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Genius: Sciencing Our Human Potential

Genius: Sciencing Our Human Potential

By Diane Wilson
The best of science, neuroscience, health, learning and human stories. Diane Wilson, LCPC, BCN, applied neuroscientist and coach shares her intense curiosity by interviewing some of her favorite people from all walks in life. Each episode will have conversations that will help you feel connected, embrace your fears, be present, and help cultivate and share your own genius within.
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Interviewing the Interviewer: A Life of Purpose and Role Model for New Podcasters
Episode 9: In the time of Hanukkah and Christmas, the height of the global pandemic, and just weeks away from inaugurating a new president of the United States. It's a momentous and yet perfect time to interview world-class podcaster Mark C. Crowley.  Host Diane Wilson and Crowley tackle a wide range of topics including the impact of his bestselling book, "Lead from the Heart;" what it's like to be him on a day-to-day basis during this crazy time; and his advice for new podcasters.  Since 2018, Crowley's podcast has featured industry leaders and grown to be heard in over 140 countries.  This is recommended listening for all before ending this extraordinary year and starting a new one. It's inspiring, candid, and full of insights to stimulate your personal development.  Biography Bestselling Author and Global Speaker on Extraordinary Employee Engagement  Mark Crowley has been guiding individuals and teams to achieve record-breaking sales and profitability performance in the financial services industry for 25 years. His focus is on the most authentic driver of human engagement there is – emotional connection. Mark prioritizes the demonstration to everyone he works with that he cares about them, values them and trusts them, a practice not common among peers in the field. He invests time in strengthening relationships, discussing personal and professional goals, and making an authentic commitment to help clients fulfill their dreams. He has even taken these practices globally, presenting his collection of evidence that the most successful form of motivation for human beings in the workplace is to positively affect their hearts. He stresses that how managers make their employees feel has the most profound influence on whether their teams produce at mediocre levels – or excel. This work has led to the launch of Mark’s “Lead From The Heart” podcast in 2018. The podcast aims to bring together world-class authors, innovators, CEOs, researchers, and other top thinkers whose work inherently adds unique support, validation & dimension to the Lead from the Heart leadership philosophy. Mark’s work as a speaker and organizational culture consultant has opened the door of engagement with over 135,000 connections on Twitter – and once again shows how deeply people hunger for more caring, supportive and humane leadership. The COVID pandemic, if anything, has taught us that rigid, commanding and untrusting management no longer holds up. In this new age of virtual work, it’s even more essential that managers acquire a new skillset, and the ability to effectively connect with employees remotely while concomitantly driving performance.
December 22, 2020
Mark C. Crowley: On Social Media, Heart & Changing the World
A short: You can't interview award-winning podcaster Mark C. Crowley, author of best-selling Leading with the Heart, without him asking you questions. The clip is on one of many topics covered -- social media, Mark's approach, and its impact. Being heard in over 140 countries, how does he create this impact, and to what end? 
December 21, 2020
Mark Crowley: COVID & The Symbolic Opportunity of Now
A short: This is the interview you need to hear this week. Don't miss it. Inspiration from the best-selling author and award-winning podcaster -- Mark C. Crowley. Watch for the whole episode to be released on December 22, 2020. Thank you, Mark C. Crowley.
