March 06, 2020
When YouTube Isn't Working For You
What happens when you start a channel, start creating videos...and nothing happens?
March 05, 2020
What's on the other side of your fears | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
In the previous episode, I shared how we all have fears we have to face and that can hold us back. But what's actually on the other side of what happens if we believe.  Feeling a little nostalgic about being nearly 2 months away from when I finally decided to believe I was good at video enough to be able to offer video solutions to entrepreneurs. So, I share what happens and progress of what happens when we believe.
March 04, 2020
VSP #23 | The Fear of Doing a Video
Not doing a video ultimately boils down to one thing...fear. In this episode, we discuss just how paralyzing fear can be, some things that help trigger and feed that fear and how to get past it, even if it's your very first video!
March 02, 2020
How to Create Better Video Social Media Micro Content
You know Gary Vaynerchuck? A lot of people adore his work ethic, the skill level of his team and the types of video content he produces. But simply copying the frame of his videos vs knowing the strategy of how to implement this for yourself will have your content fall flat with your audience. In today’s show, I share how to Create Better video social media micro content that connects deeper with your audience.
February 28, 2020
Most Entrepreneurs Get This One Thing SO WRONG! | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
I've been neglecting to talk more about being better storytellers as entrepreneurs but this is so vital to do that the right way! We dig into just how serious of an error that is in this episode and how to correct it.
February 27, 2020
Don’t discount yourself | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
Once you’ve solved the primary questions of the what to dos of getting started, there’s really only one more thing that holds people back. The thought that it wouldn’t really matter if I did this or not, and is the biggest lie ever.
February 26, 2020
The Most Underutilized Tool in Video for Entrepreneurs | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
What are the technical tools? What are the things I need to do? What camera should I buy, what mic? All important tools and things to know but at the same time there's one specific tool that's constantly getting overlooked and that's storytelling.  Often it's used more as a "catchphrase" or just abused like "vulnerability" or "authenticity" sometimes is but it's not about telling your company's story because it's not about you in your videos. So, in today's episode, I break down a simple story framework and how to effectively apply that to your videos!
February 25, 2020
How to Be More Natural on Camera | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
Fear of being on camera can stem from a lot of things and it doesn't have to take 100 videos or even 50 videos before you can begin to really show and share your real self on camera.  In this episode, I'm going to share how you can become more natural on camera, even if it's your first time!
February 22, 2020
How to Get Better Audio Quality from Your Microphones | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
No matter what microphone you're using, there are really only a few things to know that can make a huge difference from bad to great audio in your videos.
February 21, 2020
5 Ways to Make Your Video Recording Process Easier | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
You sit down and you're ready to start your video and you start to psych yourself out before you say a single word. We've all been there before and I know what that pressure can feel like. So, in today's episode, I'm going to be sharing 5 tips to make the video recording process easier for you so you can record your videos faster and more efficiently!
February 20, 2020
Tips for Preparing to Record Your First Video | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
When you're getting yourself pumped up to do your first few videos it is intimidating to say the least! In this episode, I'm going to be sharing some ways to easily rid yourself of the anxiety you feel BEFORE you ever press record and create a system to make creating videos easier!
February 19, 2020
What's the Big Deal with the New Cameras Coming Out? | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
With tons of new cameras about to be announced and new features that are jaw-dropping, in today's episode, I share some of the new cameras you can expect and what that means for you if you're looking for a camera, even if you DON'T want any of these cameras.
February 18, 2020
VSP#22 | Are You Doing Your YouTube Channel Wrong?
As creators, I believe we all have asked this of ourselves when we want to introduce me content that may be different than the norm for us. In this episode, we explore this question and how our content channel stop style can impact the know, like and trust factor our audience  develops with us to see, have we been doing our YouTube channels wrong? 
February 17, 2020
Video Strategies to Grow Your Business on Social Media | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
Everyone wants to know how posting videos on social media will make a difference when it comes to growing their business online and it's honestly a very simple question that can dictate the direction of your content and make it perform well or do nothing online.
February 15, 2020
The Most Unfortunate Thing For Entrepreneurs NOT Creating Videos | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
Several things happen when you DON'T create video content and it's not about a lack of views or exposure and we talk about it in today's EntreChats Daily!
