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Beauty in Behavior

Beauty in Behavior

By Diane Sorensen
A conscious approach to handling behaviors that challenge us and finding the beauty beneath all the upset.
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There is Another Way with Carrie Ann Killeen
I am sharing a guest on the podcast today. Carrie Ann Killeen joined me and we had a great conversation about a different way to parent, live and be in the world. Carrie Anne Killeen is the founder of The Nourished Momma:  A Dream Lifestyle Coaching service for moms.  She specializes in activating the Dream Code inside the hearts of moms across the globe. Her mission is to help moms who know they were born to make a difference in the world discover their purpose and achieve success in all areas of life. She uses the power of love to create her dream life and manifest it through fun and joy. Grab your free gift from Carrie Ann here: Connect with Carrie Anne: Connect with Diane: Instagram
January 17, 2022
I Got Triggered
A few episodes ago I talked about how triggers can be used for discovery. Well, I got triggered at our family holiday gathering. In today’s episode I share with you how I moved through it and what I discovered. I too am a student of this work and strive to remain open for discovery. Let's Connect: Instagram  Free Resources:
January 10, 2022
A Good Mother
What is a good mother? Culture would have us believe that being a "good" mother is about the amount of Gold Stars she has earned. According to traditional culture a "good" mother earns gold stars when she puts everyone else's needs ahead of her own. She is everything for everyone. Another words the image of perfection.  Culture would have us believing that a "good" mother also has children who earn gold starts. Children earn gold stars by being seen and not heard. They "listen" and do everything we tell them without question. Like this is even realistic. Another words a mother is judged to be good or bad by how her children behave.  On today's episode I share my perspective on what a "good" mother is and is not. 
January 03, 2022
Using TRIGGERS as a Tool for Discovery
Today we are getting inspired by triggers. In today's episode we are shifting from "triggers" as something to stop or avoid, to "triggers" as something to discover. Triggers without consciousness are hurtful. Triggers with consciousness are helpful. They are our treasure chest to our subconscious mind; a window to self awareness.  Typically, we blame something outside of us for triggering us (often our children). The truth is our triggers come from inside of us. They show up to get our attention. They alert us to old wounds that need to be seen, heard and understand. Triggers are our path to emotional freedom.  Without this understanding we stay STUCK in a cycle of blame, power struggle, and disconnection.  When we open to curiosity and discovery we can shift this cycle to one of alignment, responsibility and connection. Let's Connect: Instagram
December 27, 2021
65. BIG emotion = BIG Behavior
Big emotions often create what we label as temper tantrums. On today’s episode we talk about how to move through these big emotions and towards responsibility. Who’s responsible for our emotions? Who’s responsible for our child’s emotions? What gets in the way? Responsibility and respect start with understanding BIG EMOTIONS - first ours, then our children's. Let's Connect: Instagram
December 20, 2021
64. Ending the never-ending power struggles
Power struggles are inevitable. As a parent I think most of us can relate to being in power struggle with a child. In fact, I’m sure most adults can relate to being in a power struggle with a child or someone else. As a parent I thought the power struggles would never end. Through experience and doing my research I have come to learn the one thing to end the never-ending power struggles and that is healthy boundaries. Boundaries had eluded me as a child and as a parent. Noone ever talked about having healthy boundaries. It was all about do what ever the adult told you to do or you were in trouble. As a parent it was all about getting my children to "behave". Noone really talked about HOW to get them to behave, just do it. There are strategies and quick fixes out there but none that gave me the empowerment that healthy boundaries has given me.  Todays episode is all about boundaries and empowerment for both adult and child.  Want further clarity on boundaries? Lets connect: Instagram
December 13, 2021
I Don't Want To Mess Up My Children
This phrase, "I don't want to mess up my chidlren," or some form of it, is one I hear time and time again. It is a phrase I too used or a feeling I had as I was raising my three children.  What does this phrase reveal? What is it we do want?  In today's episode we dive into and unravel the phrase, "I don't want to mess them up." UPCOMING EVENT: Online Empowered Parenting training/meetup December 9 @1pm Central Time Zone. Topic: Boundaries and lowering stress around the holidays. Stayed tuned for registration details. Instagram Want to work with Diane or check our her programs? Link below:
November 15, 2021
62. SHAME - My story
I believe the seeds of shame are planted through our social system. We tend to disown qualities in ourselves and hide these parts of ourselves for protection from pain and the feeling of "I'm not good enough."  This sets us on a path of trying to prove ourselves to gain love and acceptance. We disconnect from our true self creating disconnection and suffering in our relationships.  Today's episode is very vulnerable. I share my story from my perspective on how I believe the seeds of shame were planted in my life, how they were nurtured and grew, and how I am now on a journey of rediscovery. Let's connect: Instagram Recommended Resource: Book - The Gifts of Imperfections by Brene' Brown
November 08, 2021
Growth through Parenting with Melissa Giller
