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Digital Bias: The Business Growth Podcast

Digital Bias: The Business Growth Podcast

By Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan is the founder of BIAS, an award-winning inbound marketing agency. This podcast focuses on marketing, business development, technology and personal development for those that are involved in starting, running or developing a business.

I get the real information that provides value and can be contentious but real. Look out for interviews with fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders whose journeys will provide insight and inspiration.

If you would like me to cover specific issues, topics or growth subjects please email
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Interview: DNAtix How Blockchain revolutionises DNA storage
In this episode we interview Dr Tal Sines and Ofer Lidsky of DNATIX, pushing for a revolution in medtech and genetics in one fell swoop. Find out what they can do now with anonymised dna testing and how their vision could effect the future of genetic research and medicinal advancement.
July 24, 2018
Interview: Michael Barbera Customer Psychology Expert
Check out this great episode of rock the block featuring award winning customer psychology expert Michael Barbera. Mike works with some of the biggest brands in the US to help them use a data driven approach to customer success. This helps increase sales, conversions and grow from a point of truly understanding what makes your customer tick. For you Fintech companies out there, information like this is liquid gold, check it out and find Mike at
July 1, 2018
Interview with Joseph Price - Vision Co-Working Spaces
In the latest episode of 90 days I interview Essex property entrepreneur, Joseph Price of Vision Co-Working Spaces. Joseph discusses why he is in the industry, what he has achieved and where he is going, whilst giving salient tips on business development and marketing. We also talk about bringing your own personality to the game!
June 29, 2018
Interview with Emiliyan Enev - Blockchain & Owning Your Data
This episode of Rock the Block is an interview with Emiliyan Enev, founder of ReCheck. A blockchain platform that aims to revolutionise the way data is handled, shared and sold in favour of you, the person. Personal Commerce is really what I see happening here and you can hear Emiliyan talk to why he found the concept, what he has faced and what the future possibly holds.
June 17, 2018
The Vin Clancy Interview
This is my first interview back since I became unwell and had an enforced layoff. As per usual I've been out there trying to bring you the top talent to discuss their experiences and in Vin's case talk all things growth hacking. Tune in to find out what's good, what works and what's new.
June 11, 2018
How to do PPC the right way: Interview with David Rothwell
In this episode we discuss PPC Marketing. David Rothwell is a two time published author on the subject and also runs the £20k challenge. He talks about why he only works on a commission basis and not a fixed monthly fee and debunks myths on why paid search does not work. If you are not using PPC or have been burned by a practitioner in the past then this is the episode for you.
May 3, 2018
Interview with Sean Sweet Diamond Tier Hubspot Agency Owner
In todays episode I interview Sean Sweet of Blend B2B. A diamond tier Hubspot agency that are now international. Sean talks about how he grew the business with business partner Phil Vallender from 2 to 29 and what you should do as a business to use inbound marketing and marketing automation within your own businesses.
April 20, 2018
10 Steps to a Perfect Marketing Funnel
Follow my 10 steps to building marketing funnel. Forget what else you've heard this information will.give you success if you follow it to the full ten tips. Have a listen and get back to me with your thoughts.
April 19, 2018
How to build a $1M dollar business with Connor Gillivan
This episode sees me interview Connor Gillivan, 27 year old CMO of Freeeup, a freelancer services sourcing site with a difference. Already boasting x2 $1M annual revenue businesses, he shares his passions and secrets with my listeners. Connors main experience is with ecommerce although his experiences in South Africa helped shape his life and ambitions. At the end of this episode he leaves it open for you the listener to contact him for some free impartial advice.
April 13, 2018
How to build marketing funnels
How to build a marketing funnel. This episode talks about the proper effort that goes in to building a marketing funnel and it's so much more than content.
April 9, 2018
Why Marketers are not Promoters
This episode looks at why you need to differentiate marketers from promoters. A marketer will cost more, do more and deliver more. But Why? Well it's in our approach. Check out this episode and let me know what you think.
April 7, 2018
How to monetise your hobbies
In this episode I look at the ways you can turn hobbies into cash. In today's world of cost and more cost, taking the opportunity to earn more with a side hustle makes perfect sense. I have found 20 hobbies you can earn some serious income from and run through it for you in this show.
April 1, 2018
How Buyer Personas Build Marketing Funnels
Buyer Personas Build Marketing Funnels because the give you all the information and data you need to create concrete and pinpoint marketing and sales messaging to attract more website visitors and close more leads.
March 24, 2018
Customer Success in Digital Marketing
This is the first episode of the series for 90 days of success from Paul Sullivan at Paul Sullivan Marketing, a UK based award winning digital marketing agency. Expect us to cover all things business, entrepreneurial, digital marketing, web design and most things to help your business grow. I'll be interviewing successful business owners and persons of interest with the aim of helping you expand your own understanding of business. Find us at
March 16, 2018