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BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series

BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series

By Di Spillane
The Band It About - Podcast Series Host/Creator Di Spillane, releases a new episode every Saturday. This in-depth Music Interview Podcast is an opportunity for musicians and others involved in the Music Industry to discuss their entire musical journey . Season 1; a variety of subjects. Season 2 “The Engine Room” interviews with drummers who were born, raised, lived, or have played in Adelaide, South Australia. This series is a unique opportunity to listen to musicians discuss their careers from their earliest memories right through to what they are currently involved with. Real Stories/People.
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This week's guest drummers are E69 Joshua Baldwin, E70 Julian Perrotta, E71 Greg Clark, E75 Willi Gutwein, E77 Sean Kemp, and E78 Steven Smith. The BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series interviews always end with the guests playing 20 Questions in 2 Minutes. There are 2 reasons behind this, the first being that all of the guest's journey's have not finished so this is a fun way to end the interview, the other is that it can be quite a cathartic experience talking about your past experiences, often discussing things that you hadn't given any thought to for many years. So by playing a game like 20 questions it helps to reset them, along the lines of a debriefing that you would have after an incident. I always include questions about their first concert, the first album that they purchased, etc, as well as include a few questions that are relevant to the individual guest and it is often at this stage that the guest realizes that I know a bit more about them than they had thought! These questions are about things that I read whilst researching the guest. Music: "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Links: all of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series links can be located here: Joshua Baldwin: Julian Perrotta:  Greg Clark: Willi Gutwein: Sean Kemp: Steven Smith: Enjoy!
June 24, 2022
BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series Guest Drummers playing 20 QUESTIONS in 2 MINUTES this week are; Paul Butler E59, Danny Leo E64, John McDermott E65, Bob Reid E66, Thomas Crescitelli E67, and Michael Marino E68. Two of my guests get through all 20 questions within the 2 minutes but only one of them wins! Music: "Band It About" theme song was written & recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert & Michael Bryant. All of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series links can be located here: Guest Links: Paul Butler is currently touring overseas with Cirque du Soleil Danny Leo: John McDermott works mostly as a freelance musician performing in shows at Adelaide’s various festivals, occasionally with the ASO, and appears monthly with the Mike Stewart Big Band. he also plays with Kym Perling and in a variety of jazz ensembles.  Bob Reid: Dr Pocket Blue Print Thomas Crescitelli: Red Cymbals Australia Ambassador                                 Instagram Michael Marino: currently performs with Ella & Sienna Music, Claudia Migliaccio Music, Divebar Youth, and Lazaro Ernesto Numa Pompa.         To see what he is doing next Follow him on Instagram  Please email Michael at to make enquires about having lessons.  If you enjoy listening please share the link with your friends! Di Spillane Host/Creator/Editor #twentyquestions #quiz #drummers #banditabout #banditaboutpodcastseries #paulbutler #dannyleo #johnmcdermott #bobreid #thomascrescitelli #michaelmarino #southaustraliandrummers #musicindustry #adeladesouthaustralia #musicpodcasts #musicinterviews #cirquedusoleil #kurios #forestofgnomesband #fluffband #mikestewartbigband #aso #kymperling #drpocketsoulrbblues #blueprintrhythemandblues #redcymbalsaustralia #jazzdrummers #ellaandsiennamusic #divebaryouth #claudiamigliacciomusic #lazaroernestonumapompa 
June 17, 2022
20 Questions in 2 Minutes from episodes 53 Tahlia Borg, 54 Sam Gutwein, 55 John Mason, 56 Joel Prime, 57 Liam Weedall, and 58 Dylan Di Palo. Music "Band It About" theme song written and recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Tahlia's Links:  Sam's Links:  John's Links: Zilli Cymbals Facebook: Website: Joel's Links: Liam's Links: Instagram: @liamweedall Dylan's Links: BAND IT ABOUT links can all be located here:
June 10, 2022
S2 E83 TRAVIS DEMSEY, drummer for Melbourne band 'DOUBLEBLACK', formerly the drummer for 'The Living End'. Youth Music Officer, DJ ARTHUR, Motivational Speaker
Travis Dempsey grew up in rural Victoria in a dysfunctional family. At 15 he spent his time skateboarding, getting in fights with his mates, and moving from school to school as a result of this behavior. A high school teacher changed his life and set him on his musical path when he sent Travis to a time-out room that contained an old drum kit. Travis began hitting the drums and instantly felt connected to this instrument. Travis's family wasn't in a position to be able to afford to purchase a kit for him, and once again his teacher helped him by delivering a very basic kit to his home. He eventually joined a band with friends called 'Slaves of Pain', gigging locally. Travis left school when he was 16, first working as an apprentice Boiler Maker for about 4 or 5 months, and then as an apprentice Horticulturist until he decided to move away from the family home, making his way to Melbourne where he lived in Fitzroy. He managed to get a job working at Drummers Paradise in Richmond and began making connections with other musicians and playing in a variety of bands. Travis then got a job at the iconic Revolver Drum Shop which was located in Prahran, and it was while he was working there that he met Chris the bass player from The Living End. Chris mentioned that they were looking for a new drummer, so Travis who was looking for a regular band to play with told him that he would be interested in having a go. Chris gave him a demo tape and they arranged a time for Travis to come and have a jam. Travis initially didn't feel as though he was the right guy for the band, but on his third jam with the guys, he decided to play the songs his own way, this time it worked and he became their new drummer. After a year of solid touring things began to skyrocket after the release of the double A-side single, a single ‘Second Solution / Prisoner of Society’ that had the band breaking records, with it becoming the highest-selling single of the ’90s, scoring the band an ARIA Award and a whole lot more attention both nationally and internationally, with World Tours alongside AC /DC, Green Day, The Offspring, Chilli Peppers, Rancid, and Silver Chair. Playing and headlining international Festivals, TV Appearances on David Letterman, and Conan O Brian, living the life that most aspiring musicians can only dream about, a world of rock stardom. Then after five and a half years, he decided to give up the rock star lifestyle, choosing instead to explore new avenues and musical ventures, working with and creating programs for kids that encouraged them to follow their dreams and pursue their passion for music, no matter what limits society had placed on them. Travis become a youth worker for the not-for-profit organization 'Whitelion' initially working with young offenders, the focus on youth justice became a core strength recognized by governments, the youth sector, corporates, and the general community as making a real difference to young people’s lives. He also went to talk in adult prisons throughout Melbourne. During this time Travis set up his own Drum Tech business, working on hundreds of albums and hiring out drum kits for some of the best drummers in the world. He joined the Celt rockers 'The Currency' and played with them until joining the Melbourne three-piece band 'Doubleblack' in late 2012, which allowed him to contribute to the songwriting for their new music. Travis moved to South Australia and continues to work as a Music Youth Officer for local governments. Music "Band It About" theme song written by Catherine Lambert & Michael Bryant. "Renegade" by Doubleblack, Matt Black, formerly of The Fireballs on guitar and lead vocals, Jason Skewes on double bass, and Travis Dempsey on drums. Links: Instagram: @travisdemsey  BAND IT ABOUT Linktree:
June 03, 2022
S2 E82 JOHN ZAC, Drummer for STONE & The Internationals, former for F.A.B, Division 4, Zep Boys, Flame Trees, SCAT, Subsonic Symphonee, Earthling777, Touring drummer for Graham Bonnet & Glen Hughes.