Today guest, Melissa Giller, and I discuss parenting through fears and anxiety, how to navigate through the uncomfortable big emotions our children express, and how to take care of ourselves through it all.  Melissa Giller created Life With Soul, a personal development coaching business, out of a journey of deep personal transformation. Combining her experience as an MBA and Senior Management Consultant, certified Life + Spiritual Coach, and educational background in human psychology and behaviour, it is her ultimate goal to guide women to unleash their inner confidence, big dreams and best selves. Coming from a compassionate lens, Melissa helps other find the emotional, mental and spiritual balance they seek - for themselves, their families and their work. Where to find Melissa: Instagram @melissa_giller Connect with Diane: Instagram
November 01, 2021
60. How to Handle Aggression
Why are my kids hitting? I don't model hitting. Where is it coming from? What am I supposed to do about it? These are questions I often hear from parents and ones I asked myself before implementing conscious relationship skills into my life.  We don't necessarily model the act of hitting, however we may be modeling some unconscious actions that lead toward aggression from our children.  If we are willing, there is another way. Change is possible. FREE EVENT: Empowered Discipline meet up. Link to register and details here: Let's connect: Instagram
October 18, 2021
59. Motherhood Mentor [Interview with Erin Miller]
Erin Miller joins me today for a conversation about motherhood, cultural expectations and what leads us to overwhelm, exhaustion and anxiety. Erin is a “Leo sun, Scorpio rising, Aquarius moon, Manifesting generator, Enneagram 4.” She holds her master’s degree in counseling psychology, is the author of, "Motherhood Stripped" and holds several certifications in different coaching approaches and energetic healing pathways. Erin suffered from anxiety and overwhelm early on in motherhood. She now guides others to manage their anxiety and overwhelm through her Layered Growth Method. Connect with Erin: Instagram @erinjoyce725 Podcast – Same Boat Huddle Connect with me: Instagram  FREE EVENT: Free meet up on Empowered Discipline. Click link below for details and registration.
October 11, 2021
An Outdated System
Are you dealing with behaviors that challenge you? As an educator for the last 30+ years I have seen the number of behaviors rise. Not only are the numbers rising but the intensity of the behaviors is also on the rise. Why are we struggling? Who’s to blame? Is it the child? The parents? NO, to both of those. The problem is the system. We live out behavior patterns internalized by an old outdated system. This system is built on a foundation of judgment which leads to blame and defensiveness keeping us stuck. It is problem focused and creates a culture of anxiety. This creates discouragement which creates disconnection. Where there is disconnection there is anger, resentment and hurtful behavior.  This system runs automatically. Through neuroscience we now have new information and a new upgraded system. This new system is built on a foundation of acceptance. Acceptance leads to responsibility and owning what is. This creates a culture of safety. It creates encouragement which leads to connections. Connections create healthy relationships which result in helpful behavior.
October 04, 2021
57. What's Trying to Get Your Attention?
What's trying to Get Your Attention? Life often tries to get our attention. I have found myself ignoring the knock, the whisper, and even the shout. Today, I share some of my story on how the universe presented me with life circumstances that at the time seemed impossible but turned out to be the door to positive change.
September 27, 2021
56. My Child Doesn't Take No for an Answer
My Child Doesn’t Take No for an Answer We can all probably relate to our children’s resistance to taking “No” for an answer at some level. It may seem at times that our children are relentless at insisting they get a different answer. Why do they keep asking over and over? One question we may want to ask ourselves is, How often do we take no for an answer? Do we repeat ourselves over and over to our children until they finally agree to do as we say? Are we listening? In today’s episode we dive into communication and becoming aware of our intent. Let’s Connect: Instagram
September 23, 2021
55. Building Meaningful Connections
What does connection really mean?  We hear it all the time - build connections with your children. What does that mean? In a culture where we often strive to become who we think we’re “supposed” to be it can be difficult to let our guard down and feel safe enough to truly connect. Meaningful connections require us to put down our armor and be seen for who we truly are. It requires us to put down blame, shame and finding fault in others long enough to see their humanness beyond their behavior. Meaningful connections requires compassion. 
September 13, 2021
54. What do you value?
I woke this morning with this thought – We don’t value ourselves. It just popped into my head. I know this is has been true for me over the course of my life.  We were not taught to value ourselves. We were taught to value others. We were conditioned to look at the external. Please the other. Control the other. The thing is if we don’t value ourselves, we can’t truly value others.  Our actions reveal what we value. I have learned that often what I professed as my values did not align with my actions. Becoming more conscious of my actions and how I show up in the world has helped me to better align to my values and create healthier relationships.  Let's connect: Instagram
September 06, 2021
53. Living or Performing?
Are you living a life or performing in life? Who are you living your life for? Are you living your life based on the expectations of others? Do you worry about what others will think? Do you avoid conflict or upsetting others? We adapt coping skills to feel safe in a world filled with judgement. We often lose sight of who we are along the way. On today’s episode we discuss how our self-identity is influenced by our early experiences and the impact it has on our lives which we often carry forward to our children.
