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Diderot Society - Edward R Murrow Podcast

Diderot Society - Edward R Murrow Podcast

By Diderot Society
The Diderot Society Podcast is here to provide an opportunity for the members of the AMSA faculty to share their ideas, opinions, and passions with the rest of the community. Whether it be timeless literature or the fascinating mysteries of nature, this interdisciplinary program has something for everybody
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3: Brian Bakkala
In this week’s episode, we sit down and have a chat with Latin teacher and AMSA alumni Mr. Brian Bakkala. Going through AMSA himself, Mr. Bakkala found himself obsessed with the world of languages in both their contemporary and ancient forms. This love for connections between the present and the past have brought him from Latin manuscripts to the new age of programming languages, and everything in between.
April 22, 2020
2: Alexandria Waldron
Introducing Alexandria Waldron, AMSA’s English department head and resident Victorian literature expert. Born in Virginia but raised in Ireland and England, Mrs. Waldron offers a unique perspective on world literature and is among the most charming, intelligent people you will ever meet. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in English. Tune in to hear her thoughts on taboos in Victorian Literature, a topic she’s been studying for her Master’s thesis!
January 15, 2020
1: Steven Smyth
Meet Steven Smyth, AMSA’s very own English and Journalism teacher. Growing up in the Bay Area, Mr. Smyth found his passion in literature and the free press. He was a sports journalist for years before life lead him to Massachusetts where he became a teacher. As a teacher, he was finally able to explore his life-long love for the words of the past with students. Come and join us as we explore Shakespeare, American democracy, and the pitfalls of the modern press.
December 01, 2019