When you consider the fact that John Zak has had a career as a professional musician for over 45 years, despite being born with a chronic lung condition that at one time had his parents believe that he would be on an iron lung by the time he was 16, and that by the time he was in high school his first music teacher failed him and said that he would never make it, it is truly remarkable what he has managed to achieve during his musical journey! John was born in South Australia and grew up living in the Norwood area. He always loved music and at first thought that he would be a singer, that was until he took a liking for the drums after being inspired by The Sweet, so in 1976 his dad enrolled him to have lessons at 'John Reynolds Music City' with Robert Lloyd. His father then wanted to see if he could go further so he arranged for him to go and have lessons with another of my previous guests Jim Bailey, John accredits Jim as being the reason why he made it in the music industry. Being a student with Jim Bailey meant that John was gigging well before he left school, playing with various ensembles at the Dom Polski Centre and at the Festival Theatre. His first professional gig was with The Hot Boys, he then joined The Pits who eventually became F.A.B who had quite a bit of success in the mid 80's, they released a single called ''Happy People/The Fastest Song In All The World '' in 1985 on the RCA label, Produced by Eddie Rayner of Split Enz. This led to them playing their first big event "The Big Swing" which was held at Football Park, appearing on the same line-up as The Models and INXS. Thanks to former F.A.B singer/songwriter/guitarist Stuart Day for putting me in contact with John so that I could interview him. When F.A.B disbanded they became a popular cover band called Division 4. It was around this time that his fellow band mate bassist Warwick Cheatle had been to see the Zep Boys play, he told John that the Zep Boys were looking for a new drummer and bass player, so they joined the band and went on to play and tour with the band for 11 years, this includes the first time that the Zep Boys teamed up with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to perform the music of Led Zeppelin. John has also performed with the ASO performing the music of Pink Floyd and Queen. In 1996 Frank Corniola went to see John play with the Zep Boys and invited him to come to Melbourne to play at the Ultimate drummers Weekend Festival, Frank was impressed with his playing and suggested that John move to Melbourne and come and teach at Drumtek which he did, John has lived in Melbourne ever since. In Melbourne John has worked with a variety of artists, he was the touring drummer for Graham Bonnet and Glen Hughes, was a member of another band that almost made it big called 'Subsonic Symphonee', they were about to be signed by LA socialite and philanthropist, Daphna Ziman, but unfortunately their Australian Manager disagreed with Daphna's request for the band to change their image and refused to sign the contract, when he heard what had happened John and the guitarist left the band. John has continued to play with a variety of Melbourne bands including Flame Trees, SCAT, and Earthling777 just to name a few, he currently plays with Damon Stone in the bands 'STONE' and 'The Internationals'. John works as a production assistant/stage manager on corporate events with Kojo and The City of Stonnington. Music intro "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Outro "To be a Man" by Earthling777. Links: All of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series links can be found here:
May 27, 2022
S2 E81 ALEX DEEGAN, Drummer for SHADOWQUEEN & TRUCK, Teacher at DRUMTEK School of Music, Writer for Australia's #1 Drum Magazine DRUMscene, former Australian Idol Session Drummer
Alex Deegan's obsession with drumming began when he was living in Whyalla attending Primary School. His teacher Sister Bernadette invited a drummer to come along to class with his kit to do a talk about drums, Alex put his hand up when the drummer asked if anyone would like to have a go at playing, and despite never having the opportunity to play before he managed to do an impressive roll down the toms to which the drummer responded by saying that he should take some lessons as he had a natural talent. He began to have lessons with that drummer which mainly involved watching him play for an hour, needless to say those lessons didn't last for long with Alex being keen to have more of a hands on role. Alex began performing live at the age of 8, with his earliest memory being drumming in the school play. His brother Ray also decided to play the drums and when the family moved to Seacliff their dad converted the garage into a practice room and