August 30, 2021
52. How do I help my child to be on board with chores?
One of the frustrations I hear from parents is getting kids to do chores. I remember having this same issue as my children were growing up BEFORE implementing a conscious approach to discipline. I remember thinking, why do they have to fight with me every time? Why are they so resistant? Why can't they just do it? Do you find yourself in power struggles when its time to do chores? In today's episode we dive into the subject of chores and teaching children responsibility. Connect with me: Instagram
August 23, 2021
What does brave mean to you? Do you take risk in your life or do you play small? If failing wasn't an issue what would you do? Today, we dive into what it means to be BRAVE. What it means to fail and what it means to rise above it.  ANNOUNCEMENT: FREE event happening on Thursday, August 19 - Implementing Consequences without Guilt. Grab your seat today by registering with this link: Follow me on Instagram
August 16, 2021
Co-Parenting with Ashlee Livingston
On today's episode Ashlee Livingston joins me for a candid discussion on co-parenting.  Ashlee is the Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of, Our Forte'. Ashlee and her team work with leaders to inspire them to bring their teams together through engagement and gratitude, empowering leaders to inspire. Ashlee shares her inspiring story and journey in co-parenting. 
August 11, 2021
#49 What does being "good" really mean?
Most of us can resonate with being raised to be a "good" kid. What does it really mean? Where does the goodness come from? Today, we are talking about what it really means in the traditional sense to raise "good" children and the impact it has. Let's connect and continue the conversation: Instagram
August 02, 2021
# 48 Navigating Motherhood [interview with Amber Frauenholtz]
Amber Frauenholtz joins me on today's episode. We talk about mom guilt, stress and navigating motherhood. We discuss overcoming limiting societal beliefs, managing emotions, and caring for ourselves.  Amber is a certified Nutrutional Therapy Practioner (NTP), Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Disney World fanatic, and mom of two sons ages five and three. She is passionate about helping mom's avoid the nutritional depletion and stress that accompanies giving birth in our culture today. Here is where you can find her: Instagram @amberdawn_wellness MASTERCLASS: Empowered Discipline: Implementing Consequences without Guilt - July 29. Link to sing up - Follow me on instagram
July 26, 2021
#47 Teaching the Value of Respect
Today's episode is all about teaching the value of respect. This conversation is about the skill of assertiveness which is the means in which we teach respect.  We also talk about what gets in the way.  STAY CONNECTED: Instagram EVENTS: Masterclass July 29 - Empowered Discipline: Implementing Consequences without Guilt Register here:
July 19, 2021
Cycle Syncing with Megan Rempal and How it Can Improve Your Parenting Practice
Today's episode is an interview with Megan Rempal. Megan is a cycle syncing guru. Today she talks about how cycle syncing can improve the parenting practice.  Megan is a mom of 4, registered nurse, and online health and wellness coach. She helps women tap into the energies of their monthly cycle through food, movement, and habits. It is my mission to show women they can feel good all month long. Follow Megan on instagram @meganrempel4 Check out her podcast  - Fit to be a Mama Enroll in her DIY cycle syncing program: COMING EVENTS:  Empowered Discipline: Implementing Consequences without Guilt Masterclass is July 29. Link to register: Free Resources: Follow me on instagram
July 15, 2021
Settting Boundaries Around Screens (without the guilt)
It is so easy and enticing to use screens to distract ourselves and to entertain our children. Our need for control and comfort gets in the way of setting boundaries. Today, we are talking about why it is so stressful to set boundaries particularly around screens and how we can learn to do it without the guilt.  FOLLOW ME: I have moved to a new instagram account. Follow me and continue the conversation Learn more - MASTERCLASS: Empowered Discipline: Implementing Consequences without Guilt - link to register:
July 12, 2021
Overcoming Challenging Behaviors with Kellie Syfan
Today’s interview is with Kellie Syfan, M.Ed. Kellie is a board-certified behavior analyst and the owner of Applied Behavioral Happiness LLC. She and her team, partner with parents to overcome challenging behavior through skill building programs and play. Kellie coined the term “deliberate creative applied behavior analysis (ABA)” to describe her innovative practice and has collaborated with professionals across the United States, Ireland, and Canada. Kellie and I talk about what Applied Behavioral Happiness is and how it is different from traditional ABA practices. We also talk about how our approaches align with a conscious approach to discipline versus traditional discipline. Where to find Kellie and her work: ANNOUNCEMENT: EMPOWERED DISCIPLINE: Implementing Consequences without Guilt masterclass is July 15. Link to register:
July 07, 2021
Emotional Safety
CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! The key to transforming relationships and to permanent behavior change starts with emotional safety.  Today we are talking about what emotional safety is and how to move towards it. This is not a check list or a one and done. Creating emotionals safety in our relationships is a lifestyle.  Let's connect: Instagram @diane_sorensen_ Empowered Discipline Masterclass July 15. Link to register will be ready this week. Stay tuned for more details.  