December 21, 2020
Mark Shapiro MD On Life, Liberty, Happiness, and The Hard Ask
Episode 8: It’s the week of Thanksgiving during the COVID-19 pandemic that has only worsened. Most of us are hunkered down at home where we're craving to be with family and friends for the holiday that is steeped in tradition.  While trying to navigate the holiday's limitations, this year I'm also focused on the health crisis and what it means for myself and others.  That caused me to contact physician Dr. Mark Shapiro whom I've come to know via social media. Dr. Shapiro sits in the center of a large network of colleagues and is active in leadership in the medical community. He’s in Northern California not far from where the relentless wildfires occurred.  I want to know how he coped with COVID, the threat of wildfires, and the mountain of information we're all faced with daily. I wanted to hear the human side of what his life is like:  - Is he afraid or optimistic? What does he see from his vantage point for the rest of us – as a doctor, a leader, husband, father, and neighbor? - What do we need to know about the pandemic? - What should we do to take care of ourselves and our families? I mean, tangible things. - How can help frontline healthcare?  Dr. Shapiro is a veteran podcaster who has hosted the Explore the Space podcast for over five years. You’ll enjoy him as someone easy to listen to and easy to like and trust.  I am grateful that he joined us during this important time. Background Mark Shapiro, MD is the creator and host of Explore The Space Podcast, a show focused on bringing those who provide healthcare and those who seek healthcare closer together through conversations with leaders from across the spectrum. The show can be found at . Dr. Shapiro has been in clinical practice as a Hospitalist since 2006 and currently is a full-time Hospitalist at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with St. Joseph Health Medical Group in Santa Rosa, CA. He earned a BA in history at the University of California-Los Angeles, attended medical school at Baylor College of Medicine, and completed his Internal Medicine residency at the University of California-San Diego. Dr. Shapiro is an active voice on Twitter and can be followed at @ETSshow
November 25, 2020
On the COVID Health Care Situation from a Hospitalist
A short: Thanksgiving Week, In a sea of news, sometimes we need to hear about COVID and our health care systems directly from people who work in it. Dr. Mark Shapiro: a husband, father, community member, physician.  Articulate and courageous. Take a listen. 
November 25, 2020
Refuge: Finding Peace During Chaotic Times (Mindful Meditation)
October 27, 2020, Week Before Election Day Sometimes I record short meditations for my clients to listen to after our sessions. They have them on their phones and tune in to become more calm and focused, to stop anxious busy brain, and obsessive thinking.  Today, session after session, my clients were all very anxious. One by one I heard similar things, each person feeling alone in their anxious thoughts. Between my sessions, texting with friends, it was the same -- anxiety. So, I created a mindfulness exercise/meditation I could share with everyone.  This exercise is just under five minutes in length.  Let's stay present. Be safe and well.  Thanks for listening,  Diane Grimard Wilson,  LCPC, BCN Coach, psychotherapist, and applied neuroscientist Thanks, Dan Schiffmacher for the production of this video. email: Music by Draganov "World of Magic" from Premium Beat, used with permission.  Watch for my new book to be released in spring 2021 called "Brain Dance." It's on a vexing journey of recovering undiagnosed traumatic brain injury to eventually becoming an applied neuroscientist, myself.  It should be fascinating to anyone interested in the brain, in applied neuroscience, or who has felt totally lost and needed to rebuild their life.  www.GeniusPodcast.Us  Instagram and Twitter: @Braincoach333 ph. (312) 925-5176 email:
October 30, 2020
Media Influencer Dr. Linda Girgis MD on Mental Health, COVID and More
Episode 7: Gentle, unassuming, and direct, Dr. Linda Girgis was a delight to interview for the latest of our Genius podcasts.  Dr. Girgis, Editor-in-Chief for Physician's Weekly and a media influencer, provided her take on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected healthcare and her own patients, especially as her practice is in the greater New York City area. Topics include: What’s changed over time, what we’re learning, kids and school decisions, and how to use social media for coping, staying informed, and developing life-changing relationships. While she knows how to speak truth to power, Dr. Linda is also a person who acts in terms of principles of kindness and inclusivity.  With over 104K followers on Twitter, @DrLindaMD, she is still looking out for those who need help and guidance, whether it’s medical students, the homeless, and even an aspiring author/podcast host.  She's concise with a great heart and the episode has lots of her good advice. And, you'll probably want Dr. Linda to be your family physician.  :)
October 29, 2020
Dr. Linda Girgis: Clip On Making the Most of Social Media
A short: How does media influencer Dr. Linda Girgis, Chief Editor of Physicians' Weekly see social media as a tool, esp during a pandemic? In our 10/29 episode, you'll also hear more about the impact of Dr. Linda's media on one grateful podcast host.cer Look for the whole episode releasing on October 29, 2020 on and all your favorite media platforms. 
