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Diffrent Spokes

Diffrent Spokes

By Matt Smith
The goal is, to open up the conversation about riding BMX and keeping up with the rest of your life. The trials and tribulations that happen inside and outside of BMX that affect your course for better or worse. It’s about making and watching videos, our passion for it, and the togetherness that it can bring. It’s also about other things outside of BMX. It’s important to have a life outside of BMX. It’s also important to take care of yourself and do preventative maintenance. On top of all that try not to alienate the youth in the process.
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#031: Don’t Spike the System

Diffrent Spokes

#46: Tasha Lindemann - @TJL_Photo
Tasha is a Photographer, Designer and BMX bike rider from South Dakota currently residing in the heart of the Pennsylvania trails scene. 3:00 Origins 5:00 Getting into photography 16:00 Falling in love with bmx 17:00 Moving to PA 21:00 Working with Ride PA BMX 26:50 Matt's fuckup with issue #3 33:00 BMX is artistic expression 37:00 Tricks & tips for shooting trail photography 40:00 Street Photography 44:00 Space in BMX for podcasts 45:00 Day Job 48:00 New House 52:00 Horizons 54:00 The vibe at catty & posh 55:00 Graphic Work for Gromdad / Joe D. 56:00 Kevin Robinson Workout 58:00 Shout out to Joe 1:00:00 Matt's Histand Story 1:05:00 Zine Pre-order Get her new zine here:   Outro Jam: Breezeblocks by Alt J This podcast is brought to you by: 215 Berks Meseroll Shop Rays MTB Park Stash Taiwan Support your local shop. 
April 22, 2021
#45: Ride PA BMX - Mike Purcell
1:00 Rebuilding the Ride PA Website 6:00 How the last year has been / Cancer Scare & Quitting Smoking 14:00 Pausing the magazine & pausing the bmx day jam 20:00 Getting kicked out of spots 25:00 Ride PA is an homage the og RideBMX 35:00 Issue 3 & Matt's fuck up of Tasha's spreads 40:00 Thankful people work with us on the mag 42:00 The death of web edits 45:00 Always be learning / Showing off your scene 48:00 There's always a salty dude, Matt's Chingmas video and bottlecap peg ching 50:00 Themed Edits 55:00 Print vs digital 104:00 Thanks and shout outs Watch Mike & Ed in their year of spots video Outro Jam: Vinnie Paz - Ghost I used to be This podcast is brought to you by: 215 Berks Meseroll Shop Rays MTB Park Stash Taiwan Support your local shop. 
January 5, 2021
#44: Year End Wrap Up Show
0:00 - Getting my braces off and recovering from a knee injury 4:30 - Update on The Yea and how the last year has been 6:00 - Review of this years most popular episodes 9:54 - Future fashion predictions Trying something new with this episode. It is in video format, go check out the youtube channel to see my ugly mug and also to get more context of what I'm talking about.  This podcast is brought to you by: 215 Berks Meseroll Shop Rays MTB Park Stash Taiwan Support your local shop. 
December 31, 2020
#43: Mike Sheridan
Mike Sheridan is an East Coast BMX bike rider and Host of the Yo Man BMX jams based in Florida. Show Notes: Outro Jam: Dead Coast - Just Don't Give Yourself This podcast is brought to you by: Support your local shop.
October 28, 2020
#42: Design & Tech - Jonathon Toon
Jonathon Toon is a multidisciplinary software designer based in Sydney, Australia He's worked in the past for Moneytree, Origami, and Facebook. This may be the first non-bmx episode but it is definitely one of my favorites. Show Notes: Writing code using GPT-3: Using GPT-3 to design: FOAD: Rugged Monowheel Review: Outro Jam: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - I want to go out tonight This podcast is brought to you by: Support your local shop.
