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By Nicole Yates
Comedian Nicole Yates sits down with whoever she wants and talks food, life and everything else under the sun.
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James "Peppermint Fatty" McDaniel
Host Nicole Yates sits down with James "Peppermint Fatty" McDaniel to talk all things fast food, Po Boys and cheese curds plus so much more! Catch James on instagram @peppermintfatty Catch Nicole on Instagram @yatesy75 Catch DidjaEat? on Instagram @didja_eat
March 04, 2021
Katrina Davis
Host & Comic Nicole Yates sits down with the hilarious and delightful Katrina Davis to talk sucky delivery services, fried chicken in a pizza box and the joys of late night drunken visits to Waffle House! Plus so much more! Check out Katrina on Instagram at @katrinasivad Check out Nicole on Instagram @yatesy75 Check out DidjaEat? on Instagram @didja_eat
February 25, 2021
Adam Feuerberg
Host & Comic Nicole Yates sits down with Comic and All Around Great Guy Adam Feuerberg to talk all things Tex-Mex, The U's Crazy Mascot & Star Trek Rankings!  Check out Adam on Instagram @adamfeuerberg Check out Nicole on Instagram @yatesy75 Check out DidjaEat? on Instagram @didja_eat
February 11, 2021
Stuart Thompson
Host & Comic Nicole Yates sits down with Comic Stuart Thompson to talk Bay Area Food, his all consuming love of Roasted Chicken and what exactly makes a hoagie a hoagie. Check out his album "Dandyman" available everywhere! Check Stuart out on Instagram @stuartbthompson Check Nicole out on Instagram @yatesy75 Check out DidjaEat? on Instagram @didja_eat
February 04, 2021
Joe Kaye
Comic and Host Nicole Yates sits down with Comic Joe Kaye to talk all things Disney Food, Mobsters and NYC versus LA Pizza! Check out Joe on Instagram @joecharleskaye Check out DidjaEat? on Instagram @didja_eat Check out Nicole on Instagram @yatesy75
January 28, 2021
Mary Radzinski
Comedian Nicole Yates sits down with the awesome Comedian Mary Radzinski! Mary has featured all over the country for Sarah Colonna, Dave Attell, Jim Norton and more and is as big a food freak as Nicole is, which is saying something. She also has a new podcast with Sarah called "Are You My Podcast?", where they goof on Lifetime movies! Check it out!
January 15, 2021
Kevin Anderson
DidjaEat? host Nicole Yates sits down with comic and podcaster Kevin Anderson to talk jumping off cliffs, open mic food and sandwiches on facebook.  Check out Kevin on instagram at @kbandersonyo Check out his podcast Bleak In Review on Apple Podcasts Check out DidjaEat? on Instagram at @didja_eat Check out Nicole Yates on Instagram @yatesy75
December 10, 2020
Lindsay Adams
Lindsay Adams is a comedian and baker who hosts a delightful weekly show called "Bake Stuff with Lindsay" every Friday on Twitch. Check it out!  We talk diners, crisco and why arugula is trash.  Check out Lindsay on the web at  Check out Bake Stuff with Lindsay at on fridays! Check out Nicole Yates at On Instagram at Check out DidjaEat? on Instagram at Please rate or leave a review on iTunes! 
December 03, 2020
Alex Hooper
DidjaEat? host Nicole Yates sits down with Alex Hooper. Alex is a Standup Comic & a Roaster. He won Season 2 of Roast Battle on Comedy Central & was recently seen (twice!) roasting the judges on America's Got Talent. We talk all things Baltimore food, why people in LA are never on time and the power of a positive attitude.  Check out Alex on Instagram at @hooperhairpuff On Twitter at @hooperhairpuff Listen to his podcast Achilles Heel Check out DidjaEat? on Instagram at @didja_eat Check out Nicole Yates on Instagram at @yatesy75 On Twitter at @yatesy75 Sponsored by HaHa Hot Sauce! Grab some today! They make excellent stocking stuffers!
