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Digital Dorset Podcast

Digital Dorset Podcast

By Digital Dorset
Digital skills, robotics, aquaculture, rural connectivity, virtual learning. We all benefit from knowing how digital is contributing to making Dorset an even better place to live and work.

These award-winning podcasts provide an additional way to hear what’s going on in Dorset and how we can shape its future together

If you’d like to suggest a topic, have ideas to improve the format or would like to take part, please get in touch. You can use the voice message function on Anchor or email us at
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Volume 1: The future of Dorset

Digital Dorset Podcast

Volume 3: A changed Dorset
The massive changes of the past few months can't be undone. Toast can't go back to being bread and Dorset can't return to what it was before the pandemic. This podcast discusses some of this change - such as how communities have used digital to come together to support us. Join our guest host Aidan Dunn to talk about how Dorset has changed with guests David Larkins,Jon Sloper,Neil Lawrence, and Sam McLaren.
September 16, 2020
Volume 2: Changing Dorset
We had no idea how Dorset would change when we recorded this podcast.  Digital skills have become more important than ever. We looked forward a decade and guessed how digital might change, without knowing how much it would develop in weeks. What can we learn from this pre-lockdown conversation to help us step back from the current situation and direct activity from this new, COVID-19 starting point?  Our guests were linked by a passion for digital skills: Louise Stokes helps the nation improve its digital skills through the national organisation Digital Leaders, Richard Burn supports Dorset businesses develop their digital skills through the Dorset Growth Hub and Alan Frame helps Dorset pupils and teachers improve their digital skills with Dorset Council.   Let us know what you think to how we thought then and what we must do now.
March 17, 2020
Volume 1: The future of Dorset
In our first volume we discuss the future of Dorset with help from pupils from The Prince of Wales School who came up with some imaginative and challenging ideas to kick off our conversation. Host Penny Syddall (communications lead for Superfast Dorset) talks to businessman Gordon Fong from Kimcell which is based at the Dorset Innovation Park at Winfrith. Martin Sutcliffe, who works with Dorset Council’s Fisheries Local Action Group Animateur and we’re also joined by Dr Deborah Smart, Dorset Council’s corporate director for Digital and Change who has recently arrived in Dorset. If you would like to send a message or question, please use the voice message facility on Anchor or email us at We’d love to feature you in the next volume so let us know if you have some thoughts or innovation you’d like to share with the network. Thank you for listening.
November 25, 2019