October 26, 2020
Dr. Arghavan Salles: On Hopelessness, Trusting What We Can't See and More
Episodes 6: Arghavan Salles is a surgeon and researcher at Stanford who has the rare distinction of being a part of the direct treatment teams in two COVID epicenters – New York City and then Arizona. You may have seen her on national news including The Today Show as she documented and shared some of her journey. Diane Wilson wanted to hear and share more of the personal story and what has happened since: What is Dr. Salles' life like now and what was it like being a part of these teams? What do we know about COVID now that we didn’t know before, how likely is it we’ll have a vaccine soon? As a dedicated yogi, how has yoga figured in her life during this? Dr. Salles had just returned from Arizona when they spoke. What does she do to stay healthy in these hazardous situations? And now? What does COVID mean for her own employment? We see doctors as indispensable but so many organizations are affected by changes since COVID. Dr. Salles is a national leader in diversity, inclusion, and equity, having earned a PhD studying these topics at Stanford University. Dr. Salles is also a surgeon and has extensive lived experience as a woman of color working in a male-dominated environment. Dr. Salles completed medical school and residency in general surgery at Stanford prior to completing a fellowship in minimally invasive surgery at Washington University in St. Louis. After staying on faculty in St. Louis for a few years, Dr. Salles moved back to Stanford in 2019 to work with the medical school on issues related to diversity and inclusion. Her research focuses broadly on gender equity, implicit bias, diversity, inclusion, and physician well-being. She is a sought-after speaker and has given over 50 national and international invited talks related to gender equity and sexual harassment in medicine. Dr. Salles is a prolific researcher and writer, having had her work published in prominent medical journals such as JAMA Network Open and JAMA Surgery. She also writes for broad audiences through outlets such as USA Today, TIME Magazine, and Scientific American. She is passionate about helping women and under-represented minorities achieve their full potential at work.
October 13, 2020
Michelle Wrighte, Opera Singer: When the Music Stopped
Episode 5: An accomplished musical artist, 55 years old with finally the dream job of her musical career a member of the prestigious core chorus of the Lyric Opera Chicago. After months of preparation, in the last stages of embarking on one the most demanding operatic challenges, Wagner’s The Ring Cycle, the pandemic closed the Lyric’s season as well as the city of Chicago.    It was running a marathon that suddenly stopped without having a chance to view the finish line: How does an artist, mother of a feisty tweener, and wife cope with the disappointment, full-time togetherness, homeschooling, and recrafting her career especially since singing, her life, is one of the most potent activities for spreading the virus?    Related questions: What will art and music like in a Zoom world? How can music save us? How will this inspiring, often entertaining, and funny woman, go forward with her vision to create a new way of making and sharing music during a global pandemic? Michelle's biography and contact information on
October 8, 2020
Syed T. Hoda, M.D.: On Running Toward, Not Away
Episode 4: Dr. Syed T. Hoda is Director of Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology at New York University (NYU) and Director of Surgical Pathology at the NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital. Since the pandemic began, he has played a role in implementing a program called Family Connect to ease the burden of ICU care during the heart of New York City’s epicenter, leading a team of pathologists and medical students. This role was an entirely novel role for Pathologists and served as a building block for larger changes he would like to see in his own profession.    Dr. Hoda's recurrent mantra for other physicians (or any professionals) is "Person 1st, Physician 2nd, Specialist 3rd" as a reminder that the common denominator for any professional is being a person 1st.    On October 5, 2020, he will be featured on the People of Pathology Podcast. He was recently named to his 2nd straight Pathology Power List award for 2020 as well as featured on SiriusXM Doctor Radio as part of their episode on COVID Heroes.  