February 14, 2020
Simple Ways to Drastically Improve Your Audio in Your Videos | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
Most people get started buying video gear in the wrong order when it should really be audio, lighting, then the camera. But there are some really important things to know and DO that most entrepreneurs new to video may not be familiar with and in this episode, I share what to things to watch out for and some things you should probably consider in your videos!
February 13, 2020
The 6-Block Editing Framework to Shave Hours Off Editing | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
In this episode, I share with you how to drop the 6-Block Editing Framework into editing to be able to edit your videos in 30 minutes or less and get faster over time!
February 12, 2020
Double Your Productivity with This Video Recording Framework | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
In this episode of the EntreChats Daily Morning Show, I share the first half of a framework that will breakdown how you can double your productivity while creating your videos FOR BEGINNERS! This will shave time on your recording and content production and in the next episode, I'll share how to incorporate this process into editing to drastically reduce your editing timeframes!
February 11, 2020
VSP #21 | Deciding on a YouTube Channel Type
There are really 3 types or categories of channels on YouTube and as entrepreneurs, we have to decide what category we'll fit our content into because that will impact what content we deliver and whether or not (or how much) we introduce ourselves and our personalities into that channel.
February 10, 2020
How to Pick the RIGHT Camera for Video | EntreChats Daily Show
Picking the right camera is getting harder when it should be getting easier. It's getting harder because there are more cameras coming out more often with similar features and the harder the brands compete the more difficult it gets to choose the right camera for video for you and your business. It's really not about the specifications of a camera really, because they're all great, it's about making your list of things you NEED or that will alleviate frustrations in creating content faster and in a more efficient way. In this episode, I share some ways to do that with a bit of Q&A at the end.
February 08, 2020
How to Grow Your Email List Using Your YouTube Channel
Only trying to grow your following on the various social media platforms, simply put, is dangerous. In this episode, I'm going to share a few ways I've used my YouTube Channel to grow my email list substantially in a short amount of time.
February 07, 2020
3 Ways to Grow Your Audience When Starting a Zero | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
Everyone starts at zero but it doesn't make it any less comforting to know that or hear everyone say it.  So, in this episode, I'm going to be covering ways to dive into the conversations happening online to find compelling topics your audience wants to hear that will give you video ideas to create content for them that will have them drooling for more!
February 06, 2020
3 Ways to Create Irresistible Titles to Grow Your Email List | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
When wanting to grow your email list and you're starting from scratch, it can be difficult and frustrating. In today's show, I'm going to be sharing 3 ways to grow your email list with free offers that have irresistible titles!
February 05, 2020
What is the EntreChats Daily Morning Show?
Discussing the new content coming to this podcast feed!
February 04, 2020
How to Turn Your Free Content into Paying Clients | EntreChats Daily Morning Show
How do you turn your free content into actual paying clients and what does that content funnel process look like? In today's show, I share what that process looks like and how you can get started sharing free content that begins to convert into clients for your business.
February 04, 2020
EntreChats Daily Show - When Should You Quit?
When to pivot IS important to know but when is "quitting" okay?
February 01, 2020
The Entrepreneurs Disease...and the Only Cure!
No one is immune to it but everyone also has access to the only cure...
January 31, 2020
The Return of the EntreChats Daily Show!
No, this doesn't mean the Video Simplified Podcast is going away, but we are adding more value to this podcast stream!
January 31, 2020
VSP #20 | Coming Up with More Video Ideas for Your Channel
If you're just starting a new YouTube channel, you may be thinking, "How am I going to keep coming up with new video ideas and topics 2 and 3 years from now?"  That's a great concern that a lot of new creators have had and I had them too! But in this weeks episode, I share with how to morph one video idea into a playlist of ideas!