July 05, 2021
42. Personal Style w/ Katie Allen
What is personal style? Tune into today's show and find out.  We all have our own unique style and Katie helps women find theirs. She guides women how to show up and reignite the fire within. Katie is a 90’s hip-hop loving, lipstick obsessed personal stylist who likes to follow the rules until the rules need to be broken. Her purpose is to empower women by helping them identify and define their personal style. Follow Katie on Instagram @katiejuststyled
June 30, 2021
Finding Freedom Through Failure
Leaning in and owning our failure is how we free ourselves from the fear of failure. On today's episode I share an experience I recently had with overwhelm and failure and how I was able to turn it around. It's not about beating ourselves up nor is it about denying the facts. True empowerment comes through acceptance of the facts and realigning with our goals and how we want to feel.  It's not a one and done. It's doing this work over, and over and over again creating new neural pathways and new behavioral patterns. Get more information on the Beauty in Behavior at:
June 28, 2021
40. New Skills for a New Way
“The best gift you can give to your children is to become aware of hurtful patterns and consciously learn and practice new more helpful ones.”                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Dr. Becky Bailey I believe our children's behavior is presenting us with an opportunity to shift and learn a new way to navigate our relationships with them. With a new way comes a call to learn new skills. Today we talk about some of the skills that Dr. Becky Bailey teaches us through the practice of conscious discipline. These skills are taught in many ways through many other thought leaders however, Dr. Bailey puts them all in one easy to access place. Learn more at I have implemented and practiced these skills in my life and continue to dig deeper, learn from other thought leaders, scholars and coaches. As I continue to invest in myself I continue to invest in my children, grandchildren and all of others I have relationships with.  As we take responsibility for our role in our relationships our life becomes a happier, healthier place.  Click the link below to find out if the Beauty in Behavior program is the right next step for you:
June 21, 2021
39. Are you procrastinating?
Today we are talking about procrastination. I have been a procrastinator since I can remember. Today I'm sharing with you my experience with procrastination, what I have learned from it and how I am busting through it.  Procrastination doesn't feel good. It weighs us down. What are the stories your telling yourself about the thing that you are putting off? Busting through procrastination is taking a stand for yourself and coming into alignment with who you really are.  Aligning your intention with your desire = Action (rather than inaction) Action = Empowerment
June 14, 2021
38. A New Perspective for a New Way!
Who's fault is it? We live in a BLAME culture and demand others change. We learn to be defensive resulting in power struggles and fracturing  relationships.  Our traditional discipline is a system of frustrated adults and hurting children.  No one is at fault. No needs to be blamed. You don't need to change. Your child doesn't need to change. We need a new perspective. With a new perspective comes new opportunities to teach self-regulation, responsibility and respect. 
June 07, 2021
A conscious approach to being in relationships
Today's episode is an interview Heidi Rumohr did with me for her community. Heidi offers financial services and leads a Fitness and Finance group. She is also the creator and host of the, "Ditch the Budget" podcast.  In this interview I explain to Heidi and the listeners what a conscious approach is, how I got started using it and why I believe it is essential in moving forward to creating compassionate environments and healthier relationships.  Register for the masterclass - Empowered Discipline: Implementing Consequences w/o Guilt Free Resources and information: Where you can find Heidi: Ditch the Budget podcast:
June 01, 2021
36. Two Emotions
On today's episode we are discussing two emotions that I hid behind most of my life, what I learned from them and how I am moving forward.  Reflect on your own life. What emotions do you identify with? Do you feel these emotions or do you act them out?  In this episode we navigate the world of emotions.  ANNOUNCEMENT:  I am hosting a masterclass, Empowered Discipline: Implementing Consequences without Guilt, on June 3rd @7pm CDT. Unable to join live? No problem, a recording will be sent out to all that are registered. Register at: You can also find links to all of my free resources and information by clicking any of the following links:  Instagram  @diane_sorensen_  
May 24, 2021
35. A Journey Back to Authenticity
Do you often find yourself feeling like your on the outside looking in? Do you have that feeling of not being enough? Do you worry about what others are thinking about you? If so, today's episode is for you. Today we are talking about authenticity. I discuss what authenticity means to me, how we get lost in the societal messages of who we are supposed to be and my journey back to my true self.  Announcement: I am offering a masterclass on June 3 @7pm Central Time. The title of the class is, Empowered Discipline: Implementing Consequences without Guilt. In this class you will learn to: * Address conflict in meaningful ways * Teach children responsibility * Implement effective consequences click this link to sign up: Other ways to connect with me: Instagram @diane_sorensen_
May 17, 2021
34. How Does Silliness Affect Your Mood?
Today, we're talking about silliness. Does silliness affect you in a positive way or a negative way? I have found that in the past silliness affected me negatively. In fact, it was a trigger for me. On today's episode I share with you why silliness triggered me and how it played into my feelings of, "not enough." 
