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Band It About - Proudly Supporting Live Music "Podcast Series"

Band It About - Proudly Supporting Live Music "Podcast Series"

By Di Spillane
A live music lovers guide to the gig. Subscribe to hear all about what is happening in the Adelaide, South Australia Live Music scene, bands and events to look out for, and great interviews with local musicians. Please make sure that you subscribe, rate, and share Band It About's podcast, for regular additions to this series. For video footage of local bands please visit our Facebook Page. Future podcast sponsors please feel free to message my pod or Facebook Page to discuss how you can get involved in this exciting new adventure!
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Covid-19 Casualties: Could 'The Gov' be next?
The Gov, one of Australia’s most enduring music pubs, is a home to everyone, no matter what their taste in music. For over 25 years the Tonkin family has provided a musical haven unlike no other, and unless it is thrown a lifejacket soon, this SA icon will become another victim of the Corona Virus. In this episode I discuss the reality of this situation with Richard Tonkin. #LoveTheGov #SaveTheGov Australians have been observing the restrictions, and social distancing measures which has resulted in a "sustained and consolidated flattening of the curve". Our lives have completely changed as we all do our bit to stop the spread and protect those most vulnerable. Banning ‘non-essential’ mass gatherings, a prudent move to minimise the spread of #COVID19, but one that nonetheless stands to devastate Australia’s live music industry.  The impact of the Coronavirus and the health measures in place to limit its spread, in particular social distancing, is giving rise to unprecedented issues for businesses, performance venues are beginning to show the financial strain from their enforced closure. The Government’s economic response has failed to meet the immediate needs of small business. The ability to negotiate with lenders, defer repayments, apply for Grants, and access loans with deferred repayments is only delaying the inevitable closure . Small businesses need cash, and they need it NOW! Our government needs to be made aware of the impact of the virus on live music venues. We all need to lobby for immediate support and future recovery initiatives for venues, without our support there won't be any left once social restrictions have been removed. The Gov Needs You! Please feel free to message your suggestions to assist with Saving The Gov. I will update episode details, and my Band It About Facebook page with details regarding helping to save The Gov as they become available. Music intro and outro in this episode "Shut In The Shed", was written by Richard Tonkin. Adelaide's Best Live Music Venue Links: Band It About Links: Email: Messenger: To watch Band It About videos: Listen to Band It About podcast series:  Please message ideas or requests for future podcast guests, share the link with everyone, and make sure that you subscribe to receive notifications when the next podcast becomes available. Thanks for listening. Band It About - Proudly Supporting Live Music 
April 26, 2020
Musicians, "Coping during the unprecedented C-19 crisis situation"
#Musicians have seen their livelihood disappear right in front of their eyes literally overnight. With no way of knowing how long they will be unable to work, and no direct assistance being offered the uncertainty is all they have. Today’s interview is with Dawn Barrington. Dawn is a full time musician who lives in WA. We discuss the impact of the #Covid19 crisis, what this has meant for herself, and others involved in the entertainment industry. Learn how Dawn is adjusting to the situation, and hear our discussion about what this could mean for the future of the music industry as we know it. The opening and closing track “We Live and We Die”, is a yet to be released original song that Dawn wrote with Manus Metal Man, who Dawn refers to as an incredible musician stuck in a hotel in Kangaroo point, Brisbane. Please support by visiting Dawn’s bandcamp and purchasing some of her music. Here are #DawnBarrington Links: Website: Social media: How you can help to Support Live Music: As we all prepare for an indefinite period of social isolation and subsequent event postponements and cancellations, here are a few ways that you can continue to support those within the #livemusic and event industry. Purchasing merch and music, subscribe to email lists, go to artisits social media and Like, Follow, and Share with your friends. Stream the I Lost My Gig playlist on #Spotify: #SupportAct donation link: This list is by no means exhaustive, feel free to share your ideas and suggestions of ways to support the live music industry with me via my Facebook page: My podcast platforms: #AppleiTunes users can rate this episode and leave a comment. Anchor users can leave favorite my podcasts, and leave a voice message. If you would like to be interviewed or have a suggestion for future podcasts please email me at: Or message me here:   *MSG #BandItAbout to #LiveStream your gig the right way, so you can monetize, and build yourself a future-proof #Music Career!*
April 4, 2020
International Women's Day "Women In Music" #EachforEqual #IWD2020