January 28, 2020
VSP #19 | How to Find Your Audience with a New YouTube Channel
In this live video podcast recording, I share some ways I share with my coaching clients how to find their audience online and begin connecting and creating content uniquely for that audience when you're starting a new YouTube Channel. Resources Mentioned: - To see the video details shown in the video portion of this podcast. - Software Used to Live Stream
January 13, 2020
VSP #18 Why Video Content Marketing is More Powerful Than Any Other Medium of Communication
Whether it was billboards, radio, or the introduction to television, the forms of communication have shifted over the years but nothing is performing online like the introduction of video for the everyday entrepreneur to directly communicate with your audience and customers.  If you haven't been convinced already, in this episode, I share why video is the most powerful medium of communication we have sitting in our pockets and why video content marketing can completely remap the face of your business in a few minutes a day!
January 06, 2020
VSP #17 What is Video Content Marketing?
Any form of the phrase '"content marketing" tends to make some people cringe and others confused. On this episode, I share why video content marketing is so incredibly powerful over any other forms of marketing save person to person interactions. In the final episode of 2019, we start diving into the subject of how video content marketing makes your audience and potential clients pay attention to you over the competition.
December 30, 2019
VSP #16 Is the Canon M50 Still a Good Camera for 2020?
This is going to be a question that a lot of new creators will search as we roll into 2020 and I wouldn't doubt even in 2021.  However, it will still be a valid question because as new cameras continue to be released and new camera season upon us, let's see how this camera may stack up moving into the new year!
December 23, 2019
VSP #15 | Why You Shouldn't Create Longer Videos on YouTube (With a New Channel)
Creating long-form content can be difficult when trying to convert new viewers to subscribers and get longer audience retention on your videos. Especially if you're new to Youtube and just starting a new channel. In this episode, I'm going to be giving 3 reasons why you shouldn't be creating long-form content on a new YouTube channel and how it's actually hurting your channel if you're just starting off!
December 16, 2019
VSP #14 What I Use to Record Videos
From vlogging to my in-office setup, including the software and things I use, I'm breaking it all down in this episode. Here's the link to all the gear, plus a few smaller accessories I use but forgot to mention:
December 02, 2019
VSP #13 When to Take a Break From YouTube
Burnout is real and it can happen early, it can happen later in your journey and even just in your business. But burnout will and can happen whether you're prepared or not. Let's not wait that long. Let's open up about when should you pull back and actually go against the grain and take 5. 
November 26, 2019
VSP #12 | What Videos Should You Create When Starting a New YouTube Channel
Much like kicking off a podcast, it really sucks when there's just one pilot episode of a short or podcast you're really digging. That's the same concept I'd take into starting a new YouTube channel. Now, what videos you actually launch with is going to matter as well. In this live podcast recording, I share my thoughts on what I'd do if starting a new YouTube channel from scratch and some insights into what audiences expect when they land on your channel for the first time!
November 18, 2019
VSP Ep. 11 | Creating Authentic & Vulnerable Content
I think "authenticity" is something we hear get tossed around enough in the YouTube space, it's not that uncommon anymore. However, to be vulnerable is something altogether different. In this week's episode of the Video Simplified Podcast, I share why I think this concept is crucial to any video content that you create and how I'm learning and beginning to see just how hard it can be to be vulnerable online.
November 11, 2019
VSP Ep #10 | The Power of LIVE Business for Your Business
You've probably watched Netflix before or a sports game live and we don't really think of that as live streaming or the amount of work that would go into it to make it happen. It's not until we need to add live video as a part of our business that we notice all the things we don't know and don't have to pull off this great looking live stream. What if it didn't take as much as you thought or cost as much as you thought?  In today's episode, I'm going to be sharing not just some obvious reasons to live stream but why it's really going to matter outside of "increasing sales" typical talks you hear when it comes to live streaming for your business.
October 28, 2019
VSP Ep. 9 | What's More Important Than the Video Quality?
There is only one other thing that I would put ahead of the importance of video and that is audio. So often I'll review a video or something someone is asking me to look over and I'll see that audio quality is really great for a first-time creator and makes me really proud as a teacher. But then I take a listen and the audio isn't that bad on a speaker or laptop, but with headphones, is brutal! Today, I'm going to be sharing what to do and the why behind really focusing in on your audio and how it can really impact your video more than that blurry background.