May 10, 2021
33. How Do I Stop this Unwanted Behavior?
On today's episode we dive into how to stop unwanted behavior. We discuss some of the misguided behavioral beliefs that we were conditioned to through society and how to change these generational patterns. Your child's behavior is NOT about you doing something wrong. Your child's behavior is about what is going on inside of them. Behavior starts on the inside. Their behavior is not happening to you, it is happening in front of you. Emotional awareness is the key to transforming behavior. Our children's behavior is an opportunity for us to learn, grow and RISE.  If you want to transform behavior and you want RESULTS take advantage of the Beauty in Behavior spring promotion. These programs will never be offered at this price point again. Go to either website below and schedule a call today and find out if this is a good fit for you. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! Let's connect: Instagram @diane_sorensen_
May 03, 2021
32. Creating Connections w/Amanda Walker
Amanda Walker is joining me today for an episode on creating connections. Life is all about relationships and relationship is all about connection.  Learning to create connection in your life will enhance your life and all of your relationships.  Amanda is a health and life coach who helps women push past misguided beliefs to help them create a life and a business that feels amazing! Amanda is the creator of the Feel Amazing Naked Program and Podcast AND the Feel Amazing Naked Business Accelerator.  Here is where to find Amanda: Instagram @awalkmyway Feel Amazing Naked Podcast where ever you get your podcasts
April 26, 2021
31. Are your kids draining your energy?
Are you feeling drained? Overwhelmed?  Parenting takes a lot of energy. Relationships take energy. Life takes energy.  Today I am talking about how we can start taking control of our energy and feel more energized on a daily basis. Key Take-aways: Blame keeps us stuck in an unregulated life, draining our energy.  Lack of time is a sign of resistance.  We often try to control things that are outside of our power of control. It causes worry and stress draining our energy.  Controlling things that are uncontrollable is an energy drain.  Worry is a sign we are trying to control something we cannot control. Regaining your energy: 1. Accept Responsibility for own feelings and energy 2. Composure - the willingness to shift from an upset internal state to a calm internal state. 3. How do you want to feel? 4. Make a plan
April 19, 2021
30. Light at the Other Side of Divorce w/ Dr. Elizabeth Cohen
Dr. Cohen joins me on today's episode to discuss her new book, Light on the Other Side of Divorce. The book is available for pre-order on her website (link below) and will be coming out April 20th.  Dr. Cohen and I dive into co-parenting, emotional awareness, and boundaries. Dr. Cohen drops so many gold nuggets in this episode.  Whether you've been divorced or not this episode is full of great insights from Dr. Cohen on parenting and life. When you pre-order Dr. Cohen's book on her website you also get these 3 free workshops: 1. Co-parenting 2. Finding Love Again After Divorce 3. Living in the After Glow Pre-order book here: BOOK - The Light on the Other Side of Divorce ( Listen to the podcast here: PODCAST - The Divorce Doctor (
April 12, 2021
Picky Eaters
Today's episode deals with picky eaters. What we can do when our child refuses to eat what we consider an adequate amount or their unwillingness to try new food.  Today we discuss some do's and don'ts around food and mealtime.  Some considerations: Shift your focus from what your child is or isn't eating TO creating enjoyable mealtimes regardless of their food choices.  Consider GIVING them: * Consistent meal and snack time routines * Enjoyable mealtime experiences  (void of power struggles over food) Engage in meaningful conversations. * Respect for their appetite or lack of * Patience and time with new foods. Allow them to experience new foods many times before actually accepting them. *Clarity and choices - Be clear on expectations such as, to sit at the table during mealtime (whether eating or not) and the foods that are offered are the foods you get to choose from.  They have the ability to choose from the foods offered which ones they eat and how much they eat.  * Opportunities to be involved in shopping for and preparing foods.  *A role model for healthy eating. 