March 8th is International Women's Day, this year's campaign theme is #EachforEqual; An equal world is an enabled world. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world. We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations, and celebrate women's achievements. This year's theme fits perfectly in to the ongoing struggles that women within the music industry face world wide. I extended a Public invitation to all women involved within any aspect of the music industry, offering flexible times to conduct the interview via phone to make it easier to fit in with everyone who could spare up to 30 mins out of their day, in hope of being able to get as many different views as possible. I researched as much as possible prior to writing the questions asked, as I wanted to make sure that the interview would offer something different to what has already been published in the past. Giving the participants the opportunity to be thoughtful, and honest with their responses, enabling them to provide their personal insight and experiences, to shed as much light as possible onto an issue which for generations has been pushed in to the dark.  My eyes were opened to how little meaningful discussions are available publicly whilst researching, and there are so many more discussions that need to be had on this subject. With that being said, I hope that next time an opportunity to discuss issues that impact us all becomes available, that more women will trust that I will conduct the interview thoughtfully, and feel safe in sharing their stories with me.  I would like to thank everyone that agreed to be interviewed, I appreciate you all for supporting my podcast, and for making the time to chat with me, I chose to open and close this special episode with "I Am Woman", which was written by Helen Reddy, and Ray Burton. The questions asked: Q: What does this year’s theme for International Woman’s Day “An equal world is an enabled world” mean to you in relation to your role? Q: Do you think that the Australian music industry is inclusive of everyone? Q: Why do think so many female music students do not go on to work within the Music Industry once they have completed their studies? Q: Are the women who teach music failing to support, encourage, and mentor their female students? Could they be giving priority to their male students knowing that they have a better chance of being successful within the industry? Q: Have you ever felt pressured to compromise your own comfort levels in order to look a certain way, or stopped being true to yourself in hope of getting ahead? Q: Have you experienced indecent behaviour either physically, mentally or emotionally while working as a musician? Q: Have you had an experience when you felt that you were not supported or sabotaged by other women in the industry? Q: Has there been a time that you have not been given credit for work that you have done, or someone has taken the credit for your work? Q: Have you witnessed positive changes in the industry in regards to women? Q: Is there anything that you would still like to see change? Email:
March 8, 2020
"The Road To Memphis" Interview with Ben Ford-Davies
Band It About S01 E05 Interview with Ben Ford-Davies prior to him leaving to compete in the Blues Foundation International Blues Challenge (IBC), in Memphis TN, Jan 2019. This was originally 3 short interviews that I recorded with Ben, to give the Blues community the opportunity to get to know who he is, prior to leaving Adelaide to represent the Adelaide Roots & Blues Association (ARBA). I have added Ben performing 2 songs, 1 at the beginning which he wrote "Be Gone" was recorded during the IBC in Memphis, and to close the episode I have added a song originally written by Ben's father "Old Song", this was recorded live in December 2018. Podcast timeline: 00:00 Music "Be Gone" performed by Ben Ford-Davies 00:01:00 Intro 00:01:40 Who is BFD? 00:02:36 What inspired you to enter? 00:05:23 How did you choose the songs? 00:06:25 What would you change? 00:07:43 Any tips for future entrants? 00:08:21 How did you feel about performance? 00:09:14 Were you surprised to win? 00:10:36 Has the reality sunk in? 00:12:15 How supportive is ARBA? 00:13:30 Dad influenced career? 00:16:41 How did you choose the songs? 00:18:23 Your writing process? 00:20:35 Something that would surprise others to know? 00:21:36 Final words? 00:23:04 Update to original interview including how Ben went in the IBC 00:24:04 Music "Old Song" performed by Ben Ford-Davies  If you are listening via apple podcasts please subscribe, rate, and comment to assist me with promoting Live Music in SA. If you are listening via Anchor please follow Band It About, message the episode, and share with your friends. Band It About-Proudly Supporting Live Music Ben Ford-Davies Links: Music Links: Facebook: Other Useful Links: Band It About – Proudly Supporting Live Music Facebook Page: Band It About YouTube: Adelaide Roots and Blues Association Facebook: Adelaide Roots and Blues Association website: Adelaide Roots and Blues Association Gig Guide: The Blues Foundation: #BandItAbout #BluesMusic #BenFord-Davies #IBC #MusicBusinessPodcast #Adelaide #BluesFoundation #AdelaideRoots&BluesAssociation
January 25, 2020
It Takes A Saint