October 14, 2019
VSP #8 | 5 Tips to Increase Viewer Watch Time on Your YouTube Videos
When it comes to YouTube, despite what most people believe, it's isn't all about views. YouTube does not care as much about how many clicked on your video to "earn" you the view counter, but how long someone actually stays on the video. You can attract new viewers all day but if they aren't staying on your videos, it doesn't matter. In this episode, I share 5 tips to help you keep people watching your videos longer and will keep you in YouTube's recommendation pool to distribute your video to more viewers!
September 30, 2019
VSP #7 | The One Thing Video Tech Reviewers Never Do
When you're in the process of looking for the best and the right equipment in your business it can be frustrating buying something, then turning around and realizing it actually doesn't work in your all. Is the gear the problem or did the reviewer forget to mention something? It's definitely the latter and in this video, I'll be sharing the one thing that nearly all video tech reviewers forgot to mention while trying to help you in your buying decision.
September 18, 2019
VSP #6 | The Best Camera for Business Under $1000
This week we venture into the next most highly sought after pricing category when someone in searching for their next best camera. When it comes to upgrades, I've spent THOUSANDS with a capital T, thousands on cameras and equipment. Now, you won't have to spend that much looking for solutions and hacks all over YouTube, we cover that in this weeks episode!
September 09, 2019
Being Embarrassed By Your Videos
When you're first getting ready to do your videos and you're really jazzed by all the ideas you get, you're so excited that in your mind you envision your content looking just like your favorite creator. Once you've recorded that video, reality sets in and you realize that your content doesn't look like what you thought it was going to. So, instantly, you're ready to quit and not even upload the video. In this episode, I'm going to share how to get over those embarrassing first videos and be more confident with the content you create and improve the ways your videos look and sound!
September 03, 2019
Video Simplified Podcast | Why the Things You're Focused on in Video DON'T MATTER
Most people kick off their new YouTube Channel or video focused on the wrong things! I'm guilty of doing it too. So, in this episode, I share with you what the true focus should be when you're in the video creation process from a tech perspective.
August 26, 2019
Video Simplified Podcast | Why "How to Get More Subscribers" is the WRONG Question to Ask
Most people jump straight to the questions how to build a YouTube Channel and have a ton of subscribers. This question is flawed because it causes you to miss out some important factors that are often overlooked as to why someone subscribes to begin with. In this episode, I share with you what those factors and how you can not only get more subscribers but understand why they are wanting to stick around to begin with!
August 19, 2019
Video Simplified Podcast | My #1 Secret to Connect with Your Audience that Your Competition Isn't Doing!
Everyone is always fighting for new ways to be better than the next guy. Competition is a factor of just about anything but what I share in today's video will make you 10x better than the next fella because they probably aren't doing the things I'm going to share with you in today's episode!
August 12, 2019
Video Simplified Podcast | "What videos should I create for my business?"
Welcome to the Video Simplified Podcast born of the formerly known EntreChats Daily Podcast. The focus of this podcast is dedicated to helping busy entrepreneurs simply and create better videos for your business and create deeper connections with your audience using video! In this week episode, I share my response to one of the most commonly asked questions I receive, "What kind of videos should I make?". This can be especially hard if you're new to video because you could talk about a lot of things but what's actually going to connect with people to keep them watching? After a quarter of a million views+ on my YouTube Channel, I'm going to be sharing what those first videos should be matter what niche you're in!
August 05, 2019
30 Days Since Quitting My Job & Going Full-Time in My Business | Was it a mistake and life after the 9 to 5
One of the greatest decisions I've made is to walk in full faith, quit my job and work my business full-time. It's now been 30 days since I quit and in this podcast I'm sharing what the journey has been like. I'll also share what has been working and not working.
June 17, 2019
The Problem with Buying a "Real" Camera like the Canon M50
The Canon M50 is a great little camera that I've recommended to a ton of people on my YouTube Channel and even my online audience in general for those new to investing in a real camera. The problem is that once you've decided to get a "real camera" you run into other problems. In this episode, I share why buying a camera like the M50 isn't for everyone.
May 28, 2019
How to keep your audiences attention in video
It can be difficult creating videos that aren’t reaching and connecting with your ideal audience, demographic, or ideal client. There’s one tool the writers of Game of Thrones understand and we’re discussing it in today’s show AND how to use it to keep your audiences attention.