April 05, 2021
28. Investing in Yourself: The Gift That Keeps on Giving with Justine Clarke
On today's episode I interview Justine Clarke who is a parent that has gone through the Beauty in Behavior program. She shares insights into the program and how it has impacted her.  Justine talks about how going through the program has helped her establish a consistent bedtime routine and the ability to set boundaries more consistently. She also talks about her increased awareness around emotions and how it is helping her to understand her children's behavior and how to more effectively respond and communicate with them. We bust through some of the societal myths and stigma's around asking for help and investing in oneself. Justine is also part of Triple Impact where they offer a variety of lifestyle courses and are passionate in helping others to rise and live their best life.  Learn more about Justine:  Triple Impact Instagram @justineclarke16 Connect with Diane: Diane ( 1x1 Programs — Beauty in Behavior ( Instagram @diane_sorensen_ Beauty in Behavior | Facebook
March 29, 2021
27. Feeling discouraged trying to deal with acting out behaviors?
In today's culture there is a growing number of acting out behaviors. These behaviors have grown in numbers and in intensity. Disconnection and discouragement contribute to these growing numbers. In this episode we'll discuss how discouragement shows up in our environments and what we can do about it.  Ways to connect: Diane ( Instagram @diane_sorensen_  Beauty in Behavior | Facebook
March 24, 2021
26. Why Can't They Just Be Happy?
If you have more than one child it seems as if someone is always unhappy. You may find yourself wondering why they can't just be happy at the same time. Tune into this conversation on today's show.  Also, find out about bonuses being offered currently in the Beauty in Behavior Programs and get registered for the Empowered Parenting Workshop. Link below. Find information on the Beauty in Behavior Programs here: Register for the Empowered Parenting Workshop here: Follow me on Instagram @diane_sorensen_ 
March 15, 2021
25. What will they think?
Do you worry about what other people think? This has been one of the #1 barriers in my life. It was a barrier in allowing myself to be seen and to be heard. It was a barrier to taking action in my life. This podcast was one of the bold actions I challenged myself to take to begin to overcome this barrier.  Don't worry, you don't have to start a podcast to bust through this limiting belief. In this episode I talk about how this belief gets formed and what you can do to begin to free yourself.  Sign up for one of the Beauty in Behavior Programs by March 15 to take advantage of the bonuses. Click link below to get all of your questions answered about the programs. Follow me on Instagram @diane_sorensen_ Empowered Parenting workshop will take place online March 20th @ 10am central time. Link to sign up coming soon. 
March 08, 2021
24. Is it Punishment or Consequences?
I am often asked what the "right" consequence for a particular action or situation is. On this episode I wanted to offer some clarity around punishment and consequences. What is the difference?  The key take away is that punishment is about getting someone to feel bad about their actions, where as a consequence is about claiming responsibility for one's actions. Punishment is a barrier to change and can diminish self worth. Effective consequences allows for the willingness to create change and can build self worth.  Let's connect: Diane ( Beauty in Behavior (
March 01, 2021
Is it Responsibility, Accountability or Blame?
What does it all mean? Responsibility and accountability are often used interchangeably, however, they are different. Today I discuss the difference. I've been researching these topics and reflecting on what these words have meant in my life and the impact of them. I discuss how blame is a barrier to responsibility and how in my experience as a parent I unknowingly used blame to GET my kids to TAKE responsibility.  I share a story about a moment of clarity when I claimed responsibility in an area of my life that blame had been keeping me stuck in.  Beauty in Behavior ( Instagram @diane_sorensen_ Beauty in Behavior | Facebook
February 22, 2021
Letting Go
In today's episode I share some thoughts from the heart and some of the things I'm learning in my self discovery journey.  Some of my latest lessons are: *  letting go of who I thought I was to step into who I really am * Allowing myself to feel good
February 15, 2021
In the Heat of the Moment
I often hear people say....... "Yeah, but what do I do in the heat of the moment?" So, in today's episode I discuss how to use the S.T.O.P. method to help, "in the heat of the moment."  Links: Beauty in Behavior ( Instagram @diane_Sorensen_ Beauty in Behavior | Facebook
February 08, 2021
What We Need to Raise Our Kids in Today's World
Today I'm talking about what I believe is the #1 ingredient for raising kids in our modern day world. In my experience as a parent I often didn't like how I felt or how my children behaved.  I found myself feeling stressed, overwhelmed and not good enough.  When I started challenging my beliefs and perspectives I started stepping out of chronic stress and overwhelm. Stress comes from the underlying belief of not being good enough.  Links: The Work of Byron Katie Beauty in Behavior ( Instagram @diane_sorensen_  Beauty in Behavior | Facebook
February 03, 2021
Life as a Game w/ Eric Sui
Today's episode is an interview with Eric Sui. Eric was a serious gamer who learned how to use his strengths in gaming to win at life.  Eric offers a new perspective on living life. He also offers some advice to parents on how to support kids interest in gaming rather than working against it.  Eric has a new book coming out, Leveling up, How to Master the Game of Life.  Links: Eric Siu - Leveling up - YouTube Preorder Leveling Up ESRB Game Ratings - ESRB Ratings Beauty in Behavior ( Instagram @diane_sorensen_ Beauty in Behavior | Facebook
