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Episode Twelve: A Good First Date & resisting the 2 am, “You up?” texts.

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Every Wednesday on every platform, this podcast brings listeners news highlights from around the world. "At The Newsstand" features hosts in both The U.S. and U.K. who discuss World Events, TV & Film, Theater and Science. "It's Bro Time" lives in A.T.N. and covers Sports.

This was the podcast that paved the way for every show produced by WYSP because it was our first. We started under the name, "Dicks & Politics" which we outgrew as the topics we covered broadened. "At The Newsstand" was much more fitting because where can you find everything happening in the world? A newsstand.
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More places to listen

Episode Thirty-Seven: "He's a Dramatic Man."
Abby and CorBen Kick off the episode with little known facts about Nascar and The Olympics!  Then Lucy is back to share a dramatic statement from Boris Johnson and explain how Trump put a lid on Peace Talks.  Katie shares an update on Saudi Aramco's long-awaited IPO, Apple's lackluster new products and a troubling update on an American Classic, The Ford Company.  Scott and Samantha round out the episode with a look forward to the Season Two premier of, "Game Over" and it's only here, At The Newsstand.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand.  @awl05002 @corben_w @lucy_wysp @katie_from_wysp @_whateveryousaybabe_ @game.over.podcast
September 11, 2019
Episode Thirty-Six: The Pope got stuck in an elevator...
Lucy joins the crew for the first time to contribute to "What's Burning" and from there it's all about the ladies taking over. Katie brings us breaking news, Abby breaks down sports, and Sarah breaks our wallet with an announcement of a new flip phone coming out, hopefully, this fall. With final words from CorBen you know, it's all here, At the Newsstand.
September 5, 2019
Episode Thirty Five: Say something nice. I'll give you a nickel!
Abby, Katie and Samantha discuss the startling selling of stocks from companies in the fortune 500, the top five sports highlights of the summer, the upcoming up season of Dancing with The Stars, and two summer time recipes that you can make for cheap and on the fly. Learn more at and follow us on instagram @atthenewstand @katie_from_wysp @awl05001 @_whatveryousaybabe_
August 28, 2019
Episode Thirty four: I'm a Nicer Person
On the season four premier, (almost) the whole crew gets together to welcome listeners back to the show.  With a few changes to the hosts and the announcement of three new hosts, the crew is excited to give you the scoop on whats happening with The US economy, predictions for Todrick Hall and Colleen Ballinger's Broadway adventure, a review of the best Summer reads and a special close out by Mr. Mike Kitlas, only At The Newsstand.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
August 23, 2019
Dicks & Politics Episode four: “I’m a minority female Republican and I support and respect President Trump.”
Please note that this episode is completely unfiltered and unedited and the opinions shared solely reflect that of WYSP's CEO, Samantha. Samantha sits down for our most honest and requested interview yet. A young, female, minority entrepreneur and registered Republican, Samantha answers our listeners tough questions regarding her political affiliation and why she stands up for the first family of the United States of America. Is it only because she knows the Trump family? Where does she stand on gun laws and LGBTQ rights? Interviewed by WYSP’s Creative Director and extreme Liberal, Sarah Jones, this completely unfiltered an unedited episode proves that no two Republicans are the same and that perhaps for the future generations, there may be greater power in numbers.  Learn more at and @wyspllc on Instagram.
August 14, 2019
Dicks & Politics After Hours Episode three: Do Yourself It
It's a W-GIRL-SP Takeover!  Join the women of WYSP for their DIY wins and fails, advice they would give to their younger selves and a lot of laughs. In this episode, get to know Samantha (CEO), Addriana (COO), Abby (CSO), Keri (CFO at the time but now, our Director of HR), Sarah (Creative Director) and Aurora Trentin, Host of At The Newsstand and "What's Burning?" Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
August 7, 2019
Dicks & Politics After Hours episode two: Dating at 21 & 31
Our CEO Samantha sits down with the Director of Marketing & Finance Analytics at WYSP to compare and contrast dating at 21 versus 31. The ladies discuss different flirting styles, best dates, worst dates, their deepest fears and what they're hoping to find. Learn more at Follow Samantha at @_whateveryousaybabe_ and Katie at @katie_from_wysp on Instagram.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
July 12, 2019
Episode Thirty three: Arrogance, Wealth and Politics
Sam and Aurora take over the final episode of season three before heading off for summer break. They discussed Trump’s visit to North Korea, the Democratic debate and then get in depth about the drama with Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun, Kim Kardashian rebranding her new line of clothing due to cultural appropriation and they discuss the make up moguls of today who, with the exception of Jeffree Star, are all frauds. It’s all right here, At The Newsstand. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
July 3, 2019
Episode Thirty two: Where Am I Going to Get My Cheese?