October 1, 2020
Ann Latinovich: An Artist on Losses, Lupus, Lessons and the Pandemic
Episode 3: Ann Latinovich, an internationally-recognized portrait artist, wife, and boymom to three teenagers, opened the studio of her dreams on Chicago’s Northshore in the fall of 2019. It was a special event with harps playing, delicious appetizers, a room filled with friends, clients, and beautiful art. Just a few months later, it became all too clear that any meetings in-person and even keeping her new studio were no longer possibilities.  Having lived with Lupus most of her life, Latinovich knew the potential for getting COVID was too risky.  The pandemic plays no favorites with dreams. Questions during our podcast: How did she find meaning in the devastation of her career goals, craft, and how she makes a living? How does anyone create a new life after such a loss?  Ann is an inspiring human, filled with grace and optimism as she has taken on this challenge.  She discusses finding a way to ride the emotional roller coaster, lessons she's learning, habits she's developing to rewire her brain, new rituals now serving her and her family, and why she hates the term "career pivot." 
September 24, 2020
Sayed Tabatabai, M.D. Frontline Physician, Writer and Social Media Voice
Episode 2: Dr. Sayed Tabatabai is a nephrologist in San Antonio with the soul of a writer who finds purpose in sharing stories that mirror his experiences. In our podcast, he explores the rollercoaster of emotions including grief, wonder, and connection, and the sacred space of being a physician with his patients.  The “@TheRealDoctorT” as he is known on Twitter, helps us find the beauty and calling of this strange moment in time through sharing his stories on Twitter.  His notoriety and following have increased geometrically as he helps us see and feel more deeply the love in these most challenging moments. He is a physician who blossomed as an artist and writer during these darkest times. He helps people heal and feel less afraid not just in the hospital but also on social media and an increasingly wide platform including the Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio.  This episode is part of the Fall series called "Voices in a Pandemic." It's from Genius Podcast Us sponsored by Grimard Wilson Consulting, Inc. a neuroscience-oriented peak performance coaching and consulting firm -- Diane Wilson, LCPC, BCN.  Find more information at www.GeniUsPodcast.Us Fall series which is being released every Thursday ending October 22, 2020.  Thank you for sharing this special project! Thanks to our guests: Dr. Dacre Knight, Dr. Sayed Tabatabai, Ann Latinovich, Dr. Syed Hoda, Michelle Wrighte, and Dr. Arghavan Salles and Host, Diane Wilson.  Video production, editing, and web design: Dan Schiffmacher. Project organization and development: Cameron Wyant and Gary Wilson Also thanks for this input: Toby Dorr (strategy), Lisa Files (visual), Sherry Frey (concept), and Katherine Foran (public relations).
September 17, 2020
Dacre Knight, M.D., M.S. Physician, Scientist, Father, Superhero
Episode 1: Meeting Dr. Dacre Knight on social media was a catalyst for the podcast series "Voices in a Pandemic." My hope was if more people could meet him and people like him and hear the human stories, we would all be more connected during this extraordinary time.   COVID doctor, scientist, and father of three kids under seven, what's his life like? Some other questions for him:  -Will he send his own kids to school in Florida where they live?  - What can we learn from the pandemic so far? -What sustains him? How does he cope with the stress?  -Why would doctors now have to be concerned about pay cuts and losing their jobs?  This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available. I believe there are real heroic people with values, integrity, and brilliance who live among us. They are not just in the movies. They see bigger pictures of life than many of us. Dr. Knight feels like one of them. 
September 10, 2020
The best of science, neuroscience, health, learning and human stories. Diane Wilson, LCPC, BCN, applied neuroscientist and coach shares her intense curiosity by interviewing some of her favorite people from all walks in life. Each episode will have conversations that will help you feel connected, embrace your fears, be present, and help cultivate and share your own genius within. Join us!
August 23, 2020