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Our digital life

Our digital life

By Digital Detox Canada
This podcast by Digital Detox Canada will cover issues related to our digital interactions and infrastructure. For ethics to achievements, potential to pollution we aim to uncover the complex issues in support of human autonomy and actualization.
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Why you need a digital detox
Wondering if you NEED a digital detox? The answer is yes, probably, let's start talking about why.   To go to the membership site click here. First we need to look at what are exposures are and how they might be affecting us. We can divide the exposure to the digital realm into two categories, voluntary and involuntary. Kind of like breathing, which continues while you sleep even though you're not in conscious control (thankfully!)  even when we are asleep most of us are being exposed to some effects of the digital realm. The wifi networks in your neighbourhood is an example, and perhaps how those Netflix narratives creep into your dreams is another.  Some exposures are gratifying, useful or (seemingly) necessary while others could be wasteful, gratuitous and expensive.
June 18, 2022