Aurora and Sam start the show with a Disney Song Quiz before getting into the current status of The UK Election in ,”What’s Burning?” “It’s Bro Time” features Kitlas and Abby who talk about what reading has in common with pro sports and “Abbycadabra” is back with Summertime Comfort Food recipes from New England. The episode wraps with, “That’s Showbiz” where CorBen and Samantha tear  apart the music video for, “Señiorita” and cancel Miranda Sings. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
June 26, 2019
Episode Thirty one “Quick! Say Something Else Before I Pull Out My Flute Again!”
With an intro that is a treat for the ears, Samantha, Abby and Aurora are here to breakdown what is happening in Sudan, the Easter Egg Taylor left on The Ellen Show, The Stanley Cup, Gottlieb and another senseless fight that broke out at NASCAR. It’s all here, At The Newsstand. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
June 19, 2019
Episode Thirty: I’ll take you anywhere...when it’s FREE!
Sam, Abby, and Page kick this episode off by announcing TWO new shows! Abby and Page then kick off our brand new segment, “Abbycadabra! Pesto Page-O!” They get into their favorite spices and ingredients that they cook with. Abby and Kitlas to talk sports with, “It’s Bro Time.” Samantha and CorBen wrap this episode up with CorBen’s new segment, “That’s Showbiz” They get into the Tony’s.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
June 12, 2019
Episode Twenty nine: Literature & Legislation
A man once said, “As we grow, so will our show” and CorBen was correct! We’re proud to announce that in addition to World News, Politics, Sports and Pop Culture, our new segments will cover Gaming & Tech, Fashion, Culture, Cuisine & Home, Arts & Leisure and Literature. This means we’ve got it all right here “At The Newsstand.” This week, we premier, “Lelly’s Library” with our new host, Lelly (Sam’s mom) and CorBen discussing, “Where the Crawdads Sing.” Then Sam and Addriana discuss gun legislation and explore potential boundaries and solutions. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
June 5, 2019
Episode Twenty eight: Hey Now, Thats Showbiz!
It would appear that Drake’s obsession with Rihanna has ended and now he’s edging in on NBA coaches during games. The “It’s Bro Time” crew kicks off this episode with an NBA, NHL and NASCAR run down. Then CorBen takes us to the, “Arts & Leisure” section of the newspaper with a rundown of everything Broadway. Before you turn away, there’s more to theater than you think and there is serious money to be made. With opinions of the icons and flops and a moment to recognize our own flaws with signing, dancing and acting, this episode is a bit different than what we’ve done in the past and we’re here for it! Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
May 29, 2019
Dicks & Politics After Hours - Episode one: Game of Thrones
Welcome back to Dicks & Politics but this time, it’s after hours. You know what they say about legends: they never die and we just couldn’t and wouldn’t part with the show that started it all.  This is where anyone and everyone in any combination from Whatever You Say Productions comes together to discuss a topic of their choice. This show is unedited, unfiltered and unscripted. First up, it’s time to rip apart “Game of Thrones” which was a solid top three for hosts ,“Mikroscope” Mike, “Game Over” Ian and our Chief Strategy, Abby. But with a bullshit final season, the show slipped to barely scratching their top ten.  What would they have done differently? What are the most infuriating forgotten plot lines? It’s all here on, “Dicks & Politics After Hours.” Learn more at
May 27, 2019
Episode Twenty seven: You've Got To Be Bucking Kidding Me...