April 29, 2019
The 1 Factor That Easily Ruins Startup Companies
When most people want to start a nee business you find just how many awesome tools are out there and quickly realize you still need 1 thing. In this on the go episode, we discuss what that one thing is and how to avoid make sure you avoid this trap.
April 22, 2019
Running a Failing Business
No one wants to find themselves drowning in sorrow over their failed accomplishments but I think there's a moment in nearly every entrepreneurs journey where they feel like they're failing. They very well could be too, but what do you do about it? In this weeks episode, I share a little insight into how I felt when I was failing horribly in my business and the first step to get out of it.
April 15, 2019
Why Your First 300 Subscribers are Vital on YouTube!
More than anything else I see on YouTube is traditionally about the first 100 or first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, but I don't think those matter as much as the goal of the first 300-500 subscribers someone receives. In this episode, I share why I believe this is the core group that will matter the most for anyone starting a new youtube channel.
April 08, 2019
Using Your Analytics to Help or Hinder Your Business Growth
Everyone is always focused on views or likes on YouTube or how much exposure your content has received. However, few really pay attention to the numbers that matter that can either positively or negatively affect your business growth. In today's episode, we focus on what metrics you should be paying attention to - to grow your business.
April 01, 2019
How to know what content your audience wants next
Being on YouTube isn't easy and when you're looking at producing potentially years of content. At some point you're going to question, what content should I make next. I've seen large and small YouTube channels alike ask this question with even some larger channels not getting much response. In this episode, I talk through some of the factors that go into not just getting better engagement to find out this answer but what you can do to understand why they're watching your content to begin with and what will keep them coming back for more! Definitely more of a deep dive than I intended to go into on this episode, but if you hang through it. I think you'll get tons of value!
March 25, 2019
What to do when things just aren't working out
Something a bit different but in today's show we're going to chat about what to do when things just aren't working out. 
March 18, 2019
Live Streaming Video Overtaking Regular Video?
In my love of focusing on online video more I can't help but notice that online video is taking a HUGE surge in growth and it's definitely something that deserves your attention if you plan for your business to thrive in the coming years. Link to Neil Patel's Blog Post on Live Streaming:
March 11, 2019
How to Include Video in Your Business Plan
When most people are getting started on YouTube or creating videos online for their business, they initially just start creating videos about whatever they think of. The only problem is later figuring out how these videos will translate into income.  In this episode, I'll share the points that you'll need to cover to begin to create videos as part of your business plan versus just an expense forming habit on the side that "could" help your business.
March 05, 2019
Why You NEED to Get Over Your Fears of Being on Camera
I spend ton's of time focused on what new camera settings I'm going to try, what new video ideas I want to research and what's going on in the world of video marketing...but it DEFINITELY wasn't like that 3 years ago. You pull out a camera or start a video on your phone, I'm walking in the opposite direction. Having a business means you have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. That includes being on camera so you can create more videos for your business.
February 18, 2019
The Next Major Marketing Tool You Can't Ignore!
In today's episode, we take a deep dive into why Live Streaming Video is quickly becoming the next major marketing tool and why you can't afford not to pay attention to it for your business.  Sourced Content Feat. Entrepreneur, Kevin Hart from The Breakfast Club Radio Show
February 13, 2019
Dealing with Creators Block
You ever just feel stuck when it comes to creating content? Let's have a little convo about mental blocks.
February 11, 2019
Starting Before You're Ready
Anytime anyone claims they're interested in doing something they'll say, "Well, you know, I want to wait until..." - Doing this is more detrimental that most people realize and you miss out on so much more than the days worth of delay.  In this episode, I'm going to share with you why waiting to start something is oftentimes the cause of a lot of failures when you finally do decide to start.
January 30, 2019
Getting Called the "N" Word on YouTube
This is probably one of everyone greatest fears online is to be called a racial slur or to have someone point out something you don't like or care to hear online. Join in today's chat as we discuss how this happened and what to do about when you get called crazy stuff online. 
January 28, 2019
Some Goals Just Take Longer Than Expected
One of the major components of goal setting is time. Setting a date is vital but what happens when the goal isn't achieved by the specified date? Now what? That's what we're talking about on todays show!