they got their first kit, this was a problem as unlike Alex, Ray was left-handed. Alex was addicted to playing, would rush home from school so that he could beat his brother home. His sister Christine noticed how keen he was and suggested that Alex start having lessons, their parents agreed and Alex began having lessons at John Reynolds Music City with Greg Mundy. After a year or so Christine had a chat with Greg to see how Alex was progressing, Greg advised that he had taught him as much as he could and that if Alex was to progress further that he should begin to have lessons with another teacher. At 13 years of age Alex studied with renowned Adelaide percussionist Jim Bailey and he continued with Jim up until Alex left Adelaide for the first time. Alex joined his first professional band 'Idiot Stick' when he was 15, their first gig was at the Tivoli hotel. Alex having been an avid reader of 'Modern Drummer Magazine' for many years, began playing a drum solo when the guitarist had to replace a broken string. When he finished playing he was introduced to one of the other bands on the bill 'The Touch', who were looking for a drummer, he joined and at 18 years of age they began touring. Alex’s career has seen him perform all over Australia having lived and worked in the music scenes of Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne where he has resided since 1995 after being invited to audition to play for 'Out Of Control'. He began working and teaching at DRUMTEK, and eventually writing articles for Australia's #1 Drum Magazine DRUMscene after coming second in the Best Up & Coming Drummer Competition. Throughout his career Alex has toured, recorded, and co-written with many bands and artists both nationally and internationally. Some of Alex's achievements include: Australian Platinum Number 1 Single "Wasabi" by Lee Harding, Award winning albums by Australian Country Artists Carter & Carter and Sue Boyd, MTV Awards performance with American Pop Artist Teddy Geiger, Touring nationally with Sony Artist Marie Wilson, on call session drummer for Birdland studios in Melbourne, Guest artist on "Australia's Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2004" internationally released DVD with 'Dom & Friends', Featured artist on "Australia's Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2003" internationally released DVD.  Music "Band It About" theme song, written & recorded by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Outro "Tonight" by SHADOWQUEEN. Issue 102 available now, Alex's feature interview with Australian drumming legend Graham Morgan DRUMTEK: BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series Links: #alexdeegan #drumtek 
May 20, 2022
S2 E80 ANDREANNA MASSACCI, drummer for Rose Clouseau, Keeskea, Ebony Emili, and Dulce Adl. Girls Rock! Adelaide, Amazing Drumming Monkeys, session drummer for various acts including NELSON DIALECT
Andreanna Massacci first became interested in drumming when she was 5 after having a go on her cousins drum kit, her mother noticed how easily she was able to play and decided to book Andreanna in for drum lessons. Andreanna continued having private lessons while attending school as well as studying music at school. The first band that she joined was called Retriever, who were included on a line-up in 2018 that changed the path of her musical journey, since then she has played with various original bands here in South Australia. Andreanna studied in Mount Gambier at The James Morrison Academy, completing her third year of University in 2020. Highlights from 2022 so far include performing at the Adelaide Fringe with the Amazing Drumming Monkeys, 6 shows at WOMADelaide, with NU ARTICLE backing UK artist NELSON DIALECT, and performing with The Women in Jazz Adelaide Big Band on International Jazz Day at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Music: intro "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant.  Outro: "CYHMN (Can you hear me now?)" by Ebony Emili. Andreanna's links: @lessdramamoredrana NELSON DIALECT: KEESKEA:  Social media links to bands Andreanna plays with:  Instagram: @keeskea @ebony.emili @dulce_adl All of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series links can be found here: If you have enjoyed listening to this episode please share the link with your friend's, thanks for listening! BAND IT ABOUT, Proudly Supporting Live Music! Host/Creator/Editor Di Spillane. #banditabout #banditaboutpodcastseries #musicinterviews #musicpodcasts #musiccommentarypodcasts #podcast #podcasts #independentmusic #independentpodcasts #australianpodcasts #southaustraliandrummers #southaustralianmusicians #andreannamassacci #amazingdrummingmonkeys #womeninjazz #girlsrockadelaide #ebonyemili #keeskea #roseclouseau #dulceadl #jazzdrummers #femaledrummers #nelsondialect #unescocityofmusic #dispillane #womadelaide #adelaidefringe #dancenorth #drums #percussion #drumteachers #adelaidesouthaustralia #interviews #realpeople #realstories #indepthinterviews