We are back At The Newsstand with an episode that perfectly captures the week and Sarah from “Game Over” joins Samantha to discuss the legislation that made headlines. The two hosts, one whom is a Republican and the other a Democrat, compare and contrast their opinions on abortion laws, POTUS and Democratic candidates for 2020. We then welcome back Abby for “It’s Bro Time” where she and Kitlas discuss the drama at NASCAR, the bucking good fun at The Preakness and what’s the come for Steph Curry. It’s all right here, At The Newsstand.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
May 22, 2019
Episode Twenty six: Curry Brothers Saga & James Charles Drama
Welcome back to season three of Dicks and wait...we have a new name! Welcome to, “At The Newsstand” where we discuss the hottest stories of the week in Sports, Pop Culture and Politics. This week we’re focused on the Curry Brothers in the NBA Western Conference Finals, the NHL Conference Finals and all the drama with Beauty Blogger, “James Charles” who is tangled up in another troubling scandal. At this point he has been proven to be a racist and a liar, and now we can add “Predator” to the list. Is he relationship with YouTube’s CEO going to be what saves him? Where is his PR team? It’s all here, at The Newsstand.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
May 15, 2019
Episode Twenty five: JNCO Jeans & Coco Jambo
Aurora and Samantha welcome Ian and Kirk from, “Game Over” to walk down memory lane and talk about the clothing, music, movies and games from childhood that shaped us into the podcasters we are today.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
May 8, 2019
Episode Twenty four: The End of The Avengers and Dicks & Politics
In this episode, the two founding hosts are joined by Kitlas and CorBen to bed farewell to an era...BUT NOT IN THE WAY YOU THINK! D&P has outgrown its original name and will come back for Season Three on May 15th as, “At The Newsstand.” We chose this name because as our show has grown, so have we, and while we originally focused our conversations around politics and dating, we now cover everything that’s happening in the world. Join us for a rundown of The Kentucky Derby courtesy of, “It’s Bro Time.” Then, an overview of what’s been happening with Britney Spears and her conservatorship, a review of Taylor Swift‘s new single and what is going on allegedly, between Kate Middleton and Prince William. Finally, Steve from, “Game Over” returns for an, “End Game” review with Samantha. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
May 1, 2019
Episode Twenty three: Bravo's Daryn Carp & The Bees of Notre Dame
This week Samantha and Aurora are joined by Bravo’s Daryn Carp to discuss the Mueller Report, Notre Dame, Coachella, Climate Change protests in the United Kingdom, and Daryn’s two shows; “Martinis and Murder” and “Tiny Talk Show.” The hosts delve into varied topics such as, what happens when Trump leaves office, and why the Fire Festival was such a big deal. Kitlas is back to give us the scoop on this week's sports news.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
April 24, 2019
Episode Twenty two: "Sing to me, Paolo."
“Si! We are in the travel guide!” Along with a Brexit update, a Wrestlemania run down (where It’s Bro Time hung with celebrities and got a reshare by one of the wrestlers), and thoughts on Kim Kardashian studying for the LSAT’s, the girls take a trip down memory lane with agree that The Lizzie McGuire Movie is the best film of all time and speculate that Taylor Swift is releasing an album.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
April 17, 2019
Episode Twenty one: “It Only Takes One Person to Ruin it For Everyone” with Fifi DuBois & A Good First Date
Miss Gay Midwest America and accomplished NYC Drag Queen, FiFi DuBois guests hosts with Samantha and Page as they discuss Brexit, Boeing, Measles Outbreaks, The Avengers scalpers and Jeffree Star's devastating burglary. Fifi also makes an exciting announcement! Then, Grace and Rachel from "A Good First Date" round out the episode and get real with the most important questions to ask yourself when creating a dating profile.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
April 10, 2019
Episode Twenty: THE BIG TWO OH!
Dicks & Politics turns 20 and the squad is in full force. We welcome back CorBen who has been in Connecticut rehearsing for a show and Aurora gives us a frustrating Brexit update. Then the guys from "Game Over" introduce you to their fourth and final co-host, Steve and they discuss how they have made lifelong friends online through gaming. Kitlas does a quick Wrestle Mania run down and Jon gives us the 411 on the best ice hockey players of all time. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
April 3, 2019
Episode Nineteen: Councils, Colleges and Consoles
In this exciting episode, we welcome back Addriana and Aurora to discuss the unease of Brexit. We discuss the newest celebrity scandal of paying schools and coaches to get their children into universities and onto sports teams and the boys of "Game Over" are back and this time they’re playing The Price is Right! The guys jump right into it with the most popular consoles and how much they cost in today’s market. Next up, Ian and Stephen talk about which console is their favorite and why. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
March 27, 2019
Episode Eighteen: Brex-huh? Spring Training with Kitlas and Ian's hatred for VR Games. Plus Kirk makes his Game Over Debut!
Aurora makes her debut as a regular host of Dicks & Politics and Page is back for walk us thru the happenings of the week in The UK and NZ. Kitlas from, "It's Bro Time" walks Samantha thru the MLB and Ian introduces us to Kirk, the newest regular host of, "Game Over." Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
March 20, 2019
Episode Seventeen: Leaving Neverland and Twitching the Night Away
Dicks & Politics gets back to the basics with quick hitters about The Cohen Trials, the latest Kardashian drama, the bizarre interview Justin and Hailey Bieber did for Vogue and, of course, the Micheal Jackson Document on HBO. Also, Page makes her debut as a regular host. Then Ian and Stephen from Game Over return to walk us through gaming as it stands now and why everyone and their mother are flocking to Twitch. Rounding the the episode: An announcement. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
March 13, 2019
Episode Sixteen: "Suuuh Dude?" W-GUY-SP Takeover
Dicks and Politics gets taken over by the guys of WYSP who affectionately call themselves, “W-Guy-SP.”  Jon and Kitlas discuss MLB and the insane deal Bryce Harper signed with The Phillies.  Then the world premier of "Game Over" comes at you from The US and The UK. Ian, Stephen and Will discuss their favorite games of all time, 2018 standouts and what they’re looking forward to in 2019. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
March 6, 2019
Episode Fifteen: What Time is it? IT'S BRO TIME!