"Band It About" S01 E04 chats with "RETROPOPIC" Neil Saint from Sydney's community radio station 2RRR. Music lovers in 130 countries have tuned in to listen to Neil Saint’s “RETROPOPIC”interviews. What began as a hobby, has now reached over 34,000 listeners worldwide! In depth interviews with artists including: Steve Hackett, Marky Ramone, Stash De Rola, Brian Cadd, Russell Morris, and Ross Wilson, all sharing their musical journeys. Today Neil experiences what it is like to be the one asked, starting from his early influences in the UK, through to moving to Australia, and becoming involved with community radio. Hear how an interview with Les McKeown inspired the light bulb moment which resulted in combining his love of 20th century pop music, his interviewing skills, and local radio show, to enter the world of podcasting. RETROPOPIC RADIO is NOT a radio station it is radio show, and popular music podcasting brand, with a focus on classic pop music from the 60's to the end of the 20th century. RETROPOPIC RADIO produces regular magazines of artist interviews or excerpts of artist interviews alongside their music. It is broadcasted each Friday evening at 2RRR, a Community Radio Station, in Sydney between 9 and 10pm. 00:00 Music Intro:  Edwin Astley & His Orchestra, Main Theme from “The Saint”, BBC Television Series 1962. 00:00:25 “Band It About” gets to know the “Saintly” beginnings, discussing Neil’s background including his childhood, education, and early career 00:15:23 when those Saints go marching out, Neil and his family leave the UK for France 00:20:00 Settling in Sydney, and starting a new hobby 00:27:08 that light bulb moment! 00:35:32 Neil discusses the Adelaide musicians he has interviewed 00:39:40 Neil reveals his favourite interview 00:45:50 The “RETROPOPIC” road ahead 00:52:44 it’s Neil’s turn for the “Band It About” 20 question challenge, will he be the first to finish? 00:56:58 Music: Edwin Astley & His Orchestra, Main Theme from “The Saint”, BBC Television Series 1962. Useful Links for S01 E04 To Listen to Retropopic: Friday evenings on 2RRR between 9 and 10pm: Podcast: Facebook: To Contact Band It About: Email: Messenger: To watch Band It About videos: Band IT About-Proudly Supporting Live Music #BandItAbout #MusicBusiness
January 18, 2020
Banding It About The Band (Band Life, Replacing a Band Member)
In S1 E3 We take an inside glance at Band Life. What do you do when you are faced with having to replace a band member?  I have broken down this episode for anyone who would like to skip to a particular section. Please Subscribe, Rate, Comment, Message, and Share, to help Band It About to Support Live Music in South Australia. 00:00:00 Intro Music; "Up The Neck" performed by "The Brass Pockets" 00:00:46 Welcome 00:00:56 Episode Introduction 00:01:36 Background Story 00:05:38 Di and Nick chat before the audition 00:08:14 Music; "Mystery Achievement" audio from audition of "The Brass Pockets" with guitarist auditioning 00:08:25 The band members Craig, Nigel, Di, and Nick discuss the audition, and how they felt it went 00:09:57 "Tele Toe Incident" Craig interviews Di regarding her Telecaster 00:12:06 The band choose their new member 00:12:30 Music "Brass In Pocket" audio from audition "The Brass Pockets" with guitarist auditioning 00:12:39 Episode wrap up 00:13:12 Outro Music "Time The Avenger" performed by "The Brass Pockets" All of the music in this episode was performed by "The Brass Pockets", all songs were written by Chrissie Hynde for the Pretenders. Useful Links for today’s episode: To Contact Band It About: Email: Messenger: To watch Band It About videos: Listen to Band It About podcast series: Episode links for S1 E3 The Brass Pockets Links: Email: Website: Social Media: Messenger: Facebook: Instagram: #TheBrassPockets #BandItAbout #Pretenders #Concept Bands #TributeBands #MusicPodcasts #MusicIndustryPodcasts #AdelaideSA
January 12, 2020
A Whole Lot Of Hollering! Part 2 Paul Macleod "Holler & The Bones" Interview
Batten down Beale, the Bones are ready to rattle your foundations, awaken the spirits buried deep beneath the earth, that once was laboured by those who would Holler the birth of the Blues! If the Bones make it to the Final during "The Blues Foundation's" "International Blues Challenge", which is held at the end of January in Memphis TN, rest assured you will hear them Hollering from the Beale Street roof tops, all the way back to Hindley Street in Adelaide, SA! In part 2 of my interview with Mr Holler himself Paul Macleod, we discuss the making of their self titled debut album, it's release, hitting Number 1 in the Australian Blues Music Charts, and their Amazing "third time lucky" appearance in the Adelaide Roots & Blues Association, 2019 Memphis Blues Challenge. If you don't know this mob of lovable Aussie "Dog and Beer Blues" Hollering lads, but enjoy a tale where the underdog gets to take home the Bone, then you will enjoy listening to the final part of my fascinating chat with Paul. The IBC is only 3 weeks away, and the Bones intend to share their stories of travel, places, people, and love of the Australian landscape, through their all original "Ozzie Blues".  Every year the Adelaide Roots and Blues Association runs the MBC here in SA. Being affiliated with the Blues Society of The Blues Foundation gives ARBA the right to send a band and solo/duo musician(s) to represent its them at the IBC.  If you enjoy this episode please feel free to message me, and or rate the episode, and most importantly subscibe to help promote local musicians here in Adelaide. Potential Sponsors for this podcast series can either message my podcast, or contact me via my Band It About Facebook Page link below. Thank you for listening.  Band It About - Proudly Supporting Live Music Music in this episode "The Moon Hangs Over Darwin", and "All About The Woman", are both Holler & The Bones original's, and can be heard in full, and purchased via the links below. Band It About – Proudly Supporting Live Music Facebook Page: Band It About YouTube: Holler & The Bones bandcamp: Holler & The Bones Facebook Page: Holler & The Bones YouTube: Adelaide Roots and Blues Association Facebook: Adelaide Roots and Blues Association website: Adelaide Roots and Blues Association Gig Guide: The Blues Foundation:
January 5, 2020
"Dust To Delta" An Interview with Paul Macleod “Holler & The Bones” Part 1
In this episode I chat with Paul about his multiracial family, and diverse multicultural, multinational upbringing. Made in Japan, born in the USA, and raised predominantly in Australia along with his adopted siblings, by parents who inspired a lifelong passion for knowledge, the arts, celebration of heritage, indigenous cultures, politics, and the Great Australian Outback. Paul has spent his first 50 years quenching his love of the red dusty earth on which we live, whilst gathering the players who together "Shout from the Earth" as one, collectively known as "Holler & The Bones".  Paul's fascinating tale was too good to end up on the editing floor, which is why I decided to release 2 parts from this interview. Part 1 begins with Paul's childhood, and goes right through to the formation of the current line-up for his band. Make sure that you subscibe to the "Band It About" podcast so that you don't miss Part 2 of this fascinating tale, which will take you from the banks of the River Murray, to the Mississippi Delta! Please rate the episode if you enjoy it, and feel free to share with everyone. Band It About - Proudly Supporting Live Music Music included in this episode "Hoochy Coochy Whatchamecallit Jingle Jangle Blues", and "The Girl With The Lightening In Her Eyes", are both Holler & The Bones originals, and can be listened to in full, and purchased via the links below. Band It About – Proudly Supporting Live Music Facebook Page: Band It About YouTube: Holler & The Bones bandcamp: Holler & The Bones Facebook Page: Holler & The Bones YouTube: Adelaide Roots and Blues Association Facebook: Adelaide Roots and Blues Association website: Adelaide Roots and Blues Association Gig Guide: The Blues Foundation:
January 4, 2020
The “Tim Prestwich Band” are opening for “Cold Chisel” in SA Jan 4th 2020. Today I chat with Tim.
The Band It About debut podcast is with Jason (aka) "Tim" Prestwich, who along with his band, will be supporting the iconic Adelaide  band "Cold Chisel" on January 4th, 2020, when they perform their Adelaide leg of  By The C - Cold Chisel, at Glenelg Beach.  Join me for this very informal chat with Tim, where we discuss everything from the upcoming show, his families encounter with The Beatles, his music career here in South Australia, his talented family, and plans for releasing new material in 2020! The opening/closing track "Come Round My Place" is a Jason Tim Prestwich original recording. We have a lot of laughs along the way as I do my best to keep this interview under control, we then wind up the chat with 20 random questions in 60 seconds, just how many answers Tim managed to get through before the timer went off remains to be our secret till the end! If you enjoy this podcast, please make sure that you hit the heart on the Band It About podcast to subscribe, and share the link with your friends! You can also rate this episode, and if you would like to send me a message there is a message button to contact me attached to the episode. If you enjoy the podcasts, and as yet haven't visited the Band It About Facebook page to watch videos of many of the upcoming musicians that will be interviewed, please use the link below. Band It About has a following of over 1500, and now they all have the opportunity to listen to many of their favorite Adelaide musicians discuss a wide variety of topics of interest. I have also included links below to the Tim Prestwich Band Facebook Page, their CD, and YouTube videos. Band It About would love to hear from any local businesses that would be interested in sponsoring any of the podcasts, especially those related to the music industry. This podcast will be reaching your target audience, regular podcasts will be available via a link attached to the top of the Band It About Facebook page! Affordable sponsor advertising, including links to your business to assist you to be seen/heard by those most likely to be interested in your product or service, please message me for more information about how you can become involved in Band It About's latest live music promotion adventure! Looking forward to many seasons of podcast interviews. Band It About - Proudly Supporting Live Music! Important links from S1E1 podcast: Band It About – Proudly Supporting Live Music Facebook Page: Listen to The Tim Prestwich Band Album on Spotify Tim Prestwich Band album is also available on Apple Music: The Tim Prestwich Band Facebook Page: Hot Chisel Facebook Page: The Tim Prestwich Band YouTube: Tickets for the Blood Moon Tour  By The C - Cold Chisel on Sat Jan 4th 1:30 pm  Glenelg Beach are available online through Ticketmaster
December 28, 2019