November 19, 2020
Lisa Curry
Host Nicole Yates sits down with Comedian Lisa Curry to talk Indiana Fair Food, doing Comedy overseas and tabletop Ms. Pacman!  Buy her album "Alive For Awhile" on iTunes or anywhere else you get digital music & comedy! Check her out on Instagram at @olympianlisacurry and Twitter @lisa_curry! As always, sponsored by HaHa Hot Sauce!
November 12, 2020
Brandie Posey
Nicole Yates sits down with Comic & Podcaster Brandie Posey to talk Maryland crabs, boardwalk food & tips on saving cash on the road!  Check out Brandie on the Lady to Lady Podcast every Wednesday! You can also check her out on all the SM @brandazzle. Sponsored, as always, by HaHa Hot Sauce
August 01, 2020
Rachel Fogletto
Nicole Yates sits down via zoom with comic Rachel Fogletto to talk about comedy, mustard on Italian sandwiches, what to order in a Diner and more! Sponsored by HaHa Hot Sauce!
July 07, 2020
Rivers Langley
Nicole Yates sits down with Comedian & Podcaster Rivers Langley to talk about LA, Philly & Alabama food, the sad state of LA Fried Chicken and tells the best Mr. T story I think I have ever heard! Plus, so much more!  Catch Rivers on the Goods From The Woods Podcast! Rivers on Instagram & Twitter.  DidjaEat? on Instagram @didja_eat Nicole on Instagram @yatesy75 
June 16, 2020
Jarrod Gibreath
DidjaEat? host Nicole Yates sits down with Jarrod "Soup Daddy" Gilbreath to talk about southern food, soups, finding good pizza in LA and more!
June 01, 2020
Dave Apkarian
Comic & Podcaster Dave Apkarian sits down with Nicole Yates to talk Armenian food, comedy and thier new silly business venture. Sponsored by HaHa Hot Sauce
May 14, 2020
DidjaEat? MIni #1 with Anna Valenzuela & Stuart Thompson
Anna Valenzuela and Stuart Thompson sit down with Nicole Yates and talk about all the stuff they have been eating since Christmas all the way up to the Quarantine! Check it out!
May 01, 2020
Jimmy Callaway
Comedian Jimmy Callaway sits down to talk to Nicole Yates about food, comics, tv and music!
January 24, 2020
Anna Valenzuela
Comic Anna Valenzuela sits down with Nicole Yates and talks about growing up on the California Central Coast, Santa Maria Style BBQ and all things In-n-Out Burger!
December 09, 2019
Dave Yates
Nicole Yates sits down with comic and hot sauce chef Dave Yates top talk about comedy, hot sauce, Chicago food and more!
June 24, 2018
Aubrie Williams
Aubrie Williams is a hilariously gifted Sketch Comedy Writer and Performer here in the Philadelphia area with groups ManiPedi and Goat Rodeo. She is also a huge food fan and we sat down to chat about all of that.  I also have a song from Tim Raymus, not only a friend of mine but of the entire Philly Comedy Scene, who passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 28. We miss you, Tim.  
November 01, 2016
Derek Sheen
Nicole Yates sits down with comedian Derek Sheen to talk Seattle food, music & life on the road! Catch up with Derek at and buy his albums! Derek on Twitter & Facebook DidjaEat? on Instagram & Twitter DidjaEat? on Facebook
September 19, 2016
Live From Philly Podcast Fest
Join Nicole Yates as she talks all things food with Samantha Russell (Secret Pants & Goat Rodeo Sketch Groups), Aubrie Williams (Mani Pedi & Goat Rodeo Sketch Groups) & Kristen Herrmann (BEN FM & WMMR DJ & Roller Derby Monster).Thanks to Nathan Kuruna and Steele City for helping make The Philly Podcast Fest a super fun time!  
August 25, 2016
John Tole
Comedian John Tole sat down to talk Metal, Corporate America, Comedy and Minimalism. Check it out!