October 21, 2020
#41: Chocolate Truck 2 - Matt Miller
Matt Miller is a BMX bike rider and film maker from Levittown PA,  currently living in New York. You may have seen some videos he's made,  most notably the Chocolate Truck DVD. We talk about how the first video came together and how the 2nd one is coming along.. Thanks again to Matt for taking the time for this chat.    Show Notes: Matt's Chocolate Truck Section: Chocolate Truck Sections: Chocolate Truck Youtube Channel Lil-Mixtape by Evan Yoh  Outro Jam: Nowhere to Run - Martha & The Vandellas This podcast is brought to you by: Meseroll Bike shop in New York & 215Berks in Pennsylvania. Support your local shop. @diffrentspokes
October 8, 2020
#40: Devon Denham
Devon Denham is a photographer, bike rider, traveler, and DIYer currently working for Animal Bikes. Show Notes: Devon Denham 2014 vid Dig BMX Devon Denham us/them section Friends Through The Lens - Devon Denham Dig BMX us/them b/sides Devon Denham Outro Jam: The Garden - Egg This podcast is brought to you by: Meseroll Bike shop in New York & 215Berks in Pennsylvania. Support your local shop. @diffrentspokes
September 15, 2020
#39: Lil News Update
Just a quick update on what's new with me , the Yea, Ride PA, and BMX in general. Outro jam: Vacations - Relax
September 1, 2020
#38: Stephen Klein - Low Key Heater
Stephen Klein is a Central PA native who you may have seen around or in a few videos before. He's super low-key and sometimes disappears from social media.   We got together to talk about his early influences, where he came from, stolen bikes, broken collar bones and more. Show Notes: here's a few videos he's been in; Follow Stephen Klein:  instagram Matt Smith: instagram | twitter Follow Diffrent Spokes for podcast only content: instagram | twitter | youtube
August 4, 2020
#37: Andrew York - Meseroll Bike Shop
Andrew York is the owner and operator of Meseroll Bike Shop in Brooklyn, New York. Since the quarantine happened bike shops have been considered essential businesses. A good sign for BMX riders everywhere. In this episode we chat about how the shop came to be and how he's making out in the current situation.  Show Notes: Outtro jam:  Bike 1943 Matt Smith
May 27, 2020
#36: Jim Cielencki
In this episode I chat with living legend and BMX trick forefather Jim Cielencki. Jim helped push BMX in numerous ways. And when I think of 36 spokes and the massive switch over to 36 wheels from 48.. I think of Jim. But as we find out in the pod he was just one piece to a big puzzle as to why BMX made the switch over to 36. We discuss a bunch of topics, like the development of the crank arm grind. The elusive heel flip.. Video parts, designing parts for Kink, getting on Odyssey, walking away from the lime light, picking new hobbies and finishing his Urban Planning degree. Thank you to Jim for taking the time to sit down with me. Show Notes: Jim - Odyssey Electronical Section Jim - Sunday Up Up & Away Section Jim - Sunday Hey Man Woo Section Jim - Kink Cheap Thrills Section Jim Cielencki IG Matt Smith Outro jam: Missing Persons - Walking in LA Subscribe to the Diffrent Spokes youtube channel for more video content coming soon.
May 20, 2020
#035: Josh Stair - Fuckswitit Commentary
This was an experimental concept. I invited Josh and Cody aka Mcthugin on to discuss Josh's Fuckswitit DVD section that was originally released in 2014.  In this episode we watch josh's part and comment on various things through out the section. The main point of this podcast was to shed some light on the section itself and the story behind the clips. Cody helped out a bunch with filming Fuckswitit and if it wasn't for these 2 guys the video would of never been made. The section was originally edited to Jimi Hendrix - Somewhere, and youtube has a big bone to pick with that song. So josh's section was muted and blocked for years. So I recently threw down a cover track over his video part so you can still watch it with somewhat the same vibe as it originally had.   Watch Josh Stair's remixed Fuckswitit section here: Watch the commentary video here: ( You can kinda hear the original song as well) Show Notes: Josh Stair on instagram: Follow Josh's side hustle: Cody aka Mcthuggin on insta: Matt Smith Outro jam: Jimi Hendrix - Somewhere Subscribe to the Diffrent Spokes youtube channel for more video content coming soon.
May 11, 2020
#034: Explaining the Narrative // Open for business.
