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By Dice Thrower
Join Will as he meets the fascinating folks of the tabletop community, tries not to talk shop and instead find out what makes them tick.

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9: Midwinter Minis
Will is joined by Guy of Midwinter Minis. Buckle up because this one gets into the weeds, as well as including a couple of zesty Dice Thrower exclusives. We talk about: Monster In My Pocket; the trials of long hair; asking how many boxes of a limited edition pre-order is too many?; why modern stuff is rubbish; and the importance of rating things in a spreadsheet. Plus some stuff about, you know, Warhammer. Enjoy! Get in touch • Instagram // @dicethrower_ • Email //
April 23, 2022
8: Realm of Fire
Will is joined by Rob and Brendan of Realm of Fire. They talk about pretty much everything: Games Workshop in 2021; favourite snacks; the importance of context and nuance; how not to be a chud; and life, the universe, and firearms. Enjoy! Get in touch • Instagram // • Email //
August 29, 2021
7: Arbitor Ian
Will talks with Ian about his path into all things Games Workshop and a whole rogue trade’s worth of other stuff: writing stories to explain toy soldiers; the “sanctity” of lore; novel lockdown methods of transport; and wondering where all the satire has gone. Enjoy! Get in touch • Instagram // • Email //
July 18, 2021
6: Human Energy Field
Will talks with Henry and Jamie of the Human Energy Field about their road into role-playing games and a whole source book’s worth of other stuff: having gnarly teachers; whether or not Will is a lizard; the merits of the Human Energy Field Discord; how D&D is bad but also good; whether Henry and Jamie actually exist; and of course staying grateful and hydrated. Enjoy! Get in touch • Instagram // • Email //
June 20, 2021
5: Ben Perry (@forgottenwulf)
Will is joined by Ben Perry, known for his incredible model work under the handle @forgottenwulf. They talk about his incredible space vikings and a whole wolf pack of other stuff: getting deep with your own lore; when to stop tinkering with a model; the joys of storytelling with dice; and the timeless frustration of mould lines. Enjoy! Get in touch 🎲 Instagram: // Email:
June 06, 2021
4: Dungeonpunx
Will is joined by Ager and The Business Goblin to talk about how they became part of tabletop gaming’s answer to D Generation X, plus a whole pizza box of other stuff: Conor McGregor posters; how Gorilla Biscuits invented ska; microdiggers; “down and dirty swashbuckling in a swamp”; and why you should probably be listened to Dungeonpunx instead. Enjoy! Get in touch 🎲 Instagram: // Email:
May 23, 2021
3: The Great Rift
Will talks with Jamie and Dave of The Great Rift podcast about their path into 40k and a whole ork trukk of other stuff: what it is to be a nerd; the merits of podcasting as a format; way to legitimise LARP; and, of course, riffs. Enjoy! Get in touch 🎲 Instagram: // Email:
May 09, 2021
2: Eric of Eric’s Hobby Workshop
Will talks with Eric of Eric’s Hobby Workshop about his journey into miniature terrain and a whole bitz box of other stuff: the pressures of YouTube content creation; who fletches the arrows for Brettonians?; breaking free from chasing the meta; and who is the monster when a monster fights a monster? Enjoy! Get in touch 🎲 Instagram: // Email:
April 25, 2021
1: Joe “Beard” Pointing
Will talks with Joe “Beard” Pointing of Tabletop Tactics about his path to 40k and a whole dice bag of other stuff: unique approaches to censoring action movies; bands that may or may not be from Bristol; the inherent value of gardening; and the circular nature of all things. Enjoy! Get in touch: Instagram // Email //
April 10, 2021