Sam & Ian introduce the premier of, “It’s Bro Time.” Our newest segment that’s all about sports. This week, hosts Mike and Jonathan discuss AB’s bold move, The Bengals hiring Lou Anarumo and the Iron Sheiks latest request. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
February 27, 2019
Episode Fourteen: The Wall, The Grammys & Two Guest Hosts with Two Big Announcements PLUS a bonus “End Game.”
In this episode of Dicks & Politics, you’ll meet the Co-Hosts of, “It’s Bro Time!” Our newest segment dedicated to sports. You’ll also meet Ian, one of three of the Co-Hosts for our other new segment, “End Game” which covers Video Games and Esports. Samantha and CorBen also discuss The Wall and The Grammys and the episode ends with our first ever “End Game” interview recorded in person and exposed - The interviewee is one of the hosts of, “It’s Bro Time!” Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
February 20, 2019
Episode Thirteen: Live from The UK & Snagging an Alpha in time for V-Day
Join the hosts and our new UK Correspondent, Aurora for a look inside living with Brexit. Then, a special edition interview with 12 (rowdy) self proclaimed, "Alpha Males." They live, work and date in NYC and break down what they want, what they have to offer and the best way to grab their attention. Trust us, it’s not what you think. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
February 13, 2019
Episode Twelve: A Good First Date & resisting the 2 am, “You up?” texts.
A Good First Date & Resisting the 2 am, “You up?” texts. This week we welcome Grace from A Good First Date in NYC to discuss the do’s and don’ts if you want to find/be “the one.” Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
February 6, 2019
Episode Eleven: Brexit, Oscars & Finding your Voice in 2019 with Flourish Media
Welcome to the Season Two Premier of Dicks & Politics! In this episode we discuss Brexit, The Oscars and the women of Flourish Media join the hosts for an exclusive interview of finding your voice and confidence in 2019. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
January 30, 2019
Episode Ten: "That’s a Wrap on Season One!"
Episode Ten: A look back and looking forward. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
January 23, 2019
Episode Nine: Modern Dicks! Dana Powell Guest-Hosts
Modern Family’s Dana Powell joins as a guest-host and discuss navigating Hollywood and life as a comedienne, a mother and a wife. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand and follow Dana @danapowells
January 16, 2019
Episode Eight: Bravo’s Daryn Carp guest hosts and Sam giggles non-stop for 20 minutes
Bravo’s Daryn Carp joins the hosts to reflect on The 99’s and 00’s. Food, fashion, movies and embarrassing stories that will actually make you laugh. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand and follow Daryn @crpedaryn
January 9, 2019
Episode Seven: New Years Eve's Past and Seriously 2018, Thank U Next.
CorBen joins the hosts to reflect on NYE past.  Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
January 1, 2019
Episode Six: Trump, Meghan Markle and everything else that didn’t make sense in 2018
CorBen joins the hosts once again to spill the tea on The Royal Family of Great Britain. Boyfriend Number One covers Politics in 2018 and we happily kiss 2018 goodbye. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
December 19, 2018
Episode Five: CO2 & Ghosting You! CorBen Co-hosts and spills the tea on Disney Cruises
The segments in this episode are: What’s burning, hashtag hashtag and Omg me. Get to know our special gust host, CorBen who is an actor and will give you an unfiltered inside look at what it’s really like working as a performer on Disney Cruises as well as the devastating affects of global warming in his hometown in Alaska. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
December 12, 2018
Episode Four: ASMR and Getting Engaged on a Second Date...THANK U, NEXT!
The segments in this episode are: What's burning? Hashtag Hashtag and End Game. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
December 5, 2018
Episode Three: Get around NYC for the holidays without going broke and be a pro house guest!
The segments in this episode are: What's burning? Wait! I have a coupon! End Game & Modern Manners. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
November 28, 2018
Episode Two: Chivalry is dead but we can get you into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
The segments in this episode are: What's burning? Wait! I have a coupon! End Game & Hashtag Hashtag. We're thrilled to bring you a brand new segment called, "End Game" which features anonymous interviews with NYC bachelors between the ages of 25-35. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand
November 21, 2018
Episode One: Midterm Elections, Finding Friends on Craigslist & Coupons
Welcome to episode one season one of Dicks and Politics! Get to know the hosts and segments and join us at to learn more. Follow us on Instagram @atthenewsstand 
November 14, 2018
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