In this episode I go through my thought process of why I reopened the store, New products, Pocket Pads, and Face Masks, as well as some cool content to check out on tumblr. Show Notes: Follow me on IG and Twitter: Connect with the podcast: Outro Jam: Hidden in Plain Sight - By: Beneath The Massacre
April 28, 2020
#033: Deathlens iPhone Hack
This episode I walk through a few iPhone hacks for the Death Lens brand fisheye for iphone.. This is a video heavy episode.. I strongly urge you to check out the new Diffrent Spokes youtube channel here: Hacks Include:  how to make a sturdier case how to keep the handle from rattling, and how to keep the fish eye from rattling ( sort of ) + Bonus: attaching a battery pack for more evenly distributed weight and longer usage.   This was just my stab at fixing what I already had. I was pretty miffed from cracking 3 different phones because of the  Death Lens fisheye cases. If anyone else has any pointers I'd love to hear them. Show Notes: Paracord Knife wrap: Follow me on IG and Twitter: Connect with the podcast:
April 16, 2020
#032: The Yea site, BMX Brands, & other things
This episode I explain why I shut down the yea store (temporarily), thoughts on the possibility of bigger BMX brands shutting down because of the economic downturn, expanding on the idea of playing catch up in BMX , The Bobcast w Vinny Sammon,  the new 2020 ipad pro vs my wacom tablet, the new Diffrent spokes youtube channel! and some content suggestions. Show Notes: Newsletter Sign up for the yea site: Bobs Scerbo + Vinny Sammon podcast: Link to my current wacom tablet: here Andrew Vargason + Sam "from mexico" podcast: GrindworksBMX Theo Von & Doc Antil (from Tiger King): here Follow Matt on IG and Twitter: Connect with the podcast: Youtube Twitter IG Outro Jam: Daydream by Teporex
April 3, 2020
#031: Don’t Spike the System
In this episode I sit down with my girlfriend who works in hospice to talk about the severity of this social distancing thing and how it relates to BMX riders.  Show Notes: Follow Liane on IG and Twitter: Follow Matt on IG and Twitter: This podcast was brought to you by: Outro Jam: Loving - Bowlly goes dancing drunk into the future
March 25, 2020
#030: Andrew Vargason: Grindworks Home, & Office
AV and I talked about his new home purchase, renovations, office set up, Grindworks Jams, and future goals for 2020. Show Notes: GrindWorks BMX videos The Yea @ Grindworks / HCS The Yea PEG CHING CHALLENGE Follow Andrew on instagram: Follow GrindworksBMX on instagram: Follow Matt on IG and Twitter: This podcast was brought to you by: Outro Jam: Clipse - Ride around shining
February 27, 2020
#029: Video Talk w Rainer & Angus
This episode Rainer & Angus stopped by after a rained out session. We talked about the video project they have been working on together, camera repair, videos of influence, some of the recent jams this past year and more. Some awesome videos were brought up so look for links below. As soon as we got done recording they were like "oh fuck Us/Them, we forgot to mention that video!" They both felt heavily influenced by that video and as someone who also has seen it, it's definitely worth the mention and watch! Ryan Howard can grind anything and Zack Gerber is a beast. Whole vid is sick. Thanks again to Rainer and Angus for stopping by. Show Notes: Video One Camera Repair: Daily Grind Rerouting - Full Video Chocolate Truck DVD: Whammo Vid 2015 Eli Platt - Into the Void Navaz - Insight RATKID/KOCSIS/BELCHER/WHITE SPLIT SECTION Us/Them - Full Video: Follow Rainer & Angus on instagram: Follow Matt on IG and Twitter: This podcast was brought to you by: Outro Jingle: TeknoAXE - Sunrise Over Los Angeles
January 22, 2020
#028: Creative Casual w Denny Pascasio
This episode is a little different than the ones in the past. A little more casual. We trade old road trip stories,  talk about data back ups, manual 180s, & the trickyness of art + production. Shouts to Denny for being on again. Links for the manual 180s we mentioned below. Show Notes: Denny's Manual 180: (the clip is at 3:38  but the whole video is worth a watch) - The Take West Coast Road Trip Part 2: PDX Might as well post the first part too - The Take West Coast Road Trip Part 1: California My Manual 180: ( at 1:45 in) - Matt Smith for The Yea Follow Denny: Follow Matt: This podcast was brought to you by Outro Jingle: Kero One - Space Cadets (Bonus)
January 10, 2020
#027: Matt Loughead Travel Cast 3 - Coming home
Today we have part 3 & the conclusion of Matt Loughead’s journey across the country with his girlfriend and dog. This episode was special because we have Eeshond Kirk & Shilo Staniech joining in the conversation Couple quick topics we hit along the way: Why loughead took the trip Shilo visiting loughead in Colorado & Helmet safety Highs and lows to working remotely Testing waters in your relationship Camping / vaulted toilets Purchasing a house I feel like I learned something’s in this episode and I hope you do to. Show Notes: Loughead travelcast Part 1: Part 2: Matt Loughead Eeshond Kirk Shilo Staniech Matt Smith This podcast was brought to you by:
December 5, 2019
#026: Why am I doing this?
