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Digital Tells

Digital Tells

By SlideTech
We used to take human connection for granted.

Then 2020 happened, and we realized as a species something that the most successful of humankind has known for years – meaningful connection is absolutely vital. But life and work are also more digital than ever. How can you create meaningful connections with other human beings in an increasingly digital world?

Join Matt and Sam Norton as they dive into the art and science of human connection. Come learn how you can resonate more deeply with your audience – virtual, hybrid, or otherwise – on Digital Tells.
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Authentic Connection in Remote Teams with Mark Tweddle from You Tell Yours

Digital Tells

Authentic Connection in Remote Teams with Mark Tweddle from You Tell Yours

Digital Tells

Communication as Generosity with Stephanie Silverman
Stephanie Silverman joins Sam on Digital Tells to share principles for building a confident presenting mindset. She shares how communication is an act of generosity, and explains how you can be a better presenter simply by understanding to whom you're presenting.
October 11, 2021
C.R.A.Y.O.N. Leadership when Virtual with Joe Dutkiewicz
You've heard of the Great Resignation? 50% of the workforce has left or is seriously considering leaving their jobs. How do you lead through this kind of challenge in normal times – let alone when everyone is virtual or hybrid? Joe Dutkiewicz breaks it down. 
September 30, 2021
Virtual Human Connection featuring Dean Brenner
What does COVID-19 mean for your digital communication strategy? Dean Brenner, Founder and CEO of the Latimer Group, joins Sam Norton on the show to teach how to be clear and compelling while navigating the new all-digital, sometimes-hybrid frontier we'll continue to live in. If the present and future seem disconnected, tune in.  Brought to you by SlideTech. 
September 23, 2021
Better Polls and Chats with Dr. Andrew Churchill
Chances are, you're not using polls and chats to the level that you could. Join Matt, Sam and Andrew to learn how to take two of the simplest audience engagement tools to the next level: this episode is packed with immediately implementable tips to help you make the most of your chats and polls.  To learn more, visit 
September 16, 2021
Previously, on Digital Tells with Matt and Sam Norton
Our guests come to Digital Tells with their own perspective. We tell them the premise of the show, and they determine the specific topic. The alignment between these experts has been incredible. Listen to the top themes and takeaways that we've learned from the show so far. 
September 09, 2021
Authentic Connection in Remote Teams with Mark Tweddle from You Tell Yours
Mark Tweddle, co-founder of You Tell Yours, joins the show! An amazing, interactive interviewee, Mark uses storytelling to break down barriers in remote teams and drive meaningful human connection in a virtual world. Not only will listeners learn how to use storytelling to build connections in remote teams, but Mark demonstrates the method on-air; Mark conducts a virtual team-building activity on this episode of the podcast with Matt and Sam – and Sam learns something new about his brother, co-founder, and co-host. 
September 02, 2021
How to be Confident in a Virtual World, with Robin Sacks
This episode is jam-packed with actionable tips, paradigm shifts, and compelling stories. Robin Sacks, the Confidence Coach, joins Sam on Digital Tells to talk about how you can reframe the confidence conversation in your head and become a more clear and confident communicator. 
August 26, 2021
Neil Thompson's 4 Tips on Public Speaking
Sometimes public speaking does not compute. Fortunately, Neil Thompson from Teach the Geek to Speak has got us covered. Neil shares his story and offers 4 practical tips to improve your public speaking immediately. 
August 19, 2021
Networking and Connection with Tollisha Joseph
Networking can be awkward, but it doesn't have to be. Tollisha Joseph joins the show to talk about how to effectively network and connect with others, both virtually and in-person. Listeners will learn Tollisha's formula for identifying and connecting with those who can help move their business forward. 
August 12, 2021
Dr. Robert Hernandez's 4 Elements of Virtual Presence
How can you communicate effectively if you're limited to a virtual setting? Dr. Robert Hernandez, President and Owner of Influens, joins the show and shares 4 of his strategies for connecting with your audience using a strong, authentic virtual presence. Learn how to relate with those in the room, even if you're virtual. 
August 05, 2021
Phyllis Mikolaitis's Top 5 Tips for Training Virtually
Phyllis has been training virtually for more than 3 decades, and she's narrowed down what she's learned in that time to 5 easy-to-implement tips to help you be more effective as a communicator. 
July 29, 2021
Creating Human Connection through Social Audio
Sam and Matt interview Lauren Glick, one of the earliest club creators on Clubhouse. Lauren explains how social audio helps even the playing field for subject matter experts, dives into why social audio is the most authentic form of social media, presents the "know, like and trust" framework, and tells how she got started using Clubhouse and other social audio platforms. 
July 22, 2021
Part 2: Entrepreneurship in a Crisis with Trent Williams of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University
Explore why simply delivering informational content is not enough (4:47) and discover why you actually might have an advantage if you haven't done something before (22:01). Trent continues to share how crises re-shape how we think, and why that can be a good thing. 
July 15, 2021
Part 1: Entrepreneurship in a Crisis with Dr. Trent Williams of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University
Communication isn't always smooth, especially when calamity strikes. Understanding the different types of crises and being able to react accordingly is a critical skill for entrepreneurs. Join Dr. Trent Williams, one of the foremost experts of crises management, and you'll learn a key framework for understanding and categorizing different crises, so you can communicate effectively when the world does its worst.
July 08, 2021
Welcome to Digital Tells
We used to take human connection for granted. Then a pandemic ripped across the globe and the already growing trend towards the digitization of life and work exploded. It’s a new world, and the imperative of this new world is this: embrace the digitization of the future, without losing authentic connection. Come learn practical lessons on how you can resonate more deeply with people – be they your audience, your prospects, your customers, or your community – no matter what the future holds.
July 08, 2021