January 14, 2019
Living on Purpose in 2019
It's just time to stop setting goals that don't matter and doing things that don't matter in the journey to achieve the purpose in your life.
January 11, 2019
Maintaining Momentum When Life Happens
You can expect life to show up to your door with problems for you to solve that you didn't ask for or want, but have to deal with. Despite still being in the early days, you can't afford to let life derail your dreams and goals!
January 09, 2019
Why Your Market Isn't Too Saturated to Start Producing Videos
You don't have to be on social too long before you see video ad after video ad. Even though there's probably tons of videos out there in your niche, today we're going to discuss why there's still a market for you!
January 07, 2019
What's Your B.H.A.G. for 2019
Every goal is super important and how you nurture that goal is critical to it's success. In today's show, we cover the main key thing that can make or break having success of your big hairy audacious goals for 2019.
January 04, 2019
How to Effectively Plan Out Your 2019 Goals
Every year the world takes a focus on their new goals for the new year. However, only 12% sticks to their new years goals and most fall off after 6 short weeks into the new year. In this episode, I will share the 3 Primary Ways to get the most clarity when planning out your 2019 goals.
January 02, 2019
How to Increase Your Success Rate in 2019
The countdown has begun on the new year rapidly approaching. In today's episode, I share some tips to increase your success rates for 2019!
December 17, 2018
How to Create Bingeable Content on YouTube
The phrase Netflix and Chill may have a specific definition associated with it but the Netflix portion is reliant on watching bingeable content. The days of flicking between channels when your favorite show is on commercial is vastly becoming extinct. People will begin searching for specific info on YouTube and you want them on your content specifically.
December 15, 2018
3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a YouTube Channel
YouTube is no longer the website you go to when you want to just watch a playlist of cat videos but the number 2 website in the world and the 2nd largest search engine behind Google. With the power of Google at the helm, YouTube has become a force that your business needs to learn to harness.
December 14, 2018
5 Ways a Vlogging Challenge Can Grow Your Business
In this episode, I share 5 ways you can actually grow and stretch yourself through a vlogging challenge, but not just you, your business too.
December 13, 2018
Your Money Mindset Will Elevate or Deflate You
A new year means new goals. In this episode, I take the conversation of creating income much deeper and expand on our conversation. I also share how your mindset about money can either elevate you or deflate you. This is for sure one of my favorite episodes.
December 11, 2018
Overcoming Your Fears of Selling
Selling is often seen as a dirty word and left only for the sleezy salesmen everyone images at a car lot. When it comes to the idea of sharing what you have to offer, you will need to begin to dispell the myths and your beliefs about selling.
December 07, 2018
The One Thing Your Product or Service Can't Overlook
This is an easy one to miss, but you gotta know the answer.
December 06, 2018
3 Critical Points of Launching ANY Product
There are certain things that absolutely have to be addressed when you are working with any product or service you want to release. Without them, you will hit a brick wall in connecting with your ideal customers.
December 05, 2018
Stop Playing Small!
You have to know your worth and believe that you are more because you are. Period.
December 04, 2018
Battling Marketing Stereotypes
Will Vlogmas hurt my business? A question I have often thought of when it comes to vlogging in general, but today I wonder if Vlogmas Episode 3 will positively or negatively impact my brand and can it do the same to yours? Do traditional marketing technique or tactics still work or is vlogging the new way consumers are choosing to connect?
December 03, 2018
Building Your Business Using YouTube & Online Video
In today's show, we take a seriously deep dive into what goes into building your business using youtube and online video, and it goes far beyond showing up in a search bar!
December 01, 2018
Creating an Operations Process for Your Business
Running into challenges and problems isn't something that most people plan for but the same way you expect a chain of command to happen and be followed when you call a company, you need to have your own in place as well. Let's chat about getting some procedures in case stuff happens you didn't plan!
November 30, 2018
My Canon M50 Passed Away! can only plan and prepare so much. You really do pay the cost to be the way or another. More on this and some addtl tips from the Livestream on EntreWoman Tv:
November 29, 2018
Why You Should Unsubscribe
Everyone is always telling you that you should subscribe, but rarely do you hear them say why you should unsubscribe. Today, we're going to be chatting about why unsubscribing to different content can enrich your learning experiences.