Short & sweet podcast touching base on what’s new, what I’m doing and why. Show notes: Breaking Free Speech Podcast w Dave Raffa : Matt Smith This podcast was brought to you by: Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner
November 13, 2019
#025: Geekd Up - Tik Tok & Vertical Mice
Another quick and dirty one from the car. My thoughts on Tik Tok, and how using a vertical mouse has changed my work for the better. Show notes: Anker ergonomic mouse: Matt Smith This podcast was brought to you by: Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner
October 24, 2019
#024: Diffrent States w Matt Loughead
I had the chance to catch up with Loughead as he rounds out his final stop across the country living in a different state each month with his girlfriend and dog.   Show Notes: Final thoughts on Portland, OR? too rainy Curious to check out Seattle Poor infrastructure / hard to go even a few miles around the city Far from home Cool people / homeless population Bend, OR = awesome Boise, Idaho Idaho landscape / bone dry / Sawtooth Mountains / remote Boise city life / activities Rhodes Skatepark / Asana climbing gym Family came to visit Driving from Idaho to Michigan Any additional Michigan thoughts? Wouldn’t live in the UP permanently Munising, MI – small Tons of stuff to do downtown / beer festival Grassroots climbing gym hunting / fishing / ATVs Predictions for Colorado Springs, CO Already love Colorado: Golden, Breckenridge, Boulder Skatepark 4 minutes away & climbing gym 6 minutes away Pike’s Peak & a 14er Shilo & Ally coming to visit Shilo getting knocked out Last month on the road Future when you get home? Looking to buy a house in Pottstown, PA Logistically makes sense to live near family Pittsburgh trip in November New YEA goods? Follow Matt Loughead Matt Smith This podcast was brought to you by: Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner
October 9, 2019
#023: Level 40 w/ Marc Sechrist
Marc is my cousin and one of my best friends. He picked up riding BMX in his mid 30s and keeps progressing. He stopped by a few days after his 40th birthday so I could pick his brain about how he’s keeping it together. Show Notes: Marc Sechrist Matt Smith This podcast was brought to you by: Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner
October 2, 2019
#022: Geekd up #2: Update from the car
Quick update from the car. Tightening up! Show Notes: Matt Smith Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner
September 19, 2019
#021: Geekd up: Tumblr, Wordpress, & RSS feeds
A quick back story on my experience with tumblr, wordpress, and rss feeds. I've watched the internet go from basic to elaborate to back to basic again and I think the recent aquisition of Tumblr by Wordpress (Automattic) means we'll be seeing more of it in the future. So what better time to go lurk the archives. Show Notes: Matt Smith Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner
August 21, 2019
#020: Travel Cast w Matt Loughead
Loughead and I chat about his first month and a half of his 5 month trip around the country. We get into BMX travel hacking, taste testing states, working remotely and much more. SHOW NOTES: Nate Richter We Made It Portland: Loughead's most recent video - Loughead 29: Matt Loughead: Matt Smith Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner This podcast was brought to you by:
July 25, 2019
#019: AANGLES w Scott Marceau
Scott Marceau is a Photographer & Videographer from Ohio who currently lives in LA. He's had his hands in tons of projects that you may have seen. He's been working on a bike video ever since he moved to LA called AANGLES. In this episode, We discuss a little bit of his back story and how he got to where he is as well as the process of making his new film. Thanks again to Scott for sitting down and doing this. Show Notes: CFDK - A Very Dirty Movie (2001) LOVE/HATE 2005 // Scott Marceau OSS On Everything Series: MERRITTBMX: BRANDON BEGIN GFE PEG PROMO GRANT CASTELLUZZO - TECH SUPPORT - PROFILE BMX Scott Marceau: Matt Smith Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner This podcast was brought to you by:
July 17, 2019
#018: Current Events, Grindworks Jams, & iPads
A quick solocast FourKegs promo: Grindworks Jams: Jeff Dupaul: Matt Smith Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner This podcast was brought to you by:
June 26, 2019
#017: Beerporn w Tanner Nelson
Tanner Nelson is a 6' 4" motherfucker from Utah. in this episode we talk about riding bmx in Utah, Snowboarding, working at walmart, putting together 65 bikes.. How he got on The Take. Partying, Injuries, playing golf, eating better, foam rollers and recovery. Thanks again to Tanner for being a guest. Notes: Sarah's 13th birthday: Tanner's Vimeo: Tanner Nelson: Matt Smith Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner This podcast was brought to you by:
June 20, 2019
#016: TJD w Jeff Dupaul
Jeff Dupaul is a 30 year old BMX bike rider, filmer / editor, ex team manager and CEO of Team Jeff Dupaul. In this episode we talk about Myspace Top8s, How he met a lot of the dudes he rides with, His early film influences, and where the "Team Jeff Dupaul" name came from. We also talk about Fourkegs aka 4K365, & possible future projects. Thanks again to Jeff for doing this and look for the 2nd half of this where we talk more specifically about the Fourkegs video. Notes: We Love Colt Video: FourKegs promo: Jeff Dupaul: Matt Smith Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner This podcast was brought to you by:
June 12, 2019
#015: Know Your Roots w Devon Zangari
Devon Zangari is a 33 year old BMX bike rider, and collector. We got to chat in his BMX museum garage about how he got into BMX, being a camp counselor at Woodward, the titanium era, bmx nerds, why he stays with it, and what he's doing to help the future of Freestyle. We also talk about "ride it don't hide it" an idea of collecting things not to just collect but to enjoy as well. Thanks again to Devon for the hospitality, don't mind the yardwork in the background it's not the whole episode. Follow Devon: Matt Smith Outtro jingle by Matt Steiner This podcast was brought to you by:
May 22, 2019
#014: Headbanger's Ball: Dan Conway Pt. 2
Part 2: Dan Conway is a professional bike rider from South East Pennsylvania. In Part 2 we talk about him getting on Fit, going on trips with Stu Johnson, The creation of StinkPit, The crazy curved ledge staircase in Philly, and how he got Van Homan's bike from Criminal Mischief. Follow Dan This podcast was brought to you by:
May 15, 2019
#013: Headbanger’s Ball: Dan Conway Pt. 1
Dan Conway is a professional bike rider from South East Pennsylvania. In Part 1 we talk about his early beginnings. How his teacher in school helped him get into BMX. Getting into metal. Going to college, Following strict rules and mandatory Saturday work all while filming video parts and making DVDs. Getting hooked up by Orchid and setting up for their Infamy video premier at Kung Fu Necktie. PART 2 NEXT WEEK! Follow Dan This podcast was brought to you by:
May 8, 2019
#012: Horizons w Mike Hinkens
Mike Hinkens is a bike rider, teacher, team manager, and great thinker in the BMX world today. His site & podcast, Imprimatur is an inspiration for this podcast. We touch a little bit on his past, traveling, keeping the rubber side down and the future of what PRO could actually mean. Thanks again to Mike and check out his site and podcast when you can. outtro jingle produced by Matt Steiner This podcast was brought to you by:
May 1, 2019
#011: Gutter Doodles: Denny Pascasio
Denny Pascasio is a bike rider, artist, and free-thinker. In this episode we discuss where he came from, riding for the take, getting into comedy, getting into art and more. if any one finds that first v-club video let us know.