February 01, 2021
Anger, Love & Healing
Today I share my thoughts on anger, love and healing. I often have people ask me why or how a child can be so angry? Where is the anger coming from?  What is underneath the anger? What happens when we take a deeper look at the anger and acting out behavior? I believe that at the core of every being is love. We access the love within when: * We become aware of the stories we are attaching to our children's behavior or to our experience.  * We understand that our triggers are internal wounds calling to be healed. *We shift from BLAME to RESPONSIBILITY Learn more about me and my work: Beauty in Behavior ( Instagram @diane_sorensen_ (15) Beauty in Behavior | Facebook
January 25, 2021
Emotional Freedom with Morgan Ruff
In today's episode I talk with Morgan Ruff.  Morgan Ruff works with wild women and wild souls who somehow got lost in the woods. She guides them back to their intuition so that they can trust themselves and stand more clearly in their own center. She does this by exploring the wild nature of our feelings, thoughts and beliefs and how these inform our life actions. By digging into themselves, women find the freedom to live a life more authentically aligned with their wildest nature and truest dreams. Morgan is a momma of 2 wild girls and lives in Mount Vernon, Washington where she spends her days working for a tribal community facilitating endangered species recovery for our beloved pacific northwest salmon and killer whales. Through her life she’s been a kayak guide in Alaska, a boat captain, naturalist, elite level cyclist, and has climbed the summit to some of the notable peaks in the area. Currently she is navigating homeschooling, work, and a coaching business, all of which are guided by her core desired feelings. Follow her and drop a DM on Instagram @morganruffuplift. If you’re looking for more direct support feel free to check out her website Links to Morgan: Instagram: @morganruffuplfit Website: FREE Journey to Joy gratitude program: Facebook Group Uplift for the wild soul: Podcast Wild Women Wild Soul available on most podcasting platforms -- Links to Diane: Website: Beauty in Behavior ( Instagram: @diane_sorensen_ Facebook Group: Beauty in Behavior | Facebook
January 20, 2021
Parent Shaming
Today I am talking about the impossible standards that society has set up and that we continue to put on ourselves as parents.  This is an honest conversation about how we often feel the need to live up to the appearance of societal standards. This is a call to shift from judgement to conscious practices which offer hope and freedom from judgment. Beauty in Behavior (
January 18, 2021
Turn Life's Challenges into Opportunities with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen
In this episode Dr. Cohen talks about how we can nurture our best selves and find opportunities in the process.  Dr. Cohen is the CEO and founder of the online divorce course and membership Afterglow: The Light at the Other Side of Divorce. This 14 week course teaches women how to heal, grow and thrive after divorce no matter how difficult the process has been. Dr. Cohen offers a monthly membership program to provide 1:1 coaching, expert support from divorce professionals and an engaged community of like-minded people.  Dr. Cohen received her PhD in clinical psychology from Boston University. She  was the recipient of the prestigious American Psychological Foundation Research Award for her research on the emotional effects of 9/11.  She has been featured on the Tamron Hall Show, the Wall Street Journal,  NBC News, Women’s Health, Huff Post, Thrive Global, Daily Beast and Good Housekeeping. Dr. Cohen is a weekly contributor to Psychology Today with her “Divorce Course” column. Home - Dr. Elizabeth Cohen
January 13, 2021
Where does fear show up in your life?
Fear has been center stage in my life since I can remember. Its been in the drivers seat and its often held me back.  Today I share a story that reminded me that I am in control. I am getting back in the drivers seat. I share how I'm shifting from fear based thinking to what I call, inspired thinking, and how it changes my experiences.  Learn more about me - Beauty in Behavior ( Follow me on Instagram @diane_sorensen_                            Facebook @Beauty in Behavior
January 11, 2021
How to get kids to cooperate
I am often asked how to get kids to do things such as, go to bed, stop fighting, listen and the list goes on. There is a never ending list of questions on how to get kids to do things or how to stop getting kids from doing other things. What I think parents want is cooperation. Today we talk about how to build cooperation within our homes and lives.  
January 06, 2021
What is Your Truth with Jessi Shuraleff
Today Jessi Shuraleff  is on the podcast. Jessi is a podcaster, mother, storyteller and active listener. Jessi quickly climbed the corporate ladder at Google. Take a listen as we dive into conversations about shifting perceptions, trusting ourselves, doing the inner work, shifting social norms and living life on your terms.   Jessi has a podcast called, This is My Truth. You can also find Jessi at  To learn more about the Beauty in Behavior programs go to  Start understanding your child's behavior at a deeper level. 
December 30, 2020
Physical and Emotional Safety
"Don't be your child's first bully." - Jamie Jara Today we talk about what it means to provide physical and emotional safety for children and how it plays into their behaviors.