November 28, 2018
Planning & Executing Your 2019 Goals
Everyone sets goals every year but this year we're going to do something different. Time to time travel back two years to those goals and see what you can learn from 2017 to propel you forward in 2019!
November 27, 2018
Disrupting Your Comfort Zone
With 2019 literally around the corner this is the season to get UNCOMFORTABLE! Seeking comfort can seem a great and relaxing thing and disruption the thing to stay away from, but to get to the next'll need to begin disrupting some areas in your life.
November 26, 2018
Creating Products That Serve Your Audience
When it comes to creating products for your business there are a few questions you'll want to answer to make sure you attract the right customers vs detracting them.
November 25, 2018
Should Your Share Your Ideas?
There is a lot of concern around whether or not we should share our ideas as entrepreneurs or whether we should just keep them to ourselves. In this episode, I share whether or not we should share our ideas, with who, knowing who to trust and the best way to accelerate your business growth through community. Resources Mentioned:
November 24, 2018
How to Save the Most When Holiday Shopping
The 3 primary strategies I use to maximize my savings not just during the holidays, but whenever I need something. Resources Mentioned: 5 Ways to Hack the Holidays:
November 23, 2018
Finding Gratitude in Each Day & Each Moment
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating in the US. Today is a great day to reflect and find gratitude even during the frustrating moments in our lives.
November 22, 2018
Life Will Always Demand More From YOU
When it comes to spending money, the bill is always higher than you're really comfortable with at first. In today's chat, we discuss why you have to step ahead of your comfort and make the tough decisions you need to move forward in your business. Content Mentioned in the Show: Interview with Leslie Odom Jr, "Fighting for Your Dreams":
November 18, 2018
Thinking of Doing Vlogmas
So, December is right around the corner already and I can't help but wonder should I do Vlogmas for the first time or don't worry about it. When it comes to deciding what content to create next or your next series, there's more to think about than most people realize. Let's get down to the meat and potatoes of it all!
November 18, 2018
Spending too much money in my business
The "free" option is always the first way many new entrepreneurs look to when looking for tools or resources to use in your new business. I've often said this is a mistake, but was spending so much money in my business? On today's EntreChat Daily, we talk about it!
November 14, 2018
4 Small Changes That Are Changing My Life Right Now
It's really interesting to see how small changes can drastically improve your life. For me, it's just 4 small things right now and in today's episode I share what they are and how they're really improving my life.
November 03, 2018
Where Entrepreneurs Get It Wrong on Social Media
In today's quick chat, we discuss where entrepreneurs drop the ball when it comes to creating online video on social media. The video referenced in todays show can be found here:
October 29, 2018
Should we really build our businesses on social platforms?
A real discussion in whether or not we're making a mistaking building on these social platforms when they can up and disappear or delete your profiles and accounts whenever they feel like it at your expense.
October 25, 2018
I wasn't expecting this to happen...
SO! Today included a bit of a weird but welcoming surprise. Find out more in today's EntreChats Daily!
October 25, 2018
Your Comfort Zone is Your Broke Zone
Being comfortable is often seen as a good thing when you're at home, but in business it can hurt your more than it can help you.
October 21, 2018
He's Gone!
Making some major changes in my life - tough ones, but good ones.
October 11, 2018
Creating a Global Business
In this episode, we explore some of the new and upcoming focuses for the new year and what things to consider moving into your next phase of business. Video Mentioned in Today's Show:
October 10, 2018
The Audacity to be Brave in Business
As entrepreneurs, it's often difficult to have tough conversations that may impact our business, the potential to get more customers or clients or negatively impact the social influence we work hard to build. In today's episode, we discuss whether or not we should openly discuss and have the tough conversations or just remain silent.
September 28, 2018
Uncovering Your Purpose and Your Why
Another on the go episode! A short but powerful chat recorded with my headphones so you'll hear some fidget noises but hope that doesn't take away from the point of today's chat!
September 20, 2018
EntreChats Daily: Traveling is a Need
Catching up and connecting after my recent trip to Las Vegas.
September 14, 2018
Who's Better? Mac vs PC
Which system is better for entrepreneurs? Let's chat about it!