April 24, 2019
#010: Solo Cast
it's been almost two weeks since the last episode. I got more episodes on the way I just hit a snag with time and technology. This solo cast is about inspecting your frame / parts right when you first get them, Stupid rules to cell phone operating systems, and forgetting your riding shoes at home when you're an hour and a half away from home. Brought to you by
April 10, 2019
#009: Shoes & Current Events W Marc
We had a whole week straight of windy days and got sick of it. Marc and I sat down to chat about riding shoes and a little into BMX videos. There is a video version you can watch over on just click on videos and scroll down. Marc is on insta Matt Smith on Insta & twitter Brought to you by
March 28, 2019
#008: High Highs & Low Lows w Jon Vozzo
Jon Vozzo is a 32 year old BMX rider from Reading Pennsylvania who now resides in Austin Texas. We discuss his early beginnings riding the famed Magic Skatepark, going to college in Philadelphia, Moving to Colorado and back, and then moving to Austin Texas. There's a lot of ups and downs along the way that make this one a great listen. This was a really fun episode to do and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for listening. Vozzo links: Hella embarrassing winning failure bike contest video: works on mobile only Matt Smith on Insta & twitter Brought to you by
March 20, 2019
#007: Wrench Lyfe w Dave Raffa
Dave is the Owner / Operator of Breaking Free Skatepark in Rochester NY. He's filmed and created several BMX DVDs and is originally from New Jersey. Dave and I talk about how he got to where he is today. We cover a lot info on this podcast and we both throw out some good stuff that if you wanted to delve deeper you can. Show Notes Below: Raffa's Chris Kresser playlists: Charlie Ambler from Daily Zen: Charlie's recent episode w Duncan Trussell Carl Jung: Present Shock Book: Bo Burnham on Pete Holmes: Breaking Free Skatepark: Dave's Wrench Lyfe Podcast Dave Raffa on Twitter Raffa on instagram Matt Smith on twitter and instagram ROC BOTTOM DVD PLAYLIST VIA DIGBMX BREAKING FREE MIXTAPE 5 BREAKING FREE MIXTAPE 7 aka VII
March 13, 2019
#006: THE FRAME CAST w Matt Loughead & Shilo Staniech
It's tax return time. You might have a few hundo to play with.. Maybe you want to update your Bike kit? Matt Loughead, Shilo Staniech, and I got together and broke down BMX frames spec by spec to help understand buying a new bike frame. There's a ton of info in this podcast and hopefully we helped aid someone in making a frame purchase or finding your next frame a little easier. Show Notes: Follow us on social media Loughead Insta : mloughead Smith Insta & Twitter: mattheyea Shilo Insta: shilostaniech_
March 6, 2019
#005: Art & Finance w Nilo Hodge
Nilo is a 32 yr old Photographer and BMX rider from Easton PA. He helps out with East Coast Destruction and has been living in Bethlehem PA for the last few years. Follow him on instagram His photography website: ECD instagram ECD website: RidePABMX website I'm on insta & twitter @ mattheyea
February 13, 2019
#004: Catching up w Sam Downs
Sam is a BMX videographer from central PA and has been living in NYC for the last 2 years. Follow him on instagram @samdowns I'm on insta & twitter @mattheyea
February 2, 2019
#003: The Shoecast w Marc
Marc and I are particular about our footwear. This episode we sit down and chat about our current riding shoes, pluses, minuses, BMX shoe brands...and current BMX shoe topics *cough Nike *cough. There is a video version you can watch over on just click on videos and scroll down. Marc is on insta @regretsown Mine is @mattheyea
January 24, 2019
#002: 900 Spots - Matt Loughead
Matt Loughead is one the most energetic and driven people I know. I met him at a young age only a few years after I started riding BMX. He's not scared to jump on a rail and he's not scared to lay at the bottom of a set to take a photo of his buddy either. He's a spot cartographer with a strong passion for BMX no matter how often he gets to ride. We discuss his early beginnings, losing footage, how important photography is, breaking his sternum and more. You can follow him on insta @mloughead and mine is @mattheyea guest hosting: @shilostaniech ( Shilo Staniech ) sound mixing / repairng: @playsoneontv ( Matt Steiner )
January 16, 2019
#001: 30plus Club - Marc Intro
Marc is my cousin, and my friend who has picked up BMX in his mid 30s when most of us are slowing down. We discuss his transformation from skating to riding, the differences between generations, and what keeps him going today. you can follow him on insta @regretsown & mine is @mattheyea
January 2, 2019