May 13, 2022
S2 E79 MADELEINE COSSEY Drummer for Adelaide bands 'THE VAINS' and 'SLIPPERY PEOPLE'
Madeleine Cossey joins Di Spillane in The Engine Room this week to discuss her musical journey for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series. Although South Australian born Madeleine Cossey hasn't been playing in bands for very long she has certainly made a great start to her musical journey, playing in 2 original Adelaide bands, 'The Vains' and 'Slippery People'. Madeleine is a drum teacher and has recently performed in the Tabor Music Department's Adelaide Fringe event 'GLOW Funk in the dark', as well as being one of the 100+ drummers that accompanied Dancenorth's NOISE production at this years WOMADelaide. Music: Intro "Band It About" written and recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Outro "Pussy Power" by 'The Vains', released November 1, 2021. Written by Libby Verrall, Guitar - Libby Verrall, Drums - Madeleine Cossey, Bass - Heather Button, Vocals - Rhia Dickson. Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Martin Johnson at Cactus Cactus Studio.  Madeleine's Links: All of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series links can be found here: If you have enjoyed listening to this episode please share the link with your friend, thanks for listening! BAND IT ABOUT, Proudly Supporting Live Music! Host/Creator/Editor Di Spillane. #banditabout #banditaboutpodcastseries #musicinterviews #musicpodcasts #musiccommentarypodcasts #podcast #podcasts #independentmusic #independentpodcasts #australianpodcasts #southaustraliandrummers #southaustralianmusicians #madeleinecoddey #thevains #slipperypeopleband #unescocityofmusic #pussypower #dispillane #womadelaide #adelaidefringe #dancenorth #drums #percussion #drumteachers #adelaidesouthaustralia #interviews #realpeople #realstories #indepthinterviews 
May 06, 2022
S2 E78 STEVEN SMITH Drummer for The Australian Alice Cooper Show, Zilli Cymbals Artist, Bassist for The Rock Hudson Ensemble and Rokhouse
Steven Smith joins Di Spillane in The Engine Room this week for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series to discuss his musical journey. Although has been drumming since his teens, he began his playing career during the 80s as a bassist. In the 90s he joined 'The Funky Leftovers' as their drummer, and has since played in a variety of bands in South Australia, Melbourne, and Perth as either a bassist or a drummer, playing in various genres from Top 40, Rock, Thrash Metal, and Country. Steve is currently the drummer for 'The Australian Alice Cooper Show', and the bass player for 'The Rock Hudson Ensemble' (which is an Adelaide band that I actually named) and 'Rokhouse', he is also an endorsed Zilli Cymbals Artist. Music: Intro "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Outro "Some Day Soon" written by Dave Hudson. Links: All of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series links can be located here: If you have enjoyed listening to this interview please Follow this podcast series on your preferred podcast listening platform and share the link with your friends! Band It About - Podcast Series Host/Creator/Editor Di Spillane. #musicinterviews #musicpodcasts #musiccommentary #southaustralia #independentpodcastseries #australianpodcasts #drummers #realpeople #realstories #banditabout #banditaboutpodcastseries #stevensmith #zillicymbalsartist #zillicymbals #drummers #bassists #aussiealice #theaustralianalicecoopershow #therockhudsonensemble #davehudson #rokhouseband #adelaidesouthaustralia #interviews
April 29, 2022
S2 E77 SEAN KEMP, Drummer for SURVIVING SHARKS, former drummer for Tendahook, Blindside, Apocalyptic Genocide, Not Only But Also, and Session Drummer for various artists.
S2 E77 Sean Kemp joins Di Spillane in The Engine Room to discuss his musical journey thus far. Sean began drumming when he was 17, playing in various bands with his brother Drew, he also played football in the SANFL league (the Eagles and the Roosters) until he was 20, prior to deciding to concentrate on drumming professionally. He has played Pearl Drums for 26 or 27 years. Started recording drums at age 21 and has since played on over 27 recordings. He is also a songwriter and performs as a solo artist. As a drummer Sean has toured Australia, played festivals such as Vans Warped Festivals, supported bands such as Sebastian Bach, Ash, Head Planet Earth, Me first, and the Gimme Gimmes. He achieved success whilst drumming for Tendahook achieving high rotation on Triple