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Dieku Games

By Dieku Games
A podcast dedicated to discussing tabletop RPGs, game mechanics, new settings and the creative process of designing.

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Kevin Madison from the Dungeon Musings YouTube Channel - 008
I was joined by Kevin Madison from the Dungeon Musings YouTube Channel, which has now live-streamed over 500 gaming sessions since launching in 2015. As amazing as that feat is, even more impressive is the Channel’s Heroes Saving Villages charitable efforts. The Dungeon Musings Community has now donated over $10,000 for SOS Children’s Villages, an incredible organization that supports orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children across the globe. Dungeon Musings:  YouTube: Heroes Save Villages: Twitter: Anchor: Discord Server: Redbubble store: Patreon:   Learn more about Dieku Games:
May 21, 2021
OSR and Art Punk Game Design with M.A. Guax - 007
In this episode of the Dieku Podcast, we were joined by M.A. Guax, a Brazilian TTRPG designer who has been developing some very interesting minimalist games since coming onto the scene. This last March, Guax hosted the first ever #LatAmJam on Itch with some of his fellow Latinx designers. Warch to learn more about how Guax entered the TTRPG industry and his philosophy on game design and influences from the #osr and #artpunk style. Learn more about Dieku Games at:
April 28, 2021
The History of the TTRPG Industry - 006
In this episode of the Dieku Podcast, Shannon Appelcline, author of the "Designers & Dragons" series provides an incredible overview of the many companies that have contributed to the table top role playing game industry over 40+ years. Shannon also shared his insights on a variety of current topics including DnD5E, the OSR, Indie Games, Kickstarter, Swedish Game Design, Diversity & Inclusion, and the cycles of boom and busts that he has seen. We also got a sneak peek of Shannon's upcoming projects, including a new edition of Designers & Dragons for the 2010s which he shares with his patrons at: Audible: DriveThruRPG: Learn more at:
April 23, 2021
How to Solve Damage and Armor in Game Design - 005
In this episode of the Dieku Podcast we discuss the burning question that keeps every game designer up at night. That of course is damage and armor! We pose some questions about damage and armor, and do brain dump and deep dive on the subject. We also share our own solution to damage and armor by identifying the problems we hoped to solve with the Dieku System, highlighting some samples and scenarios. Learn more at: 
April 16, 2021
Design Trends in the OSR - 004
In this episode of the Dieku Podcast we discuss design trends in the RPG industry, and in particular the OSR, where much of the innovation is taking place. Reviewing a recent episode of the Questing Beast, we dive into the idea of having unique voices within the industry that is a breath of fresh air compared to the corporate produced games of WOTC's Dungeons and Dragons. We then cover where this time sits within the evolution of the RPG world, and question whether we are just in a repeat of the cycle where hand-waving OD&D gave way to more rules, and inevitably story games. Will history repeat itself, or are we on a new tangent? Questing Beast Channel:  Luka Rejek and Ultraviolet Grassland:  Chris McDowall and Electric Bastionland Grant Howitt:   Learn more at:
March 19, 2021
Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze - 003
In this episode we have special guest, Chuck Welch, who has spent the last 25 years bringing together fans of the pulp fiction character Doc Savage through The Hidalgo Trading Company website and the Flearun Facebook group. When he isn't discussing Doc Savage online he edits the Bronze Gazette, a magazine devoted to Doc Savage. Pre-COVID, Chuck hosted an annual convention for Doc Savage fans called the Bronze CONversation.  In 2020, like many other activities, the CONversation was held virtually. He'll tell you he's not the world's foremost expert on Doc, but he is thrilled to host opportunities for those experts and fans to get together to discuss the fiction they fell in love with.  LINKS TO DOC SAVAGE  Hidalgo Trading Company:  The Flea Run Facebook Group:  The Bronze Gazette: 86th Floor - Chris Kalb:  Bronze Icon - Tom Barnett:  Doc Fantasy Covers - Kez Wilson:  LINKS TO DIEKU GAMES
March 6, 2021
Making Design Choices for a Game Setting - 002
Discussing the philosophy and design choices in making the Cities Grimm game setting, trying to balance the super hero genre with occult darkness, gangbusters, Cthulhu and temple run style games. LINKS TO DIEKU GAMES
February 27, 2021
Introducing Dieku Games - 001
Garry Snow introduces himself and his background on RPGs and shares his plans for The Cities Grimm RPG, as well as a minimalist RPG system that retains an OSR feel. Topics include a call out to Basic Red Box D&D, Palladium Games, and the goal of striking the balance between minimalism and comprehensive systems. LINKS TO DIEKU GAMES
December 17, 2020