September 07, 2018
Evolving Your Leadership
All leaders will encounter change, but the most important will occur when you initiate it.
September 05, 2018
Never Delay Your Dreams
The winds of life blows on us all, but it's how you set your sail.
August 31, 2018
Addressing Your Audiences Pain Points
How do you really make sure your message connects and really hits home with people on a platform they don't really watch long videos on?
August 29, 2018
Advancing Your Creative Skills
Latest episode of EntreChats Daily
August 28, 2018
How NOT to loose money when buying gear!
My process when purchasing new gear so you don't get ripped off.
August 25, 2018
Is Being on YouTube a Dumb Idea?
Latest episode of EntreChats Daily
August 23, 2018
EntreChats Daily: Teaching What You Know
Have you ever wondered what you'll actually talk about if you started a blog, YouTube Channel or Podcast? Think you'll run out of stuff to talk about? Let's chat about it!
August 22, 2018
EntreChats Daily: Creating a Mobile System That Works
Latest episode of EntreChats Daily
August 21, 2018
EntreChats Daily: Doing What's Life Giving
Latest episode of EntreChats Daily
August 19, 2018
EntreChats Daily: Valuing Knowledge
Taking learning to another level.
August 18, 2018
EntreChats Daily Ep. 13:Creating More Space in a Small Space
Maximizing office and work spaces.
August 15, 2018
Condensing Timeframes to Amplify Your Productivity
I often get the question how I find time to do all the things I do in my business. Today I share a little nugget to help me stay ahead in my business.
August 14, 2018
EntreChats Daily: Are There Too Many Pointless Vloggers?
Today we chat about the idea of vlogging becoming a saturated market.
August 13, 2018
EntreChats Daily: Finding Work Arounds Editing Videos
Every video editing software that is free or fairly cheap has some limitations. Today I share one of my fave tips for getting around one common issues you can run into editing videos.
August 12, 2018
EntreChats Daily Ep. 9 - Dealing with Your Fears of Vlogging
I think everyone has some reservations about vlogging out in public and it's all a matter of how you look at the importance of what you're doing.
August 10, 2018
Discovering Your Own Unique Style & Brand
Discovery is a process.
August 09, 2018
My Step by Step Process for NOT Wasting Money in Business
The buying process I use before I buy anything.
August 08, 2018
Ep. 6 What Social Media Sites Should You Use for Business?
With a new social platform every month it feels like which one should you use in your business?
August 07, 2018
Ep. 5 The Timing is Never Right
Don't wait for anything to do what you need to do.
August 06, 2018
Ep. 4 My Obsession!
You never know what obstacle will completely change your life.
August 05, 2018
Ep. 3: The 1 Reason Everyone Starts a Business
What's the real point of starting a business?
August 03, 2018
EntreChats Daily Ep. 2: Double Your Productivity When You're Short on Time
It's easy to get a lot don't when you're feeling great, but what about the days you're short on time and not feeling well?
August 02, 2018
EntreChats Daily Ep. 1: The Next Biggest Shift in Marketing & Advertising
Everybody only focuses on marketing from an ads perspective, but there's an element everyone is overlooking.
August 01, 2018
The Single Biggest Challenge for New Entrepreneurs
In this latest episode of She Rocks Her Biz, I share some tips on how to avoid the major pitfall and trap new Entre's can suffer from and how you can fix it!
February 24, 2018
Instant Content & Doubts
Love the idea of instant content creation also • Re: Creating Instant Content
August 16, 2017
Creating a Financial Plan
How can you get your finances up to par? Well, in this quick segment I'm going to share some quick tips to help you along in your journey.
August 04, 2017
Using Challenges to Grow!
There are a bunch of challenges out there, but it's good to participate in those that will stretch you creatively and cause you to do something different and push yourself!
August 04, 2017
Are Day Jobs Worth It?
Let's discuss and evaluate the real worth of a job. Is it worth it or not?
July 27, 2017
Do you really need a website?
In 2017 is a website really necessary or is suicidal media sufficient. Today we chat about the differences between the two.
July 25, 2017
Don't Major in the Minor
Don't Major in the Minor Things
July 25, 2017