August 01, 2016
Earl Skakel
Earl Skakel, of Comedy Central's Roast Battle, joins me in his apartment to talk about Roast Battle, standup, Los Angeles food, growing up in LA and how the Rainbow has an amazing item on thier menu! The Road to Roast Battle is on Comedy Central RIGHT NOW and Roast Battle is 4 nights of bracketed battling with only one winner! Starts this Thursday, July 28th 10PM! Check out Roast Battle here: Earl's Podcast Inappropriate Earl Earl on Twitter @EarlSkakel Earl on Facebook Earl on Instagram Didjaeat on Instagram Nicole Yates Nicole on Instagram Nicole on Facebook Nicole on Twitter  
July 25, 2016
Famous Fat Dave
Dave Freedenberg aka Famous Fat Dave took me for a mini food tour in his White Checker Cab named Sweetness!  This is a fantastic episode to celebrate 20 episodes of DidjaEat!  Please check out for a free audiobook and a 30 day trial. It helps us pay the bills ya know! You keep he book wether you cancel or not! It's a win/win situation! Check Famous Fat Dave out at: And hit up DidjaEat? at:    
July 14, 2016
Jake Dell
I sat down to have a great chat with Jake Dell from Katz's Deli in NYC! You can practically smell the pastrami thru the speakers! Katz's Deli DidajEat? DidjaEat? on Instagram DidjaEat? on Twitter DidjaEat? on Facebook
June 04, 2016
Joe Moore
I sat down with Pizza Enthusiast & Comedian Joe Moore! DidjaEat on Instagram DidjaEat on Twitter DidjaEat on Facebook    
March 07, 2016
Live from Philly Podcast Fest 2015
This is our Second Annual Live Episode from The Philly Podcast Fest! Thanks to Nathan Kuruna for running the fest and Tattooed Mom's for hosting it again! My guests include Dr. Timaree Schmit, Darryl Charles, Alex Jones & Brian Craig Sex With Timaree Website DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour Comedian Darryl Charles Fair Food Farm Stand Sweetish - Sketch Comedy Secret Pants DidjaEat? DidjaEat on Instagram DidjaEat? on Twitter DidjaEat? on Facebook
September 07, 2015
Meghan Walsh
DidjaEat? Episode 16: Meghan Walsh, from the Food Trust, sits down with Nicole Yates and chats about the all the Non-Profit work they do to battle hunger as well as Night Market.    Follow DidjaEat? on Instagram & Twitter at: and on Facebook: and of course, DidjaEat? at and follow Nicole Yates at
June 16, 2015
Mike "Scoats" Scotese
Nicole Yates sits down with Mike "Scoats" Scotese, owner and master of mayhem at The Grey Lodge Pub in the Mayfair section of Philly. We talk about how he opened and runs awesomely one of the best craft beer bars in Philly.  This episode of DidjaEat? is sponsored by Audible. Get your free audio book at The Grey Lodge Pub Mike "Scoats" Scotese Hop Angel Brau House DidjaEat? DidjaEat? on Twitter & Instagram
May 06, 2015
Samantha Russell & Brian Craig
I sit down with Brian and Sam to talk about thier awesome ways of entertaining, how to throw a cool theme party and food road trips! for your free audio book!
April 21, 2015
Drew Lazor
Food Writer and Baltimore Native (but Philly Resident for almost 15 years) Drew Lazor sits down with Nicole Yates at American Sardine Bar to chat about food writing, what's native to Baltimore, how he got into food writing and what's good. Drew definitely knows what's good. Brought to you by Audible. Get your free audio book today!
March 25, 2015
Brendan Kennedy
Nicole Yates sits down with standup comic/sketch guy/improver Brendan Kennedy. Brendan is originally from right outside Philly and now resides in Los Angeles where he appears in sketch videos and is generally hilarious. He also has a podcast with Luke Giordano called Hurtful Things, which is amazingly funny.   
December 29, 2014
Chef Wes Lieberher
Chef Wes Lieberher sits down with Nicole Yates to talk all things Philly, Food, LA, and more. Wes is the Head Chef at Beer Belly in Koreatown in Los Angeles and recently opened a new cheesesteak spot called Whiz.  Chef Wes Lieberher Beer Belly Whiz DidjaEat?    