J. Some of the other bands he has been in include Blindside, Apocalyptic Genocide, Not Only But Also, The Castanets (which then became The Kemp Brothers), and A Blackwell. He has also been a session player with many local acts. He is currently the drummer for Surviving Sharks, which is an Adelaide based power rock trio that formed in 2013. They have supported the likes of Kingswood, Sebastian Bach, Jackson Firebird & Ash. Music: intro "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Outro, "Russian Tide" by Surviving Sharks, which is a soon to be released song that was written by Sean Kemp. Sean's Links: @seansharks - Instagram handle All of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series links can be located here: If you have enjoyed listening to this interview please share the link with your friends! Band It About - Podcast Series Host/Creator/Editor Di Spillane. #musicinterviews #musicpodcasts #musiccommentary #southaustralia #independentpodcastseries #australianpodcasts #drummers #realpeople #realstories #banditabout #banditaboutpodcastseries #seankemp #survivingsharks #tenderhook #songwriters #pearldrummers #rockdrummers #sessiondrummers #southaustralianmusicians #SANFL #theeagles #theroosters #vanswarpedtour 
April 22, 2022
S2 E76 20 QUESTIONS IN 2 MINUTES, Guest Drummers: Jim Bailey, Matt Jonsson, Craig Lauritsen, Alex Flood, Jerry Tee, Gary Burrows, Kyle Sambell, Swanee (John Swan), Mick Giuffreda, and Eddie Pollard
S2 E76 20 Questions in 2 Minutes from Episodes 43 to 52. Happy EASTER and welcome to a repurposed episode of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series. I realise that many of my listeners will have a lot on over the Easter long weekend, hopefully that includes supporting and or playing live music! As I only have 5 interviews left for The Engine Room series I have decided to release another episode from the 20 Questions in 2 Minutes segment from my previous interviews. But, as it is a long weekend, I have compiled 10 instead of the 5 that I normally do. Season 2 Episodes 43 to 52 guests are; Jim Bailey, Matt Jonsson, Craig Lauritsen, Alex Flood, Jerry Tee, Gary Burrows, Kyle Sambell, Swanee (John Swan) with bonus audio that you would have heard if you listened to the very end of his interview, Mick Giuffreda, and Eddie Pollard.  Music: "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Thank you to all of my guests, listener's, those who have taken the time to rate and review this independent podcast series, and to those who have kindly used the PayPal link to donate towards the many hours that it takes me to be able to release a weekly episode, I truly appreciate you all! If you would like to review, rate, and or support this podcast please use the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series Linktree: Did you know that Spotify has recently added a rating feature? You can rate by either tapping on the rating directly or the three-dot menu below the podcast cover art in the Spotify app (iOS and Android), simply tap to rate the show as long as you have listened to at least 30 seconds of an episode. Please remember to Follow this podcast series on your preferred podcast listening platform. *This may be of interest to the musicians who listen to this podcast series: BeatStars is a digital music marketplace where musicians can buy and sell beats, sound kits, album covers, and music more. BeatStars connects artists, labels, and music industry execs virtually, allowing for your music to be heard and bought by creators around the world. Songs like Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” CJ’s “Whoopty,” and Soulja Boy’s “She Make It Clap” were all created using beats found on BeatStars. Code “BANDITABOUT” at checkout gets listeners a free one month (30 day) trial of BeatStars. You can open your own professional digital music store at A new episode of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series will be available next week.  Thanks for listening!  Di Spillane BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series Host/Creator/Editor. Band It About, Proudly Supporting Live Music. #musicinterviews #musicpodcasts #musiccommentary #southaustralia #independentpodcastseries #australianpodcasts #drummers #realpeople #realstories #jimbailey #mattjonsson #craiglauritsen #alexflood #kylesambell #jerrytee #garyburrows #swanee #johnswan #mickgiuffreda #mgdrums #eddiepollard #banditabout #banditaboutpodcastseries #adelaidedrummers #20questions #podcast #podcasts #quiz #twentyquestionswithdrummers #easterlongweekend
April 15, 2022
S2 E75 WILLI GUTWEIN; Drummer for Loaded Billy, Song Writer, Live Audio Engineer, and owner and specialist audio engineer at LOUDTOYS Studio. Previously the drummer for Taurus Run and Dawn Patrol..