December 23, 2020
Conscious Discipline with Jenny Bigelow
In today's episode Jenny Bigelow, a Head Start Teacher, joins me for a conversation about shifting how we show up in our relationships with children using the conscious discipline model.  Jenny has implemented conscious discipline into her classroom and she talks about how it has impacted the classroom environment.  More information about conscious discipline can be found at Learn more about the Beauty in Behavior Program at  Instagram @diane_sorensen_
December 16, 2020
Building Healthy Relationships
Boundaries are an important aspect in building healthy relationships. We cannot have healthy relationships without healthy boundaries. I think healthy boundaries are one of the top issues in our relationships. The problem is we don't realize its our boundaries, or the lack of them, that is the problem. We usually see conflicts in our relationships as an issue with the other person. What gets in the way of setting and upholding healthy boundaries for ourselves is often our traditional conditioning around emotions. Today I talk about how our social conditioning around feelings can add stress to our relationships and how we can move towards healthier ones.
December 11, 2020
Reclaiming our Power
In this episode I share part of my self-discovery journey and discovering that I was giving my power away and how I reclaimed it. I give my perspective on 2020, the opportunity for change and reclaiming our power in 2021. 
December 09, 2020
Transforming how we think about food and our bodies {interview with Jordan Wavra}
Today I interview Jordan Wavra.  About Jordan: Jordan Wavra is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Energy Healer and Pre/Postnatal Nutrition & Exercise Specialist. Her passion and mission is to educate and inspire mom's to nourish themselves holistically so they can feel better, decrease stress, & increase energy.  Jordan received her Holistic Nutrition education through 1,000 clinical training hours from the Energetic Health Institute.  She earned her personal training certification through NASM and specializes in pre/postnatal nutrition & exercise.  Jordan is also the creator and host of the Jordan Wavra podcast.  Jordan's journey towards holistic health began about 7 years ago when the chronic digestive problems and fatigue had finally take their toll on her health.  Tune in and find our how she transformed her health and her life.  Follow Jordan on instagram@jordanwavra. Check our her website at: Check out the Beauty in Behavior coaching programs here Beauty in Behavior (
December 06, 2020
Are you willing to speak your truth?
Today I'm talking about having confidence in using our voice with the intention to speak our truth and show our authenticity.  Our words matter. Our thoughts matter. Our actions matter. It all plays into our ability to set and hold healthy boundaries. 
November 30, 2020
Where is the Beauty in the Behavior?
Today I answer the question that many have asked me, "Why do I call it Beauty in Behavior? Where is the Beauty in Behavior?" The beauty comes from our seeking better solutions for behavior and to feel better in our relationships with our children. I discuss how traditional discipline practices can get in the way and how we can strive for healthier relationships with ourselves and others.  Ways to connect with me: visit my website: Join my private Facebook group at:  Follow me in Instagram @diane_sorensen_ Resources from today's episode:  Dr. Shefali Tsabary - physchiatrist and New York Times best selling author Books I recommended from today's episode - Out of Control and The Conscious Parent
November 23, 2020
Does Your Child Always Have to Win?
Today's episode is all about how to encourage children's feelings of self-worth.  Many of our traditional discipline practices create a culture of competition and comparison. These practices are so embedded in our culture they often go unnoticed. We may think we are encouraging our children when unknowingly we may be discouraging them.  Encouragement GIVES to the child. Discouragement happens when we are trying to GET our child to do something or act in a certain way.  Encouragement celebrates the child for who they are without a focus on an outcome.  Today's information comes from Dr. Becky Bailey's Book for Parents - Easy To Love, Difficult To Discipline. 
November 16, 2020
From Yelling to Communicating
In this episode we talk about transforming yelling into healthy communication. Self- regulation is one of the most important skills we can teach our children. We discuss how to become the model of self-regulation you want to see in your children. What plays a role in building healthy communication with our children: The relationship we have with ourselves Awareness to our own emotions and triggers Perception of children's behavior Taking responsibility for our own behavior rather than blaming others
November 09, 2020
Being Brave
It's easy to hide when we are uncomfortable.   It's so much harder to be BRAVE.  The fear of judgment is real! It takes being BRAVE to : Put ourselves first Change our mindset around parenting and our relationships with children Learn new ways Look at our traditional practices and the messages behind them Become aware of what we are actually modeling to our children Being BRAVE is uncomfortable and it moves us towards FREEDOM. 
November 02, 2020
There is another way
On this very first episode I share my journey and how my perception shifted around children's behaviors.  I am passionate about changing our  perceptions and limiting beliefs around children's behavior. I believe that children's behaviors present us with opportunities for learning and growth both for us and them.  I support parents who want to understand their children's behavior at a deeper level. Find out about my coaching programs here Connect with me on IG @diane_sorensen_
October 26, 2020