December 09, 2014
Blake Wexler
This episode is a little short but it's still pretty great! I sat down with Blake Wexler, Philly Suburbs guy turned LA resident and we talk Philly food, LA food and lots of other stuff in between. Blake was in town doing a string of shows at Helium Comedy Club with Todd Glass over the thanksgiving holidays! Buy Todd's Book:
December 02, 2014
Tony Luke Jr.
Nicole sits down with Philadelphia Cheesesteak Maven Tony Luke Jr. and talks all things food, including his favorite food (not cheesesteaks!), thier shared high school background, how to open shops in Bahrain and more!  Check out Tony Luke Jr. at Check out DidjaEat? on the internets at Instagram & Twitter: @didja_eat Facebook:
October 28, 2014
Save The Kales with Jaime Karpovich
Nicole Yates sits down with Jaime Karpovich, host of the Vegan cooking TV & web show "Save The Kales" at the Arts Quest Center at SteelStacks in scenic Bethlehem, PA.  Check out Jaime Karpovich at Check out DidjaEat: web: twitter & instagram at @didja_eat facebook: didjaeatfoodblog
September 30, 2014
DidjaEat LIVE from the Philly Podcast Fest!
It's the very first DidjaEat? LIVE from Philly Podcast Fest! With our guests: Felicia D'Ambrosio (from the Federal Donuts juggernaut), Gregg Gethard (Currently writing a book thru Yelp reviews) and Joe Moore (Dog Mountain sketch and pizza maven). Taped LIVE at Tattooed Mom's in downtown Philly on South Street!  Please check us out on the web at On twitter & instagram at @didja_eat On facebook at
August 31, 2014
Chatting with Rachel Klein
Nicole Yates sits down with Rachel Klein of Miss Rachel's Pantry, a Philadelphia based farm-to-table Vegan restaurant. Rachel talks about getting started as a Vegan (hint: it started early), working in food service and running a restaurant. She is delightful.  You can check out Rachel's website at Check out DidjaEat? at Instagram: Twitter:  
August 27, 2014
Get Your Food Act Together!
In this 5th episode of DidjaEat? from our headquarters deep inside Philadelphia, hosts Nicole Yates and Vicki Long talk about fast food and why it's bad, Craig LaBan and food trucks and much more! Plus we announce the winner of our Peanut Butter & Co Giveaway!  Listen to us laugh about food, yell at each other about food and possibly throw food at each other. You'll just have to listen to find out! Check us out on the internet at On Twitter at @didja_eat On Instagram @didja_eat Please leave us some feedback if you enjoy this podcast! We appreciate it!
July 08, 2014
Peanut Butter Madness
Welcome to Episode 4 of the DidjaEat Podcast!  Vicki and Nicole talk about the PYT Kickstarter, Cheu Noodle Bar, Chickie and Pete's Crab Fries, and also announce thier very first giveaway involving Peanut Butter & Co! All this plus a very happy dog, bad ham, and of course, yelling.
May 13, 2014
So Very Cheesy
Nicole and Victoria talk all about the food. They mourn the loss of a local diner, talk about condiments, why your hands shouldn't smell like pancake syrup for days, gluten free grilled cheese sandwiches, the Reading Terminal Market, and lots more! Plus, our good friends from I Like To Movie Movie, Dan Scully and Garret Smith, pop in with a piece on food in movies! DidjaEat? Let's talk about it!
April 12, 2014
Cheesesteak, Yelp and other assorted nonsense
Nicole and Victoria talk about chesesteak meat, Yelpers, Sandwiches, breakfast cereal ice cream and so much more. Plus! We roll out our new segment "Mine Made It Best" where our first guest, Tony Cheslock, supercool and funny comic from Philly, sits down and talks about a dish his mom makes. 
March 18, 2014
The DidjaEat? Podcast
Nicole Yates and Victoria Long talk all things food and what's to come in future episodes of the DidjaEat? Podcast!
February 27, 2014