Willi Gutwein joins me in The Engine Room this week to discuss his musical journey which began in Adelaide and eventually led to him living and working as both a musician and a sound engineer for over 20 years in Sydney. Willi is a founding member of and the drummer for the original Adelaide Hard Rock band 'Loaded Billy', as well as the owner and specialist audio engineer at 'Loudtoys Studio'. Willi is a highly respected live audio engineer with over 30 years’ experience working with many of the biggest names in Australian music along with many international artists. Willi is also an accomplished drummer and songwriter with his bands having 11 releases nationally and internationally. Willi cut his teeth recording in true analogue studios back in the eighties hence the design and set up of Loudtoys Studio. Willi is the father of another BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series guest drummer Sam Gutwein. 1993 – 2003 FOH sound engineer for: Ross Wilson Tours - Deadly Sounds Indigenous Music awards- Deadly Sounds Indigenous Music awards after party (7 years running) - Christine Anu - Cotton-Keyes-Morris - James Reyne - Original Herman’s Hermits(England) - Eskimo Joe - Cosmic Psychos - Dave Leslie (Baby Animals) - Dave Gleeson (Screaming Jets) - Brewster Brothers -The “WHO” My Generation pre-launch concert Australian Tour - Harbour Agency/Hard Rock Café National Band Comp - Triple J “dig it up tours” 1995 TAURUS RUN EP Released “Come Taste The Beast”. Loaded Billy is a heavy rock / stoner rock band from Adelaide Australia. The band's current line up consists of Trevor Moyle (Guitars), Willi Gutwein (Drums), Gary Standley (Bass and Vocals) Jimi James (Lead Vocals & Guitars). Loaded Billy was conceived as a writing project by drummer-songwriter Willi and guitarist-songwriter Trevor when they both returned to their home town of Adelaide. Loaded Billy fans are in for a treat as Willi has given me one of the songs off of their upcoming debut album "Legend" to close the interview with! Music; intro "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Outro "Soul Taker" track 8 off of Loaded Billy's soon to be released debut album "Legend" Links: All of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series links including socials, podcast listening platforms, Rate, Review, and to Support this independent podcast series can be located here: Please share this episode with your friends! Thanks for Listening! Di Spillane BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series Host/Creator/Editor #banditabout #banditaboutpodcastseries #willigutwein #loadedbilly #loudtoysstudio #drummers #audioengineers #songwriter #liveaudioengineer #southaustralianmusicians #musicinterviews #musiccommentary #musicpodcasts #podcast #podcasts #australianpodcasts #sydneymusicians #taurusrun #hardrockdrummers #independentpodcasts #dispillane #australianmusicindustry #dawnpatrol #crashcoursebudgie #realpeople #realstories #songwriters 
April 08, 2022
S2 E74 KYM WARNER, Founding member of 'The Greencards' (Austin, Texas), 3 x Grammy nominee, and four-time Australian Mandolin Champion KYM WARNER has come home to South Australia.
KYM WARNER; After spending 21 years living and performing in the U.S – Kym Warner (four-time Australian Mandolin Champion, multi-instrumentalist and 3 x Grammy nominee) has returned home to South Australia, and is this weeks BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series guest musician. Kym is an Australian musician, record producer, and a founding member of the American bluegrass band The Greencards. Kym Warner was raised in South Australia and was an aspiring bluegrass musician (unusual in Australia at the time), inheriting the love of this music from his father, the early Australian bluegrass pioneer Trev Warner.  Prior to moving to the USA Kym spent years touring Australia with artists including Kasey Chambers, Lee Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, Gina Jeffreys, Darren Coggin, Adam Harvey and Tania Kernaghan. Kym and his partner Carol relocated to the U.S and in 2003 became founding member's of the progressive acoustic band – 'The Greencards'. Kym has toured the U.S, Europe, and Australia exclusively for thirteen years, recorded six studio albums, and received accolades in the form of 3 x Grammy nominations, a #1 Billboard Bluegrass Album, an Americana Award for ‘Best New Artist’, and a 31 date national tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson! After releasing his solo album in 2015, Kym joined Robert Earl Keen as a member of his touring and studio band which included numerous performances at The Mother Church of Country Music, The Ryman in Nashville, as well as Red Rocks and the famed Carnegie Hall in NYC. Kym also composed and produced the theme music for ‘Robert Earl Keen’s’ podcast ‘Americana, The 51st State’. Kim will be touring South Australia during April and May, the tour will include his induction into the AMC Hall of Fame at The Gov on Thursday, April 7th. Kym will be performing solo and later will be joined on stage with his support band 'Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch'. The band features Wilson Main on rhythm guitar, George Klironomos on lead guitar, Belinda Kendall-Smith on upright bass, Enrico Morena on drums and percussion, Ashley Turner on violin, and Ted Keeley on vocals. 'Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch' describe their music as Cactus Swing, which is a bit like Hillbilly Jazz and Western Swing from the 1930s to 50’s with elements of New Orleans Jazz, traditional fiddle tunes, 30’s swing, and 20’s blues hillbilly boogie. Kym and his wife will be relocating to live in Melbourne, Victoria once the SA tour has completed. Music: intro "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Outro "After the Victory" which is track 10 off of Kym Warner's 2015 solo album "Everything That Brought Me Here". "